Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Twenty Two

Surviving C-19 Day 22
April 22, 2020 7 AM
94 Days since first US infection

Global Infected           2,492,963                   2,580,729                                                            
Increase Infected       77,593                      87,766

Global Dead               171,152                        178,371
Increase Dead           5,249                           7,219

US Infected               787,960                          825,306                
Increase Infected     28,174                          37,346 

US Dead                     42,364                            45,075
Increase Dead           1,681                           2,711

US Tested                  4,026,572                      4,163,464
US Population          328,200,000                  328,200,000

Increase Tested       144,570                         136,892

Since yestermorn another 7,219 people have died, of those 2,711 were my fellow Americans.  We are having a 9-11 level death event from C-19 every day, but the POTUS and his supporters think we are over the hump.  We may well re-bloom with this opening and again come winter flu season when it will become C-19 plus flu equals disaster, if we do not prepare for this contingency.  If we stick our heads in the sand and pretend it is all normal, many more will die.

I think we need to address privilege in this nation.  All my life Americans have lived with a sense of privilege, especially white Americans.  The racial divide and poverty divide in this nation are stark, and easily forgotten by those not in poverty and of a white background.  We have become fat, lazy, and soft compared to our forbearers.  Compared to the third world we obsess over new phones, not food on the table, until now.  These protesters are a perfect example, complaining about the inability to get a haircut or go out to eat, those are privileges not rights.  They are a privilege of living here in the western world, in many places getting dinner out is not a concern because getting dinner itself is a challenge.

The protesters remind me of my kids lamenting over some toy they cannot have right now, while they ride their new bike.  Get over yourselves, we will get back to the daily grind soon enough.  Your ‘right’ to a haircut does not outweigh another families ‘right’ to keep their grandma alive.

 I think that for the first time since WW2 all Americans, all at once, are coming to realize the world can reach out and bite us all.  For the first time since WW2 all Americans face a unified threat, but we are not all unified.  I hope when historians look back they will be able to point at these supporters of Trump and their protests in the same fashion we currently look at the American supporters of Hitler in the 30’s, an aberration, an outlier from where the rest of the nation stood.  I hope. 

Morning Legacy Headlines
New Zealand’s aim to be the first country to completely eliminate COVID-19 is working
California Finds New Coronavirus Deaths Weeks Earlier than First Reported in U.S.
As people stay home, Earth turns wilder and cleaner
Coronavirus death toll rises for second consecutive day in Spain, 435 dead in 24 hours
Gunman opens fire at random from balcony in Chatham, Kent
Coronavirus deaths in the UK could be 41,000 – more than double official total
First clinical trial of corona vaccine approved in Germany
Scientists discover micro-plastics in decade-old Antarctic ice core sample
Coronavirus pandemic ‘will cause famine of biblical proportions’
Tokyo ‘orphanage’ for babies reports 8 coronavirus cases
Coronavirus: people in their 60s at higher risk too, say scientists
Iran ‘launches military satellite into orbit’ amid tensions with US
Lebanon becomes first Arab country to legalize cannabis for medical use
Kim Jong-un: who would be his successor?
Coronavirus: Malaria drug pushed by Trump as COVID-19 cure has no benefit, research finds
What and who is behind the US anti-lockdown protests?
Holocaust memorial event ‘Zoom bombed’ with Hitler images
Big unknowns about virus complicate getting back to normal
US records more than 2,700 deaths from Covid-19 pandemic in last 24 hours
Spanish police arrest former British rapper turned Isis extremist
Greta Thunberg launches video calling for action on climate change
Trump agrees to help New York double coronavirus testing – governor
CDC chief says there could be second, possibly worse coronavirus outbreak this winter
Trump says immigration measure will be in effect for 60 days, will be evaluated afterward
Netflix adds 15 million subscribers, but warns about tough road ahead
Senate passes new $484 billion coronavirus rescue package
Armed group kills 52 in a Mozambique village: Police
Euthanasia consent not necessary at time of death for dementia patients, Dutch court rules
In a first, Missouri sues China over coronavirus economic losses
Cameroon admits soldiers took part in February killing of civilians
Trump hotel wants rent relief from Trump administration
Death toll from Canada mass shooting rises to 23
Texas lt. governor on reopening state: ‘There are more important things than living’
Violence flares in tense Paris suburbs as heavy-handed lockdown stirs ‘explosive cocktail’
U.N. experts ‘shocked’ as Iran executes young offender
United Auto Workers union to endorse Biden for president
Global coronavirus cases pass 2.5 million as U.S. tally nears 800,000
Iran has boosted range of naval missiles to 700 km
Italy’s daily coronavirus death toll climbs, new cases also up
New York governor says to ‘tell the truth’ in meeting with Trump, focus on testing
UK to trial potential coronavirus vaccine on people this week
Coronavirus: Before and after – How lockdown has changed smog-filled skylines
Doctors: Execution drugs could help COVID-19 patients
The coronavirus dilemma: Are we using ventilators too much?
Parents name baby ‘Sanitiser’ in midst of coronavirus lockdown
Senate Intel report confirms Russia aimed to help Trump in 2016

