Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Four

Surviving C-19 Day Four
April 4, 2020 7 AM
76 Days since first US infection

While I slept 1,111 people died, 82 of those my fellow Americans.

“Early morning, April 4, a shot rings out in the Memphis sky.  Free at last, they took your life, but they could not take your pride in the name of Love.”-U2.  Will society at large recall this day during C-19?

Yesterday Jarod Kushner said that the national stockpile is not for aid to the states, “It’s ours, not the states”, who exactly is “ours” if not the nation, which of course consists of all the states?  Reporters instantly went to the website for the national stockpile and found it said the opposite, that it was intended for the states.  Within minutes the site itself was changed to match Jarod Kushner’s claims.  Real time outright deception of the American people, caught red handed, and shameless about it.

No policy was actually changed, just a webpage with the appearance of policy.  It seems obvious to me that Trump’s admin failed to stock the national stockpile over the last three years and burned a lot of it up with Hurricanes, floods and fires.  Now they want to claim that a national stockpile is for the nation and that somehow does not include the members of that nation, the states and their citizens?

Legacy Media Headlines
Trump fires official who flagged Ukraine Whistleblower
France stabbing: Man knifes ‘at least nine people’ leaving two dead in morning attack
Coronavirus deaths in Spain down for second day in a row
Deaths reported as section of apartment building collapses due to gas explosion in Moscow Region
Coronavirus: Pink attacks ‘travesty’ of US testing after contracting COVID-19
Brazil’s Bolsonaro gambling on politics over health amid deepening COVID-19 crisis
There are fears a coronavirus crisis looms in Tokyo. Is it too late to change course?
Doctors say India must prepare for an ‘onslaught’ as one of Asia’s biggest slums reports first coronavirus death
‘Show me your ID’: Tunisia deploys ‘robocop’ to enforce coronavirus lockdown
US records worst global single-day death toll, nearly 1,500 die of coronavirus in 24 hours
Virus patients in Spain get five-star hotel quarantine
Maeve Kennedy McKean & Her Son, Gideon, Presumed Dead, Family Says
Trump fires intelligence community inspector general who defied him on Ukraine
U.S. attorney general orders release of more federal inmates due to coronavirus pandemic
China holds three-minute silence to remember victims of coronavirus
Trump Picks White House Lawyer as Watchdog for Virus Bailout
Over 120,000 sign online petition to reinstate U.S. Navy carrier commander
Trump Administration to Pay Hospitals to Treat Uninsured Coronavirus Patients
Trump: CDC recommends voluntary use of face masks for public to stem spread of coronavirus
‘I’m not going to do it’: Trump rejects his own administration’s advice on masks
Sailors cheer for aircraft carrier commander who was removed after issuing coronavirus warning
No family at funeral of 13-year-old coronavirus victim after siblings develop symptoms
Just breathing or talking may be enough to spread COVID-19 after all
Russian Church Leader Tours Moscow With Holy Icon to Halt Coronavirus
Anyone near Trump or Pence will be given rapid coronavirus test: White House
Italy sees signs of hope despite 766 new virus deaths
French hospitals record deadliest day with 588 coronavirus deaths
US accused of ‘modern piracy’ after diversion of masks meant for Europe
Murders rise in Mexico despite coronavirus restrictions
WHO warns more young people dying from coronavirus
Baby twins named Corona and Covid after lockdown birth in India
‘Lean On Me,’ ‘Lovely Day’ singer Bill Withers dies at 81
Us outbreak shows need for universal health care
3-D printed face shields aid health workers
Cruise passengers board flights home amid outbreak
Calif. to aid small businesses impacted by virus
NYC police cleared to seize unused ventilators
Trump undermines CDC advice to wear masks
Maddow to Trump: You Had One Job. Virus Response Needs Competent Leadership
Trump says NY should have ordered more ventilators
one death every 4.7 minutes in NY
Coronavirus: “This is not a video game, it’s real” – BBC News
How Trump’s attitude toward coronavirus has shifted – BBC News
Coronavirus: More health myths to ignore – BBC News
Coronavirus: What are the symptoms? – BBC News
Coronavirus: Tips to stop the spread of misinformation – BBC News
Coronavirus social distancing advice: What two metres looks like – BBC News
How staying at home can stop coronavirus – BBC News
Jordan imposes coronavirus lockdown as cases spread in Middle East
President Trump and Surgeon General explain new guidance on wearing face masks
104-year-old vet recovers from coronavirus – just in time for his birthday
Governor Andrew Cuomo and brother Chris talk coronavirus
FOX News
Surgeon General Adams on new CDC guidance surrounding face masks
Hannity: Andrew Cuomo failed the people of New York
Media continues to slam chloroquine while doctors say it’s effective
Gen. Keane gives his take on fired Navy aircraft carrier captain
Labor Dept urges Americans to follow coronavirus guidelines
Gen Milley talks removal of aircraft carrier captain
Kudlow: ‘No question unemployment will be very bad’ in coming weeks
3M is selling lifesaving PPE to foreign countries over US: Florida Official

