Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Twenty Eight

Surviving C-19 Day 28
April 28, 2020 7:30 AM
98 Days since first US infection

Global Infected           2,981,592                   3,053,965                            
Increase Infected       69,171                      72,373

Global Dead               206,432                         211,522
Increase Dead           3,000                             5,090

US Infected               965,933                          988,469
Increase Infected    26,684                           22,536

US Dead                   54,877                               56,253
Increase Dead         943                                   1,376

US Tested                 5,441,079                       5,593,495
US Population        328,200,000                   328,200,000

Increase Tested      257,244                          152,416

Morning Legacy Headlines

Coronavirus: Brazil emerges as next virus hotspot – as president remains in denial
Lebanese riots over price hikes leave 1 dead, scores injured
Another day, another 20% plunge in WTI oil
Virus death toll in England around 40% higher than reported, ONS says
Coronavirus can linger in the air of crowded spaces or toilets for hours, study finds
U.K. government “very worried” about new childhood illness linked to coronavirus
The British expat paying $7,000 to swim in Singapore’s lockdown
China is installing surveillance camera outside people’s front doors … and sometimes inside their homes
German COVID-19 spread worsens as lockdown eases
300,000 coronavirus masks sent to pregnant women in Japan may be faulty – reports
`Infecting our dreams’: Pandemic sabotages sleep worldwide
Trump Has Congratulated Himself 600 Times During Coronavirus Briefings, Says Report
Trump: I’m not responsible for people misusing disinfectant
Record 50 million people internally displaced in 2019, study finds
Trump was given ‘more than a dozen’ secret briefings on the coronavirus threat early on: report
UN: $90 billion could protect 700 million poor in pandemic
Kim Jong-un ‘hasn’t been in public because he’s worried about coronavirus’
Covid-19: Why WHO chief says ‘the world should have listened then, carefully’
GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler target May 18 U.S. restart date
New Zealanders crave fast food as country eases out of lockdown
Brazilians divided on impeachment of President Bolsonaro: poll
US says would recognize Israel annexation
Australia allows home visits, opens beaches as virus lockdown eases
Trump faults China for coronavirus’ spread, says U.S. investigating
Back to the pool: USA Swimming unveils tentative schedule
Trump says he has good idea how North Korea’s Kim is doing; ‘I hope he’s fine’
Genes determine how severely people get coronavirus, study finds
Barr directs prosecutors to look for state and local stay-home orders that go too far
Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts to appear in global live stream
Mitch McConnell says the Senate will reconvene on May 4
North Korea shares letter from Kim Jong Un to South African president dated today
Pentagon declassifies three UFO videos taken by US Navy pilots
Erdogan defends Turkey religious chief’s anti-gay sermon
U.S. deaths soared in early weeks of pandemic, far exceeding number attributed to covid-19
US reports deaths of civilians in Somali air strike
How to clean, reuse or hack a coronavirus mask
Italy’s daily coronavirus death toll rises but new cases lowest since March 10

“Doctors in northern Italy, one of the world’s hardest-hit areas during the pandemic, have reported extraordinarily large numbers of children under age 9 with severe cases of what appears to be Kawasaki disease, more common in parts of Asia.  “There are some children who have died who didn’t have underlying health conditions,” Hancock told LBC Radio.  “It’s a new disease that we think may be caused by coronavirus and the COVID-19 virus, we’re not 100% sure because some of the people who got it hadn’t tested positive, so we’re doing a lot of research now but it is something that we’re worried about.”

Children were until now thought to be much less susceptible than their parents or grandparents to the most deadly complications wrought by the novel coronavirus, though the mysterious inflammatory disease noticed in Britain, Spain and Italy may demand a reassessment.  “It is rare, although it is very significant for those children who do get it, the number of cases is small,” Hancock, one of the ministers leading Britain’s COVID-19 response, said.”–Reuters