Timeline shift, testing shows that in Santa Clara shows two deaths on February 6 and 17, before Seattle.  Trumps partial travel ban was both weak and weeks too late.  This is very significant.  If the tests are correct then 2 elderly people died on February 6th, and 17th, neither of whom had traveled to China.  That means it had to be from community spread.  So count back, 10-20 Days of ICU and 14 days of infection before symptoms at most, that’s over a month potentially, a month before they died, so January 6th or January 17th respectively. 

If that is so it may mean a great many people have already had it and did not know, or, a great many have it and are or were, carriers of some sort spreading it asymptomatically.  If this number is large the mobidity of the virus might drop, we shall have to wait and see.  Only 1.3% of us have been tested and we cannot know morbidity without proper testing.

Flattening the curve in reality: A hospital which was at maximum occupancy with 90% being C-19; is now still at maximum with 80% C-19.

Afternoon Legacy Headlines
Cuomo says pandemic ‘not going to be over anytime soon’ despite progress
Governors push for more coronavirus testing
Boston’s EMS overwhelmed as state uses contact tracers
Senate approves new stimulus package
Gardening while in quarantine
Inside 2 massive food banks feeding families affected by COVID-19
Restaurants get creative to keep doors open, feed health care workers
Taraji P. Henson takes on mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic
Americans stranded overseas and on the sea
States preparing to lift COVID-19 restrictions despite apprehensions
Trump clarifies immigration halt would be for 60 days
“For Venezuela, low oil prices definitely means trouble”
Turkey to impose lockdown in major cities from Thursday
Global populations confined, Earth Day at 50 finds a cleaner, wilder planet
World Food Program warns of ‘biblical’ famine
Are multilateral bodies fit for purpose to respond to the pandemic?
MPs under scrutiny: did Brexit come first in Britain’s response to coronavirus?
Covid-19 in Israel: Ultra-Orthodox communities face, and present, unique challenges
Could your sex hold the secret to finding a Covid-19 vaccine?
Brazil’s military leaders deny risk of coup over government’s Covid-19 response
Covid-19 response: can Germany be bolder?
British MPs return to ire over lack of adequate Covid-19 response
Trump says US green card suspension to last 60 days
How low can it go? The collapse of crude oil prices
Trump Talks Reopening U.S. As CDC Warns Of A Second Worse Coronavirus Wave
Rising Concerns For Safety Of Essential Workers
Growing Backlash From Health Care Workers Over Reopening States Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Heilemann: ‘Cuomo Is Conducting A Symphony, While Trump Is Blowing His Own Horn’
Russian Man Runs Laps Of his Bed For 10 Hours Amid Virus Lockdown
Trump Announces Efforts To Reopen National Parks At Earth Day Event
Pompeo: China Did Not Report How ‘Dangerous’ The Coronavirus Outbreak Was
De Blasio To Prioritize NYCHA Residents With Six New Coronavirus Testing Sites
Tackle Two Crises At Once,’ Greta Thunberg Says Of Coronavirus And Climate Change
How Contact Tracing Could Prevent Second COVID-19 Outbreak
Students Stuck On College Campuses Describe Life While Social Distancing
Doctor On Young COVID Victims: It ‘Takes An Emotion Toll On Everyone’
Ohio Woman Finalizes Adoptions Through Video Call Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Iran’s Guard says it launched satellite
Pentagon: Iran missile launch is ‘malign behavior’
Non-essential businesses reopen
Cancer victim: I didn’t see doctor due to abuse
