Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Nine

Surviving C-19 Day Nine
April 9, 2020 6:30 AM
81 Days since first US infection.

I am writing this day by day, in real time, and I post the next morning after a quick review, not an editorial process.  I am taking the numbers in real time from Johns Hopkins.  Last night these are the numbers I posted, imagine my surprise at the numbers this morning.  Some type of SNAFU took place and was fixed.  Last Night about 12 hours ago vs this morning right now.  Someone fucked up and caught their error, but not before I recorded it.

                                            Last evening                     This Morning

Global Infected                 1,511,104                             1,490,790
Global Dead                       88,338                                   88,630
Increase Infected            76,678                                   -20,314
Increase Dead                   6,118                                     292

US Infected                        429,052                 432,438
US Dead                             14,695                               14,808
Increase Infected            29,123                                  3,836
Increase Dead                 1,884                                   113

While I slept 292 more people died, of those 113 were my fellow Americans.

I write this on the day it’s dated, and post the next morning after a quick review.  I am taking the numbers in real time from the Johns Hopkins Tracker.  Last night these are the numbers I posted. Imagine my surprise at the numbers this morning.  Some type of SNAFU took place and was fixed.  I am including the error in my record of these events.  Perhaps it will have some value although I expect it was an overworked engineer who just put something in the wrong field, missed it and updated the file, I copied the data, and then they caught the error.

Morning Legacy Headlines
Legacy Media Headlines
700+ young people have died from C-19
Attorney General call social distancing restrictions “draconian”
Trump aides begin discussions to re-open economy in May
Dr. Fauci “I don’t think we should ever shake hands again.”
Coronavirus: Boris Johnson ‘continues to improve’ in intensive care
Spain sees new drop in daily coronavirus deaths, but total exceeds 15,000
New Zealand has only 1 Covid-19 death. Here’s what they’re doing
US-Russian crew blasts off for International Space Station
Russia’s coronavirus case tally surpasses 10,000 after record daily rise
Botswana’s president Mokgweetsi Masisi and all MPs in quarantine
103-year-old Italian says ‘courage, faith’ helped beat virus
Lockdowns mean millions of women can’t reach birth control
Italy may relax some anti-coronavirus measures by end of April
Ruby Princess: Police raid Sydney cruise ship to seize black box after coronavirus deaths
G-20 to Create Special Group to Monitor Oil-Stabilization Moves
Whales filmed having whale of a time during lockdown
New York-area coronavirus outbreak originated primarily in Europe, not China
Pope Francis Says Coronavirus May Be Nature’s Response to Climate Change
Coronavirus: France and Germany count economic cost of crisis
Coronavirus: Ellen DeGeneres criticized after comparing mansion quarantine to ‘being in jail’
COVID-19 reaches indigenous Yanomami people in Amazon
Air Canada to rehire 16,500 laid-off workers with help of federal government’s wage subsidy
HHS: Federal stocks of protective equipment nearly depleted
Trump says Obama knows ‘something that you don’t know’ about Biden
More than 1.5 million COVID-19 cases confirmed globally
CDC website removes information on prescribing controversial anti-malarial drugs
Eight UK Doctors Died From Coronavirus. All Were Immigrants.
Dow closes up 800 points after oil rallies, Sanders drops out
US coronavirus cases top 400,000, doubling in one week
France to extend its lockdown again, will run beyond April 15
Saudi-UAE coalition declares 2-week unilateral ceasefire in Yemen
France’s coronavirus death toll rises to 10,869 after 541 new hospital deaths in 24 hours
Cuomo reports a new single-day record 779 NY coronavirus deaths
WHO chief to Trump: There’ll be more body bags if you politicize coronavirus crisis
Italy’s daily coronavirus death toll falls, but new cases accelerate

“In another sign that wild animals are roaming more freely during the coronavirus lockdown for humans, a maritime patrol has filmed remarkable images of whales powering through Mediterranean waters off the coast of southern France”-ABC

Dec 2, 2014 President Obama “there may and likely will come a time in which we have both an airborne disease, that is deadly, and in order for us to deal with that effectively we have to put in place an infrastructure, not just here at home but globally, that allows us to see it quickly, Isolate it quickly, and respond to it quickly. . .so that if and when a new strain of flu like the Spanish flu crops up, 5 years from now or a decade from now we’ve made the investment and we’re further along to be able to catch it.  It is a smart investment for us to make.”

