Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Thirty One

Surviving C-19 Day 31
May 1, 2020 7 AM
101 Days since first US infection

Global Infected           3,206,333                   3,271,961            
Increase Infected       78,814                        65,628

Global Dead               227,958                         233,704
Increase Dead           10,389                           5,746

US Infected                1,040,488                      1,070,032                                            
Increase Infected     27,905                          29,544

US Dead                    60,999                           63,019
Increase Dead         2,644                             2,020

US Tested                 6,026,170                       6,231,182
US Population         328,200,000                  328,200,000

Increase Tested      230,442                        205,012

Since yestermorn 5,746 of my fellow humans have lost their fight against C-19, of those 2,020 were my fellow Americans.

I have become aware over the last few days, that I have acquired actual real time readers.  I was not expecting that, and if you read the prologue you will see this is an exercise to record both the endless tsunami of data around the outbreak and how it makes me think or reason in real time.  In my mind this is for the historians of the future to look back on and data mine for whatever might seem pertinent to them.

To actual real time readers I hope you are minding the science as best you can and taking care of your friends and family as best you can.  I hope you persevere through this.  I do not expect to unless I can survive for the next three years or so in isolation.  I will be a bug on the windshield of C-19.  To all readers, thanks for your time. I hope some of this is of use to you and yours. Best wishes in this pandemic.

Morning Legacy Headlines

COVID-19 pandemic could last 2 years, 2nd wave could be worse – report
Coronavirus: Five skin conditions linked to COVID-19 identified, study finds
COVID-19 death rate in deprived areas in England double that of better off places
Chinese journalist jailed for 15 years for ‘vilifying the Communist Party and government’
Japanese aquarium urges public to video-chat eels who are forgetting humans exist
Nearly 900 workers at Tyson meat plant in Indiana test positive for coronavirus
Coronavirus: Two-and-a-half mile queue for food in South Africa
Yachts, Wine Cellars, Private Jets: Isolating With The Super-Rich
Hiker celebrating end of coronavirus lockdown falls to her death while posing for photo
WHO ministerial to open on May 18; UNICEF seeks flights for vaccines
Merkel warns of risk of new outbreak as Germany lifts lockdown
Pakistan parliament speaker who met Imran Khan tests positive for Coronavirus
Micro plastics: Scientists find highest level ever on seabed as they discover currents pull 99% to seafloor
Entire UK order of 250 Chinese ventilators ditched over danger to lives
Coronavirus: WHO ‘not invited’ to join China’s COVID-19 investigations
While Trump minimizes the toll, government orders 100,000 new body bags
Japan’s April factory activity shrinks at fastest pace in 11 years: final PMI
South Korea posts biggest exports fall since 2009, first trade deficit since 2012
Trump: Biden allegations ‘could be false,’ but ‘he should respond’
UK ethnic minorities suffer extra COVID deaths
Donald Trump says he’s seen ‘convincing evidence’ coronavirus originated from Wuhan lab
Armed demonstrators storm Michigan State House over stay-at-home order
Blood of supposedly recovered coronavirus patients being sold on dark web
Little League World Series canceled for first time
Israeli Helicopters Carry Out Attacks in Southern Syria
Amazon investors told to ‘take a seat’ as demand jumps
US can soon start sending people seeking asylum to Honduras
NASCAR to Resume Season May 17 With Seven Races in 10 Days
Flocks of flamingos turn Mumbai pink during coronavirus lockdown
Bolsonaro says WHO encourages kids to be gay, masturbate
Lebanon approves long-awaited economic rescue plan after months of unrest

OK, many states are now entering some form of reopening so I intend to list those and their numbers today so that I might track them as compared to others.  These states are our human C-19 test subjects, our canaries in the coal mine.

