Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day One

Surviving C-19 Day One
April 2, 2020 6 AM
73 Days since first US infection.

Infected Globally862,234Global Deaths42,404
US Infected189,633US Deaths4,081

Here are the headlines through Ground news app today.
“Trump calls next two weeks “painful”.
“Singing stops in Italy as fear and social unrest mount”
“Teargas, beatings and bleach, the most extreme c-19 lockdowns around the world.”
“Japan starts Avigan trial for c-19”
“Trump’s alarming message portends tragic days ahead.”
“Trump sends troops to the border as part of   C-19 fight”
“NYC to investigate firing of Amazon employee”
“Myanmar charges journalist under terrorism law, blocks news websites over c-19”
“6.5 earthquake in Idaho”
“Trump rejects opening Obamacare special enrollment period amid C-19 outbreak”
Should you wear a mask in public if not sick?”
“Australia uses cluster approach to contain c-19”
“Trump signs off on decreasing tariffs for most favored nations for 3 months”
“Top White house advisers predict 240,000 US Deaths from c-19”
“New contact tracing app could be key to ending c-19 lockdown”

As of yesterday Trump seems to have gained some break in his denial wall, but still sees everything as a reflection of himself because he is a narcissist.  He thinks high TV ratings over C-19 mean he is popular.  History will show his lack of response for what it is, a national tragedy; that is if we have a nation left.  I have to wonder, if you hang all the states out to die and blame shift those deaths to the states you failed to help, of what value is there to remaining a member of a dis-unified union, a union in name only?  Trump forgets the lessons of our revolution, if he ever knew them.

            As I write this our nuclear aircraft carrier is infected, but ordered to carry on, making it a floating petri dish with 4000 aboard and some already infected under cramped circumstances.  How many times is this repeated in our Navy, Army, Marines, Coast Guard, and Air Force?  How is this not a National Security Issue?

            Yet another cruise ship is a floating petri dish as well, Florida does not want it, but it’s Americans aboard and the death count is now at 4 and many more infected.  Trump wants to support that industry, I think that Industry needs to be a thing of the past myself, for more reasons than it’s petri dish environment.  This is far from the first outbreak on these ships, just the most contagious and lethal.

            As of last night we exceeded the death total of 9-11, 2981dead.  How long until we pass these landmarks? We already blew past the Afghan war at 2309 dead, 4418 dead from the Iraq war, 58220 dead from Vietnam, 116516 from WW1 and it looks like we might even smoke WW2 with 407,316 dead.  Trump extended his stay at home suggestion for thirty days more, till the end of April. This suggestion, the “15 days to stop the spread” now “30 days to stop the spread” is being obeyed piecemeal, exactly what we do not want or need.  Each state is left to its own decision process, which is exactly what you don’t want in a pandemic. 

            My own perusal of the hard data tells me mid-April will bring a peak to NYC, that peak, flattened, and would last till July.  Maine will follow two weeks after, and we will recycle the damn virus come fall/winter.  Is Trump unable to see this, unwilling to tell people this, or unwilling to face the worst in order to achieve the best result, as we all need to do with viral threats?

            I expect our response to be so poor, we fall behind the entire world, perhaps for decades or enabling the crumbling of our nation entire.  I hope the fuck not, but I fear it is cracking already.  It is under dire threat which seems to be being ignored, most of our leaders all share my “at risk” or “elevated at risk” group.  That is another matter of national security Trump is ignoring, and living in denial does not help us.  All he seems to think about is his own popularity and re-electability, but how we have elections in a pandemic, that is not an issue for discussion. We have proven that voter suppression favors the GOP, is partisanship and Trumpism actually affecting how vital resources are being distributed? 

Is the GOP willing to let the Blue States suffer to gain an edge in numbers via death?

Isn’t that a horrid thought?

11:05 874,081/189,633  43,291/4090

            While I watched news and wrote this today, 9 more Americans died from C-19.  How long till my nation wakes the fuck up?  Will that be before or after I’m dead?

