Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Twenty Seven

Surviving C-19 Day Twenty Seven
April 27, 2020 7:30 AM
97 Days since first US infection

Global Infected                 2,912,421                             2,981,592                            
Increase Infected            99,864                                   69,171

Global Dead                       203,432                 206,432
Increase Dead                   6,215                                   3000

US Infected                        939,249                 965,933
Increase Infected            33,916                                 26,684

US Dead                               53,934                                   54,877
Increase Dead                   1,985                                     943

US Tested                           5,184,635                             5,441,079
US Population                   328,200,000                        328,200,000

Increase Tested               244,259                 257,244

The numbers are way down, but I have noticed they tend to be so on Sunday’s.  It might be sway as the trend lowers; down, then up a little, then down a little, a wobble in numbers is common in trend lines.  I put less stock in the Sunday Johns Hopkins numbers, I think the webmaster can only report what is given to them, and Sundays have low reporting.

“The Global Times, citing known U.S. conspiracy theorist George Webb, claims that the virus was manufactured in a U.S. military lab and brought to China by a cyclist who took part in the World Military Games in Wuhan in October. The claim is part of a wider effort by the Chinese government to change the narrative about the origin of the coronavirus, as the Trump administration continues to label the pandemic as the “Chinese virus” or the “Wuhan virus.” 

The conspiracy theory linking the outbreak to the U.S. athletes’ visit to the games in Wuhan was first promoted by foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, who tweeted about it earlier this month. It was then repeated by other officials and by state-run news outlets. It appeared that Beijing was standing down from its conspiracy push earlier this week, when China’s ambassador to the U.S. Cui Tiankai dismissed the conspiracy theory as “crazy” in an interview with Axios. But on Wednesday, Beijing doubled down by publishing the claims first put forward by Webb.”–Vice

George fucking Webb, really? George Webb runs a site called ‘conspiracy daily update’, home to every bit of red meat tripe you can imagine.  This is a YouTube channel, with no actual data, rather they use a ‘it looks to me like’ model.  Currently this is the home of the ‘corruption of Faucci’, how the Trump travel ban was aimed at a Korean Church, and how China designed and released the virus.

Now China, in response to Trump’s insinuations about China, has its own conspiracy from the very same source, none with reputation or validity and both with massive traction.  I remember talking about this thirty five years ago, in a class about the future of warfare in the coming computer age.We called it information warfare, and the object was destabilization, to get the countries to tear themselves apart from the inside by disseminating so much bullshit no citizen knew where or when to do anything and did not trust any source of information at all. 

When I took that class I could not imagine the means by which you could do that, our tools were TV, Radio and pamphlets; when the net became a reality I saw a shadow of it, but I never imagined what we are in. Think about it, our last election was tampered with by Russia to aid the victor.
(Did we choose him, can the system be trusted?)
The POTUS says everything is a hoax, a shell game by Democrats.
(Seeding more distrust)
Trumps base is distrustful of Government and he feeds that; large swaths of both parties distrust Government and now China chimes in with its own conspiracy BS, and what do we have, a soup of disinformation where no one knows quite what to believe, ever.  That is how I was taught information warfare would operate, but I was not able to imagine this at that time too much essential infrastructure, like social media, cell phones and the web; did not exist then.

Morning Legacy Headlines.
Coronavirus global cases reach 3 million around five months after disease first emerged
Bill Gates says China ‘did a lot of things right’ with coronavirus response
Coronavirus: Spray that ‘protects surfaces from COVID-19 for 90 days’ to go on sale in Hong Kong
WHO chief says pandemic far from over, worried about children
Number of patients recovered from coronavirus in Spain surpasses 100,000
Coronavirus: Notre-Dame repairs restart amid lockdown
Spain’s daily coronavirus death toll picks up slightly
Germans could be fined up to €10,000 as face mask rules brought in
UK suffers lowest coronavirus deaths for four weeks as another 350 die
Kim’s Alive! South Korea says despot Jong-un is NOT dead
Lockdowns are being eased in some countries but UK is not yet ready
Pace of Canada’s coronavirus deaths slows further; major province mulls reopening – International – World
Indian police throw lockdown violators in ambulance with fake Covid-19 patient to teach lesson
Study of twins reveals genetic effect on Covid-19 symptoms
U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi endorses Joe Biden for president
Researchers studying a common heartburn drug as treatment for Covid-19
Russia’s coronavirus cases rise to 87,147, surpass China’s
F1 confirms plan to start season with Austrian GP at start of July
Airbus warns staff on jobs with its ‘survival at stake’
Boris Johnson warns of ‘huge loss of life’ if coronavirus lockdown is lifted too soon
‘Heads we win, tails you lose’: how America’s rich have turned pandemic into profit
New Zealand says it has ‘won the battle’ against coronavirus
Italy prepares for staged end to lockdown beginning next week
Trump denies he’s planning to replace HHS chief Azar
Birx: ‘It bothers me’ Trump comments on injecting disinfectant ‘still in the news cycle’
Millions of children in Spain venture out for first time in 42 days

