Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Seventeen

Surviving C-19 Day Seventeen
April 17, 2020 6 AM
90 Days since first US infection.

Global Infected             2,076,015          2,167,955                                                   
Increase Infected         79,334                91,940

Global Dead                 138,008               146,055
Increase Dead             10,418                 8,047

US Infected                  639,664              671,948
Increase Infected       29,959                 32,284

US Dead                       30,985                33,286
Increase Dead             4,926                  2,301

US Tested                    3,261,611          3,420,394
US Population            328,200,000      328,200,000

Increase Tested          141,320            158,783

 Morning Legacy Headlines

France coronavirus death toll up again but more positive signs
Chilean author Luis Sepulveda dies from Covid-19 in northern Spain
TikTok bans under-16s from private messaging
Prince William opens new UK emergency COVID-19 hospital
Italy’s coronavirus death toll rises by 525, new cases push higher
New York extends coronavirus shutdown to May 15
Coronavirus: UK lockdown extended for at least three more weeks
‘Pizza groundhog’ enjoys a slice outside home under coronavirus lockdown
Police Find 17 Bodies In New Jersey Nursing Home Struck By Coronavirus
Michael Che to pay rent for 160 apartments in honour of grandmother who died of COVID-19
Small business loan program out of money amid impasse over new funds
Facebook to notify users who have engaged with harmful COVID-19 posts
Japan’s Abe expands state of emergency nationwide to halt virus spread
UK coronavirus death toll soars past 13,000 after 870 more fatalities
China May Be Hit by Second Wave of Coronavirus in November
EU apologises to Italy for lack of help in coronavirus crisis
Another 5.2M Americans file for unemployment benefits as layoffs continue
China coronavirus whistleblowers remain missing since exposing true scale of COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan
Each virus-hit person infecting fewer than one other in Germany: Data
G7 backing for WHO leaves Trump isolated at virtual summit
Covid-19 patients recovering quickly after getting experimental drug
Iran parades medical gear, not missiles, for Army Day amid outbreak
Kim Jong-un’s absence from ‘Day of the Sun’ celebrations sparks coronavirus speculation
Spain virus death count ‘may be thousands short’
Coronavirus: China’s Wuhan city revises up death toll by 1,290 – a 50% increase
Pro-Trump protesters push back on stay-at-home orders
Trump’s attacks on the press ‘dangerously undermined truth and consensus’
UN report: Pandemic turning into a ‘child-rights crisis’
China suffers worst economic drop since ’70s in virus battle
Swedish princess joins hospital staff during coronavirus outbreak
A look at new guidance to states on the coronavirus
Australia may keep coronavirus restrictions for a year, schools may work on roster
U.K. Paid $20 Million for New Coronavirus Tests. They Didn’t Work.
U.S. Condemns Segregating Coronavirus Patients by Religion in India
Trump unveils three-phase plan for states to reopen amid coronavirus pandemic
Guatemala official: 44 deportees tested positive for virus
Merkel’s conservatives make big poll gains in midst of coronavirus crisis
Coronavirus: UK cannot go back to ‘business as usual’ with China after pandemic, Raab warns
Uber to take charge of up to $2.2 billion due to coronavirus crisis
Putin postpones World War II victory parade due to virus
Trump Tells Governors They Can Choose to Reopen Before May 1
Coronavirus: Security forces kill more Nigerians than Covid-19
Coronavirus: Australian mayor seen drinking beer fined for rule breach
Brazilian President Fires Health Minister Who Refused To Downplay Pandemic
Trudeau: US border won’t reopen soon to nonessential travel
Climate change: US mega drought ‘already under way’
White House says G7 leaders call for ‘thorough review and reform’ at WHO
New wildfires in area round Ukraine’s Chernobyl plant

MSNBC’s focus is again on Trumps claim and retraction of his claims to ‘Total” authority and a new bloom of over 600 cases in a South Dakota in a meat packing plant.  Fox touts Presidents guidelines on re-opening with the surgeon general advocating for Trumps guidelines.  CNN also talks about Trumps plans, asking, “Where’s the testing?” and “Where’s the specific details?”, both of which go unanswered.

I find my respect for those striving to get the story out has grown, not only for writer’s, reporters or pundits, but for all the lay people.  There is a psychological weight to this reality, a weight which our front line is buried in, and which all of us experience to some degree.  However I find that for myself, the act of going on the net and grabbing these headlines before they go into the cyber dump and are replaced by the next cycle is exhausting.  Seeing how it is unfolding worldwide and how various people and factions of society strive to spin it to advantage is disheartening.

As the election nears I find myself once again disappointed and depressed about the false dilema we find ourselves in.  A false dilemma is when you create or discover a situation or question which seems to have only two answers, “Coke or Pepsi”, pick one.  All other options are off the table.  This is what we are presented with each election cycle, pick one of the two.  Anyone running as a third party is derided by one or both sides as spoilers, if some of one side vote for that person, then the other side will win as they vote was split.  So few try and none have succeeded in my lifetime.

Here in Maine we corrected that, because that false dilemma forces citizens to vote for either Dem or Rep or risk losing the election to the side you do not like.  Here we instituted ‘Rank Choice Voting’, by which each citizen picks all the candidates, in their order of preference.  When counting the bottom candidate is eliminated, and anyone who chose that candidate first has their second option counted in the second count.  This lets people vote for Independents, Greens, Libertarians, or whoever runs, without fear of their vote ‘being wasted’.  It is more accurate as to the wishes of the people and gives outsiders a chance to run without fear of mucking up the election themselves.  GOP hated it and still does hate it.  I think we need ranked choice nationwide.

