Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Twenty

Surviving C-19 Day Twenty

92 days since first infection in the USA.

Global Infected             2,341,066                 2,415,370                                                            
Increase Infected         82,140                      74,304

Global Dead                 161,324                       165,903
Increase Dead             3,638                           4,579

US Infected                  735,287                       759,786                
Increase Infected        28,508                       24,499  

US Dead                        39,090                          40,683
Increase Dead              2,011                          1,593

US Tested                     3,723,634                   3,882,002
US Population             328,200,000               328,200,000
Increase Tested          149,242                      158,368

While I slept 4,579 more of my fellow humans died, 1,593 of them my fellow Americans.  The numbers look better today, there is a downward trend of lesser increases but we cannot know where it will level off and how long it will hold at any given level.  A downward trend of lesser increases is like a rear naked choke, if you have an opponent in a rear naked choke, you do not let up pressure, you keep it on even if they are bouncing you off walls because to let go is to lose and to hold on is victory.  You keep that pressure on.  Trump’s GOP seems to think since the opponent seems to be sagging we can let go, that is an error.  Testing is horrible, 3.8 M out of 328.2 M 3/328 is not enough, we need 150 out of 328, 150M/328M.

4-20-2020, a day awaited by stoners the globe over for decades is tainted by C-19, as no groups will form to pass joints and sing songs and pretend the hippies are not an Icon from the past.

Morning Legacy Headlines

Reports suggest many have had coronavirus with no symptoms
Potentially habitable Earth-like planet found hidden in old satellite data
Kangaroo hops through empty downtown Adelaide
Sydney beaches re-open to ease mental strain
More than 100 arrested over India lynching
Iran opens up as economic woes trump virus infection fears
New Zealand to start winding down coronavirus restrictions
Disney to stop paying 100k employees as cost-saving measure
Australia to make Google and Facebook pay for news content
Indonesia reports 185 new coronavirus cases, total 6,760
Austria wants suspension of EU rules on state aid for coronavirus crisis
Trump says he will use Defense Production Act to increase swabs for testing
Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani in Self-isolation after Staff Test Positive for Covid-19
Gunman kills 16 in rampage, deadliest in Canadian history
Trump shows video of Cuomo praising government efforts: ‘They left out the good part’
Coronavirus: US faced with protests amid pressure to reopen
Mnuchin says it was his idea to put Trump’s name on stimulus checks
Biden wins mail-in Wyoming Democratic presidential caucus
North Korea’s foreign ministry denies letter sent to Trump
Maryland Republican Governor Says Trump and Pence Are Lying About Testing
Sri Lanka to ease coronavirus restrictions
Wuhan football team make emotional return to Covid-19 ground zero
100,000 gather for funeral in Bangladesh, defying lockdown and sparking outbreak fears
U.S. coronavirus death toll rises to 40,000
Bandits kill 47 in Katsina communities
Italy’s daily coronavirus death toll hits one-week low
French coronavirus deaths near 20,000, ICU numbers fall
Russia’s Coronavirus Cases Spike By Over 6,000 in 8th Consecutive One-Day Record
Trump’s message to ‘liberate’ states dangerous: Washington Gov. Jay Inslee
Canadian stage star Nick Cordero to lose leg in fight against COVID-19
‘We hear you, dad’: A daughter stays on the phone for hours and hours as her father dies alone from coronavirus
UN experts want to blacklist 14 ships over NKorea sanctions
Fire wrecks Greek migrant camp after Iraqi death sparks unrest
Coronavirus | Global death toll crosses 160,000
Another 596 dead as UK’s coronavirus death toll passes 16,000
Covid-19 deaths in UK care homes doubled in a week
Daily coronavirus deaths in Spain fall to 410, the lowest figure seen in a month
Early report shows C-19 virus can survive and reproduce at 140 F temperatures, we need better data to confirm this.

These protesters are acting like children.  I do not desire to see anyone’s civil disobedience restricted, but violating health codes in place to protect us all to do so is not ok.  If they had observed masks and distancing that would be one thing, but to not do so as a part of your protest is childish, either ignorant of the reality or in denial of the reality. 

Yes they have some legitimate issues, like work, food, shelter and so forth, but a lot of these people are complaining about not being able to get their hair cut, or to go out drinking and socializing.  To me it’s a lot of loudmouthed snowflakes.

My favorite headline today is “Video Shows Nurse Facing Down Colorado Protester Against Stay-At-Home Order” in which a single nurse blocked the protest traffic in front of the hospital during the shift change, he just stood in the cross walks, received a load of abuse from the protesters and stood stoically allowing the other health workers to cross back and forth for shift change.  The fact that he did that is both noble and necessary, the fact that he had to do that an illustration of the childishness of Trumps supporters.

