Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Twenty Nine

Surviving C-19 Day 29
April 29, 2020 7:30 AM
99 Days since first US infection

Global Infected           3,053,965                   3,127,519                            
Increase Infected       72,373                        73,554

Global Dead                211,522                        217,569
Increase Dead            5,090                            6,047

US Infected                988,469                         1,012,583                                            
Increase Infected     22,536                         24,114

US Dead                      56,253                            58,355
Increase Dead           1,376                            2,102

US Tested                    5,593,495                    5,795,728
US Population           328,200,000                328,200,000

Increase Tested       152,416                       202,233

Since Yestermorn another 6,047 of my fellow humans have died.  Today we surpassed the body count of the Nam while the President plans on re-opening as if nothing is happening and still repeats “it will all go away”, No it fucking won’t.  It is an evolved organism, it will use our bodies like Motley Crue used hotel rooms until we vaccinate it out of existence.

I wonder, how many of us feel this way today?

“It’s a never ending attack
Ev’rything’s a lie and that’s a fact
Life is a lemon and I want my money back!

What about love?
It’s defective!
It’s always breaking in half

What about sex?
It’s defective!
It’s never built to really last

What about your family?
It’s defective!
All the batteries are shot

What about your friends?
They’re defective!
All the parts are out of stock

What about hope?
It’s defective!
It’s corroded and decayed

What about faith?
It’s defective!
It’s tattered and it’s frayed

What about your gods?
They’re defective!
They forgot the warranty

What about your town?
It’s defective!
It’s a dead-end street to me

What about your school?
It’s defective!
It’s a pack of useless lies

What about your work?
It’s defective!
It’s a crock and then you die

What about your childhood?
It’s defective!
It’s dead and buried in the past

What about your future?
It’s defective!
You can shove it up your ass!

I want my money back!

Life is a lemon and I want my money back!”—-Meatloaf

Morning Legacy Headlines

Myanmar military may be repeating crimes against humanity, UN rapporteur warns
Mile-wide asteroid flies past Earth in ‘close approach’, Nasa says
It’s a boy: British PM Johnson’s fiancée gives birth
WhatsApp: Israeli firm ‘deeply involved’ in hacking our users
Groups sow doubt about COVID vaccine before one even exists
Children attacking parents in ‘new form of domestic abuse’ during UK lockdown
Children under 10 can hug grandparents again without risk, Swiss health officials say
Germany ‘considering tightening lockdown again’ after just two weeks
Close to 2,500 crowd Brooklyn streets for funeral of rabbi who died of coronavirus
Slumdog Millionaire actor Irrfan Khan dies
The last places on earth without the coronavirus
Patients with certain cancers are nearly three times as likely to die of covid-19, study says
Covid, Corona and Lockdown: the newborns named after a pandemic
How does India, a country of 1.3 billion people, have around 1,000 coronavirus deaths?
MH17 crash: Russian general accused of authorizing transfer of missile that downed passenger jet
As US Unemployment Skyrockets, ‘Super Wealthy Are Getting Much Richer’ – Journo
Trump again says virus is “going to go away”
102-year-old woman born on ship during Spanish flu recovers from COVID-19
Justin Amash announces bid for presidency as Libertarian
Academy makes streamed films eligible for Oscars amid pandemic
Ford posts $2B 1Q loss blamed largely on coronavirus
Saudi Arabia’s Budget Deficit Reaches About $9 Bln in First Quarter
Q&A: With rock-bottom prices, will the oil industry recover?
Climate experts call for ‘dangerous’ Michael Moore film to be taken down
Pence Defies Mayo Clinic Guidelines by Not Wearing a Mask during an Official Visit
Tara Reade: What are the sex attack allegations against Joe Biden?
Blood test helped detect cancer before symptoms, study finds
Google reports weak revenue growth in first pandemic-affected quarter
Nearly 70 Dead in ‘Horrific’ Outbreak at Veterans’ Home
Donald Trump Says US Considering Coronavirus Checks on International Flights
U.S. reports 1 million confirmed coronavirus cases — nearly a third of the global total
Brazil court OKs probe into accusations Bolsonaro tried to interfere with police
Thunderbirds, Blue Angels conduct first ‘salute’ flyover to thank front-line COVID-19 workers
Italy’s tops 200,000 coronavirus cases, daily death toll rises
Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden for president in 2020 election
Grammy-nominated gospel singer Troy Sneed dies from coronavirus complications at 52
Coronavirus: British Airways set to cut 12,000 jobs as crisis grounds flights
U.S. coronavirus deaths projected at over 74,000 by August

“Climate experts call for ‘dangerous’ Michael Moore film<<Planet of the Humans>> to be taken down”, this new film which is free on ‘you tube’, explains exactly how and why our ideas of green are not fucking green at all.  It explains things I have said myself for years, if we switch off coal to wind and by so doing increase strip mining, mountaintop removal for rare earth metals and requires gas to run the turbines and those wind generators require heavy industry and coal power to be made, what is the offset?  If you have to build new windmills, with all that rare earth, heavy industry required, every ten years; then are we polluting less or just differently?

