Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Sixteen

Surviving C-19 Day Sixteen
April 16, 2020 6 AM
89 Days since first US infection.

Global Infected               1,996,681        2,076,015                                                   
Increase Infected           65,901              79,334

Global Dead                   127,590            138,008         
Increase Dead                7,141                10,418

US Tested                       3,120,381         3,261,611
Increase Tested             155,655            141,320

US Infected                   609,685              639,664
Increase Infected         27,091                29,959

US Dead                        26,059                30,985
Increase Dead              2,410                  4,926

While I slept 10, 418 more people died, of those 4,926 were my fellow Americans.

“Yes the president needs to be restrained but Congress needs to grow the hell up.”–Drezner

141 S. Korean patients test positive after testing negative.  That is a problem. Was the test defective making either a false positive or false negative?  We should develop some immunity but that is not guaranteed, just common, and the levels of immunity for infection, over time, will reduce to near zero making re-infection possible.  That is what happens with the common cold, a sister to corona 19.  If C-19 is a lethal cold virus, then we will have it forever and the foreseeable future looks like Fallout 76, minus the mutants.  A world of masks and gloves, disconnected from each other, at least in periods of outbreak, for a couple of years at least.

Our POTUS does not seem to realize that in a crisis a leader needs to lead.  In a crisis the population does not want to hear what you did today, what you did last week or three months ago, they want to hear what you’re doing tomorrow.  The population wants to know where we are going, how we are going to get there, and how do we address the dangers of the journey.  After that they want reassurances that they can do it.  A population does not need a POTUS endlessly claiming everything they did right while they are sick and dying.   Suffering the costs in blood of the administrations denial syndrome.

Blaming and defunding the WHO in a global pandemic is “cutting off your nose to spite your face”, a phrase my depression era mother was fond of.  There will always be failures in the response to a viral outbreak because of human psychology, the fact that Trump’s psychology made him particularly vulnerable to magical thinking and denial is a cost we all pay, and a responsibility which Trump refuses to accept.  Trump seems unable to admit he did anything wrong, ever.  He creates and repeats a narrative forever, but you cannot change facts.  “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”–John Adams

Morning legacy headlines
Daily coronavirus death rate in Spain rises slightly once more, to 551
World will face a mental health crisis after coronavirus pandemic, experts warn
China coronavirus whistleblowers remain missing since exposing true scale of COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan
Around 3 percent of Dutch population have developed coronavirus antibodies
UK to keep some social distancing until vaccine available
Coronavirus: Georgia suspends anti-mask law targeting Ku Klux Klan during pandemic
Two dozen Rohingya die of starvation on drifting boat; 382 rescued
Coronavirus: Veteran, 99, raises £12m for NHS as he completes garden challenge
Elizabeth Warren says she would accept being Joe Biden’s running mate
Russia to accept US offer of ventilators, should such need arise — Kremlin
Greeks prepare for muted Easter under extra lockdown measures – Cyprus Mail
Iran’s coronavirus death toll rises by 92 to 4,869
Germany suffers highest coronavirus death toll for second day in a row but Merkel announces end to lockdown
Coronavirus death toll in US surpasses 30,000
Residents at Co Laois centre to have medical reviews
South Korea’s ruling party wins in landslide amid outbreak
US Space Command Denounces Russian ‘Hostile’ Anti-Satellite Weapon Test
Donald Trump says US has ‘passed the peak’ of coronavirus crisis
US Claims 11 Iranian Vessels Made ‘Dangerous Approaches’ of Ships in Persian Gulf
Pandemic to bring Asia’s 2020 growth to halt for 1st time in 60 years: IMF
Oil bounces back as rising stockpiles seen pointing to lower output amid coronavirus
Trump says U.S. investigating whether virus came from Wuhan lab
China reports 46 new coronavirus cases in mainland
Trump threatens to adjourn Congress to get his nominees through
Israel: Leading parties fail to form government before deadline
Wuhan’s so-called wet markets are back in business
US concerned China may be secretly conducting nuclear tests

We find ourselves in these days in a world of hypothesis.  Hypothesis about anything and everything from the Kennedy assassination to the moon landings to the shape of the planet itself.  We are a culture looking for a Dr. No to blame. In past generations that scapegoat was the Devil, in this less dogmatically religious society many of us still seek to assign blame to the random events of nature.  Trump is blaming the WHO and the Chinese, implying C-19 is a bio-weapon, when even if it was no one could ever prove it.  China has suffered and will suffer from it alongside all humans.

These hypothesis are often groundless and lacking any actual evidence but they do serve a psychological function; “The Temptation of Meaning”, and a social function in power circles, blame the other guy.  Hypothesis pushed by people in power through media amplification becomes a whip of digital propaganda; this digital whip can be cracked upon whomever is convenient both to provide meaning to an event not well understood and curry favor with one’s base; or to place blame and deny any personal responsibility. 

