I am Other
It does not disturb me
It does not blow angry winds across my heart
It simply is

So if I tell Another
Behold . . . I am Other
They deny, they resist
They protest, crying
Never let it be so!
None is Other, all belong

How do I then reply?
Should I attempt explanation?
Should I trust their reason?
To mine own self be true?
I did not choose to be Other
Nor would I put it away
And become . . .Another

Another, who re-invents war
Drone swarms rain fire
Another, who poisons for profit
Complex chemical catastrophe
Another, who twists life
Bio-genetic spider sheep
Another, who falsely promises
War over by Christmas
Another, who bleeds misplaced faith
Body count hits record high

My similarities lie cased in flesh
My language, you speak
My knowledge, you know
My lessons, you teach
Wherefore springs your surprise?
I am Other
Are you Another?

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