Fascism from the Pulpits

I am profoundly ashamed of my nation today.  I am ashamed of all those citizens who, under a guise of Faith, have become hateful cowards.  I had thought it was political rhetoric; yet more fear mongering from those who think war is a solution for all things.  Yet now it is the preachers of love who spew hate and fear, and drive their flocks to react to these feelings.

I was looking for a conversation this morning.  I prefer Philosophy, Religion and Ethics as I lead an examined life.  Sometimes I will join FB groups for such conversations, but they rarely pan out because most joiners seem to prefer either preaching or trolling and not actual discourse.  I enjoy the discourse myself.  So I was looking about through FB and found this page “Torments of Hell”.

Seeing that Hell is a serious issue in the ethics of Christianity I sought to enter into a discourse with the builder/creator of this site, one Pastor David P Hall.  So I joined the “Torments of Hell” page asked my question “Can anyone here explain to me HOW this concept makes sense?  It makes no sense to me.  . .”; and then I linked through to the Pastors page and clicked “follow”, to read his wall.  There I found a link to Pastor J.D.’s “mid-east prophecy update” where he addresses the “so called refugees” from Syria.
His link is here . . .

He starts with an assertion that “The Holy Spirit” led him to say everything which follows, and with a presupposition of all these events are prophecy coming true.  He says “the so called Syrian refugees” are not refugees at all.

“Let he hasten to say that the so-called Syrian refugees are neither Syrian nor are they refugees.  The fact of the matter is they are Islam’s Trojan Horse for the purpose of the global infiltration of Islam for subsequent global domination under Islam.”  He then draws upon Paul of the Bible telling people to have discernment as Christians saying “these are not Syrians and they are not refugees.”– Pastor J.D.

He goes on to say “I believe that the fact that these are Muslim terrorists, many of whom belong to and are part of the Islamic state, is the only explanation as to why it is that the United States of America is refusing to take the true Christian refugees in, and by the way I was a true Christian refugee . . .”.  Thus the only refugee who is true is Christian, which not only a fallacy but is also blatant religious Bigotry on a par with the K.K.K. and their own views on Hebrew peoples.

This link was posted only yesterday on You Tube, but already has 22,000+ likes.  So 22,000 Americans already succumb to terror, and that is just one preacher, how many more thousands of others preached similar messages yesterday to their flocks?  How many people were infected by terror, not from a terrorist, but from their own Shepard, stoking the flames of fear?  Are they all unaware that this sectarianism is a goal of the actual terrorists?  That Pastor J.D.’s sermon confirms what the radicals think, and thus recruits more radicals for Isis?

Ben Franklin once said “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”  I would add that “Those Christians that give up their sense of love and compassion for their fellow humans,  as Jesus commanded, because their Pastor filled them with fear instead, need a new Pastor.”

In politics this same attitude is expressed cubed.  Large groups of fearful folk gather to hear the fear mongering of Politicians like Donald Trump, quick to rattle the sabre they have never wielded.  Fanning the fires of fear and hate.  After Trump confirmed that he would set up a database for Muslim-Americans, an NBC reporter asked him point blank: “Is there a difference between requiring Muslims to register and Jews in Nazi Germany?” A clearly annoyed Trump at first refused to respond, but then told the reporter, “You tell me,” and walked away.

Prominent Americans are talking about “rounding up” those who do not fit their idea of American.  Tell me, how long till you or I are on their list of those to be rounded up, or are we on one already which is not been made public?  The similarities to Germany in the early 1930’s are very strong.  Cowards, huddling behind fear of terrorists instead of reaching out to help those in desperate need.

I am ashamed of my Nation today.  Mobs are dangerous, angry fearful mobs even more so, but cowardice can find shelter in a mob while it fears to face a real threat.

If we do not rise and face this mentality head on, it will grow like a cancer, even as it did in Germany 80 years ago.  We have a term for it, it is called Fascism.  Nazis were not Socialist, they were Fascist, they believed in socialist ideals for Germans only.  Others had camps and ovens awaiting them.
fas·cism—noun:  an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
synonyms:  authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, autocracy;
(in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.

I ask you, what is a more “intolerant view and practice” than to turn away destitute orphans of war?  Are we going to allow ourselves to become a Fascist American State or allow Fascism from the pulpits of American Churches?  Fascist Christianity needs to be confronted head on by the moderate Christians, even as the Moderate Muslims need to Confront Radical Islam;  both are Fascist in nature, both stoke fear and hatred of others.

If you believe in a God of Love, a religion of Peace, PLEASE show that.  Speak out to your own brethren, often and loudly.  If you do not then your own religion will be twisted by others who are shouting Fascist ideas from the Pulpit.  If you do not see that your own freedom of religion is threatened by faithful such as these then you are simply not looking.  If they can pigeonhole and decry one type of believer, they can do it to any type of believer or non-believer, because any belief not exactly like their own is “other”, and your American freedom of religion will be lost.

Remember Hitler was raised a Catholic and tolerated that Church.  Not so much with the others though.

I discern neither Pastor J.D. nor Pastor Hall has any evidence for their claims.  No evidence of any “spirit” giving him some direct wisdom the rest of us lack.  No evidence from the Bible but just interpretations of it from a Fascist mind.  It is simply his bigoted assertion based in fear.  I see none of the Love so touted by moderate Christians in his sermon, just fascism and fear.


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