The simple fact of the matter is we cannot live like fat cats with 24 hour, around the clock, heat, power, food, entertainment, endless deliveries, international shipping and travel; and not fuck up the environment.  There are just too many of us for us to live that way and not trash the environment.  It’s a fool’s errand to pursue green technologies without understanding the offsets to determine is it actually of merit or just a placebo which makes us feel better as the environment gets worse.  This film aptly points out that there are a lot of problems with ‘green technologies’ and they are not going to fucking solve climate change, in fact it looks like a billionaires game of three card Monty with players you know, like the Koch’s, owning the production rights of solar and wind.

Mitigation vs herd immunity.

Please be aware that herd immunity is a hope, not a fact; It depends on the population gaining some immunity after infection and recovery.  Not all virus antibodies create resistance, some just tell us you have encountered that bug before.  In a mitigation strategy you stay at home as much as possible in the society to squash the bell curve and not allow the infection to spread to 70% of the population all at once, but over a longer time in order to prevent hospital overload and collateral damage.

I think that when they decided to lockdown, the idea was noble but held the assumption that the bell curve would not plateau, that the virus would be seasonal; and that led to an assumption the curve would flatten and trend down.  I see plateaus everywhere, both in China, Europe and here.  With mitigation NY has 300 or so deaths a day now, greatly reduced but far from an end in sight. 

We have similar situations all over Europe and when we open, as we must because someone has to plant the crops; when we do open we will bloom.  It is inevitable because we have not all been exposed. It is my personal hope that the early numbers out of prisons might prove good for us all.  If 94% of their population was infected and asymptomatic, then they would be at herd immunity already.  If that follows with us, then we are also at herd immunity and do not know it.

So the first ones out the door are our real life human canaries in the coal mine.  If there is no bloom we could assume there is some herd immunity going on, but the only way to know is to test. If there is a bloom and many people sicken while some die, then we were the test and we know there is not a large scale herd immunity.

If we stay in we more or less guarantee a depression, a constriction of the markets. If we open we risk large scale death, like those millions mentioned in the beginning weeks of this pandemic.  This pandemic is showing us the holes a fully capitalist economy leaves in our society when the chips are down.  Capitalism is great for both motivation (profit) and innovation (competition), however our medical system does not need profit and competition when it is busy trying to save our lives.  It needs staff with proper PPE and the medical supplies required.

70% is where you start to get the herd immunity effect, if those antibodies work, which we do not know yet. Let’s take two examples, NY and ME.  NY has 19,453,561 people with 295,106 infected, that is 1.51% of NY’s population, we would need around 13 million or so people infected and recovered from C-19 to achieve so called ‘herd immunity’. 

We cannot find out how many people had the asymptomatic C-19 without testing, so we cannot know how many are infected or were infected. Currently we know how many were hospitalizerd, because that is when you got the test for the majority of those tests. So that is a fly in the ointment.

Maine has 1,344,212 people with 1040 infections that is about 1/13th of 1% infected.  We would need about 940,948 infected to be at herd immunity.  Opening up before we have such testing is literally making the population into human tests for C-19.

What follows are the states listed by infection rates and populatrion. We ‘locked down’ with under 20,000 cases nationwide.  Many of these states are opening or already open or planning to open, which will make their populations into defacto human C-19 tests.

