To Mr. Ken Ham A Response to your recent Blog



I came across this today when a FB friend shared it, calling it “most logically destitute article” by Mr. Ham he had ever encountered.  I confess I have not read Mr. Ham much because his publically stated positions look very discriminatory to me.  He represents a form of religious bigotry too common in America which stands in direct opposition to our nation’s founding principles.  Yet with such a base description as “most logically destitute article” I felt compelled to give it a read.  I was overwhelmed by the assumptiveness and circular reasoning displayed by it.

Mr. Ham, if you ever read this, I sincerely want you to understand that your methods will simply never work to bring a mind like mine to Jesus.  As you are a man of faith I am assuming this is a part of your desire, to enable the world to experience Jesus as you do.  Your message is well received by some of those already of your faith, but to a non-believer like myself they are not compelling at all.  In fact they work against your goal.

In order to illustrate this I am going to dissect your post, posting your blog, but with my initial reactionary thoughts.  That is, what thoughts came to my mind as I read it.  It is my hope this will enlighten you somewhat as to how a person like myself thinks.

by Ken Ham  on December 7, 2015
We are in a spiritual war right now (I see no evidence of spirits)
in the US. Generations of young people have been raised to believe that they evolved (no belief is required to accept a science theory, it is simply the best working model always, when we devise a better model we will replace it),
there is no God,( there is no way to prove there is not a God, and no proof of one)
 and they make the rules.(this is true as we do make the laws of the land)
But, as Christians, we know (Knowledge is provable and presentable, you sir have Faith, that is you believe, you do not know)
that “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12).(I see the Bible as a compilation of ancient literature, not a divine magic book from God, it lacks any weight to convince me)
Front Lines of Spiritual War (what spirits, where?)
The result is a conflict between those who believe God’s Word  (Why do you see my non-belief as “a conflict”?  As an American it is my right to disagree with your assertion. I see the Bible as a compilation of ancient literature, not a divine magic book from God, it lacks any weight to convince me.  There is no conflict to be won here, I am not out to prove you wrong, I just find the tale unbelievable.)
 and those who start with man’s word. (The Bible is man’s word)
As a biblical authority ministry( if you accept the Bible as an authority over you, then you accept the words of other men about God over your own experience.  You let other men from a distant past time tell you what to think, feel, and believe, and you are not thinking for yourself but re-interpreting the ideas of other men writ on paper.)
, Answers in Genesis is on the front lines of calling people back to the authority of God’s Word (So you are literally calling on people to close their minds and hearts and instead believe your interpretation of the ancient book?)
so they can effectively share the gospel. (Which Gospel?  The ones approved by a Roman Emperor or the ones thrown out by the same or future councils of men? Or the One you teach them?)
And it’s the gospel and God’s Word that will change hearts and lives (it is a certainty that faith can and does change lives, just look at what faith in Christianity has done lately!  Just the other day a guy shot up a medical clinic, killing mothers because they might be taking an action he did not personally approve of.)
and, eventually if God permits, change the culture. (Here is the rub Mr. Ham.  If you support the principles our nation was founded upon then you support the idea that people can and do believe differently, and that is ok.  If you are upset because the culture is not Christian as you define that term, then you do not support Liberty sir.  You are not content to “live and let live”, to allow Liberty to flourish, but instead want to end Liberty in favor of your own interpretation of an ancient tome.)


Well, Bryan Osborne, a speaker here at AiG, worked in the public school system for 13 years before joining us. He had some thoughts to share on the culture war (Quite an interesting turn of phrase there, “Culture War”, and one which completely supports my assertion that you do not in fact support any American’s Liberty)
and how vital AiG is to this continuing battle:( To Squash American Liberty in favor of a Ham Theocracy?)


