Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Twenty Four

Surviving C-19 Day 24
April 24, 2020 7 AM
96 Days since first US infection

Global Infected 2,639,243 2,719,522
Increase Infected 58,514 80,279

Global Dead 183,820 191,228
Increase Dead 5,449 5,408

US Infected                        842,624                 869,172                
Increase Infected            17,318                   26,548

US Dead                            46,785         49,963
Increase Dead                 1,710                     3,178

US Tested                        4,482,434               4,684,300
US Population                328,200,000           328,200,000
Increase Tested              136,892                  201,866

Since yestermorn 5,408 of my fellow humans have died, 3,178 of them my fellow Americans.  A return to a 9-11 a day levels of death, one day decrease does not make a downward trend.

A group of protesters have left body bags outside Trump International in New York City, in representation of those who have died from the coronavirus. A sign on a single body read: “THIS REPRESENTS 1000+ HEALTH CARE WORKERS WHO DIED of COVID 19”, they had many, seemingly full, bags.  Trump calls the move an action by “rude Democrats”.

OK, Trump just suggested on live TV that injecting light and/or disinfectant into people to combat the Coronavirus is an idea he thinks has merit.

“Supposing we hit the body with ultraviolet or very very powerful light . . . supposing you brought the light inside the body . . . Then I see the disinfectant that knocks it out in a minute, one minute, and is there a way we can do something like that, injection inside or almost a cleaning, as you see it gets in the lungs and does a tremendous amount, so you see it’s worth checking . . . sounds interesting to me”

What the fucking hell was that?  POTUS does not have High School bio understanding? POTUS thinks it is ok to just ‘think aloud’ on live TV with such BS when two people already killed themselves from previous hydroxychloroquine BS statements? Honestly most children would know better than that. 

Is the Trump base composed entirely of people who would willingly swallow tide pods and think there was no issue with that?  How does his base not see they chose a man educated in the early 60’s who has a very poor understanding of anything outside real estate and marketing and who believes his own opinion has more merit than anyone else’s; is a danger to both themselves and the nation itself?

Legacy Headlines

Coronavirus: Trump under fire for suggesting disinfectant as COVID-19 treatment
Spain records lowest number of daily coronavirus deaths in over a month
Japanese mayor says men should grocery shop during pandemic as women ‘take a longer time’
Tom Hanks Sends Special Gift To Bullied Boy Named Corona: ‘I’m Famous!’
Coronavirus shakes the conceit of ‘American exceptionalism’
‘Very painful’: Japan Covid-19 officials cut off thousands of roses to deter gatherings
UK retail sales fall by most on record as coronavirus lockdown hits
Goal for 2021 coronavirus vaccine may be unrealistic, experts say
Coronavirus dies out within 70 days no matter how we tackle it, claims professor
Rolling Stones Drop ‘Living in a Ghost Town’, First New Single in Eight Years
More than 5,000 U.S. meat, food-processing workers exposed to coronavirus
Ecuador’s Death Toll During Outbreak Is Among the Worst in the World
Philippines’ Duterte threatens martial law if communist rebels disrupt aid
Hopes dashed as coronavirus drug remdesivir fails first trial
Trump on Kim Jong Un being incapacitated: ‘I think the report was incorrect’
Hidden Outbreaks Spread Through U.S. Cities Far Earlier Than Americans Knew, Estimates Say
House passes $484 billion bill with money for small businesses, hospitals and testing to battle coronavirus
Doctors struggle to stay true to science but not cross Trump
House votes to create select committee to oversee coronavirus response
Boris Johnson back at the controls on Monday – amid disquiet in Cabinet over lockdown
Trump administration considers leveraging emergency coronavirus loan to force Postal Service changes
Fred the Godson, Bronx Rapper, Dead at 35 From COVID-19
EU agrees budget, recovery plan needed to beat coronavirus impact
Italy reports 464 new deaths, continuing downtrend
Pompeo says U.S. may never restore WHO funds; Democrats insist it must
Cuomo says 21% of NYC infected with coronavirus in random test
A healthy woman suddenly died. She was the first known coronavirus fatality in the U.S.
New outbreak puts city of 11m on lockdown after ‘super spreader’ infects 70
Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s oldest brother died from COVID-19 complications
Virus kills Second World War veteran 100 years after twin died of Spanish flu
Blood-pressure drugs are in the crosshairs of COVID-19 research
Up to half of coronavirus deaths in Europe are in care homes, says WHO
UK coronavirus death toll rises by 589 as daily numbers drop significantly
Coronavirus: Trump under fire for suggesting disinfectant as COVID-19 treatment
ICU nurse who silently protested, faced insults at Phoenix reopening rally speaks out

Lauren Leander, 27, graduated from Arizona State University’s nursing school in 2014. She started at the intensive care unit at Banner University Medical Center about a year later. In early February, the hospital created an overflow unit specifically for the anticipated surge of patients with COVID-19.  Leander volunteered to work the unit.  She knew she was in a unique situation. She was young and healthy and didn’t have to worry about bringing the virus home to any children. 