Calif. health officials find earlier virus deaths
Berlin relaxes distance, businesses open
Coronavirus hits Mass. immigrant enclave hardest
Cuomo: Mike Bloomberg to head NY’s ‘tracing army’
Poll finds broad support for actions to curb virus
Czech Republic will track people infected with viruses
Tutor makes online learning fun for isolated kids
Funeral held for NYPD cop killed by COVID-19
Trump plants WH maple tree; reopens national parks
Coronavirus advice ignored by Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro
Coronavirus: Singapore’s migrant workers ‘living in fear’
Coronavirus: Spending Ramadan in lockdown
Trump announces 60-day pause on issuing green cards
Coronavirus funding could fuel U.S. climate projects
Contamination at CDC lab reportedly led to delay in coronavirus testing
Atlanta mayor on governor’s decision to start reopening Georgia
Philadelphia butcher shop takes on unconventional and sustainable business model
New York Governor Cuomo says state plans to double coronavirus testing in coming weeks
Trump provides details on immigration ban during coronavirus task force briefing
Study: Drug touted by Trump, Fox News hosts linked to higher death rates
See how planet has changed in 50 years since first Earth Day
Gov. Andrew Cuomo on reopening the state: We can’t be stupid
World Food Program director: We are facing a global human catastrophe
Woman gives birth while hospitalized with Covid-19
Michigan Governor Whitmer says going too fast will be harder for businesses
Gupta reacts to Georgia’s safety guidelines: It’s ridiculous
These are the benefits of space exploration
CNN reporter returns to Wuhan after 3 months. See what it looks like now
Climate change is making this country disappear
Dr. Birx weighs in on Georgia governor’s decision to reopen certain business
McCarthy urges protesters to respect social distancing rules
When Trump might hold his next rally
New York Gov Cuomo provides updates on state coronavirus numbers
Missouri becomes first state to sue China over coronavirus pandemic
Ingraham: The left has no intention of letting society return to ‘normal’
Graham blames China for delayed coronavirus measures taken by Fauci, Trump
Tucker shreds CNN’s Cuomo for phony coronavirus ‘reemergence video’
Gutfeld on Bill de Blasio releasing criminals on the street to reoffend
Gov. Cuomo speaks to press following visit with Trump
Trump praises ‘productive’ meeting with Gov. Cuomo
Coronavirus Could Be Even Worse Next Winter, CDC Warns
Detroit Begins Testing All Essential Workers For Coronavirus
Blake Shelton Donates $150,000 To Oklahoma Food Bank
Chipotle Agrees To Pay $25 Million Fine Over Norovirus
North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un’s Health Is Subject Of Growing Confusion
FDA Approves First At-Home Coronavirus Testing Kit
Several States Continue To Roll Out Plans To Reopen Despite Pandemic
How To Wear Face Masks Properly, And How To Clean Them
Carson Daly Talks To NBA Star Kevin Love About Managing Anxiety
What antibody tests can teach us about potential coronavirus immunity
Domestic violence survivors on the dangers of life in quarantine

The upside is the numbers seem to be dropping nationwide, we may be at a plateau but have no idea how wide that is or how steep the other side’s falloff is.

Maine infected           888                               907
Increase Infected       13                               19

Maine Dead               36                                  39
Increase Dead           1                                    3

While I frittered away the hours another 19 Mainer were diagnosed and another three died.

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