Decades ago I wrote a short story about a family that adopted a pet kitten.  As the story progresses the family becomes aware that the kitten has fleas.  They have to clean the house for fleas and give the cat a flea dip.  All throughout the story the radio or TV is on in the background with accelerating headlines about climate change, so that as the family is dipping the cat, it becomes obvious that human society are the fleas about to be dipped. Doing this I now recall that old tale and feel like I am a part in it, which is unpleasant to say the least.

So AG Barr (Us Federal Attorney General) made a public comment that he might ‘step in’ to help with a citizens suit against their Governor who is following the guidelines and not opening up, because they have not had a 14 day drop. The Fed has no business in that, the 10th amendment bars it from any action or interest.  This is a staunch principle in conservatism, separation of federal and state powers, small federal government and strong state government.

“Three white people on a couch, it’s Fox n friends”
Which this morning runs a tale about a family using innovative house games to keep their spirits up, and of course the economy, got to keep that donor class happy.  Nothing on the disinfectant or the press coverage of that or the POTUS stopping such briefings.  Lots of commercials: Commercials on how not to be a big fat ass; on how to improve your credit scores instantly, you deadbeat; on cookware made to deliver, you burner of pans; on how to grow your hair back, you balding fuck; on how to grow a better lawn, you lazy bastard; on how to sue if you lost hearing in the service, you deaf dumbass, and whom to buy a house from; because you always need 30 more years of debt right?. 
Now the news returns to talk about those small business loans in the actual show. See why I fucking hate TV, even if streamed?  Commercials are Bullshit.

Watching Cumo’s briefing, NY numbers continue to drop, now down into the 300’s which is a nice improvement and indicative of a gradual decline in the curve, precisely what we want to see.  Meanwhile the GOP is crying foul that big Democratic states need aid for State and Local Governments after the first wave. Day to Day the Smaller Red States always take from the federal pool for everything, while the bigger Blue ones do not, but rather fill up the federal pool.

We do not have evidence that antibodies survivors have developed are actually effective as a protection against the next wave of C-19.  We assume that as it is true with many virus; it is also false with many other virus so we won’t know until the next wave hits and we see if survivors become re-infected.  It is dissatisfying in the extreme to not know the answers or the reasons for many people.  To me it has always served as a reason to go and find out. In cases where we, ourselves cannot go and find out, it is utterly dissatisfying, in this case it is worse than that, as you many be balancing your own life or death in that equation.

“Some intrepid reporters at the Washington Post have waded through transcripts of all 35 White House coronavirus press briefings since March 16 and analyzed more than a day’s worth of President Donald Trump’s statements. What they found isn’t pretty, but it isn’t surprising.

In Trump’s remarks from April 6 to April 24; in nearly a quarter of his prepared statements and answers to reporters’ questions, Trump said something false or misleading, such as suggesting that injecting household disinfectants into the body might cure COVID-19.

In their review of 13 hours of Trump remarks over the last three weeks, Bump and Barker found:
45 minutes of self-praise
30 Minutes attacking Democrats
25 minutes attacking the media
22 minutes attacking Governors
21 minutes attacking China
9 minutes promoting hydroxychloroquine
4 and half minutes of condolences for COVID-19 victims
Altogether, Trump has spoken for more than 28 hours since he started his
daily briefings in March, of that Americans lost to C-19 amounts to less than 5 minutes.