            I caught a random speakers voice on “Morning Joe” today while net surfing, the unknown speaker said “We have missed the boat Joe!”  I agree, the POTUS failed to act and still fails to act nationally.  Just now I hear VP Pence repeat the POTUS statement that the next two weeks will be hard.  TWO WEEKS?  Try two to three months, IF we flatten the curve, keeping deaths under a quarter million because they failed to act in the very window they created via travel bans.  If they are correct and it’s a very tough two weeks then mitigation utterly failed and the tsunami is here, have a million dead in NYC due to system overload and breakdown.  “Joe Scarborough said “The fact is not nobody saw this coming, everybody saw this coming in early January.”  I sure as hell did, and this failure is likely my demise.  Thus I remain here in my shell.

            Awaiting Gov. Cumo’s daily briefing, whose brother is a broadcaster news guy for CNN and is now positive for C-19.  The brightest spot I have seen in this was the day before Chris Cumo was diagnosed.  He interviewed his brother in the very same manner he always does, no bs, let’s get to the meat of the matter, but under Cornoa stress the two wound up having a facetime by the end and we got to see two professionals who were also brothers being both professional, and brothers.  A nice moment of levity in a moment of crisis.  I did a similar thing for levity when I customized my facemask, I purchased and then used the purchase to label my face mask “Vault Tech 101”, to which the younger generation will smile I hope.  It’s from the Fallout video Game series, post-apocalyptic.

            When the historians of tomorrow look back and examine this period I am sure special attention will be paid to the daily briefings of Gov. Andrew Cumo.  He speaks to the State of NY, but always with an ear toward that most valuable resource, the POTUS.  Thus each session is couched in language aimed at middle school.  Easy to see, easy to comprehend and given in gentle tones.  At the same time he strives to get anyone listening to think ahead and learn from this.  Adapt the new normal we become after this to accommodate things like this.  Placed side by side with the POTUS briefings Cumo comes off both as more human, more involved, and more aware of the situation than the POTUS, he also seems to genuinely care and does not carry the affect the POTUS does, like it’s something happening to those people over there, not to me and mine.

Took a break for chores, some time with the hand weights, worked on my 60 Gal tank, and watched a movie.  Now 5:15 PM and I will go grab more headlines for posterity.

“Dow falls 1000 points as investors brace for “very, very painful” Coronavirus shutdown.”
Newborn Baby with C-19 dies in US becoming one of the world’s youngest victims”
“UN climate conference postponed as world grapples with Virus”
“Global Coronavirus cases will hit 1 million with 50,000 deaths in a few days say WHO”
“France reports 509 more deaths topping 4000”
“UK Ministry of defense calls up reservists for Coronavirus”
“Should parents be worried about their children?”
“Florida issues statewide stay at home order to curb virus.”
“28 Spring breakers test positive for Coronavirus after Mexico trip”
“Coast Guard tells Cruise ships with sick aboard to remain at sea.”


Macy received new guidelines from work today including an essential worker id.  The Governor of Maine, Janet Mills, frustrated by New Yorkers and other snowbirds trying to flee the virus into the state, locked it down, demanding any incomers to self-quarantine for 14 days and obey the stay at home orders in place.  To enforce this objective she has the State police investigating anything out of state and anything traveling at will.  Travel alone is reason enough for a Corona stop, got your papers?  Macy does, failure to have them is 500 bucks and perhaps a jail cell.

Here in Maine we have a much smaller population than most places, more trees than people.  Nonetheless we have 344 cases, 63 hospitalizations with 7 deaths and 80 recoveries.  My isolation, by state, by location and by behavior are the only chance I have against C-19. 

Joe Rogan’s podcast today has Dr. Peter Hotez explaining the disease as far as we know it, none of it bodes well for me, but the data is well worth your time.  My hope is to last long enough, 3 years, for viable treatments to exist.  My closest goal is Xmas.  If I can survive to that second wave my chances are much improved.

One final thing, Maine only has 71 ICU Beds, that means there will be a shortage and likely hard triage decisions will need to be made.  If such is the reality on the ground I will sign a DNI, or do not intubate.  Save the limited quantities for the young

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