Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Fourteen

Surviving C-19 Day Fourteen
April 14, 2020 6:30 AM
87 Days since first US infection.

Global Infected                 1,912,923                                             1,930,780
Increase Infected            52,912                                                  17,857  

Global Dead                      118,966                                 120,449
Increase Dead                   3,983                                                    1,483

US Tested                           2,935,006                                             2,964,726
Increase Tested                118,332                                 29,720

US Infected                       577,842                                 582,594
Increase Infected            20,252                                                4,807

US Dead                            23,232                                                23,649
Increase Dead                 1,123                                                  417

Whilst I slept 1,483 of my fellow humans died, of those 417 were my fellow Americans.

This morning CNN and MSNBC are both talking about Trumps claims of “Total authority” and how that violates the constitution, Fox is talking about attacks in Iraq, the Twisters down south, Biden’s primary win, and inspiring stories of noble landlords forgiving rent, then on to the Chef talking about how to save your business under C-19.

Morning Legacy Headlines
UK could see another 2,000,000 unemployed and 35% fall in GDP
Spain’s Coronavirus Death Toll Tops 18,000, Say Officials
‘Not a king’: Trump gets pushback for total authority claim
How did coronavirus start and where did it come from? Was it really Wuhan’s animal market?
Coronavirus: Mum gives birth while in medically induced coma to save her from COVID-19
UK coronavirus death figures 15% higher than previously reported
Forest fire around defunct Chernobyl nuclear plant put out, Ukraine government says
Scientists Have Reported The First Case Of The Coronavirus Spreading From A Dead Body
Trump claims ‘total authority’ and attacks media in chaotic coronavirus briefing
North Korea fires multiple suspected cruise missiles in ‘larger scale’ military drill
Growth in surveillance may be hard to scale back after pandemic, experts say
Taiwan reports no new coronavirus cases for first time in a month
Iran says death toll drop below 100 for first time in a month
JPMorgan profit plunges on coronavirus loan provisions
Toyota plans limited operations in France, Poland from April 22
India extends world’s biggest coronavirus lockdown till May 3
Virus becomes latest battle between Iran, US amid tensions
McDonald’s apologized after a restaurant in Guangzhou, China, refused to service black customers
COVID-19 lockdown stalls Notre-Dame’s rebirth one year after fire
World’s biggest water fight cancelled as Thailand combats coronavirus
South Korea votes in first national election of coronavirus era
Global coronavirus cases top two million, doubling in under two weeks
Virus closes some meat plants, raising fears of shortages
Austria set to ease coronavirus lockdown with reopening of shops
U.N. agencies: 117 million children may miss measles shots due to COVID-19
FIFA VP : International games could be off until 2021
Officials want delay in nation’s head count due to virus
Joe Biden Wins 2020 Wisconsin Democratic Primary

A lot of the coverage in news is about the conflict between the Trump administration wanting to open up the nation and the science of virus.  All of this is talking about bell curves, how high is the bell curve (number of infected) and how wide is the bell curve (Time of bloom) of the infection spread.  In a Mitigation strategy social distancing, testing, and infection tracing are used to lower the height of the bell curve while increasing its width.  The width is the time involved, thousands of infections over a period of months or hundreds of thousands of infections in a period of weeks. 

The science argues stay in place following strict mitigation until we have the tests to determine if 50% has already been infected, and that is under the huge assumption that once infected your resistant.   At that juncture we could open with safeguards like masks, and caution with as much distancing as possible.  Those with antibodies, if we are resistant after infection, would be able to be employed rapidly.

Problems with opening on May 1 is we will not have the tests done, we have 2 million people tested out of 328 million, 2/328ths is not an adequate group to determine where the bug is.  The battle has barely begun, and will run from now till we get a vaccine, I expect three years.  Anything less is hopeful thinking, but not likely.  The groundbreaking efforts and increased use of AI make 12 -18 months possible, but not likely.  

If States follow Trumps idea and “open up”, those individuals who do so, do so at their peril and their family’s peril.  If we do so too soon without proper safeguards we will lift the bell curve and decrease its width; increasing strain on hospitals and creating collateral damage when another bloom happens; trading time in quarantine for lives.  In the end individuals will decide what is safe for their families, and edicts won’t change those calculations much.

Hunger will, so will lack of housing.  Hunger is the required component for any revolution to take root.  As long as the bread and circuses are adequate the populace at large wont revolt but parts of it will protest.  In my mind this is why they ended the draft after Nam.  The draft unifies the populace because under the draft all of us are expected to pay our dues in blood at any time.  That makes it something which affects everyone, like C-19 and the extinction event.  

If the majority gets pissed off in a democracy you get the sixties, half the population ready to revolt.  In the sixties we were not hungry, we were tired of burying our children.  Thus those in power don’t want a draft, because that will unite the population and they(Those in positions of power) retain power by keeping the population at odds with each other.  C-19 is having a similar effect spotlighting the split in the nation between the owners/employers and the poor/working class.  I think this is why Trump is so wound up to get the nation open because if his base outside the donor class gets hungry, he might have a problem, and it is personally costing him money.

