The Flying Car Anology

The Flying Car Analogy

In debate with people of faith I often use this argument I devised, I call it the Flying Car Analogy.

It goes like this.

A person comes up to you telling you the wonders of their new flying car (Jesus).  They tell you it is very fast, very durable and completely safe.  It is so safe the company pays your insurance for you.
They produce a brochure (Bible) full of accolades about the car, which they know so very well.  They tell you of their friends who now have flying cars, and how much happier they are for buying them.

I ask for a test drive, but am told no flying cars are available to test drive now.  I have to instead make payments (tithing) until I die and after my own demise I shall receive my very own flying car.

I reply “No thank you” as such a contract makes no sense.

I am then told if I fail to enter into the contract the maker of the car (God) will be so angry he will dump me into a volcano if I refuse to enter into the contract.

I see no evidence of the car’s maker (God) or the car (Jesus).

With no evidence to support the reality of the car (Jesus), or maker (God) why should I not think this is a confidence scam?

3 thoughts on “The Flying Car Anology

  1. The people running the scam, are actually being scammed too. There’s a universal scam, that ensures all remains in balance. #NOTHINGMatters


    1. True, but the reality that they are running a scam they do not see, because they do not see it as a scam.

      I find the analogy useful in chats/debates because it is short and makes that point by compare and contrast .

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