Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Twelve

Surviving C-19 Day Twelve
April 12, 2020 7:30 Am
85 Days since first US infection.

Global Infected                1,704,565                             1,783,941
Global Dead                      103,257                 109,312
Increase Infected            12,846                                   79,376
Increase Dead                  732                                       6,055

US Infected                        501,615                 530,006
US Dead                              18,777                                  20,608”
Increase Infected            5,080                                     28,391
Increase Dead                   191                                        1,831

Maine infected                 586                                         616
Maine Dead                       17                                           19
Increase Infected            26                                           30                                          
Increase Dead                   1                                              2

John Hopkins added a new feature and lost the curve data they had.  The new feature is Total US tested, which is a vital figure to determine any lessening of stay at home orders.

Total US Tested                2,688,766

While I struggled with my computer in isolation 6,055 people died, of those 1,831 were my fellow Americans, of those two were my fellow Mainers.

Happy Easter, not only do I not celebrate this holiday and find it utterly unbelievable, it is also unethical and blatantly so.  The sacrament so many want to receive today is ritualized cannibalism and vampirism.  The concept of vicarious redemption is unsound on its face. 

Imagine I rob a bank and get arrested, but you love me so much you volunteer to suffer my punishment in my stead.  You, an innocent, volunteer to go to jail and suffer rape and violence and incarceration because you love me.  What kind of person would that make me to accept such a thing?   Is not that acceptance, as bad as or worse, than the crime itself?  Easter is a celebration of scapegoating, punishing an innocent for the sins of the tribe, very Stone Age.

““Easter is a festival and holiday celebrated by millions of people around the world who honor the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred three days after his crucifixion at Calvary. It is also the day that children excitedly wait for the Easter bunny to arrive and deliver their treats of chocolate eggs. “

“The word Easter is of Saxon origin, Eastra, the goddess of spring, in whose honour sacrifices were offered about Passover time each year. By the eighth century Anglo–Saxons had adopted the name to designate the celebration of Christ’s resurrection.” Unger’s new Bible Dictionary.

“According to some scholars, such as Dr. Tony Nugent, teacher of Theology and Religious Studies at Seattle University, and Presbyterian minister, the Easter story comes from the Sumerian legend of Damuzi (Tammuz) and his wife Inanna (Ishtar), an epic myth called “The Descent of Inanna” found inscribed on cuneiform clay tablets dating back to 2100 BC. When Tammuz dies, Ishtar is grief–stricken and follows him to the underworld. In the underworld, she enters through seven gates, and her worldly attire is removed. “Naked and bowed low” she is judged, killed, and then hung on display. In her absence, the earth loses its fertility, crops cease to grow and animals stop reproducing. Unless something is done, all life on earth will end.

After Inanna has been missing for three days her assistant goes to other gods for help. Finally one of them, Enki, creates two creatures who carry the plant of life and water of life down to the Underworld, sprinkling them on Inanna and Damuzi, resurrecting them, and giving them the power to return to the earth as the light of the sun for six months. After the six months are up, Tammuz returns to the underworld of the dead, remaining there for another six months, and Ishtar pursues him, prompting the water god to rescue them both. Thus were the cycles of winter death and spring life.

Dr Nugent points out that the story of Inanna and Damuzi is just one of a number of accounts of dying and rising gods that represent the cycle of the seasons and the stars. For example, the resurrection of Egyptian Horus; the story of Mithras, who was worshipped at springtime; and the tale of Dionysus, resurrected by his grandmother. Among these stories are prevailing themes of fertility, conception, renewal, descent into darkness, and the triumph of light over darkness or good over evil.””—gleaned from