Transcribed by me from Morning Joe.
Dec 2, 2014 President Obama “there may and likely will come a time in which we have both an airborne disease, that is deadly, and in order for us to deal with that effectively we have to put in place an infrastructure, not just here at home but globally, that allows us to see it quickly, Isolate it quickly, and respond to it quickly. . .so that if and when a new strain of flu like the Spanish flu crops up, 5 years from now or a decade from now we’ve made the investment and we’re further along to be able to catch it.  It is a smart investment for us to make.”

Susan Rice Former US Ambassador to the United Nations and National Security Advisor under Obama
“I did spend 12 Hrs over 4 sessions briefing General Michael Flynn my successor about the various threats we faced  of course prominent among them was the risk we faced from global pandemic.  We understood this risk to be real, as you just heard President Obama say in 2014.  We had been through the 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic, we’ve been through Ebola, and Zika.  The Bush administration before us had dealt with H5N1, a very deadly strain of flu that thankfully did not spread as far, as fast, as it could have.  But we’ve known because of our expertise in Global Health and our intelligence community and the like, that we we’re overdue for a global pandemic. That it wasn’t just something you could predict, it was inevitable. The only question was when, and that’s why during the transition we spent time, trying to prepare our successors, we provided a 69 page playbook.  In effect a war plan for the incoming administration to take off the shelf. I don’t think they ever took it off the shelf, they probably put it in the trash can, given how much regard they had for anything we passed on. We established an office, under my leadership, in the national security council, called the global health security and biodefense office, with senior experts whose singular role was to scan the globe for these types of potential outbreaks, to flag them early, and enable us, with others to get on top of those so that they did not become epidemics, much less pandemic.”