Coronavirus: Care home providers report more than 4,000 COVID-19-related deaths in two weeks
Millions in silent tribute to NHS heroes who lost lives in coronavirus battle
Sweden says its coronavirus approach has worked. The numbers suggest a different story
Spain’s daily coronavirus death toll falls to 301
Trump suggests schools should open for a ‘short period of time’ before academic year ends
Coronavirus: Heathrow boss urges health chiefs to publish screening data
Russian doctors, nurses face more risks as virus cases grow
Turkey sends medical equipment to help U.S. fight virus
WHO stepping up shipments but warns on disruption of vaccine, food supplies
Bangladesh reopens 600 apparel factories despite virus risk
Eastern Libyan forces say Turkish drone killed 5 civilians
President Buhari reacts to death of Emir Kyari El-Kanemi
Coronavirus: Spain to present lockdown exit strategy
Marco Rubio’s final humiliation: His seven-year campaign against key Obama policy was just terminated by the Supreme Court
U.S. politicians ‘telling barefaced lies’ over coronavirus pandemic: China
Indians still in Wuhan say asymptomatic cases raise fears of second wave of coronavirus
Coronavirus: More than 2,000 prisoners may have been infected, says PHE
How many police officers have tested positive for virus
Indonesia reports 415 new coronavirus cases, eight deaths
Analysis | Trump’s aversion to intelligence and details comes into full focus on coronavirus response
Appeals court takes up Trump border wall and Donald McGahn subpoena cases
Why did Trump downplay warnings on coronavirus?
Majority of Russians support tough restrictive measures against COVID-19 — poll
Effectiveness of plasma transfusion for COVID-19 therapy not proven yet, scientist says
Over 1,100 coronavirus cases confirmed in Iran in 24 hours

Fox is on a commercial, a long one for St. Jude’s.  Fox, as its headline, is interviewing a guy from Duck Dynasty whose home was shot by someone, who now has a restraining order on them.  No one was hurt. Fox then touts two more women coming forward to accuse Joe Biden, when they ignored 22 women with such accusations against Trump, and payoffs to porn stars?  WTF are they thinking?  Then MORE commercials, it appears to me that Fox sells almost twice as much time to commercials.  I wonder if anyone has ever checked that to see who runs most and least commercial time.

CNN is also running a feel good story, neighbors discover they are cousins during stay at home order.
Then they have Dr. Gupta to update on the bug, and whatever Trump said or did recently that is in error.  But first, Commercials . . . Tax Ads, Chainsaw Ads, weight loss Ads, Facial Hair Removal Ads, I hate fucking streaming live TV.

Gupta answers viewer questions like “Why are people wearing masks while driving closed up cars?”

