Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Thirty

Surviving C-19 Day 30
April 30, 2020 7:30 AM
100 Days since first US infection

Global Infected           3,127,519                   3,206,333            
Increase Infected        73,554                       78,814

Global Dead                 217,569                       227,958
Increase Dead             6,047                           10,389

US Infected                  1,012,583                   1,040,488                                            
Increase Infected       24,114                        27,905

US Dead                       58,355                           60,999
Increase Dead             2,102                           2,644

US Tested                    5,795,728                    6,026,170
US Population            328,200,000                328,200,000

Increase Tested         202,233                       230,442

Since Yestermorn another 10,389 of my fellow humans have died, 2, 644 of those were my fellow Americans.

Morning Legacy Headlines

Clean air in Europe during lockdown ‘leads to 11,000 fewer deaths’
France enters recession as GDP falls by record 5.8 percent in first quarter
Britain could miss COVID-19 testing target, says minister
No case of a child passing coronavirus to an adult exists, evidence review shows
South Korea reports no new domestic coronavirus cases, first time since Feb peak
Brazil President Bolsonaro on 474 Deaths in a Day: ‘So What’
California to close all beaches after crowds ignore social distancing rules
Germany bans Hezbollah, conducts police raids on possible members
Trump says he does not believe polls that show Biden ahead in presidential race
China cancels annual Boao forum due to coronavirus
Trump Claims China ‘Will Do Anything They Can’ to Sabotage His 2020 Reelection
China’s manufacturing sector steadied in April, PMI shows
US surpasses 60,000 deaths due to coronavirus
Dozens of Decomposing Bodies Found in Trucks at Brooklyn Funeral Home
LA Becomes First City in US to Offer COVID-19 Tests to All Residents
‘This is fascist’: Elon Musk delivers off-script rant criticizing coronavirus shutdown measures
Joe Biden Says He’d Leave US Embassy in Jerusalem if Elected
Barclays boss: Big offices ‘may be a thing of the past’
WHO changes to U.N. Syria memo risk stoking Trump-fueled criticism
Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony postponed until 2021
A 1st: US study finds Gilead drug works against coronavirus
Coronavirus is ‘just as deadly as Ebola as 40% admitted to hospital die’, expert warns
What a socially-distanced Disney World will look like when it reopens
Dow closes up 500 points on promise of coronavirus treatment, zero-level interest
Mother Goose sets up home in strangely quiet station concourse
Apple’s latest iOS beta makes it easier to unlock an iPhone while wearing a face mask
Men are more than twice as likely to die from COVID-19
U.K. now has world’s third-highest virus-related death toll
 Trump says current White House coronavirus guidelines will be ‘fading out’
Outcry as Spanish beach sprayed with bleach
Fed pledges to keep rates near zero until full employment, inflation come back
Coronavirus: 427 new deaths in France, more than 24,000 deaths in total
Italy’s daily coronavirus death toll falls, new cases stable
Coronavirus: Sharp rise in COVID-19 deaths in UK as care homes included in total for first time
New research reveals how micro plastic pollution is threatening biodiversity
Evidence coronavirus can spread through air detected in Wuhan hospitals
Half of world’s workers ‘at immediate risk of losing livelihood due to coronavirus’
Boeing will cut 16,000 jobs after posting a massive loss
U.S. Economy Shrinks at 4.8% Pace, Signaling Start of Recession

“UN: New polio outbreak in Niger after vaccination suspended.  The World Health Organization says Niger has been struck by a new outbreak of polio, following the suspension of immunization activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The U.N. health agency reported that two children were infected by the highly infectious, water-borne disease and that one was paralyzed.”

Medical details on nearly 17,000 coronavirus patients in England, Wales and Scotland have been analyzed.  It shows that:
49% survived and were discharged
33% have died
17% were still being treated
“”Some people persist in believing that Covid-19 is no worse than a bad dose of flu – they are gravely mistaken,” said Calum Semple, the chief investigator on the trial, and a professor in child health and outbreak medicine at the University of Liverpool.  The crude case fatality rate for people who are admitted to hospital with severe Covid-19 is 35% to 40%, which is similar to that for people admitted to hospital with Ebola.  “People need to hear this and get it into their heads… this is an incredibly dangerous disease.””

“Poison center: 2 Georgia men drink disinfectants in attempts to stop coronavirus.  “A man was hospitalized after he drank a full pint of disinfectant after Donald Trump suggested it as a possible treatment for Covid-19.” The director of the Georgia Poison Center, Gaylord Lopez, said that “the man was rushed to a medical center on Saturday after he admitted he ingested 16 ounces of bleach ‘to prevent Covid.’” Lopez added that the man, who has not been identified, has a history of psychiatric issues.”

Trump keep railing about China and the WHO attempting to shift blame for C-19 onto China and the WHO and away from his own lack of response in January and February after it came out he was repeatedly briefed on C-19 throughout January and February.  Trumps said the Federal Government has done “a spectacular job.”

Remdesivir shows great promise if used early in the infection cycle.  The antiviral drug prevents the virus from reproducing in the lung tissue.  It is much less effective if the virus has gotten into the immune response system.  I suspect we will modify this drug, tweak it over the summer and see a new drug based on this one.