1. In New York 295,106 of 19,453,561 confirmed infected
#4 most populous

2. In New Jersey 113,856 of 8,882,190 confirmed infected
#11 most populous

3. In Massachusetts 58,302 0f 6,892,503 confirmed infected #15 most populous

4. In Illinois 48,102 of 12,671,821 confirmed infected
#6 most populous

5. In California 46,446 of 39,512,223 confirmed infected #1 most populous

6. In Pennsylvania 45,137 of 12,801,989 confirmed   infected
#5 most populous

7. In Michigan 39,262 of 9,986,857 confirmed infected
#10 most populous

8. In Florida 32,848 of 21,477,737 confirmed infected
#3 most populous

9. In Louisiana 27,286 of 4,648,794 confirmed   infected
#25 most populous

10. In Texas 26,357 of 28,995,881 confirmed infected
#2 most populous

11. In Connecticut 26,312 of 3,565,287 confirmed infected
#29 most populous

12. In Georgia 25,137 of 10,617,423 confirmed infected
#8 most populous

13. In Maryland 20,849 of 6,045,680 confirmed   infected
#19 most populous

14. In Ohio 16,769 of 11,689,100 confirmed infected
#7 most populous

15. In Indiana 16,588 of 6,732,219 confirmed infected
#17 most populous

16. In Virginia 14,667 of 8,535,519 confirmed infected
#12 most populous

17. In Colorado 14,316 0f 5,758,736 confirmed infected
#21 most populous

18. In Washington 13,842 of 7,614,893 confirmed infected
#13 most populous

19. In Tennessee 10,052 of 6,829,174 confirmed infected
#16 most populous

20. In North Carolina 9,893 of 10,488,084 confirmed infected
#9 most populous

21. In Rhode Island 7,927 of 1,059,361 confirmed infected
#44 most populous

22. In Missouri 7,545 of 6,137,428 confirmed infected
#18 most populous

23. In Arizona 6,955 of 7,278,717 confirmed infected
#14 most populous

24. In Alabama 6,779 of 4,903,185 confirmed infected
#24 most populous

25. In Iowa 6,376 of 3,155,070 confirmed infected
#31 most populous

26. In Mississippi 6,342 of 2,976,149 confirmed infected
#34 most populous

27. In Wisconsin 6,289 of 5,822,434 confirmed infected
#20 most populous

28. In South Carolina 5,735 of 5,148,714 confirmed infected
#23 most populous

29. In Nevada 4,821 of 3,080,156 confirmed infected
#32 most populous

30. In Delaware 4,575 of 973,764 confirmed infected
#45 most populous

31. In Kentucky 4,375 of 4,467,673 confirmed infected
#26 most populous

32. In Utah 4,345 of 3,205,958 confirmed infected
#30 most populous

33. In Minnesota 4,181 of 5,639,632 confirmed infected
#22 most populous

34. In District of Columbia 4,106 of 705,749 confirmed infected
#49 most populous

35. In Kansas 3,670 of 2,913,314 confirmed infected
#35 most populous

36. In Nebraska 3,517 of 1,934,408 confirmed infected
#37 most populous

37. In Oklahoma 3,410 of 3,956,971 confirmed infected
#28 most populous

38. In Arkansas 3,127 of 3,017,804 confirmed infected
#33 most populous

39. In New Mexico 2,974 of 2,096,829 confirmed infected
#36 most populous

40. In Oregon 2,385 of 4,217,737 confirmed infected
#27 most populous

41. In South Dakota 2,313 of 884,659 confirmed infected
#46 most populous

42. in New Hampshire 2,010 of 1,359,711 confirmed infected
#41 most populous

43. In Idaho 1,952 of 1,787,065 confirmed infected
#39 most populous

44. In Puerto Rico 1,433 of 3,195,000 confirmed infected
#Not a State

45. In West Virginia 1,095 of 1,792,147 confirmed infected
#38 most populous

46. In Maine 1,040 of 1,344,212 confirmed infected
#42 most populous

47. In North Dakota 991 of 762,062 confirmed infected
#47 most populous

48. in Vermont 862 of 623,989 confirmed infected
#50 most populous

49. In Hawaii 609 of 1,415,872 confirmed infected
#40 most populous

50. in Wyoming 536 of 578,759 confirmed infected
#51 most populous

51. In Montana 451 of 1,068,778 confirmed infected
#43 most populous

52. In Alaska 351 of 731,545 confirmed infected
#48 most populous

Afternoon Legacy Headlines

Remdesivir coronavirus drug trial shows ‘quite good news’: Fauci
Cuomo asks MTA for plan to disinfect subways each night
Cuomo shares a ‘portrait of America’
Vice President Pence criticized for not wearing mask
Trump calls on meatpacking plants to stay open amid outbreaks
Stew Leondard’s Supermarket CEO talks food shortage prevention
At least 1M infected with coronavirus in the US
Pandemic-free America?
Facing COVID-19 without clear sight or sound
Denver Zoo’s ‘new normal’
Airlines changing policies as traveler numbers rise
Chicago’s Wrigley Field turned into food pantry
Trump talks reopening America with industry executives
Trump, Birx spar with Yahoo reporter over key COVID testing data
Top Chinese official criticizes Trump’s suggestion of virus reparations