Montana reopening
51. In Montana 451 of 1,068,778 confirmed infected
#43 most populous
Too Small to be on the Johns Hopkins tracker after today’s update

Alaska reopening
52. In Alaska 351 of 731,545 confirmed infected
#48 most populous
Too Small to be on the Johns Hopkins tracker after the update

South Dakota reopening
41. In South Dakota 2,313 of 884,659 confirmed infected
#46 most populous
2,449 infected; an increase of 136 cases

Minnesota reopening
33. In Minnesota 4,181 of 5,639,632 confirmed infected
#22 most populous
5,136 infected; an increase of 955 cases

Oklahoma reopening
37. In Oklahoma 3,410 of 3,956,971 confirmed infected
#28 most populous
3,618 infected; an increase of 208 cases

Tennessee reopening
19. In Tennessee 10,052 of 6,829,174 confirmed infected
#16 most populous
10,735 infected increase of 683 cases

Mississippi reopening
26. In Mississippi 6,342 of 2,976,149 confirmed infected
#34 most populous
6,815 infected increase of 473 cases

Georgia reopening
12. In Georgia 25,137 of 10,617,423 confirmed infected
#8 most populous
26,388 infected increase of 1,251 cases

South Carolina reopening
28. In South Carolina 5,735 of 5,148,714 confirmed infected
#23 most populous
6,095 infected increase of 360 cases

Texas is reopening while it is at record high deaths.
10. In Texas 26,357 of 28,995,881 confirmed infected
#2 most populous
28,728 infected; an increase of 2,371

I think Georgia, Texas and Minnesota ought to rethink opening, but we will see as the numbers change, and hopefully learn from the deaths of our fellow American Canaries.  These are the numbers I gathered two days ago and updated this morning for infected growth increase.  Many other states, my own included, will have partial openings, only the states with biggest blooms remain closed.

I cannot stress strongly enough the need for time to pass before we judge whether or not any of these areas re-bloom.  First you allow a few days for any initial spread, then the gestation period is 14 days throughout which anyone infected would be infecting asymptomatically.  So any sign of bloom would become evident 15 to 20 days out from now.  If anywhere does bloom then it would look like NYC pretty quick and would become worse if that area did not lockdown again.  We are a long way from herd immunity.

Should businesses get an immunity from prosecution if their work site infects their workers, when workers are required to work or lose unemployment?
No, they should not.  The ability of such lawsuits is the impetus to force corporations and employers to ensure their employees are protected, without those protections we are back to pre-labor rules, where folks could be worked to death and have no recourse in the law.

So fuck no they should not be exempt.

“Biden denies sexual assault allegation, in his first statement on Tara Reade’s claims”
Let us set aside the 21 allegations made against Trump for a second and discuss a bigger problem with the entire ‘me too’ movement, which is entirely justified in itself; history amply illustrates that.  Let’s go back a few months to the Kavanagh hearing.  In that, the now justice, was accused of holding his penis in the face of a woman at a frat party in the 1980’s. 

Do I think that is likely, that a rich frat boy held his dick in the face of a poor girl at a frat party in the 80’s? 
Hell yes I do, I have seen frat boys do shit like that myself.  Drunken stupidity and kids in their 20’s go hand in hand.
Does that make the allegation proven, or even provable?
No, it does not, no matter how plausible our personal experience tells us it might be, no matter how emotionally persuasive the victims tale might be, it will not rise to the level of evidential proof.

Which creates a problem both for an accuser who is telling the truth, and for anyone accused if they are innocent.  Some acts are so despised by society that being accused is in itself a punishment.  If a person is falsely accused of rape, murder, molestation, incest or the like, that accusation will stick to them as if they are guilty.  If they themselves are ethical, they would realize that.  

That line of reasoning is why I thought then, and think now, that Kavanagh ought to resign and should never have taken the post; and he’s not alone.  Now, as it stands, half the country believes he did it, and half does not, more or less; which means half the nation thinks sex offenders sit on our highest court.  He ought to resign to save the reputation of the court in my view.

We, as Americans firmly believe in innocent until proven guilty as a social standard; we cast it in stone in our laws.  However when it comes to the types of crimes I listed above, we as individuals, cannot simply assume innocence.  If you meet someone who was accused, but not convicted, of child molestation; would you let them watch your children?  An accused rapist date your daughter? 