The longer I’ve been here at Answers in Genesis, the more I’ve looked at my culture,
(this would be The Christian culture of AiG?)
and the more I’m glad that I am here. (Well Good then, you are among friends)
I believe this ministry is literally on the front lines of the cultural spiritual battle we’re experiencing in America, the West, and even the world today. We look out at the culture and think about all the horrible stuff that’s happening. (I think every person on earth has issues with aspects of human culture, you however seem intent on “waging war” on anyone who does not think or believe as you do, which is UN-American.  Nor do I see cultural differences between groups as “Battles” to be won or lost.)
For example, abortion rates (there are four times the number of births as abortive procedures, and every abortive situation is tragic for those involved.  I do not presume to tell others how to live, because I know better than they, circumstances of which I am personally ignorant.  That pesky Liberty issue arises yet again.)
the Planned Parenthood videos showing them illegally selling baby parts, (Already disproven as a hoax, but nonetheless believed.)
the gay “marriage” movement, (Here we are with this Liberty issue again.  If you do not condone gay marriage don’t marry a gay person.)
the moral revolution, ( Never heard of it, I could go look it up, but these are reactive thoughts)
all those sorts of things. (Does not describe anything other than your own discontent with others Liberties.)
It’s overwhelming and dominates our culture. (Dominates our culture?  The nation is 80% or more Christian, that is Dominant.  You are in the majority, but see the actions of people in a minority as dominant?  I think you aid in creating a false sense of dominance by keeping the topic in the media all the time, which creates a false appearance it is everywhere.)
How do we fight against that? (Again, where is your sense of Liberty?  Why do you need to fight against another’s culture?  You have your own chosen culture, why are you not content to let them have one of their own?  Why must the world conform to your idea of a Godly culture?  This greatly reminds me of the Christian attitude in the westward expansion, where they denied the Natives access to their own culture with no knowledge of that culture, claiming that since it was not Christian it was not correct.)
The answer is to start with a new reformation within the church, (another reformation?  Seems to me men have been doing this throughout the ages and still do not agree.)
getting back to God’s Word (Again, which one would that be?  Which Bible, interpreted in what way, there are thousands of claims like Mr. Ham’s, but no evidence to prove which is correct.  So I am back to “I just set aside my own thoughts on the matter and accept another’s” without care for what it is saying or meaning?)
and taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, (Are you advocating thought policing or do you believe God is mind reading us all and judging us for thoughts?  God as Big Brother is not very appealing but quite Biblical.)
raising up a generation who can stand on the Word (Again, the Bible is of men and requires interpretation, which Christians do all the time and yet do not agree.  So whose word is really God’s word? Emperor Constantine?  Ken Ham?  Yourself?  You want to “Shape the minds of a generation” based on what evidence?  Mr. Ham’s assertions about the Bible’s meaning and intent?  This sounds outright Maoist.)
and defend their faith, (Defend it from what? Anyone who does not believe it?  No one is attacking it, people either believe or they do not.  Not believing does not equate to attacking, hence no defense is needed.)
and sharing the gospel with truth and love to people around them. (How can you make a truth claim without evidence to support it as true?  Further it is not an expression of love to “Share” your religious belief with others.  It is your belief, no more or less.  It is not loving to share something you believe with others, it is communication.  If your belief outright threatens people, with Hell, Damnation, or punishment it is certainly not an act of love to share it, but an attempt at coercion. )
And God will use that, (How would you know that?)
if He so chooses, (Poof goes free will, and a get out of Jail free card if it does not turn out not to be the reformation you hope for.)
to change the hearts and minds of those around us through the gospel and that will change the culture. (And again back to that lack of respect for our founding principle of Liberty)
But if we want to change the culture, it starts with the church getting back to God’s Word, and then we can permeate the culture (Again, transforming the culture in the light of your religion is a call to theocracy, not for a democratic republic founded on the notion of individual Liberty)
and be the salt and light we’re supposed to be. (So somehow, since the world is not utterly dominated by people who believe exactly as you do, you need to change the culture to mirror you, and UNLESS you do, you cannot be who God wants you to be?)
And so if God chooses to bring a revival in this land, I think this is the front lines of where it happens. And that’s why I am so excited to be right here!  (So you want to be on the front lines of the destruction of America and the notion of Liberty?)

That’s why we built the Creation Museum and are building the Ark Encounter. (They look like money making ventures to me, a new way to exploit the faithful for cash.)
We want to reach as many people as we can with the message of biblical authority (Because the Bible is claimed as an authority does not make it an authority, you are choosing to make your interpretation of the Bible an authority and then telling people to obey your interpretation, that is disingenuous at best and deceptive at worst.)
 and the gospel of Jesus Christ. (Again, which Gospel, the ones from Emperor Constantine, the ones he threw out, or the ones written after?)
Please pray for AiG (Belittles the mind of God. By petitioning God for support, when God supposedly knows what you want already, you show lack of faith in God’s mind.  Thus if you really believed you were doing God’s will there would be no need for prayer.)
and consider partnering with us as we go forth on God’s mission. (It is not God’s Mission, God is not here Blogging.  It is Mr. Ham’s mission which he feels is directed by God.  This would be Mr. Ham’s claim, not a fact.)


At this point you close your blog with a polite farewell.

Mr. Ham, are you even able to see how Anti-Liberty you clearly are?  How your beliefs about God have twisted you into the semblance of a fascist who demands the world conform to their idea?  Do you see that your views are in fact Un-American?

Freedom of Religion must equal freedom from religion.  If it does not, then Mr. Ham, you could be forced to be Catholic, or Mormon, or Jewish, or Satanic, or Islamic, by culture or law.  Any attempt to “permeate the culture” is an attempt to vanquish the Liberty we have fought and died for in this nation.  You enjoy your Liberty Sir, why can you not allow others the same good graces?


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