Legacy Headlines

Senior care crisis during COVID-19 pandemic
US sees another spike in coronavirus death toll
Planet in Crisis, Bio-diversity loss threatens mass extinction and new pandemics.
Battle over flight refunds
Ecuadorian government grapples with COVID-19 cases
US intelligence agencies warned of virus in November
They got it very wrong’: Trump criticizes World Health Organization
80% of Americans believe things will only get worse
ABC News Prime: NJ, NY COVID-19 battle, looming environmental catastrophe, Sanders suspends campaign
Dems block McConnell’s bid for additional relief funding
Should Americans expect more relief funding from Congress?
Barr talks China’s global impact in exclusive ‘Ingraham Angle’ interview
Hannity: Must open economy in way that prevents outbreaks, protects liberties
Pence blasts WHO’s accountability in exclusive ‘Hannity’ interview
Are some of our leaders and the media addicted to doom and gloom?
How would ‘President Biden’ handle the coronavirus pandemic?
Navarro slams China: They caused ‘tremendous damage’ to US, the world
Trump argues with CNN’s Jim Acosta over voter fraud
Trump says US will hold back WHO funding
Coronavirus – Yemen: What needs to happen on the ground to prevent the spread of the Covid-19?
Yemen ceasefire: Two-week halt in fighting to aid virus efforts begins
Covid-19 in New York City: EMS first responders “physically, mentally, emotionally drained”
Coronavirus – Oxfam: 500 million people could be pushed into poverty
Coronavirus – Covid-19: Does the EU really risk falling apart?
Fire brigade in eastern France collects and distributes medical supplies for Covid-19 fight
Coronavirus crisis: Who gains the most, Joe Biden or Donald Trump?
Coronavirus – Covid-19: New York reports record 779 daily deaths
The coronavirus crisis has caused 6,268 deaths in New York
Coronavirus – PM Pedro Sanchez: Spain close to reversing curve
Small businesses in France struggle with steep losses during coronavirus outbreak
Coronavirus – Covid-19: Wall Street’s banks warn of $5 trillion hit to economy
Life under lockdown: In Toronto, a daughter tries to shield her mother, grandparents from pandemic
Unemployed workers on facing an uncertain future
Inside a Chicago hospital built to deal with a pandemic
An urgent appeal to New Yorkers from a young doctor on the front lines
After more than 70 days on lockdown, this Wuhan resident goes in search of the food she craves
Why black communities are more at risk of contracting coronavirus
Flint congressman: Coronavirus an ‘inflection point’ for a community already in crisis
24 Hours: The Fight for New York
The Fight For New York: The Taxi Driver
The Fight For New York: The Concierge
The Fight For New York: The Food Provider
The Fight For New York: The Funeral Director
The Fight For New York: The Bodega Owner
The Fight For New York: The ER Doctor
The Fight For New York: The Broadway Actor
The Fight For New York: ‘The View’ Co-Host
Toilet paper shortage during outbreak? Here’s why
Coronavirus: EU could fail over outbreak, warns Italy’s Giuseppe Conte
Coronavirus: How Russia’s ballet wasn’t shut down despite lockdown
Coronavirus: William and Kate video call key workers’ children
Wisconsin voters go to the polls despite coronavirus pandemic
Wisconsin primary sets stage for legal battles over upcoming elections
High coronavirus death toll overwhelms funeral homes
Texas attorney general says he expects abortion ban amid coronavirus to reach Supreme Court
Charlotte Figi, the girl who inspired a CBD movement, has died at age 13
Jobless claims surge for third week as 6.6 million Americans file for unemployment
The Covid-19 economy, explained
Governor explains how Ohio stayed ahead of the Covid-19 curve
‘Yikes!’ Amanpour reacts to Fox News montage about virus
This country has only 1 Covid-19 death. See how they did it
Mother Speaks out on Losing Daughter to Coronavirus after Helping Elderly
Trump To Announce Second Coronavirus Task Force To Focus On The Economy
Lady Gaga Announces Coronavirus Benefit Concert
Gov. Murphy To NJ Residents: Stay Home, Stay Away From Others
Federal Government’s Support Ends For Coronavirus Testing: Report
Trump Continues Looking For ‘Targets To Blame’
Bernie Sanders Exits Presidential Race, But His Influence Will Still Be Felt – Day That Was
Outside Of The Spotlight, Coronavirus Spreads Through Rural America |
Data Shows Shocking Racial Disparity In Coronavirus Cases
Failed US Federal Response To COVID-19 Manifests As International Disaster
Frontline Medical Workers Take Mortal Risks To Answer Impossible Call
Carville On WI Election: GOP Will Literally Kill People To Stay In Power
Mayor De Blasio On Coronavirus Guidelines: ‘We Cannot Risk Resurgence’
Taiwan Slams WHO ‘Groundless And False Accusations’ Of Racism
‘The Virus Has Not Discriminated:’ Medical Workers Speak From Frontlines
Seattle Hospital Takes Innovative Steps To Keep Staff And Patients Safe
Doc On Trump’s Push Of Malaria Drug For COVID-19: ‘Show Me The Data’
NY Gov. Cuomo On Coronavirus: Why Do The Poorest Pay The Highest Price?
Trump: If Under 100,000 Americans Die From Coronavirus We’ve Done A Good Job
‘The Fight Is Not Over In China,’ Says Reporter About Virus
16 Million Total Unemployment Claims Made In The Past Three Weeks
Virus Spread Sooner Than Thought, Mostly Came From Europe: Report
New Virus Cases May Be Leveling Off On West Coast
How The Coronavirus Is Impacting U.S. Families

                                                Morning               Evening

Global Infected                 1,490,790             1,583,904
Global Dead                       88,630                  94,807  
Increase Infected            -20314                   93,114  
Increase Dead                   292                       6,177

US Infected                        432,438 454,304
US Dead                             14,808               16,267
Increase Infected            3,836                   21,866
Increase Dead                  113                    1,459

Maine infected                 537                         560
Maine Dead                       14                           16          
Increase Infected            18                           23
Increase Dead                   2                              2

As I spent my day in isolation 6,177 more people died, of those 1,459 my fellow Americans, and those of those my fellow Mainers.

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