In cases like this we have to, for safety’s sake, err on the side of caution, because we cannot prove that horrid accusation false.  If the falsely accused person is ethical, they will also understand that others cannot prove them innocent and so err on the side of caution.  This makes any ethical person, falsely accused, isolated by their own ethics; understanding others cannot trust them by default because they cannot prove their innocence.

Kavanagh should have understood that, so too should Justice Thomas.

Thus, these heinous types of accusation, made public, create permanent stains on the accused whether guilty or innocent.  At the same time women must be able to accuse those who are guilty without fear of reprisal, not being believed or being shamed or humiliated in some way.  For decades and longer women have not been believed largely for the reason I stated above, if you accuse a rich powerful man of such a thing, they are stained by it, innocent or guilty.  Thus the male rationale was “It must be false and they are trying to smear him for money”, and women had no justice under that particular rule of thumb for centuries.

I think this is a problem we do not have the infrastructure to solve, so we are left with approving of one of two candidates, both of whom are already smeared.  Thus, we get to pick which one is less shitty, less likely to be guilty, based on no evidence, accusations, and denials.  We had better odds of justice on the middle school playground.

If we make a concerted effort to create a specialized, legal, nonpublic system by which a woman could make the accusation and be assured of a valid investigation and justice in the end we might make some difference.  However I do not believe many women would trust any form of nonpublic system, far too easy for powerful men to twist it as a new way to avoid responsibility.  Thus we seem pretty well stuck to me, women need the right to accuse, and such accusations have weight. 

I fear, if we see these accusations all the time; that they will lose that very weight and be seen again in that old light, of smear and assumption of innocence.  An insistence on women to prove the impossible, to prove an action intentionally committed far from the sight of others, not on video tape, not on live TV; an act committed in darkness to hide it from the light of day.  That burden is too cumbersome for any justice to survive.

This UC flare is sucking hard, chest pain all day despite the new chair.  Nothing like having a medical condition you cannot explain to any medical person without them reacting to a cardiac event.  “No, it’s not cardiac, its inflammatory” does not make a dent, “gotta rule out the heart”; not exactly an inspirational memory to have when suffering chest pain you know is arthritic, but which your brain wants to panic over if it persists, which it always does, for hours.  It is also positional and involves both my neck and back from injuries in the remote past and inflammation from UC, which affects my whole body. It is a pain in my ass.