Afternoon Legacy Headlines

Cuomo responds to Trump’s criticisms
Pandemic sparks labor crisis
Protests forming over lockdown rules
Michigan governor responds to unemployment from coronavirus amid protests
Former employee at pork plant shut down due to COVID-19 talks about why she quit
Foodservice workers protest over workplace safety, compensation amid COVID-19 crisis
Americans continue to struggle financially as US faces record unemployment
Hospital workers claim they faced retaliation
Communities across America lack access to clean water amid COVID-19 crisis
Small Business Loan program running out of money for small businesses
Michigan sheriff pushes back against state’s stay-at-home orders
Is reopening the economy a threat to public health?
New York Governor Cuomo holds daily press briefing
Republican leaders call for head of WHO to resign
Ingraham: The China threat deniers
Dr. Phil’s grim warning about mental health risks amid coronavirus
Sen. Graham labels China the ‘largest State Sponsor of Pandemics’
Jeff Sessions calls for suspension of employment-based immigration
Tucker: If there’s one thing Gov. Whitmer doesn’t like, it’s civil disobedience
Sen. Rubio compares China’s handling of coronavirus to Chernobyl
Could Africa become the next disease epicenter?
War-torn Libya’s unity government declares virus lockdown
Will we ever hug again? Expert says changing behavior is as important as testing
Unprecedented US unemployment nudges 15%
French factories race to produce testing kits by May 11
China revises Wuhan’s Covid-19 death toll with 50% rise, but denies cover-up
Trump plans to lift US lockdown in three phases, leaving timelines up to state governors
Anger, and testing, after Covid outbreak onboard French aircraft carrier
US flags three-phase approach to re-opening business
German disease expert cautions against lifting lockdown early
Brazil’s president ‘sacks’ health minister after Covid response clash
Special programme: Covid-19 exposes glaring inequality in US
Covid-19: Scapegoating & soul searching
Covid-19 crisis “changes the nature of human society” – Christopher Dickey on Emmanuel Macron
Animals Roam Areas Left Empty As Humans Remain On Lockdown
Redlener: Those Downplaying Coronavirus Are Disconnected From Reality
Coronavirus Testing Lags Behind Trump’s Promises
Roadmap To Reopening America |
Trump’s Desperate Plan To Reopen The Economy
Gov. Phil Murphy Announces Foreign-Licensed Physicians May Volunteer In New Jersey
Chef José Andrés: ‘Think Out Of The Box’ To Make Sure Food Supply Will Not Be A Problem
Watch: Cuomo Slams Trump After Critical Tweets On Coronavirus Response
Sen. Schumer Calls For Nationalized Testing, Boosting Small Business
NASA Astronauts Return To A World Transformed By Coronavirus
Prince William Emphasizes Protecting Mental Health During Coronavirus Pandemic
Wealthy Business Owners Find Ways To Benefit From PPP
The Gap Between Trump’s Remarks On Economy And What’s In Plan
White House Unveils Plans For States To Reopen
Into Life and Loss In A Pandemic
Star-Crossed Neighbors Find Love In The Coronavirus Pandemic
Concerns Of COVID-19 Resurgence Exacerbated By Pro-Trump Political Rally
Spring snow falls on Chicago
Ex-Trump lawyer Cohen to be released from prison
Unemployed talk about struggles amid pandemic
Va Gov.: Fighting virus no time for twitter war
Cuomo: Trump, ‘get to work’ help NY with tests
Protest grows amid Minnesota ‘stay-at-home’ order
Soldiers make face masks to fight pandemic
DC convention center to get 500 COVID beds
Zoos in virus shutdown: No guests, animals to feed
NYC to open testing sites in hard-hit communities
Eurovision venue turned into Covid-19 hospital
Coronavirus: China outbreak city Wuhan raises death toll by 50%
Coronavirus: Royals praise ‘stoicism’ of NHS workers
Coronavirus: Is there any evidence for lab release theory?
How to grocery shop safely during the coronavirus pandemic
Health experts raise concerns as U.S. prepares to start reopening
Governor Cuomo: “Don’t pass the buck” to states on coronavirus response
China raises Wuhan virus death toll 50%
Watch live: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gives coronavirus update
Navajo Nation battles to contain coronavirus
Unlikely company to manufacture 100,000 face shields for rural health care facilities
Coronavirus outbreak threatens U.S. prison system
Trump criticizes China for their coronavirus response. Here’s what we know
Dr. Fauci corrects Fox News host on live TV
How this 99-year-old war vet raised millions to help fight coronavirus
US investigates possibility Covid-19 originated in Chinese lab
Chris Cuomo: I still can’t be with my wife
How Facebook is combating spread of Covid-19 misinformation
How Anderson Cooper gave himself a bald spot
Is it safe to reopen states? Virus expert responds.
White House reveals three-phase reopening plan
See Trump’s total reversal on his own authority
Dr. Gupta reacts to Dr. Oz citing new data on Fox News
Doctor working on coronavirus vaccine gives update on development
A healthy 29-year-old nearly died from coronavirus. Here’s his story.
How Dr. Oz and others mirror Trump’s coronavirus talking points on Fox News

Maine infected           796                 827
Increase Infected       26                   31

Maine Dead                27                    29
Increase Dead            3                      2

While I isolated, gamed, wrote and entertained myself two of my fellow Mainers died.

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