The most effective of these whips become memes like ‘Lock Her Up’, a phrase which produces in Trumps supporters an iconic reaction.  Asked individually the supporters are each convinced that HRC is guilty of a panoply of crimes, most of which are pure hypothesis with no evidence in fact.  In their minds there is a laundry list, from lots of places they cannot recall, about all the things HRC is guilty of.  They are by and large a product of a strict diet of FOX news and conservative talk radio. 

On the other side we have MSNBC, which points out the garishness misogynist and false nature of the claims but fails to adequately explain what HRC did wrong at all.  MSNBC will talk about how the investigation showed no wrongdoing, but that she had acted in a less than adequate fashion with security.  As a result the audience of MSNBC gets fed a diet which makes HRC look perfect, rather than admit she too is human and had an error in judgement.  Both networks seem to make their platforms a pedestal upon which to perch either a GOP view point or a Dem view point, makes me wonder what the American viewpoint is.

Fox this morning seems to be all over the idea that China either let the bug out of a lab on purpose, or inadvertently let it escape and tried to cover it up.  I expected that sooner or later we would be here, pretty sure I mentioned it previously.  The reality is even if that was the truth, there is no way to ever prove it beyond a reasonable doubt and pushing the point with China right now is not really advisable.  If the GOP starts blaming China, China can respond by refusing to do business with us, at which point we have another medical crisis; who do you think makes all the drugs for us?

I think Trump and/or the GOP which support him think that blaming China will take the heat off them politically, which means they are not thinking Geo-politically as well.  That is again, not advisable.  Trump wants to “re-open” now, and thinks if he dictates to states, and states dictate to employers and employers dictate to Americans that Americans will just line up, like everything’s fine and there is nothing to see here.  Hate to tell ya, but that is not America.  Americans will do whatever they have to do to survive, like rats on a sinking ship if need be. 

If you tell them ‘Go to work” and they think it’s life threatening to do so, they will insist on lots of things, testing, PPE, and more money, as their occupations were not life threatening before.  Many people will be fiscally trapped, having to go to work under less safe or unsafe viral conditions, because they need food and rent. Should those same people fear they will kill their family members by doing so, those calculations will shift.

So to the other side of that equation.  IE you don’t need to make new cars if no one buys new cars because they fear no work tomorrow, same thing with, TV’s Cell Phones and so on.  Our entire economic structure is built on consumption, mostly of unnecessary goods.  If people stop spending the wheel stops spinning.   TP is consumable, as is food; if consumables become unavailable then society as we know it will shudder, if that consumable is food or water then all bets are off how Americans from place to place might act.  History tells us that, hunger is always a needed drive for an actual revolution, though lacking a true revolutionary leader it results in utter chaos.

So this new world of hypothesis is now spouting from our highest office that China may be to blame, I think that’s a dangerous road. 

