Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Thirteen

Surviving C-19 Day Thirteen
April 13, 2020 7:30 Am
86 Days since first US infection.

Global Infected                 1,840,093                             1,860,011
Increase Infected            56,152                                   19,918

Global Dead                       113,672                                 114,983
Increase Dead                   4,360                                     1,311

US Tested                           2,805,892                             2,816,674
Increase Tested                117,126                 10,782

US Infected                      550,016                                   557,590
Increase Infected            20,010                                   7,574

US Dead                              21,733                                   22,109
Increase Dead                   1,125                                     376

Whilst I slept 1,311 of my fellow humans died, of those 376 were my fellow Americans.

Long before C-19 I was mining news.  I started when news became corporate, and it grew over the years following another catastrophe, the 6th extinction event we are all living in.  You likely think of that as global warming or climate change which are contributing factors to that event.  It is because of weather events that I am still up.  I will have strong winds tomorrow with heavy rain, easy to uproot trees just shocked by the late snowstorm the other day.

People underestimate the words about climate change they have already heard hundreds of times; “An increase in the frequency and severity of storms.”  Imagine a young Mike Tyson standing before you all suited up; a column of muscle with focused eyes and sledgehammers clad in leather.  Mike is going to start hitting you now, gently at first, but with increasing frequency and intensity.  How long till you look like Beetle Baily under Sarge’s boots, a pile of goo? 

Not long I reckon, and so too will climate change cause storms of increasing frequency and intensity, like Mike.  So on top of Governor’s who did not lock down, under testing of C-19 and resulting blooms, the nation is going to get slammed by our new spring reality, a ramped up tornado alley alongside increased seasonal Midwest flooding and spring Nor Easters, and then wildfire season begins again.

A Case in point: “A dangerous severe weather outbreak is expected into Monday. The severe threat stretches from the lower Mississippi Valley to parts of the East Coast. A number of tornadoes may be strong and have long tracks. Widespread damaging wind gusts and large hail are also possible. A threat for flooding rainfall is a concern as well.”
With a little C-19 nastiness for flavor.
“A dangerous severe weather threat is underway in the South, and it will spread eastward throughout the region Sunday night into Monday morning. Strong tornadoes, widespread damaging winds, large hail and flooding rain could accompany these storms.  Keep in mind that storm shelters may not be an option in some cases due to COVID-19. You can find more information on that at the bottom of this article and here: Coronavirus and Shelters, What Do I Do?”—TWC

Morning Legacy Headlines
At least 18 dead as Tornadoes rip through the southeast US, 850,000 without power
Tornadoes on the ground in NC at 8AM
Mississippi has at least 11 dead from tornadoes
Deadly storms that brought destruction to the South are moving north
Deadly storms that hit the South move east Monday
Deadly tornadoes in the South cause ‘catastrophic’ damage
Will we learn lessons for tackling climate change from our current crisis?
NYT publishes detailed list of Trump’s inaction
Spain’s overnight coronavirus death toll falls to 517, total at 17,489
As virus deaths rise, Sweden sticks to ‘low-scale’ lockdown
At Least 6 Killed as Strong Storms Batter Louisiana and Mississippi
Ecuador: more than 700 corpses collected from homes in Guayaquil
Tourists forced to write ‘sorry’ 500 times over India lockdown breach
Child sex abuse in Pakistan’s religious schools is endemic
Coronavirus: Spain to lift some of its COVID-19 lockdown rules
Coronavirus: Mannequins and cardboard cutouts replace fans as Taiwan baseball season launches
China imposes restrictions on research into origins of coronavirus
Judge: Alabama can’t prohibit abortion during pandemic
Rihanna Slams Trump, Says ‘Too Busy Saving the World From Coronavirus’ to Make Music
China’s new coronavirus cases rise to near six-week high
Coronavirus: Fauci says US ‘could have saved lives’ with earlier action
Coronavirus: Prince William says Britain is ‘at its best when we’re in a crisis’
Footage shows ambulances ‘queuing to enter hospitals’ as coronavirus crisis escalates in Moscow
Stanley Chera, real estate developer and Trump friend, dies of COVID-19
WHO special envoy says COVID-19 will be a virus that ‘stalks the human race for quite a long time’
Trump touts social distancing in Easter message: ‘We’re getting rid of the plague’
Christ the redeemer Statue which stands over Rio was illuminated with a projection turning Jesus into a health care worker as a tribute to the front line against Covid 19

A repeated motif this morning on CNN and MSNBC is the reality that Trump is pushing hard for a Federal response in order to respond to the economic side of the C-19 outbreak, while he is simultaneously saying that a Federal response to the cause of those economic woes, the virus itself, is not needed and never was needed.

Fox is talking about the tornadoes.  Fox touts the new national disaster area, all 50 states, a historical first.  Fox calls a May 1st a “soft target” date.   #FireFauci is trending among Trump supporters, but GOP members caution such an act for Trump because of bi-partisan backlash.  Fox claims unemployment in NYC is 30% or more with some claiming its worse than the great depression.  Dr. Hotez lays out efficacy requirements for vaccines.