I am irrelevant in this work.  I, my son and his wife are just more numbers in all this; in a very real way we all are.  It is my intent to document my experience for the historians of tomorrow, nothing more.  I am unable to do anything to help in this crisis, I am waiting to suffer and die from C-19 and thus I feel compelled to attempt to document the experience.  I hope it gives some window into this global event, but that won’t be for me to judge, but the historians of tomorrow. Undertaking this task has transformed my life.  The work occupies my day, surfing, and writing up how I am thinking about it now takes my whole day, so in that sense C-19 has given me a purpose, something to occupy my days while I await the bloom.

I said to Macy “if I am doing anything that makes this reality more difficult, please tell me.  The world is under stress and we all will find ways to cope, some of those might make things worse for others.”  Instantly she says “Turn down your computer, endless news of Coronavirus is depressing.”  I myself find it impossible to be depressed at this moment, my mind is endlessly saying ‘Alert”, still, I kind of run on adrenalin until it exhausts its supply and then pass out for a while, only to begin again.

My original intent when I started writing this on Apr 1 was to print and save it.  On Apr 2 I realized that I had, once upon a time, set up a word press account when I lived in Nor Cal.  I had not used it for years but realized it is a much more efficient means of recording this event.  I then went there, located old passwords, logged in and posted it.  I can barely recall how to use the site, took me 45 minutes to remember how to post an image.  Lost that in my TBI though, I cannot recall how to do so now and so my last two posts had no graphs or photos.  If I have time I may try again today.  As I type this I realize I started this to document the pandemic on April fool’s Day, which is fitting I think.  For the better part of a decade I carried that date on my Military Id, as if to say “Fool! Did you not understand you were volunteering for the meat grinder?” 

Media continues to evolve.  Comedians still reveal news as they make sport of it.  The latest incarnation of this are podcasts, live streaming channels for either listening or watching.  Some people watch and listen to these far more than “Legacy Media”, a term formatted live the other day on the Joe Rogan Podcast.  Rogan is a comedian and MMA practitioner who also announces for the UFC.  His show is unique and groundbreaking as he was one of the first people to embrace podcasting. 

I enjoy the show because Joe is not an expert outside of his fields, comedy and MMA, but is always willing to listen to someone else’s view, whether he agrees or not.  In other words he condones and supports actual discourse.  Nuance is not dead on his podcast, but encouraged.  Best of all Joe is human, and like most comedians keenly aware of that.  Joe is perfectly willing to express a thought which is not valid to an expert who corrects him, and Joe does not argue, he actually considers the other person’s view and oft re-examines his own.  For all these reasons I have decided to include Rogan’s Podcast clip headers as headlines too, for historical contrast.  I don’t think Joe would have issue with that as he is already aware we are living in a historical moment.

Sample of Rogan Headers which are C-19 related
Eric Weinstein Says Mask Misinformation is “Deadly Nonsense” | Joe Rogan
Eric Weinstein Calls Attention to WHO China Influence | Joe Rogan
Coronavirus Exposing China Dependence w/Eric Weinstein | Joe Rogan
Bad News for Science: America’s Lab Rats May Be Mutants
Dr Peter Hotez on How We Can Prevent Another Pandemic
Many More People Will Die from Covid 19 Than the Flu
Dr Peter Hotez on Coronavirus: We’re Not Even At the Peak Yet
Trump’s Military Industrial Complex Warning, 9/11, and the Iraq War w/Bryan Callen | Joe Rogan
Trump’s Response to Kung-Flu Question, Sensationalism During Coronavirus w/Tom Segura | Joe Rogan

Rogan’s show is not all news centric, he has guests, sometimes renowned scientists, authors or activists.  Most of his shows are with fellow comedians and MMA fighters, but a great numbers are with people you might not expect.  Going on Rogan today is becoming or has become like going on Carson in the 70’s.

