We Are All The Same

You and I and everyone you will ever meet are far more alike than we are different.

We all know this.

We all need air, water, food, shelter, and clothing for simple survival.

We all need these things.

To get ahead and succeed in life we need more than simple survival;  to succeed we need to have an income, this requires work.  Work, in and of itself,  has many requirements which are often not considered as needs, but which are needs for the success of our society and ourselves as individuals.  To work a person needs education and training;  they need transportation to and from work;  they need an ability to care for their children and families while working;  and they need an ability to remain healthy enough to work;  they need something to work for, a goal to accomplish;  and fair, just and equal compensation for their efforts.

We all need these things.

Our society however, treats many of these things as wants or desires, when they are not so in the modern world.  In fact, in the modern world many things could easily be added as needs because to not have them is to not be employable; a telephone and internet connection for example, tough to get a job without them in the modern world.  In many places transportation is not enough, a car or truck is necessary.  Trash disposal,  Burial services, Water treatment, a fully functional legal and penal system, the list could go on and on.

We all need these things.

Outside of work and career we also have needs which are more ethereal, more intangible but nonetheless real to us.  We need to feel loved and carded for and to love and care for others;  we need to have a sense of purpose;  we desire to feel fulfilled and have a sense of accomplishment;   some of us desire to be held in esteem by others for our actions, to be held in high regard; and some of us feel obliged to create in many diverse forms.

We all need these things.

My children often got tired of a question I put to them growing up, one we adults often get too caught up to ask ourselves.  Do you need that or do you want it?  I hope you will consider this, that whatever follows you in this life, whomever you meet, however different, however seemingly at odds you seem, we all have the very same needs.

It is our wants which separate us.

Two centuries ago we all got together to discuss what the values we held most dear were;  and to enshrine them in a fashion we hoped would preserve them,  as best we were able to in the days of horseback riding and muskets.   The Founders did not envision a world of spacecraft and jetliners, of cell phones and internet access, of unending television advertisement, of nuclear and bio-genetic weapons of war.  These things were not even imagined by the wildest thinkers of the day.  America’s founding documents were not written with this world we live in in mind, they were written with the one they found themselves in in mind and with all the benefit reason and historical hindsight could give.  They were also written with the understanding that they could not tell what the future would become.

In 1776 what a person needed to seek “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” was little more than a few tools, a musket with powder and balls, and a buttload of gumption.  This is not so today;  there is no “untamed” wilderness to go hack a life out of.   Today a youth needs more; skills, knowledge, and tools are not enough to seek what we enshrined.  The changes between then and now are so vast that I think the time has come for us all to have that discussion again.

Now we can include every voice in real time.
Now we can each say what we think we need.
Now we can each speak as to what we want and desire.
Now we can set a course for the future and enshrine it.
Now we can leave it for another future generation to ponder.

Now, as then, there are some others who do not want this.
Now, as then,  there are some others who profit from the Status Quo and want stasis.
Now, as then, there are some others who fear change.
Now, as then,  there are some others who seemingly have no concern for their fellow citizen.

Then we called such folks Tories, as they supported King George for profit.

Now such people do not support a king but  multinational corporations beholden to no government on earth, belonging at once to many nations yet under the jurisdiction of none.

Now we elect their representatives to our offices.

Now some others actively seek to keep us all focused on the superficial differences between us. This is an old tactic of divide and conquer. Keep the enemy focused on  the trivialities which make them unique;  on the variability of humanity itself in both appearance and in thought and they will tear themselves apart. This same strategy is used by prison guards to keep gangs fighting each other and not the guards.  Divide and conquer is used as a wedge to keep us from realizing we are all the same.  Keep the Reds and the Blues fighting over Gay Marriage and Abortion;  and while your distracted your pocket is picked and your rights stolen by edict.

It is Houdini Politics.  It is misdirection.

We are all more the same than we are different and when we fully realize that and act upon those commonalities, the Status Quo shatters as it has in ages past and we create a new Status Quo which matches the day we find ourselves in.

Now we have the technology.
Now we have the need.
Now, the question remains, do we have the desire?


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