Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Twenty Six

Surviving C-19 Day 26
April 26, 2020 7:30 AM
96 Days since first US infection

Global Infected           2,812,557                   2,912,421                            
Increase Infected       93,035                      99,864

Global Dead               197,217                         203,432
Increase Dead           5,989                           6,215

US Infected                905,333                         939,249                
Increase Infected     36,161                         33,916

US Dead                     51,949                             53,934
Increase Dead          1,986                            1,985

US Tested                 4,940,376                       5,184,635
US Population         328,200,000                  328,200,000

Increase Tested       256,076                         244,259

Morning Legacy Headlines

Lightning kills at least 10 in India amid heavy rain
Crisis in Yemen as Aden separatists declare self-government
Spain reports 288 new coronavirus deaths, lowest number in over a month
Nations prepare to ease lockdowns as virus deaths pass 200 000
El Salvador imposes prisons lockdown after 22 murders in a day
Virgin Atlantic CEO Richard Branson ‘seeks buyer by end of May to save airline’
China says all coronavirus patients in Wuhan have now been discharged
Children unlikely to transmit coronavirus, says study cited in PM’s push to reopen schools
Trump says briefings ‘not worth the effort’ amid fallout from disinfectant comments
Kim Jong Un’s ‘train seen in satellite images’ amid conflicting reports about his health
Iranian, Qatari leaders discuss Persian Gulf escalation
Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson donate blood for coronavirus vaccine
NBA teams to open practice facilities in cities where stay-at-home orders have been eased
G20 launches initiative for health tools needed to combat the coronavirus
Man gets 18 months in prison for threatening to kill Trump
Coronavirus: Boris Johnson will be back at work in Downing Street on Monday
Michigan state senator apologizes for wearing face mask that resembles Confederate flag
US airlines get another $9.5 billion in federal payroll support
Attackers lob explosive at Lebanon bank amid currency crisis
Thousands demonstrate against Israeli coalition deal
Trump and Putin issue rare joint statement promoting cooperation
In 4 U.S. state prisons, nearly 3,300 inmates test positive for coronavirus — 96% without symptoms
Worldwide virus death toll climbs to 200,000
First-recorded April tropical depression forms in Eastern Pacific
Nearly 150 total coronavirus cases confirmed on cruise ship in Japan
Spain’s kids prepare for taste of freedom after six-week lockdown
Rouhani says Iran should assume worst-case coronavirus scenario
China eases restrictions on exports of some coronavirus equipment
What we know about Kim Jong-un’s health
Coronavirus: Raab says ‘not responsible’ to reveal lockdown exit plan – and vaccine unlikely this year
With Kim Jong Un’s health uncertain, focus shifts to powerful sister Kim Yo Jong
Bushfires leave 470 plants and 200 animals in dire straits – government analysis
UK will need to extend Brexit transition, Merkel ally warns Britain
South Korea’s big churches reopen with designated seats, size limits
Iran says coronavirus death toll rises by 60 to 5,710
Listen to save Agra appeal of Mayor: Priyanka Gandhi
Amazon faces £87,000 fine for each ‘non-essential’ delivery after French ruling
PM must act fast and clear bottlenecks to scale up Covid-19 testing: Rahul Gandhi
Reliance hired lobbyist Brian Ballard, a close Trump aide, while importing Venezuelan crude despite US sanctions
Where is Kim Jong Un? Here is what we know so far
Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot helping doctors ‘remotely’ combat COVID-19
Will America embrace voting by mail?
Wife of coronavirus victim finds heartbreaking goodbye note he left behind: “I’m so lucky”
Did Beijing know Coronavirus outbreak will become pandemic? China filed Remdesivir patent application in January
Coronavirus in France: Poetry as an aid to life
Combating coronavirus: New DIFC directive offers greater protection to companies, employees
Covid-19: Choithrams, Al Jalila Foundation team up in fight against coronavirus
Coronavirus: Some countries move towards re-opening as COVID-19 deaths rise
It feels like the end of the world. So we should get married now.
USNS Comfort discharging or transferring last 12 New York patients
‘American health hotlines swamped after Trump’s bizarre disinfectant Covid-19 ‘cure’
Combating coronavirus: 5 eateries shut for flouting measures in UAE
The Latest: France to give details on easing lockdown
Coronavirus face masks: why covering up is becoming the new normal
Massive coronavirus-themed grass graffiti is unveiled in Swiss Alps
Official Coronavirus Cases in Ecuador Doubled in Number
President Buhari to effect governors’ lockdown decision Monday
Russia’s coronavirus cases surpass 80,000

So a little aside.  We cannot remain locked down forever, we would starve.  Mitigation does not lessen the death rate of a virus, it delays it.  We do this to prevent the hospitals from being over whelmed and causing a lot of collateral damage.  Say a new virus kills 5%, well flattening the curve won’t make that 4% or 3%, it will remain 5%, but by 1-2% at a time not 5% all at once.