Lauren said working on that first patient, a young woman in severe respiratory distress, was eye-opening. It made her realize someone her age could suffer greatly from the disease. “I hadn’t been scared as a nurse before that day.” She has since worked 12-hour shifts three or four days a week. The unit, she said, has been running below capacity, but doctors describe it as teetering on a tipping point.

 It was Lauren’s scheduled day off from the intensive care unit when she found out that a rally was planned at the Arizona Capitol. People weary of schools and businesses across the state being closed because of the new coronavirus were going to call for the state to be reopened. Leander had seen photos of medical workers at similar rallies in other states, their presence serving as a counterweight to calls to reopen businesses. She was inspired to do the same at the rally in her home state Monday so she texted a few nurses she knew, asking whether anyone wanted to join her there.  “That was the kind of action we could take against something like this,” Leander said.

Lauren spent the next few hours standing silent, her facial expressions partly hidden behind her medical mask, her body rigid in surgical scrubs.  She said she heard a stream of insults from rally goers. People accused her of being an actor or, if a real nurse, one who performed dentistry or abortions. She did not engage with the people walking by. They were not keeping apart from each other. Most did not wear masks.  She was surprised at the anger directed at her. She isn’t a politician. Her job is to take care of people.  “Whether you believe in the virus or not, we’re the people who are going to take care of you one way or the other.  It was disheartening to have those kinds of comments thrown in my face.”

Lauren said standing silently in scrubs and a mask “was absolutely just an invitation for people to throw whatever accusation or comments they had at us. For the first probably hour, I definitely had a burning desire to say something,” she said. “I wanted to say so many things to every insult I heard. But that was not why I was there. That was not the statement I was trying to make. I feel fortunate I was able to say so much without saying anything at all.  If there was an explosion of this virus, we would not be OK,” she said. “We would not have what we need anymore.”—excerpt from Yahoo News