Afternoon Legacy Headlines
Cuomo calls for hazard pay for frontline workers
Anger mounts around nation amid continued closures
New model predicts 9 states may see peak in April
Conway slams Congress for delaying relief aid: They need to be in DC working
Sarah Sanders on protests: Americans want out-of-touch politicians to pay attention
Gingrich: Some leaders believe they have god-like decision-making capacity
New York Governor Cuomo speaks to press
Steve Hilton: Left’s outrage mob in hysterics over Trump’s 10th Amendment comments
Steve Hilton: A turning point in the war against COVID-19
Bongino to Pelosi: Get out of your bubble, people need to feed their families
A coronavirus cure? Not so fast
Covid-19 pandemic: what progress on the vaccine front?
Covid-19 in the Middle East: aid workers warn of potential impact in conflict zones
COVID-19 Pandemic: Why are African-Americans more affected by the virus?
Leaving lockdown, Germany’s investment in health pays off
India: Stigmatizing those with Covid-19 will only help spread it
Oil prices plunge to two-decade low as Covid-19 lockdowns erode demand
Easter in Ukraine: Churches under fire for violating coronavirus lockdown
Researchers race to find vaccine, without shortcuts on safety
Baltimore: Why are African-Americans more affected by the virus?
Los Angeles: What money can buy in times of crisis
New York: Surviving the virus and the economic downturn
India under lockdown: What costs & benefits?
Lawmakers Work On Deal For More Small Business Coronavirus Relief Funds
Countries In Europe Look To Ease Coronavirus Restrictions
Cuomo Gives Parenting Advice: ‘You Can Never Say You Don’t Like The Boyfriend’
Poll: Majority Of Americans Disapprove Of Trump’s COVID-19 Response 52 dis, 44 app
Mayor de Blasio To Trump: ‘Are You Telling NYC To Drop Dead?’
Video Shows Nurse Facing Down Colorado Protester Against Stay-At-Home Order
WATCH: 16-Year-Old Coronavirus Patient Gets Emotional Send-Off From Hospital
Parents With Coronavirus Separated From Their Newborn Twins
The Most Affected Small Businesses Should Get Loans, Not Most Connected
Biden Campaign Out With New Ad On Trump’s Virus Response
Families Serve Together On Front Lines Against Coronavirus
NYC lawmakers see inequality in pandemic’s reach
NYC bar reinvents itself as a grocery store
Pence thanks FEMA employees for virus efforts
Cruise concludes journey after setting sail before pandemic
Police Disguised Man Kills 18 People in Canada
Cuomo says NY COVID-19 cases continue to drop
No high times for 4/20 pot holiday
Climate activists persist as Earth Day turns 50
Coronavirus: US faced with protests amid pressure to reopen
Germany eases coronavirus restrictions on shops
Coronavirus in Latin America: How bad could it get?
Fruit labourers: ‘If you don’t want to work like a slave, you’re out’
Hay fever or coronavirus: The symptoms compared
Coronavirus: “excess deaths” among ethnic minorities to be investigated
Joe Biden accuses President Trump of being too soft on China in coronavirus response
Trump and Senate Democrats clash over federal response to coronavirus
U.S. condemns arrest of pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong
Trump spars with governors over how to safely reopen the country
Trump and state governors at odds over testing needed to reopen economy
Managing mental health during coronavirus pandemic
Cuomo says New York hospitals and schools face 20% cut without federal aid
Millions could be at risk of losing their stimulus checks due to private debt
Pollution levels soar as wildfires scorch Chernobyl region
CBS News presses Trump on February response to coronavirus
Pence says White House will be calling all 50 governors to discuss testing
Pastor defends asking congregants to donate stimulus checks
Pro-Trump protesters appear to contradict what Trump said
Trump pressed to explain coronavirus briefing behavior
This doctor was questioned by the FBI while trying to buy masks. He says that’s a good thing.
Dana Bash calls out Trump’s treatment of female reporters
Brooke Baldwin on Covid-19 fight: My body gave me the middle finger
Former USAID Head Emphasizes The Need For A Global Coronavirus Response
Doctors Explain How Expansion In Testing & Tracing Remain Key To Reopening
Laid Off Healthcare Worker On Going From ‘Hero’ To ‘Unconsidered’
Harvard Report Details Steps To Pandemic Resilience
Frontline Releases New Documentary ‘Coronavirus Pandemic’
Shake Shack To Return $10 Million Government Loan For Small Businesses
Will President Donald Trump’s Skepticism Make It Harder To Leave Virus Crisis?
De Blasio: Trump Is Not Helping NYC Get Back On Its Feet
Florida’s Governor Reopens Parts Of The Coast
Coronavirus Batters Hard-Hit Navajo Nation
Head Of Laboratory In China Denies Coronavirus Originated There
Nurse Who Got Sick Treating COVID-19 Patients Returns To Donate Plasma
Michael Jordan Documentary ‘The Last Dance’ Debuts
As Coronavirus Cases Grow At Food Plants, Grocery Shopping Is Changing
‘It’s A Risk’ To Reopen Without Full Testing In Place, Says Former FDA Commissioner
White House Defends Smaller Role In Testing As Stay-At-Home Protests Erupt
In poverty stricken Mississippi delta, coronavirus fight has added challenges
Facing a medical emergency, nurses in Sierra Leone turn to Zoom
Anti-shutdown protests erupt across the U.S., as states remain closed for coronavirus

The curve does seem to be flatening (yea!), but that means a plateau and a slow decline after. Places which plateau should wait a couple of weeks, and then gradually, with forethought and planning, with lots and lots of testing, we reopen into the new C-19 day to day reality. If we move too soon we wind the clock back six or eight weeks and cause new blooms. I hope we show more wisdom than that.

Maine infected           867                               875
Increase Infected       20                               8

Maine Dead               34                                 35
Increase Dead           2                                   1

While I entertained myself in isolation another Mainer died from C-19

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