Trevor Noah just said “So that someday we can go back to our normal lives, ya know?”  Problem is I do not think we should, not that old normal which left us unprepared and with inadequate leadership.  That normal we should reconsider, that normal is showing in real time which citizens the system cares about and which ones it does not.  In my mind a crisis which reveals systemic problems needs to be addressed.  We need to learn, in the same way Brits learned in the Blitzkrieg, that a national health is as important as a national defense.

That normal, what we see as normal, is destroying our planet. It disenfranchises the masses so a small percent can live like fat hogs.  Some of those uber wealthy are like Bill gates and strive to help the globe with issues they are considering.  Gates warned about pandemic threat years ago at a Ted talk, I recall that myself.  In the crisis Gates has also donated masks and millions of dollars to help.  However that is not a universal axiom of being uber wealthy.

“Leaving on a Jet plane” was a hit when I was a small child.  The term Jetsetter was used for wealthy travelers.  Over time airlines expanded their market, to an absurd degree.  Increased their traffic to such an extent they spawned an entire conspiracy theory rife with supporters, Chemtrails.  Go look outside, how many do you see now that most flights are stopped?  Is it not obvious that it is the extreme amount of air traffic as compared to when I was a boy 50 years ago?  We need to ask ourselves “how much of that travel is needed and warrants its emissions vs how much is just humans acting like fat hogs and doing things just because we can?  Should not all the latter be reconsidered just based on the resources , pollution , and CO2 emmissions?  It’s not just industry, its individual lifestyles of liberty compounded by population.”

Take a sport like 4 wheeling.  If you have a few practitioners the land holds up, if you get too many they start to tear up the land.  No one calculates how much emissions all the 4 wheelers used for sport alone make collectively, how many types and amounts of resources we waste as a society so we can have a blast.  The Greeks had an axiom, “everything in moderation”.  I think we need to start thinking about a lot of things we do with that axiom in mind, but as a society. 

All of us stopping the lives we lead reveals the impact the way we had been living has on everything.  I think we ought, each one of us, to take a moment and examine how we live and how we might be able to reduce our personal footprints because collectively we look like a stampede.  It’s starting to look like the best thing the planetary ecosystem has seen in a long while is C-19, because it drove us all indoors giving nature weeks to recover from the endless modifications we make to it.  We ought to give that thought don’t you think?

Any thoughts I share at this time I do not assume to be unique.  They are thoughts and feelings spawned by the C-19 Pandemic. I only seek to record these thoughts as a window into this moment in time, I accord them no specialty, but rather they are SOT writing.  I only seek to create a window into this moment for those who survive this.

I suspect my feelings and thoughts are mirrored in many others who right now are trying to encourage frightened children, to make a Q fun for them.  Or working in some essential area, which was not seen as essential at all a few weeks ago.  No shelf stocker or cashier receives hazard pay, nor did they expect to be in a hazardous occupation like firefighting.  No McDonald’s worker expected their job to be life or death.

Our first responders all need gear, and support, and more first responders.  I would rather see them all well geared up, with relief shifts and a big ass bonus check from all of us, than to make elegant statues in their memory.

Legacy Media Headlines
‘Our World War’: Virus Response May Shape If Trump Loses 2020, Says Top Historian
See Trump’s Ego-Driven Virus Response Called Out On Live TV By Rapper Jeezy
Smerconish: Today’s safe space will be tomorrow’s epicenter
Coronavirus recovery stories offer hope as US crisis persists
What Dr. Fauci wants you to know about face masks and staying home as virus spreads
Boston Globe Editorial Board: Trump ‘Has Blood On His Hands’
Trump Brags About Facebook Ranking During Coronavirus Press Conference
Gov of Georgia claims he just learned asymptomatic people can transmit disease
Hobby Lobby asks to be declared essential business
Chris Cuomo Says His Coronavirus Fever Was So Bad He Hallucinated and Spoke to His Late Dad
Leadership During Coronavirus: Where Does Trump Stack Up?

Max Brooke-“This idea that we were caught unaware, that it’s something like Godzilla coming out of the ocean that we didn’t know about? Wait oh oh look, here’s the plan sitting on my desk! That’s not from the Dark Web, the government wants you to read these plans because in a crisis a republic has to depend on its citizenry. So this idea that if we enact the defense production act suddenly we’re Venezuela?  That’s a complete lie because the defense production act was specifically written to preserve free enterprise, capitalism, and our constitution.”

