The Long Ride

Today I leave once more on the long ride.  It is not the first time.  I will set out from Eureka Ca where I live, travel up the 101 to 299, across the Sierra Mountains to Nevada, Where I enter route 80, on through the Salt flats and high desserts, past the Great Salt Lake, where I saw my first 360 degree sunset, continue on through Utah and Wyoming, Over the Rocky Mountains and into Nebraska where the seemingly endless corn begins.  For more than a full day the corn will endure, through the full length of Nebraska, Iowa and into Illinois, crossing the Mississippi along the way.  Onward through Ohio, Pennsylvania, Past the Great Lakes, through New York, The Adirondacks and Appalachians, into Vermont, New Hampshire, and ending in Maine.  There I will see my grandkids.

On this trip I intend to stop at 36 points and collect a stone for my grandson’s rock collection.  After I arrive we will create a board displaying them, with the location they came from.  This will be our summer art/science project.

As a disabled vet (net decrepit) I do this on a shoe string budget.  No hotels or motels for this old troop.  My HHR folds down inside and with memory foam inside makes a rolling bed.  So I sleep at rest stops, truck stops and the like as need be.  I average the trip in 3 days, but five if I am not in any hurry.  I am usually in a hurry because after 8-10 months I miss those wee faces quite a bit.

So I won’t be blogging for a few days.  Instead, I will once again be on the long ride.


One thought on “The Long Ride

  1. Well that answers my question 🙂 Sounds lovely. Hope you have a wonderful trip, and enjoy visiting those grandkids! I’m sure they look forward to it every bit as much as you.


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