Evening legacy headlines
Protestors Swarm Michigan Capitol Over Stay-At-Home Order
Health Experts Answer Your Coronavirus Questions
Why America’s Mayors Are Critical During Coronavirus
Gov. Cuomo Extends ‘New York On Pause’ Through May 15
Dr. Jill Biden Stresses Need For Focusing On Mental Health
What Will Be Seattle’s New Normal After The Coronavirus Outbreak?
Congresswoman Stresses Need To Protect Abuse Victims During Virus
Analysis: 5 Million More People File For Unemployment, 22 Million Total
Joe Biden: We Are Going To Get Through This
Biden: Trump Presenting A ‘False Choice’ Between Health And Economy
Paycheck Protection Program Set To Run Out Of Funding
Trump’s Remarks From Downplaying To Blame Shifting
Life Inside Germany As National Lockdown Is Extended
Unsung Hero Of The pandemic: A Day In The Life Of A Firefighter Amid The COVID-19 Crisis
7 Crew Members Of USNS Mercy Test Positive For Coronavirus
States Hard Hit By COVID-19 Shortchanged In Federal Hospital Aid
Joe Biden: People Are Frightened And Looking For Leadership
Tilman Fertitta Says Government Should Get COVID-19 Loans Out Fast & ‘Audit Us Later’
Expectant Doctors Navigate Pregnancy Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic
Study Finds Startling Number Of Pregnant Women Test Positive For Coronavirus
Warren: Testing, Equipment Two Biggest Failures Of COVID-19 Response
Rate Of US COVID-19 Testing Stalls Despite Trump Calls To End Stay-At-Home
Michigan Health Care Worker Blasts ‘Idiots’ Protesting Stay-Home Order
Government’s small business loan program is out of money
Top 10 women Biden may choose for VP
22 million Americans file for unemployment benefits in just 4 weeks
Trump threatens to invoke never-used authority
Chris Cuomo announces his wife, Cristina, diagnosed with coronavirus
See residents protest quarantine guidance in Michigan
Large gatherings unlikely until 2021 in America’s 2 largest cities, mayors say
Pelosi reacts to Trump’s name appearing on stimulus checks
Nurses set up GoFundMe to launder scrubs
Hospitals and labs continue to face coronavirus test shortages and backlogs
WWII veteran raises staggering sum for Britain’s battered health workers
About 22 million Americans filed for unemployment in 4 weeks
How coronavirus contact tracing technology might work
Cuomo responds to Trump’s suggestion that NYC inflated coronavirus death toll
Governor Cuomo extends New York’s coronavirus shutdown to May 15
Poaching surges across Africa as countries lose tourism money amid coronavirus
European countries starts to ease some coronavirus restrictions
Syrian refugees face new risk as coronavirus crisis escalates
Trump suggests reopening U.S. economy despite social distancing guidelines
Coronavirus: UK lockdown extended for ‘at least’ three weeks
Coronavirus: The unexpected items deemed ‘essential’
Coronavirus: False claims by politicians debunked
Coronavirus: Should I wear a mask to stop the virus?
Coronavirus in Egypt: ‘The supervising doctor has tested positive’
Coronavirus: EU seeks ‘gradual approach’ to lifting of lockdown
Trump: US will halt funding to WHO
Trucker hauls supplies 2,800 miles amid outbreak
Social distancing at Indiana officer’s funeral
Bodies overwhelm New Jersey nursing home
Army: Over 900 soldiers test positive for virus
Praising truckers, Trump readies reopening plan
Isolated virus patients die alone, but not abandoned
Home restrictions in NY extended through May 15
Demand jumps for robot deliveries during pandemic
UK government extends lockdown for 3 more weeks
Virus provokes spike in demand for food pantries
Italian doctor fights coronavirus to save lives
NY Transit asking for $3.9B more in virus funds
Protesters clog Michigan Capitol to protest lockdown
The cost of the pandemic for America’s farmers
New York health-care workers rally for protective gear
A childcare center open for essential workers struggles to survive
John Hope Bryant On Importance Of Financial Literacy For Minority Business Owners
Rosy Outlook From Trump On Coronavirus Pandemic’s Deadliest Day In U.S
The smart politics behind Macron’s G20 debt relief gesture for poorest countries
World Bank President fears ‘deepest recession since Great Depression’
Hospitals crowded and ill-equipped, Pakistani doctors fear coronavirus influx
Foreign students in France risk being locked out of rent exemption package
Covid-19: Africans getting over aversion to face masks
A survival guide to the stress of confinement
Wuhan’s wet markets re-open, but customers remain wary
Israeli president asks parliament to break deadlock
North Korea: Coronavirus free?
US retail slumps to all-time low as consumers stay home
Sailors remain hospitalized after mass outbreak linked to French aircraft carrier
Will the pandemic up-end European and international relationships?
Covid-19 and Africa: What response?
Covid-19: G20 debt freeze for Africa “the smallest of baby steps” – Patrick Smith
Mozambique: How to fight Covid-19 while fighting an insurgency
Trump talks to governors about reopening US economy
Huckabee: Trump ‘would be very wise’ to allow governors to reopen states
If we don’t take our freedoms back they may not come back: Napolitano
New York Governor Cuomo explains new mask requirement
Ingraham: Government can’t eliminate all health risks associated with COVID-19
Michigan governor dismisses massive protest as a ‘political stunt’
Hannity: Nancy Pelosi is the reason Americans hate career politicians
Sen. Cotton makes bold prediction about the future of manufacturing
NJ governor ignores Bill of Rights in exclusive Tucker interview
Cruz: Communist China has been the biggest geo-political threat US faces
Protesters rally against stay-at-home orders
David Muir Exclusive with Bill and Melinda Gates on Coronavirus
Nation’s food supply chain facing challenges
President Trump threatening to bypass Congress
Wuhan citizens try to recover normalcy in the wake of COVID-19 crisis
Bill and Melinda Gates join global fight against COVID-19
Nursing homes on front lines of pandemic
Oregon governor discusses economy
DACA workers on the health care front lines
Critical surgeries put on hold due to COVID-19
Creativity in quarantine: The genius inventions sparked by a pandemic

Maine made national headlines too when the Androscoggin mill exploded.
“Watch: Massive Explosion At Paper Mill In Maine”

Maine infected            796
Increase Infected        26

Maine Dead                27
Increase Dead            3

Today I sat in isolation eating pizza while three of my fellow Mainers died, and 26 more were diagnosed with C-19.

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