Willie Nelson on coronavirus shutdowns in Texas, “Well there’s an old saying in Texas, “You can always tell a Texan, but you can’t tell em much.”

In service a sit rep is a situation report, we have them multiple times a day in any type of alert situation.  I expected the presidents Corona Virus press briefings to be that, a sit rep for the citizenry.  It is not that.  Parts of it resemble one with Dr. Fauci and other professionals talking about what we may have learned today about our adversary.  The rest is not a sit rep, where we describe today’s actions and plans for the next action.  Instead it’s the POTUS using the platform to announce what a good job he is doing, how hard people are working, attacking media for asking the difficult questions like “what do you tell the frightened people of America?” 

That is not a sit rep, it’s a campaign rally with social distancing.  The citizens do not need to hear how cool you are, they need to know you’re helping them, and he is not doing enough, soon enough.  Instead he is placing all responsibility onto the states and then saying they did not properly prepare where a federal, a national crisis is the express domian of the federal, national response.  This is what we get when we elect a draft dodger to be the CIC. 

I reiterate, I think we should impose standards in the same way we do astronauts.  You want to be leader of this entire nation, prove you’re up to such a task. Do not just persuade people you can do it.  Prove you have the skills needed for the Job, it’s a unique Job.  Right now would be a great time to formulate such standards for POTUS because right now we have several surviving presidents from whom we could elicit advice, things that would have helped them do that Job better for the nation.  Inadequacy is not an option for POTUS, we can see those results already.

Nonetheless, I feel obliged to watch the damn thing for this work.  Thus I am going to try and catch those moments which won’t exist in the saved copies of speeches, the Trump ad libs, and it is the POTUS’s ad libs I find most telling.  

President Donald Trump today at the C-19 briefing, adlibs between the lines of the speech and responses to questions.

“It’s therefore critical that certain media outlets stop spreading false rumors and creating fear and even panic with the public, it’s just incredible, I could name em but it’s the same ones always it’s the same ones, I guess they’re looking for ratings, I don’t know what they’re looking for, so bad for our country, and it’s so bad, the people understand it, you look at the levels and approval ratings and they’re the lowest they have ever been for media, so bad for our country, so bad for the world, put it together for a while and then go back to your fake news.”

“And remember we’re backup, remember we’re backup, we’re the greatest backup that ever existed for the states.”

“We have to get back to work.  We have to get, we have to open our country again, we have to open our country again.  We don’t want to be doing this for months and months and months, this country wasn’t meant for this.”

“A lot of times and we have to stop playing this game.  If a governor wants 200 ventilators and I say we’re gonna send you 1000 we think you need more than 200, and then the media meets with the governor, and they say “oh, you got more”, “well it’s not enough the president should have sent more.”  So he’s asking for 200, we give him 1000 they say “How’s the president doing?” He says “He should have sent more.” because that’s politics, that’s politics. and that’s unfortunate because we can’t play that game, but you know that’s one party doing that and the other party’s happy, but they’re all really happy because they should have been doing this work themselves for a long period of time, many of their cupboards were bare.”

“FEMA HHS DOD are developing resources the next 24 hrs that’s, they will have a whole different set of criteria, every day it’s different criteria, every day this horrible, invisible
enemy changes its course, it changes course. If you were fighting the normal fight you know what’s happening, they hit one, they hit another, they hit another state, they hit areas you didn’t expect, but we’re watching it, and we’re capturing it.”

Trump on hydroxychloroquine
“Ah, I’ll just speak for myself. It’s been out for a long time, it’s a malaria drug, it’s also a drug for lupus, and uh there’s a study out that uh, that people with lupus aren’t catching this horrible virus, there not affected so much by it maybe that’s correct, maybe it’s false, you’re gonna have to check it out, but uh, there’s a lot of very positive things happening with that, it’s a game changer if that’s the case.  We continue to work on the vaccines but the vaccines have to be down road but, probably 14, 15, 16 months.”

“It’s been 100 yrs. since anything like this has happened and the problem with this one is the contagion, it’s so contagious, nobody’s ever seen anything like that, it’s so contagious, like it,  you can be feet away and just talking with someone and catch it.  You can catch it, you know how long it can live on surfaces so, things that nobody even thought of, the level of contagion, so we’re getting there, we’re gonna make sure that it’s over soon,  and just keep going, it’s not gonna be long.”