Afternoon Legacy Headlines

CDC updates its list of coronavirus symptoms
President Trump says White House News Conferences are ‘not worth the time and effort’
UK PM Boris Johnson returns to work after recovery from COVID-19
States across America take 1st steps to reopen
NBA attempts to open some team facilities
White House denies reports of scaled back coronavirus briefings
Scientists mull injecting adults with COVID-19 to speed up vaccine
NY Gov Cuomo provides updates on state coronavirus numbers
Steve Hilton: End the shutdown and save lives now
British on board with Boris’s messaging on lockdown measures
In France’s Basque Country, traditional skills are a family affair
‘Joy and relief’: Spanish children allowed out after six weeks in Covid-19 lockdown
Serbian refugee camp takes measures to contain Covid-19 spread
New York to restart manufacturing, as lockdown fatigue sets in
Covid-19 – lockdown exit strategies in the EU: uncoordinated measures for uncoordinated results?
Covid-19: ‘The federal government has failed us,’ says New York doctor
Pandemics in history: The Black Death
Pandemics in history: The Plague of Athens
Pandemics in history: Cholera
Pandemics in history: Spanish Flu
Coronavirus: New York Looks To Expand Testing, Hard-Hit States See Surge In Cases
Pelosi: President Has Been Irresponsible, We’ve Insisted On Truth
Media Condemned For Playing Trump Coronavirus Briefings In Full
Schiff Reacts To Trump’s White House Briefings: ‘Everything Is About Him’
N.J. Gov. Murphy: ‘We Will Move As Quickly As We Can But As Safely As We Must’
Mayor de Blasio Introduces ‘Simpler And Safer’ COVID-19 Self-Swab Testing
High School Students Sail Home 4,300 Miles After COVID-19 Disrupts Flights
Racing Returns To South Dakota Dirt Track For First Time Since COVID-19 Pandemic
Neighbors Celebrate Musician’s 90th Birthday Under Coronavirus Lockdown
Boris Johnson Returns To Work After COVID-19, Says Lockdown Must Continue
New Medical School Graduates Dive Into Work On Coronavirus Front Lines
Coronavirus: New York Looks To Expand Testing, Hard-Hit States See Surge In Cases
Community surprises young boy with birthday parade
7 killed in Syria by Israeli airstrikes
NY’s Cuomo hoping to easy restrictions by Mid-May
DeSantis: Hospital systems holding up amid virus
NYC set to start ‘self-swab’ coronavirus tests
Wis. company holds drive-in meeting due to virus
Home health care is new front in virus fight
Native Americans call for inclusion in virus data
Boris Johnson: We are beginning to turn the tide
Sen. Klobuchar describes husband’s COVID-19 bout
NY’s Cuomo hoping to easy restrictions by Mid-May
Asian American and Canadian actors on racism related to COVID-19: ‘Is this going to regress us?’
Amid outbreak, motorcade honors former Zulu king
First responders return to work after COVID-19
Coronavirus: Doctors dismantle Trump’s treatment comments
Coronavirus: Spain eases lockdown measures to allow children outside
Johnson: Government cannot say when lockdown eased
Trump scales back daily briefings following disinfectant comments
Battle rages over abortion laws in Poland
Coronavirus deaths decline in New York, but “still tragically high,” Cuomo says
CDC adds 6 new possible coronavirus symptoms
Syrian refugee and filmmaker joins fight against the coronavirus
Brooke Baldwin returns with message of hope after coronavirus fight
Beatles host ‘Yellow Submarine’ sing-a-long watch party
How Kim Jong Un came to power in North Korea
Bill Gates: Here’s when we could expect a coronavirus vaccine
Peter Navarro rejects fellow White House adviser’s ‘gloom and doom’ outlook on economy
Here’s how ‘The Good Place’ creator Michael Schur is humiliating himself for charity
CNN returns to Wuhan after total lockdown. See what we found.
Conspiracy theorists said she started the coronavirus pandemic. Now she’s afraid for her life.
Watch Boris Johnson’s first speech after Covid-19 battle
Doctor Says Testing, Tracing The Way To Reopen Economies
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Endorses Joe Biden For President
Coronavirus Exposes New York’s Inequality, Says NY Mag
Gov. Murphy: New Jersey Is Still In The Thick Of The Fight
First Deadline For Possible Transition Of Power Nears
California beaches become point of contention amid coronavirus stay-at-home order
Here’s what it’s like to get tested for coronavirus in Israel’s new roadside kiosk
NYC bus drivers risk their health to keep city moving through pandemic
Drone video from Hart Island shows grim reality during coronavirus

Maine infected           1015                             1023
Increase Infected       50                                8

Maine Dead               50                    51
Increase Dead           3                     1

While I isolated whiling away the hours 8ore Mainers were diagnosed and one more died from C-19.

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