Afternoon Legacy Headlines
U.S. Navy Blue Angels and Air Force Thunderbirds fly over New York City in tribute
James Longman’s Feel-Good News: Honoring front-line workers, and fitness challenge
COVID-19’s hidden victims
Flight too close for comfort?
Chris Christie shares actions needed to restore American life
The mental toll on health care workers
Boston COVID-19 patient fights to breathe again
Trump remembers coronavirus victims
Trump reveals new federal and state testing guidance
Some states beginning to lift restrictions, others lay out roadmaps
The virus’ disruption on the country’s food supply
Pelosi pushes ‘minimum guaranteed income’ as coronavirus relief
Texas Lt Gov defends plan to reopen the state
US crops go to waste as demand at food banks skyrockets
NY Gov Cuomo provides updates on state coronavirus numbers
GOP Sen says more coronavirus relief may lead to ‘dangerous’ national debt
White House partners with private sector to ramp up COVID-19 testing
GOP senator defends McConnell’s response to state bailouts
Ingraham: Are Americans starting to tune out blue state politicians?
Shop owner, veteran defying local lockdown orders speaks out
Tucker: Are coronavirus lockdowns working?
Sen. Graham has an urgent message for Dems regarding China
French PM warns virus will not disappear without vaccine or herd immunity
‘We have to live with the virus,’ says France’s PM detailing plan to ease lockdown
Health experts back French PM’s proposal for easing lockdown
French PM unveils plan to lift lockdown: ‘We must learn to live with the virus’
French PM announces a wait-and-see lockdown transition period until June
French PM announces two-week transition period out of lockdown from May 11
PM Philippe unveils France’s plan to ease Covid-19 lockdown
Privacy and human rights groups raise concerns over virus-tracking apps
France confronts new reality of life outside of lockdown
High school students return as classes resume in China
Five-week voyage: Dutch students sail home amid Covid-19 travel restrictions
Polish workers call for borders with Germany to re-open
Coronavirus: ‘We’re discovering how the people of the banlieues keep Paris running’
Locked down in the suburbs: Covid-19 puts strain on French ‘banlieues’
Meacham: Trump’s Coronavirus Response Falls ‘Utterly’ Short Of Empathy
Virginia Caravan Protest Demands Release Of ICE Detainees
10 U.S. States Have Now Begun To Reopen
New York Doctor On Front Lines Of Coronavirus Pandemic Dies By Suicide
President Donald Trump To Shift The Focus Of His Daily Press Briefings
Tape Shows Trump Was Speaking To Dr. Birx At briefing
Blasio: High School Seniors To Be Celebrated With Virtual Graduation Ceremony
Myanmar Migrant Workers Struggle In Thailand After Lockdown Wipes Jobs
Indian Police Use 5 Foot Pole To Social Distance While Capturing Lockdown Offenders
Official Gets Choked Up As She Reads List Of Health Workers Killed By COVID-19
Surfers Make For The Waves As Australia’s Bondi Beach Reopens After Lockdown
So Stoked’: New Zealanders Get Their Caffeine Fix As Lockdown Eases
Prince Harry Helps ‘Thomas And Friends’ Celebrate 75th Anniversary
Workers Voice Concerns As Meat Plant Re-Opens Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
Meat Plants Become COVID-19 Hotspots After Poor Handling Of Outbreaks
Months Into Coronavirus Crisis, Federal Response Has Not Improved
Fauci: Reopening will no doubt see new virus cases
NYC students to get virus-altered grading system
Pandemics kill twin brothers 100-years apart
Medical students vital in Detroit’s virus response
Analyst: Fed will keep credit flowing
New CDC guidelines to help restaurants reopen
Alaska city ends some virus business restrictions
Trump: ‘Very good idea’ on Kim Jong Un’s health
Trump: Testing won’t ‘be a problem’ for reopening
Medical students vital in Detroit’s virus response
Comics keep laughs coming even with clubs closed
Doctors concerned about crowds on Calif. Beaches
Speculation about Kim Jong-un’s health intensifies
Georgia re-opens as the US nears a million coronavirus cases
New York hospitalization rate is down “a tick,” Cuomo says
Minority-owned businesses hope for loans from Paycheck Protection Program
White House blueprint for coronavirus testing relies on states
Ohio’s vote-by-mail experiment could serve as model for general election
Already delayed, Tokyo Olympics could be canceled due to coronavirus
Credit card debt bubble could burst due to coronavirus pandemic
Coronavirus may be linked to rare, serious illness in children
London police report over 4,000 domestic abuse cases amid lockdown
Kentucky reopens some health care operations as virus cases top 4,000
Pence says “it represents a misunderstanding” that 4 million coronavirus tests could have been done…
White House testing and tracing guidance puts much of the burden on states
Prince Harry records special ‘Thomas & Friends’ episode
Why Trump’s coronavirus advice is so dangerous
Atlanta mayor: No mayor wants to be at odds with the governor
Neighbors discover they are long-lost cousins during pandemic
Sanjay Gupta: As we lift stay-at-home orders around US, the numbers will go up
Scientists trial female sex hormone for Covid-19 patients
Lemon: Trump couldn’t resist the spotlight for more than a few days
Residents rise up to end gang violence in Detroit
Astronaut describes seeing sunrise from Space for first time
Experts re-envision the future of spacesuits
Dale: Most important misleading claim today came from Pence
Trump refuses to take responsibility for spike in calls to poison control
Hillary Clinton Announces Endorsement Of Joe Biden
Cuomo Talks New York’s Decreasing Coronavirus Numbers, Deaths: ‘We Want To Reopen’
Katy Tur: NJ Protesters like ‘What I Heard … At Trump Rallies’
Florida Gov. DeSantis Visits White House To Discuss Re-Opening Plan With Trump
Ohio’s Primary To Test Voting By Mail Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
What The Epidemic Intelligence Service Means For The Virus
Al Gore On Environmental Implications Of Coronavirus Crisis
Sen. Schumer: Trump Is Hurting The Recovery He Wants
D.C. Mayor Enlists Michelle Obama In Coronavirus Response
Social Distancing Not Going Away Overnight, Says fmr. Surgeon General
Trump’s Intel Briefing Book Repeatedly Cited Virus Threat: Report
‘Disastrous’ Situation As PPP Loan System Crashes
As Coronavirus Hits, Navajo Nations Fights To Protect Their Elders And Culture |
Why Did Trump Downplay Warnings On Coronavirus?
Biden Leads Trump By 10 Points In New 2020 Polling
Facing Toxic Scandal, Trump Doubled Down On Briefing
Reopen or stay closed: Georgia restaurants face a hard choice
How to deal with financial stress caused by COVID-19
Cable news anchors with coronavirus share their experience with viewers
Over 150 doctors die of coronavirus in Italy

This seems to happen every week, Sunday’s headlines seem less, and Mondays make up for it.

Maine infected           1023             1040
Increase Infected        8                  17

Maine Dead               51                    51
Increase Dead            1                     0

While I isolated the day away, seventeen more Mainers got diagnosed.

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