“We have to open our country. You know I had an expression, the cure can’t be worse than the problem itself, right? It’s not a bad saying and I continue to say it, the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself, we gotta get our country open.”

“We’re making a lot of progress and we’re making progress because as Tony told the story about the restaurant people are doing that, they’re staying in their homes, they don’t want to go out, they’re doing what they know is the right thing to do, it’s not very complicated, it’s, in many ways it’s a very beautiful thing to see.”

Q. “You have said you want to see as few lives lost as possible in the pandemic”
Trump over talks “Yea”
Q continues ” but there are still 8 governors, all republicans,   who refuse to issue statewide stay at home orders, your own experts including Dr. Fauci have said stay at home orders are the most effective way to stop the spread of this virus so why not do everything possible right now and order the governors to. . .”
Trump interrupting ”
Yea, we have a thing called the constitution, which I cherish, no 1, and no 2 those governors, I know every one of them, they’re doing a great job, they’re being very very successful in what they’re doing,   and  as you know I want the governors to be running things, now in some cases we’ll supersede, but in this case it’s not, I think it depends, it depends on the individual state if you’re talking about but they’re doing very well and they’re doing a magnificent job in running their states.”
Follow-up “South Carolina has 1700 cases of coronavirus right now, Utah has 1255, I mean are these not states that you think should have that order?
Trump “No I think they’re doing a great job, well that’s a very small number relative to population.”
Follow-up “its larger than some states that do have stay at home orders”
Trump shaking head “It’s ok, it’s up to the, if I saw something wrong, if I saw a massive breakout, of which that’s not, I would come down very hard.”

“I’m just saying we have to get this country open again Jeff, this country was not designed to be closed, so we have the greatest we’ve ever had and then we’re paying people to stay home? Well think of it, we’re paying people not to go to work, how about that? How does that play? And they want to go to work, they don’t want, they don’t want money.  This country is great, but we’re paying people, this country has got to get back to work, that’s all I’m saying.”

“And I hope they use the Hydroxychloroquine, and they can also do it with Z-Pak, got to get your doctor’s approval and all of that, but I hope they use it because I’ll tell you what, uh, what do you have to lose?  Some cases they’re in bad shape, what do you have to lose? It’s been out there for a long time and I hope they use it they’re gonna look at the, with doctor’s, work with doctors, get what you have to get, but uh, we have it stockpiled, uh, we have a lot of it and we’re getting more of it, as I told you I spoke to Prime Minister Modi and we’re getting more of it, but we have a lot of it and I hope they use it cause it’s been used for a long time and therefore its passed the safety test.”

“And they should look at the lupus thing because I don’t know what it says but there’s a rumor out there that cause it takes care of lupus very effectively as I understand it, it’s a drug that’s used for Lupus, so there’s a study out there that says people who have lupus haven’t been catching this virus. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, why don’t you investigate that? And there’s also other studies with the malaria, that the malaria countries have very little people, people that take this drug for malaria, which it’s very effective for malaria that those countries have very little of this virus.  I don’t know, you’re gonna check it out.”

“I may take, I may take it, I’ll have to ask my doctor’s about that, but I’d take it.”

Response on Jobs numbers
“We know the numbers are gonna be massive because we told everyone to go home, lock your door, you can’t come to work, don’t go outside, don’t breathe, don’t do anything.  We gotta open up our country.”

“Ya got Palm Sunday tomorrow, think of it, people not going to churches on Palm Sunday but think of next Sunday, Easter, and I brought it up before maybe we could allow special for churches, maybe we could talk about it, maybe we could allow them, with great separation, outside. On Easter Sunday, I don’t know, that’s something we should talk about.”


On ventilators
Question: “Ventilator manufacturers are doubling, tripling and even quadrupling their manufacture in some cases.
Trump interrupts “That’s true”
Question continues: “Yet medical experts in these some of these manufacturers submit there will still be shortages of tens of thousands of ventilators. Is it time for you to level with the American people that they’re will be shortages in some cases?”
Trump “could be, could be that you have shortages and it could also be that some have way overestimated the number of ventilators they need.  We think that ah, we have a good amount, ready to move, I mean literally like an Army, They’re ready to move to any hotspot, but some of the ones that you’re talking about, always a nasty question from CNN.”

New York coronavirus cases soar as cities across the country brace for coming wave.

On July 11th, months from now, WordPress created a table tool. The table above was created then and then retrofitted backwards, that is why there are blank fields. This is stream of thought, and as it evolved in unexpected ways.

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