Afternoon Legacy Headlines

Russia under surveillance
Economy reels from coronavirus pandemic as some states prepare to reopen
Los Angeles offers free coronavirus testing for residents
Pandemic warnings existed long before coronavirus hit US, experts say
COVID-19 shrinks economic growth
Old Guard stays on duty
Teachers going the extra mile for their students
Philadelphia doctor’s mission: Get residents tested
12-year-old describes how she fought COVID-19
Early trial results for remdesivir show promise
Florida’s governor shares plan to get state on its feet
Lebanon’s government approves economic rescue plan as unrest keeps pressure
France’s GDP falls by record 5.8 percent in first quarter as many other EU countries
Africa’s FinTech companies could push continent to go digital during Covid-19 pandemic
High hopes for Covid-19 vaccines around the world, as remdesivir trial shows ‘clear-cut’ effect
France and UK sound alarm over children’s heart inflammation possibly linked to coronavirus
Lithuania reopens its restaurants with strict rules as country eases Covid-19 lockdown
Displaced people among the most vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic
UK celebrates Captain Tom Moore’s 100th birthday as the WWII veteran raised 33M euros for NHS
Lebanon’s economic situation is ‘catastrophic’ as third night of unrest breaks out
South Korea reports zero new domestic coronavirus infection cases for the first time
France officially enters recession after worst ever growth slump
France enters recession as GDP falls by record 5.8 percent in first quarter
Worth the risk? Sweden bets on herd immunity
Under Trump, Formerly Stalwart CDC Goes Soft On Meat Plants
Evidence Suggests Coronavirus Death Toll Much Higher Than Official Count
States To Allow Elective Surgeries At Hospitals Again
White House Coronavirus Guidelines To Expire As Testing Challenges Continue
Trump’s Inability To Convince Public That It’s Time To Start Reopening Country
How ‘Animal Crossing’ Is Helping Mother-Daughter Duo Stay Connected During Quarantine
Michigan Protesters Demonstrate Against Stay-At-Home Order
Gov. Murphy Thanks Trump For Coronavirus Relief During New Jersey’s ‘Darkest Hour’
Trump Blames ‘Dirty Cops’ For Charges Against Michael Flynn
Protest at Michigan Capitol over virus order
Pence wears face mask as he tours Indiana plant
The Recruiting Stars Shine at NFL Draft
Georgia beer named after Fauci enjoys second run
Camera fascinates leopard cub at Illinois zoo
Pelosi: States, cities seek $1T to avert layoffs
Army defends choice to hold West Point graduation
Viral Questions: When will I get my relief check?
Amid virus, shelter at home ends for most Georgians
Teachers step in to feed families in Puerto Rico
New Orleans music scene moves to porches, Internet
Dozens of bodies found in trucks at NY funeral home
Justin Amash Eyeing Third Party Presidential Run
Coronavirus: UK is ‘past the peak’ says PM Boris Johnson
Coronavirus: Zero local cases in South Korea
‘We’ll starve to death if this continues’
RAF flypast in honour of Captain Tom
Calls for vote-by-mail increase during coronavirus
Iran deals with coronavirus amid concerns about human rights issues
Smart investing during market volatility
Trump and New Jersey Governor Murphy meet at White House
Cuomo outlines plans for a “tracing army” to fight coronavirus
Latest from Washington on the fight against the coronavirus
Sanitizers and disinfectants to kill coronavirus
Trump says federal social distancing guidelines are “fading out”
Trump discusses protecting America’s seniors amid coronavirus
Kudlow warns ‘deep, painful contraction’ in unemployment isn’t over
Karen Pence claims VP was unaware of Mayo Clinic’s mask policy
NY Gov Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio hold coronavirus press conference
Ingraham: Election year politics is trumping practical thinking, real science
Tucker: Our leaders are making a mockery of their own quarantines
Gutfeld on limiting coronavirus lawsuits
‘The Five’ has some suggestions for Dems refusing to go back to work
Trump talks reopening America with industry executives
Florida Set To Announce Reopening Plans While California Closes Beaches
Did COVID-19 Alter The Brain Of Doctor Who Died By Suicide?
NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren Announces She Is Cancer-Free
NY Hospital’s 1st Coronavirus Patient Released After 2 Months
Sister Of ER Doctor Who Died By Suicide: She ‘Couldn’t Help Enough People’
Remdesivir Reportedly Set To Be Approved By FDA To Treat Coronavirus
Dr. Anthony Fauci: Remdesivir Is ‘A Very Important First Step’ In Fighting Coronavirus
Ken Burns: Coronavirus Will Be Comparable To Great Depression In American History
Why contact tracing is vital to fighting coronavirus
No shows, no slots, no visitors: Coronavirus devastates Las Vegas
How a desperate need for ventilators sparked innovation

Maine infected           1,056                                           1,095
Increase Infected        16                                                39

Maine Dead               52                                    53
Increase Dead            1                                     1

Will we get our shit together? Work as a team whilst fighting the virus?
Will we continue to politicize every aspect for personal political gain?

Like Franklin’s Flag says, ‘Unite or Die”, E Pluribis Unam or be a victim of the virus and its social upheaval. Are we still capable of that, or has the divide and conquer tactic of Putin won out? Employed by Trump for political gain it split us in to fifty seperate peices fighting each other for PPE rather than uniting us all as one to fight a virus; Putins desire.

Now Trump seeks to divide us further because that is how he won, by dividing America and turning one part against the other. He seems not to see the virus as real, but as some invisible political enemy he can blame on others, like China or the WHO, when it is a fire and he holds the hose as president, but tell the states to put out the fire. Divide each state from the whole, into red states and blue states, insult the blue states and praise the red states; but Trump still seems to not understand that the virus is not political, its evolution.

Whilst I suffered the aches and pains of my reality in isolation; 39 more of my fellow Mainers were diagnosed and another lost their fight with C-19.

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