Legacy Headlines
Coronavirus cases in US pass half-million mark
Autoworker inspired by family to help make masks for health care workers
US has the highest COVID-19 death toll of any country
Life after quarantine in Wuhan
Christians around the world celebrate Easter
“We are trapped”: Immigrant women speak out from detention amid pandemic
Christ the Redeemer statue lit up as a doctor to honor medical workers during coronavirus
Governor Cuomo holds coronavirus press briefing
Is tension building between Trump and Dr. Fauci?
How do we re-open America?
Mark Cuban says he’s ‘keeping the door open’ for presidential run
AG Barr: DOJ is monitoring government restriction on religious services
Boris Johnson addresses the public following hospital release
How US troops overseas are celebrating Easter
Religious leaders emphasize importance of faith during coronavirus pandemic
President Trump finds powers limited to lift state-based lockdown
Covid-19: Confinement an opportunity for humanity to rethink its priorities
DR Congo battles resurgence of Ebola amid increase of Covid-19 deaths
China’s Russian border the new frontline in fight against Covid-19 infections
Can bold policy and targeted measures ward off prolonged depression?
Singapore and human rights groups at odds over floating hotels to curb Covid-19
Covid-19: How close are we to a vaccine and who will get it first?
In Italy, coronavirus lockdown to continue despite falling death toll
‘Fast and pre-emptive’, South Korea earns plaudits for Covid-19 response
A hotel requisitioned in Brussels to accommodate female victims
US death toll doubles within one week, unemployment skyrockets
Ebola returns to DR Congo amid Covid-19 outbreak
Confinement “a chance for resurrection of humanity”
Dr. Fauci: ‘It Became Clear That We Were In Real Trouble’ With Coronavirus Mid-January
Coronavirus Relief For Workers, Post Office Boosted By Rep. Omar
Seals learn to accept trainers donning face masks
Doctor offers glimpse inside NYC emergency room
Christians unite in spirit through Easter song
Coronavirus: Spain begins to ease lockdown to revive economy
Coronavirus: Thirteen die at Stanley care home
Coronavirus: Italian tenor Bocelli sings at Milan’s empty cathedral
Trump hoping to restart the economy “soon”
What life is like for a doctor at Brooklyn’s Mount Sinai Hospital
New York Gov. Cuomo: 671 Coronavirus Deaths On Easter Sunday ‘Especially Tragic’
PayPal CEO: ‘Now Is The Time’ For Financially Strong Businesses To Help
New Yorker Chronicles How McConnell Propped Up Trump WH
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Gets Her Make-Up Just Right In COVID-19 PSA
This Isn’t A Red State Vs. Blue State Issue, Cautions Doctor
Ohio Governor: Reopening State Will Be Just As Tough As Closing It
Deadly Tornadoes Sweep Through The South, Leave One Million Without Power
Mayor De Blasio: New Yorkers Now Have To hold The Line
China Still Concerned With Coronavirus Hot Spots
Has The Curve Finally Flattened In Italy?
Trump Was Slow To Absorb the Scale of Virus’ Risk: NYT
Christ the Redeemer Statue Lit Up in Tribute to Health Care Workers Battling COVID-19
Hydroxychloroquine’s false hope: How an obscure drug became a coronavirus ‘cure’
With coronavirus victims dying alone, doctors and families share a common grief
Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden for president
Small Chloroquine Study Halted Over Risk of Fatal Heart Complications
Coronavirus in 52 African countries: 14,400+ cases, 788 deaths, 2,823 recoveries
France Coronavirus Deaths Near 15,000
‘We weren’t prepared’: Macron extends France’s lockdown till May 11
Six U.S. states to coordinate gradual reopening after coronavirus shutdown
Coronavirus: Indonesian village uses ‘ghosts’ for distancing patrols
White House denies Trump is firing Fauci
Cuomo says ‘worst is over’ as NY deaths cross 10,000
Coronavirus is 10 times deadlier than swine flu: WHO
WHO chief says confident U.S. funding will continue in COVID fight
Abortion clinics: Pandemic boosts demand, heightens stress
Second wave of locusts in east Africa said to be 20 times worse
Wyoming becomes final state to record first coronavirus death
Trump: It’s my decision when to reopen U.S. economy
U.S. coronavirus outbreak could peak this week, CDC director says
U.S. Supreme Court to hear Trump financial records cases by teleconference in May
Amazon to add 75,000 more jobs amid coronavirus pandemic
Putin: coronavirus situation in Russia not changing for better
South Korea set to ship coronavirus testing kits to U.S
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested negative for coronavirus after hospital release
UK death toll continues to slow as another 697 die from coronavirus
US sailor from coronavirus-stricken aircraft carrier dies
At least 19 dead, 800,000 without power as storms, tornadoes batter South
Trump shares tweet from supporter calling for Fauci to be fired

Trump on opening up the nation. “It is the decision of the president, and for many good reasons. With that being said, the administration and I are working closely with the governors, and this will continue. A decision by me, in conjunction with the governors and input from others, will be made shortly!” 
Under the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, state governments have power to police citizens and regulate public welfare.
“President Trump is flat-out wrong,” Michigan Rep. Justin Amash said on Twitter. “The president has no authority to ‘close down’ or ‘open up’ the states. He’s the one creating conflict and confusion. Put down the authoritarianism and read the constitution.”

Mike Huckabee on Fox “let congress take a look at what WHO did, what they did to conspire with China to cover up the virus.  This thing has shut the whole world economy down and somebody needs to be held accountable.”

Global Infected                 1,860,011                             1,912,923
Increase Infected            19,918                                   52,912

Global Dead                       114,983                 118,966
Increase Dead                   1,311                                   3,983

US Tested                           2,816,674                          2,935,006
Increase Tested                10,782                                118,332

US Infected                        557,590                 577,842
Increase Infected            7,574                                 20,252

US Dead                              22,109                               23,232
Increase Dead                   376                                     1,123

Maine infected                 633                                     698
Increase Infected            17                                        65
Maine Dead                      19                                       19
Increase Dead                  0                                         0

While I worked on this in isolation 3,983 of my fellow humans died, of those 1,123 were my fellow Americans.  Fortunately no Mainers died today.

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