Death rate is determined by dividing the number of deaths by the number of infections.  Thus most of the world looks like 5 % or more as a death rate, but we have not tested enough people to get a valid death rate, it can only use those we have tested.  So C-19 look like it has a death rate of 5%, it likely has one around .5%, whereas flu is .01-.1%.  This .5% is achieved by extrapolation with wider testing, and its Iceland’s and Germany’s, and South Korea’s testing that allows us even that.  So by flattering the curve we delay the deaths of many and deny collateral deaths.

Those states opening up are opening up too early by the looks of it, and whenever we do open, it needs to be with w new reality, a new normal, which is not going to allow the economy to just rebound.  If they open too early without enough preparations for that new normal, then that area will bloom like NYC or worse, in about 2-3 weeks.  Gestation times you know?  So what I fear is Florida and Georgia open, no one sees any issue this week and they follow suit, next week the same with more followers, third week a slight uptick fourth week Georgia and Florida realize the allowed a new bloom and then we are all in the new bloom because some folks were impatient or underprepared.

Good luck to us all, they already did that.

The good thing about death rates is this tidbit “In 4 U.S. state prisons, nearly 3,300 inmates test positive for coronavirus — 96% without symptoms”, ninety six percent. If that is representative of the population, and it got here in late December- early January, and is very contageous? If all those hold then it follows that most of us have already had it and not even noticed. Would’nt that be nice? Sure would for me to know that the RS virus I did have was actually RS and C-19 and I already survived, but that is a fucking pipe dream for me but for my fellow humans, it is a legitimate ray of hope.

Evening Legacy Headlines

Coronavirus: 17 police officers die of Covid-19 in Peru
Coronavirus: Cuban doctors go to South Africa
Coronavirus: Nicaraguan boxing event goes ahead with masks and temperature checks
Coronavirus: Ecuador ‘victim’ found alive in hospital mix-up
Coronavirus: Uruguay reopens some rural schools
Coronavirus: Chile to introduce controversial ‘virus-free’ ID
Coronavirus: Peru police dance and carry coffin to raise awareness
Coronavirus: Australians download COVIDSafe contact tracing app
Australia and New Zealand mark Anzac Day in driveways
Ramadan: Muslims fast under coronavirus lockdowns
Kenya’s schools to remain closed for one more month
Tear gas fired at mosques in Comoros
US needs president who won’t ‘spend day after day dividing people’: Klobuchar
Unemployment rate could reach Great Depression levels: Trump economic adviser
‘I really can’t explain’ Trump’s disinfectant comments: Gov. Larry Hogan
‘No one should (digest) disinfectants … to fight COVID-19 … don’t do it’: Whitmer
Three people share the last photo they took before COVID-19 changed their lives
Turkey under lockdown: “Cats seem to be the new sultans of Istanbul”
Vegas sees empty streets, casinos amid outbreak
Cuomo: Virus deaths in NY now under 400
Mayor entertains residents after imposing curfew
Economist’s warnings on inequality amid pandemic
White House doing damage control after Trump’s comments about injecting disinfectant
Trump says comments on injecting disinfectants was sarcasm
Trump skips first daily coronavirus briefing since Easter weekend
Study finds coronavirus could be more contagious than previously thought
Texas Democratic party to hold convention virtually amid coronavirus
Contrasting images as some California beaches reopen
Brooke Baldwin explains how having coronavirus changes her approach to the story
Jake Tapper: Trump’s musings were there for all to see and hear
Fareed’s Take: Trump’s inside-out reelection strategy
Dr. Deborah Birx: This is not just about diagnosing cases you see
States try to find balance of reopening within Covid-19 curve
We are ‘near the end of the beginning’ of this pandemic: Dr. Inglesby
Mnuchin on expectations for restarting economy, small business relief
McCarthy slams Pelosi over proxies: She wanted to change 200 years of history
Mayor Bill de Blasio drops how much money NYC needs to restart economy
Gutfeld: It’s up to you and me to get us out of the COVID-19 mess
Gowdy on Democrats ramping up probe into Trump’s cornavirus response
Democrat-led states are banking on a federal bailout: Steve Cortes
Rep. McCarthy questions Dems motives amid coronavirus
Kellyanne Conway on questions over Kim Jong Un’s health, plans to reopen America
Coronavirus deaths will be ‘dramatically decreased’ by end of May: Dr. Deborah Birx
Chuck Todd: ‘We Have Failed To Meet The Moment’
As Pandemic Kills Thousands Each Day, Trump Peddles Dangerous Treatments
Dr. Osterholm: ‘We’re Missing The Mark In A Big Way Right Now’ On Testing
N.J. Gov.: ‘We Have Suffered An Extraordinary Toll’
U.S. Cases Surpass 900,000
Birx: ‘We Have To Have A Breakthrough’ In Testing Technology
Georgia Partially Reopens As Businesses Weigh Coronavirus Health Concerns
New High Tech Coronavirus Contact Tracing Efforts Stoke Privacy Concerns
WHO: ‘Currently No Evidence’ That COVID-19 Survivors Have Immunity

Maine infected           965               1015
Increase Infected       32                 50

Maine Dead               47                    50
Increase Dead            5                     3

While I frittered away the hours in isolation, fifty of my fellow Mainers were diagnosed and three more died.

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