Afternoon Legacy Headlines

US needs to learn its lesson from pandemic: Cuomo
Some Georgia businesses reopen Friday
26 million Americans now unemployed from COVID-19
US coronavirus death toll will reach 50,000 Friday
Signs of strength with James Longman: Looking for hope in Sweden
Congress approves $484 billion coronavirus relief package
Virus does less well in sunlight and warm, humid conditions: DHS
Some hotspots past their peak: Pence
Pork plant fears: CDC releases report on Smithfield plant
Firefighter’s infant daughter dies of coronavirus
Friends team up to bring free food to New Yorkers
Jacksonville mayor hits back at criticism of opening beaches
Ben Shapiro on cultural divide between media, citizens amid pandemic
Is it too soon to reopen America?
Barr says DOJ may side with citizens suing states over COVID-19 restrictions
New York Gov Cuomo provides updates on coronavirus data
DHS research shows COVID-19 is vulnerable to these conditions
Ingraham: Let’s start testing the data that justified the lockdown
Don Jr. rips media’s ‘sinking credibility’ in ‘Hannity’ interview
Tucker: How did America become so dependent on China?
DHS Secy defends immigration halt: We are protecting American workers
Trump joins Coronavirus Task Force for White House briefing
A world confined: from India to Ethiopia
Can machine learning help predict severe cases of Covid-19?
Eco-activists get creative to maintain campaigns during pandemic
France grapples with logistics of producing face masks for all
South Africa, with continent’s highest infection rate, dreads economic impact
French president meets hospitality leaders, sector faces massive upheaval
Travel ban brings life to a halt in Kenya’s capital
US jobless claims top 26 million as lockdown continues
The crisis CEO: How executives should lead during the Covid-19 pandemic
Congress passes $484 billion package with focus on aiding small businesses
US Congress passes $484 billion Covid-19 bailout, bringing total to record near-$3 trillion
Ramadan starts amid unprecedented lockdown restrictions including Mecca and Medina mosque closings
De-confine or double down? Coronavirus in France, Turkey, Sweden and Russia
Ramadan 2020: Mosques in Pakistan remain open
NY Gov. Cuomo On ‘Surprising’ Result Of Coronavirus Antibody Test
Bill Gates On How Quickly We Could See A Coronavirus Vaccine
Medical Expert ‘Worried’ About Trump After Bizarre Question On Injecting Disinfectant
Deadly Tornado Outbreak Hits South, More Storms On The Way
Top Pick In NFL’s First Virtual Draft Highlights America’s Hunger Crisis
Experts Warn Of Second Coronavirus Wave, Concerns Of Reopening Too Soon
Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Participant Signed Up After Losing Friend
Coronavirus May Have Hit Big U.S. Cities Earlier Than First Thought
Empty Las Vegas Casinos At Center Of Clash Over Reopening
Experts Say Testing Is Key To Reopening U.S. Economy After COVID Shutdown
As COVID-19 Cases Go Up, So Do The Number Of Hate-Related Incidents Against Asian Americans
Cuomo Dares McConnell To Pass Bankruptcy Bill: ‘New York Has Bailed You Out Every Year’
Geoff Canada On Education Inequality Amid Virus: Reminiscent Of Brown vs. Board Of Education
President Ought To Play By The Exact Same Rules As Every Business Does
Mayor de Blasio Calls For Rent Freeze And Halt To Evictions In New York City
Fridays For Future’ Activists Circumvent Coronavirus Restrictions
This Is A Tsunami’: Queens Food Pantry Overwhelmed In Face Of COVID-19
Mecca Enters Ramadan With Holy Sites Closed To Visitors Because Of COVID-19
New Yorkers Sing ‘Lean On Me’ To Honor Workers On The Coronavirus Front Line
Protesters Block Traffic In Front Of Trump’s Hotel
Trump Awareness Of U.S. COVID-19 Death Toll Difficult To Discern
Doctor wary of Trump advice on anti-malaria drug
Life and death inside UK care home
Hospital celebrates release of 600th COVID patient
84 virus deaths among NYC subway, bus operators
Despite FDA warnings, Trump touts malaria drug
Sailors aboard USS Kidd test positive for virus
Businesses starting to reopen in Georgia
Poll: Most losing jobs think they’ll return
Injecting disinfectants dangerous idea
Jeffrey Wright helps feed healthcare workers
Texas restaurant defies rules on virus closings
Coronavirus: test booking website swamped as thousands apply
Coronavirus: Lockdown’s heavy toll on Italy’s mental health
Coronavirus: Smog pollution in Delhi vanishes
Coronavirus: Doctor rejects Trump’s ‘heat and light’ idea at White House
Coronavirus: US unemployment claims hit 26.4 million amid virus
Coronavirus: EU leaders agree huge rescue package
Coronavirus: Tokyo hospitals trying to stay ahead
Coronavirus lockdown: Scotland considers options for easing restrictions
Coronavirus vaccine: first human trial in Europe begins at Oxford
Trump facing backlash over pandemic response as he clashes with health experts
Doctor in charge of vaccine research says he was fired over questioning drug touted by Trump
Rockefeller Foundation proposes $100 billion plan to provide 30 million coronavirus tests per week
Hospitals around the world celebrate coronavirus recoveries
College students rebel against full tuition as coronavirus cripples schools
Parenting kids with anxiety amid the coronavirus pandemic
Latest on states’ efforts to ban abortion amid coronavirus crisis
Cuomo says McConnell’s suggestion that states declare bankruptcy is a “dumb idea”
Which states have restricted abortion access amid the coronavirus pandemic?
New report finds Carnival allowed cruises to sail despite knowing about coronavirus threat
South Africa uses lessons learned from Ebola outbreak to fight coronavirus
Some shops in Italy start to reopen amid pandemic
Gov. Cuomo slams McConnell: New York bails you out
Doctors shut down Trump’s UV rays, disinfectant claim
UK doctor: We’re on standby for potential next wave
Meet the first tourist going to the moon
Detroit hit hard by coronavirus pandemic, rising to the challenge
Trump disagrees with Fauci on US testing capacity
Why Trump flipped on Georgia’s reopening plan
Beef prices are up, but ranchers are struggling
In Malaysia, a family finds ways to celebrate Ramadan during the coronavirus pandemic
What it’s like to have cancer surgery during a pandemic

Epidemiologist: Trump’s proposal “nonsensical”

Trump: Disinfectant comments were ‘sarcastic’

Trump “No, I was asking a question sarcastically to a reporter like you just to see what would happen.”

No sir you were not, I watched you live and on video and you were talking about it like it was a good idea and wanted DHS to investigate those ideas.  There was no sarcasm and you were not talking to a reporter, you were riffing on the notion with your DHS chief, pitching him the idea in real time.  You cannot claim you were just trolling reporters, first of all that is well below the office and second you were not sarcastic at all but obviously inspired by the idea.

Anderson Cooper: Trump just lied about something we all witnessed

Exactly right Mr. Cooper, he lied his ass off and implied he was trolling.

Maine infected           937                               965
Increase Infected       30                                 32

Maine Dead                44                                   47
Increase Dead            5                                     3

While I did this and isolated, 32 more of my fellow Mainers were diagnosed and three more lost their battle with C-19.

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