Legacy Media Headlines
Coronavirus: ‘UK likely to be worst affected country in Europe’
Spain coronavirus daily death toll rises again by 619 to total of nearly 17,000
Congo records second Ebola death in days – WHO
Sewage analysis suggests a New England metro area with fewer than 500 COVID-19 cases may have exponentially more
China clamping down on coronavirus research, deleted pages suggest
Tom Hanks, Direct From Coronavirus, Hosts First-Ever Stay-At-Home ‘Saturday Night Live’
Republican who floated virus conspiracy says ‘common sense has been my guide’
More Than 10% of US Aircraft Carrier’s Crew Tests Positive for Covid-19, Says Navy
Coronavirus: ‘I need more beer!!’ – 93-year-old’s Facebook appeal goes viral
Major Disaster Declared in All 50 American States at Once, First Time in History
Netanyahu Suspends All Flights From US to Israel as Trump Threatens Sanctions on Blocking US Travel
EU’s elderly could be isolated until 2021
Egyptian police disperse villagers who stopped burial of doctor killed by coronavirus
Saudi King approves extension of curfew until further notice
Mainland China reports 99 new coronavirus cases, a jump from previous day
Coronavirus Deaths in Nevada Top 100; Burning Man Canceled
UK pledges 200 million pounds in aid to help stop second coronavirus wave
North Korea calls for stricter anti-epidemic measures
Russian hospitals hit by ‘huge influx’ of coronavirus patients
‘Be messengers of life in a time of death,’ pope says on Easter eve
Boris Johnson: I owe doctors and nurses my life after coronavirus treatment
Chinese study of air samples discovers new coronavirus can travel up to 4 meters
France’s coronavirus death toll rises by 635 to 13,832
Passenger kicked off bus in Philadelphia for not wearing face covering
Coronavirus will not overcome us, says Queen in first ever Easter message
Italy’s daily coronavirus death toll and new cases push higher
The U.S. has overtaken Italy for the highest death toll in the world from the coronavirus, Johns Hopkins University says
Coronavirus: UK records 917 new coronavirus deaths – including an 11-year-old
African community targeted in China coronavirus crackdown
WHO says looking into reports of some COVID patients testing positive again]
Anti-5G fever spreads to the Netherlands as towers suffer ‘arson and sabotage’
A nurse revealed the tragic last words of his coronavirus patient: ‘Who’s going to pay for it?’
Czech nudists told to wear face masks by police
New drop in overnight coronavirus deaths confirms downward trend in Spain
Two thirds of COVID-19 patients improve after Gilead drug
Crime drops around the world as COVID-19 keeps people inside
‘Satan will not stop us’: Some Christian pastors plan showdown with coronavirus this Easter
US death toll surpasses 20,000 amid coronavirus pandemic
Families on front lines of the coronavirus pandemic
California experiences logjam of coronavirus test results
COVID-19 cases surge in minority communities as officials ramp up testing
Number of ICU patients in New York falls for 1st time since the pandemic\
Living life as normal in Utah
In Memoriam: Some of those lost to COVID-19 this week
Rate of COVID-19 hospitalization in New York goes down
FBI issues warning about COVID-19 scams
Landmarks lit up blue for frontline workers in coronavirus fight
U.S. Surgeon General addresses impact of COVID-19 in minority communities
Trump discusses opening up the economy back up with Judge Jeanine
Peter Navarro on why its crucial to buy American
Fauci discusses how China’s disinformation increased coronavirus spread
When will a coronavirus vaccine be ready?
Man not wearing face mask dragged off Philadelphia bus
It’s the right time to start reopening the country: Former Clinton WH chief of staff
Rep. Swalwell on phase 4 of the coronavirus relief package
Rep. Wenstrup on when Americans could expect more financial relief
Rep. Nunes: Trump assembling second coronavirus task force to reopen economy
Mark Cuban says he would happily join Trump’s economic task force
Police fine churchgoers at drive-in service ahead of Easter
Live: Trump, Coronavirus Task Force hold White House briefing
Covid-19: The long wait for cases in Italy to fall
Covid-19: “People here felt like the Queen was speaking for all of Europe”
Covid-19: Israelis observing confinement much more strictly at Passover than they did at Purim
Refugees in France come to rescue as farmers struggle without foreign seasonal workers
Coronavirus – US: New York is now the coronavirus capital
Coronavirus – Covid-19: Yemen reported its first case
COVID-19 in Iran: Artists call on the US to lift sanctions
Coronavirus ravages New Orleans’ Mardi Gras groups
Gov. Cuomo: NY virus hospital admissions rate down
Kansas’ high court weighs on religious services
NY schools closed for rest of year amid pandemic
Apple, Google to harness phones for virus tracking
Analyst: Questions remain about immunity to virus
Luxury linen maker shifts overnight to face masks
People in Los Angeles adjust to mask order
Weary from Ebola, Congo also fights coronavirus
Priest uses technology to reach parishioners
How coronavirus inspired a gangland truce
Coronavirus: Virus deepens struggle for migrants
Patel fights off PPE criticism as death toll rises
Coronavirus: US death toll passes 2,000 in a single day
Coronavirus: The UK’s Easter lockdown from above
Coronavirus: mass grave in New York – facing world’s highest death rate
Coronavirus: UK suffers higher daily death toll than Italy or Spain
Coronavirus: ‘Herculean effort’ to provide NHS protective gear
Passover, Ramadan, Easter: How to celebrate at home
Trump considers restarting economy as health officials call for caution
Trump eyes reopening economy despite health warnings
Hundreds of women caught up in abortion bans amid coronavirus pandemic
Apple and Google team up to develop coronavirus tracing technology
Coronavirus pandemic highlights barriers to health care for transgender community
Cuomo says deaths in New York are stabilizing, but at a “horrific rate”
Lifelines in the Lockdown
Judge denies request to release Cook County Jail inmates
90-year-old man and 85-year-old woman hold Zoom wedding after spring nuptials were canceled due to coronavirus
Trump says reopening the country will be the “biggest decision” he’s ever made
Churches hold alternative Easter services amid coronavirus pandemic
10-year-old with muscular dystrophy tells a joke a day to lift spirits
Bar owner removes dollar bills from walls to pay staff during coronavirus
Smerconish: Here’s something we should all agree on
CNN Heroes find hope during the pandemic
SE Cupp calls out pastors who ignore social distancing
CNN Heroes: Persevering in the pandemic
Trump asked what metrics he’s using. See his response.
Dr. Anthony Fauci: Antibody tests are coming soon
Ex-NFL player now on the frontlines against coronavirus
Melinda Gates: This is what keeps me up at night
Class of 2020 misses a milestone | Voices from the Pandemic
Coronavirus and pets: What you need to know
Selfies and hopeful messages: How the ad industry is adapting to the coronavirus age
These first responders rushed to New York to help the city through its coronavirus crisis
Pastors from around the U.S. talk about how to celebrate this Easter and renew your faith
Astronauts on board the ISS offer advice on living in close quarters during coronavirus lockdowns