I doubt the folks in power will think of this, but I did and think it has merit.  We are prepping for the census.  If we send nurses to every home with the census, we can test for C-19 via anti bodies or swabs.  We have a public nursing system which we could beef up and use alongside the census.  Such testing, house to house, nationwide, would go a long way in reducing our ignorance of the bug, where it is, and where it’s been.  The only people tested now are rich and famous or people in the ER with severe symptoms.

Legacy Media headlines
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announces increased production of coronavirus test kits
All but 8 states have issued a stay-at-home order to combat COVID-19
Series of tornadoes strike 8 states in the South
Fauci tries to clarify his answer to a ‘hypothetical question’ about ‘saved lives’
A Tale of Two Countries: Sweden, Germany take different COVID-19 approaches
Wisconsin senator speaks on food waste concerns
Farmers throw out milk, produce as schools, restaurants remain shut down
Inmates at prisons and jails face growing virus threat
More than 10,000 New Yorkers have been killed by COVID-19
Fight against COVID-19, Trump and Fauci tensions, severe weather in East Coast
Contracting COVID-19 may not confer immunity: WHO
Getting protective gear is like ‘the wild west’: Rep. Slotkin
Trump meets with recovered COVID-19 patients
New York Governor Cuomo speaks to press
Lindsey Graham shreds ‘the effort to destroy Trump’
Why are some fully-recovered COVID-19 patients getting it again?
Jordan: Dems ‘never miss an opportunity to advance crazy left-wing agenda’
Governor Abbott teases re-opening his state’s economy
Napolitano slams leaders: We’re witnessing slow death of civil liberties
Pence on how every American can do their part to flatten the curve
Trump unloads on press in response to Fauci tweet, media coverage
French teachers not happy about returning to school
Covid-19 & Africa: Macron’s call for debt relief
Covid-19: “All about mass testing” whether Macron can meet May 11th deconfinement date – Viv Walt
Covid-19 lockdown in France: Keeping schools shut punishes the poor – Fabienne Keller
Scare tactics: Indonesian town deploys ‘ghosts’ to battle coronavirus
India extends lockdown till early May, but mulls possible exemptions
Analysis of Macron’s lockdown speech
Harbinger for Latin America, Ecuador’s hospital feel strain of coronavirus
India’s PM Modi extends lockdown till May 3
Adapting to uncertainty: How France is dealing with confinement
Fans can wash their hands’: Burundi’s football league carries on, untroubled by coronavirus
From joggers to podcasters, confinement hits home in Paris and beyond
Covid-19 lockdown in France: Keeping schools shut punishes the poor – Fabienne Keller
US Eager To Leave Lockdown Finds Trump Failed On Month-Old Promises
Trump Admin Still Stealing PPE Supplies Puts States On Guard
Klain: If Trump Wants Americans To Return To Their Jobs, He Needs To Do His
New York Deaths Top 10,000, But Curve Flattening
COVID-19 Patient Leaves California Hospital After Spending Nearly A Month In ICU
As Unemployment Grows, Americans Struggle To Get Food On The Table
CT Gov: States Should ‘Take The Lead’ On Reopening
Trump Responds To Report He Ignored Early Warnings About Pandemic
‘Events Revealed Weaknesses’: Macron Admits France Was Unprepared For COVID-19
Cannabis industry experiencing many highs and lows as coronavirus shutdown continues
Inside the fabulous London home of comedian Ken Cheng | Quarantine Cribs
Inside a New York ER where the hallways are filled with covid-19 patients
Volunteers fight a mental health crisis amid the coronavirus outbreak
Liberal judge ousts Trump’s pick on Wis. Court
AP journalists survey NYC by motorcycle
NYC Mayor: May-June we hope to ease restrictions
Fauci: Virus determines when US can safely reopen
IMF: Global economy worst year since Depression
Trump claims ‘total’ authority to reopen economy
Risk of home injuries rises during pandemic
Medical workers offer care, comfort and connection
Trump: No rift with Fauci over virus response
Trump: ‘Nobody acknowledges’ virus fight success
Homes destroyed as deadly storms strike Georgia
Sunak: UK ‘not choosing’ between health and wealth
Is India underreporting the coronavirus outbreak?
Coronavirus: New York state’s death toll passed 10,000
Trump battles with governors over reopening the economy
Senator Mike Braun discusses next phase of relief for coronavirus crisis
Governor Cuomo: “This is no time for politics” over coronavirus
Coronavirus relief funding stalls in the Senate
Stay-at-home orders are dangerous for domestic violence victims
Trump questioned on coronavirus response
Police seen removing man from Philadelphia bus for not wearing a mask
Doctor explains how coronavirus may affect the heart

I’m tired today and not staying up to get the closing numbers, I will get them in the morning.  I normally grab the numbers before bed, but I am exhausted today, so I am skipping that.  It is a certainty that far too many people died today while I isolated and documented this barrage of news, in order to attempt to find the actual news and document this car wreck for posterity.

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