NY Gov Cuomo provides updates on state coronavirus numbers
Jim Jordan: The best stimulus is to go back to work
Kayleigh McEnany shares new White House communication strategy
Ingraham: It’s time Americans take back control over our lives, smartly, safely
Severe lockdown policies are taking an grave toll on mental health: Hume
McConnell hits back at Dems: Can’t pass bill without liability protection
Protestors back on streets as Lebanon’s economic woes deepen
Hazardous material: Dealing with the vast medical waste created by Covid-19 pandemic
Covid-19 around the world: Africa on the rise, US tops one million, and Europe eases lockdown
Test 24: how to impress your kids with an at-home science experiment
Can France’s plan for a ‘StopCovid’ tracking app work?
Eschewing lockdown, Sweden argues controversial approach is working
Amid rise in cases, Japan rethinks carefree attitude to Covid-19
Hit by coronavirus, can France’s equestrian sector stay afloat?
Coronavirus adds to economic pressure in Lebanon’s second city
French react to PM’s lockdown plan
Airbus boss says industry facing ‘gravest crisis’ in history
A nonsense’: French trade union attacks lockdown plan for prioritising economy over worker safety
Trump Orders Meat Plants Stay Open Despite Potentially Deadly Conditions
Trump Claims ‘Worst’ Of Pandemic Is Over As U.S. Deaths Top 58,000
Oxford University Scientists Say Coronavirus Vaccine Could Be Ready By Year’s End
First Coronavirus Antibody Test Without Doctor’s Visit Now Available
Clinton Endorses Biden: ‘We Need A Real President’ Not Someone ‘Who Plays One On TV’
Michigan consumers buy meat amid shortage fears
Trump upbeat on economy, orders meat plants open
Small business owners struggle to get loans
NYC mayor explains breaking up Jewish funeral
Cuomo: COVID deaths still ‘disgustingly high’
Fauci: Remdisivir study shows drug can block virus
Analyst: 2nd quarter of U.S. economy will be worse
Daily emails from ex-manager encourage, inspire
Life before pandemic remembered as ‘old normal’
Coronavirus: 98-year-old doctor working through the lockdown
Coronavirus: Lockdown on a deserted Australian Island
Coronavirus: One thing that makes job loss in US so painful
Coronavirus: Cuban doctors go to South Africa
US confirms one million coronavirus cases
Coronavirus: The hospice staff working through a pandemic
Coronavirus: BA warns of 12,000 job losses and years of weaker demand
Coronavirus: a third of deaths taking place in care homes
Coronavirus: What Trump voters think of his handling of crisis
Coronavirus: El Salvador Gangs ‘taking advantage of pandemic’
Trump touts relief program as businesses struggle to get aid
Nobel-winning economist offers plan to reopen America
Protests erupt in Lebanon as coronavirus outbreak fuels economic panic
U.S.-China tensions escalate over COVID-19 response
Panic Mechanic app could help Americans with panic attacks
Trump administration wanted to “flood” states with hydroxychloroquine, Vanity Fair reports
New data tracker helping NYC’s coronavirus response
House scraps plan to return to Capitol Hill amid coronavirus pandemic
Super Bowl champ Laurent Duvernay-Tardif joins front lines of coronavirus battle
Dr. Anthony Fauci on positive signs from coronavirus drug study on remdesivir
Cuomo promises daily disinfecting of subways amid coronavirus
Future of the global economy after coronavirus pandemic subsides
Dangers of avoiding medical treatment during COVID-19 pandemic
Should You Take A Coronavirus Antibody Test? What You Need To Know
A Pug Named Winston May Be The 1st US Dog With Coronavirus
Oxford Team May Lead In Race To Find A Coronavirus Vaccine
What Airlines Are Doing To Keep Passengers Safe
Vice President Pence Criticized For Not Wearing A Face Mask At Mayo Clinic
California Lays Out Reopening Plans, Trump Defends US Testing
California Gov. Gavin Newsom: ‘We’ve Got To Allow Parents To Go Back To Work’
Leah Remini Tells Hoda And Jenna About Her Quarantine Routine
Hoda And Jenna Share How They’re Working Out During Quarantine
Funeral workers balance safety, compassion as coronavirus deaths increase around D.C.
Pence visits Mayo Clinic hospital, does not wear mask
Covid-19 victims are memorialized across D.C.

Maine infected           1,040                                           1,056
Increase Infected        17                                                16

Maine Dead               51                                    52
Increase Dead            0                                     1

While I frittered away the hours in isolation, 16 more Mainers were diagnosed and another one died.

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