Well that was fortuitous, the Easter holiday allowed for a lag in the pages updating, which left the headlines on the site instead of being cycled out as normal.  Thusly most or all of what headlines I lost, I found. Soon they will be scrubbed as the new news cycle replaces them.

We face a large problem I fear too few understand well, and perhaps too few to sway our POTUS to recognize it until it’s too late, just like in January.  Mitigation does not stop a virus, it flattens the curve.  It does not lessen the curve, it lowers the peak and extends that peak into a plateau which gradually lowers as more and more people get the bug and recover, or die.  So an event that might have lasted three weeks and utterly overwhelmed the hospitals causing up to 25% more death collaterally is instead extended to last 6-9 weeks without the collateral damage or overwhelmed hospitals.

Dr. Gabriel Leung

“The covid 19 pandemic can only be prevented from resurging when at least half the world’s population has become immune to the virus, and that can happen in only one of two ways; after enough people have been infected and recovered, or have been inoculated with a vaccine.  Allowing the first option to happen, unmitigated, would be a humanitarian catastrophe: it would mean very many deaths, mostly among the elderly and poor people with limited access to health care. The second option, developing a safe effective vaccine and making enough of it for everyone, is a goal at least one year, perhaps two years, and away.  Massive lockdowns and distancing measures cannot be sustained that long.”

The White House dates “15 days to stop the spread” as Mar 16th.
1. Listen to and follow the directions of your state and local authorities.
2. If you feel sick, stay home. Do not go to work. Contact your medical provider.
3. If your children are sick, keep them at home. Contact your medical provider.
4. If someone in your household has tested positive for the Coronavirus, keep the entire household at home.
5. If you are an older American, stay home and away from other people.
6. If you are a person with a serious underlying health condition—such as a significant heart or lung problem—stay home and away from other people.

That’s me, option 6 from the White house guidelines.  Now at the end of March Trump extended those guidelines to the end of April, and is now planning on opening up the nation May 1st.  The problem there is not everywhere is Seattle, whose infection was underway when NYC was just beginning to bloom. Now NY is cresting, but like an actual Tsunami wave, and that crest can be deep, weeks deep.  We won’t know how deep until after it’s over and we have the gift of hindsight.  Rural Utah and Montana have scarcely seen Covid and remain largely not locked down. 

If you open the nation and try to go back to normal you will cause blooms, from area to area as you move the virus around and infect more people.  The solution to that issue is testing.  Test people who are ready to go back to work, test antibodies and test people at random.  Learn where the bug has and has not been, learn who was or is asymptomatic, trace their personal contacts and test them too.  Any time you get a positive, test their contacts too. Al Gore suggested that we test eveyone who goes to vote for anti-bodies.

Sooner or later we have to go back to work, but later will save more lives and have a greater economic cost, and sooner will save investors and companies but save more lives.  If enough investors and companies become insolvent over C-19, then we enter a depression where there is no work, hence no income, no rent, no food,  and that always results in social unrest.  If we wait too long there will be a cost in lives here too.  So the response, the reactivation of the economy, needs to be nuanced.  Trump is a lot of things, nuanced does not seem like one of them, and that concerns me.

Evening Legacy Headlines
WHO special envoy says COVID-19 will be a virus that ‘stalks the human race for quite a long time’
Trump touts social distancing in Easter message: ‘We’re getting rid of the plague’
Easter: Andrea Bocelli performs in empty Milan cathedral amidst coronavirus lockdown
French coronavirus death toll rises by 561 to 14,393
Italy records lowest coronavirus death toll in over three weeks
Ukraine’s chief medical officer: Zelensky offers local scientists US$1 million for coronavirus vaccine
Iraqi couple gets police help to wed amid curfew
‘We will defeat this coronavirus’: Boris Johnson hails ‘unconquerable’ NHS as he’s discharged from hospital
Air France flight stopped in Republic of Congo after gunshot
The Latest: New deaths in Italy reach lowest mark in 3 weeks
India, Pakistan troops trade heavy fire in Kashmir; 3 killed
Coronavirus hospital deaths in UK top 10,000
Russia’s coronavirus cases rise by more than 2,000 in biggest daily increase
U.K.’s Boris Johnson leaves hospital where he was treated for coronavirus
1,900 crew of French aircraft carrier go into quarantine after Covid-19 outbreak
Europe’s coronavirus death toll passes 75,000 milestone
Digging into racial disparities in coronavirus cases from Baltimore
‘Can’t just pick a date and flip a switch,’ Maryland governor says
May 1 is ‘a target’ for reopening the US, but too early to tell: FDA commissioner
Church organizes drive in service for Easter
Coronavirus: Boris Johnson says ‘it could have gone either way’
Boris Johnson discharged from hospital
US Now Has More Coronavirus Deaths Than Any Other Country
Pope Francis celebrates Easter Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica
PM Boris Johnson released from hospital and says he ‘owes his life’ to National Health Service
Brian Stelter: Don’t fall for the frame Trump is offering
Fareed Zakaria: The true fatality rate of Covid-19 is still unclear
Jake Tapper: Mr. President, these questions need answers
Tapper asks Fauci: Do you think lives could have been saved?
Axelrod: There is lots of good news for Biden in this poll
IRS Sends Out First Wave Of Coronavirus Stimulus Checks
The Atlantic: America Is Acting Like A Failed State
500 Easter Baskets Anonymously Donated In Georgia Community
How The Coronavirus Outbreak Has Actually Brought Families Closer Together
Beloved Brooklyn Teacher Sandra Santos Vizcaino Dies From Coronavirus At 54
Dr. Natalie Azar On Working At A New York City Hospital During Coronavirus Pandemic
Tom Hanks Hosts ‘SNL’ From Home As Cast Reunites Remotely
Coronavirus Antibody Test Would Be A ‘Game Changer,’ Dr. John Torres Says
US Sees Deadliest Day In Coronavirus Pandemic But Some States Report Drop In ICU Admissions
Late-Night Talk Show Hosts Go Digital During The Coronavirus Pandemic
What’s Behind The Toilet Paper Shortage During The Coronavirus Pandemic?
Americans Donate RVs For Health Care Workers During Coronavirus Pandemic

Legacy News Headlines
                                            Morning                            Evening
Global Infected                 1,783,941                             1,840,093
Global Dead                       109,312                 113,672
Increase Infected            79,376                                  56,152
Increase Dead                   6,055                                    4,360

US Tested                           2,688,766                             2,805,892
US Infected                        530,006                 550,016
US Dead                              20,608”                               21,733
Increase Tested               N/A                                       117,126
Increase Infected            28,391                                   20,010
Increase Dead                  1,831                                     1,125

Maine infected                 616                                         633
Maine Dead                       19                                           19
Increase Infected            30                                           17                                          
Increase Dead                   2                                              0

While I worked on this, watched TV and played RDR2 4,360 of my fellow humans died, of those 1,125 were my fellow Americans.  Fortunately none of them were Mainers today. 

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