Afternoon Legacy Headlines
NY schools closed statewide rest of academic year
Navajo doctors struggle to obtain resources to treat community ravaged by COVID-19
the debate to reopen
Signs of strength: Finding reasons to smile during the COVID-19 pandemic
Virus hits conflict zones
COVID-19 upends the college experience
White House reveals plan to fast-track vaccine timeline
1st glimpse inside a meatpacking plant as work continues despite coronavirus
Food lines new normal as states make plans to reopen
How to manage loneliness during the pandemic
30M lose their jobs across US, Syrian doctors struggle to fight COVID-19
Brazil’s coronavirus pandemic death toll tops 6,000 as Bolsonaro keeps ‘little cold’ rhetoric
Brazil’s city of Manaus resorts to mass graves as country’s coronavirus death toll soars
Trump says evidence ties Wuhan lab with coronavirus, as WHO wants invite to China’s probe
‘Desperate’ Lebanon takes to streets as government to seek IMF aid after approving rescue plan
Trump claims to have evidence tying Wuhan lab to coronavirus
China says US is ‘shirking’ its own responsibility by accusing Wuhan of creating coronavirus
French zoos adapt routine to respect coronavirus lockdown measures and protect animals and staff
Lebanon’s PM Hassan Diab announces country’s long-awaited rescue plan with IMF
Low-cost carrier Ryanair prepares to cut 3,000 jobs amid coronavirus pandemic crisis
South Africa begins to ease strict coronavirus lockdown pushing families to starvation
France’s lockdown to be eased based on colour-coded map over coronavirus cases
When to deconfine? Competing necessities, rival interests
Protesters hit the streets of Lebanon in May Day as government asks for IMF aid
Chris Hayes On Trump Refusing To Release Relief Funding For Burials Amid Pandemic
Nation Divided As New Wave Of States Begin Reopening
Joe Biden Under Pressure To Address Sexual Assault Accusation
Trump’s New Obama Envy? Coronavirus Debacle Contrasted To Obama’s Science-Driven Pandemic Prep
President Donald Trump Pushing The Limits Of Government To Rewrite History
N.J. Gov. Murphy Expands Testing For Inmates, Transit Staff
How Contact Tracing Plays A Significant Role In Fighting Outbreaks Like Coronavirus
Asian American Communities Work Together Amid Coronavirus To Deliver PPE To Front Lines
Mayor de Blasio Announces Plan To Open Certain Streets To Bicyclists And Pedestrians
Migrants Kept In Coronavirus Quarantine On Board Ferry Boat
Robots Installed At Hotels Used To Treat Coronavirus Patients
Thermal Glasses Provide Quick, Portable Checks Of COVID-19 Symptom
Trump: ‘Yes I Have’ Seen Evidence Virus Came From Wuhan Lab
No Coronavirus Hot Spot Is An Island
Atlanta Mayor: Governor’s Decision To Reopen Georgia ‘Baffling’
Coronavirus Lesson: More Testing Turns Up More Cases
Michigan Protesters Demonstrate Against Stay-At-Home Order
Virus crisis hits Italy’s migrants hard
WH: ‘Glad’ Biden went on record about allegations
Biden denies sexual assault allegation
McEnany doubles down on China in first WH Briefing
US stops releasing info on Taliban attacks
Louisiana health care workers honored by flyover
Virus death brings community to NYC strangers
AOC defends opposition to relief bill
NYC pays taxi drivers to deliver food during virus
12-year-old patient survives complications from virus
Police: 4 Amish children, 1 missing in buggy wreck
Make-A-Wish navigates providing hope during pandemic
L.A. residents drive up for free coronavirus tests
Stylist gives free haircuts to Thai health workers
US boy scouts plan summer camp amid virus lockdown
USNS Comfort leaves NY after helping virus fight
NYC struggles with homeless sheltering in subways
Coronavirus: impact on Global Economy
Coronavirus: How some countries started to exert control over the Virus
Experts suggest effective ways to combat coronavirus misinformation
Trump administration investigating origins of the coronavirus
Coronavirus pandemic exposes U.S. vulnerabilities in times of crisis
“London Calling”: Britain cancels VE Day celebrations
UN Secretary-General: “The world was not able to come together to face COVID-19”
Understanding immunity’s role in the coronavirus pandemic
U.S. intelligence community says COVID-19 was “not manmade or genetically modified”
Trump administration looking to speed up coronavirus vaccine timeline
Meat plant worker with COVID-19: “They have to protect us more”
Couple creates free food pantry on front lawn for neighbors in need
Holocaust survivor reunites with family after COVID-19 battle
Trump participates in Presidential Recognition Ceremony
McConnell calls Senate back to Capitol Hill after DC’s deadliest day
NY Gov Cuomo holds coronavirus press conference
Kevin McCarthy: Americans are craving liberty, freedom
Study: Gilead drug Remdesivir sped coronavirus recovery time by 31%
New York City Subways Will Close At Night For Cleaning, Gov. Cuomo Announces
How Far Does A $1200 Stimulus Check Go For American Families?
Part Of Meghan Markle’s Lawsuit Against British Tabloid Struck Out By UK Court
California Lays Out Reopening Plans, Including Possible Early Start To School Year
Remdesivir Company CEO: It’s ‘Not A Cure, But A Very Significant Treatment’
Jobless Claims Hit 30 Million, But Even More May Be Out Of Work
Protesters Storm Michigan Capitol As More States Debate Reopening
Meghan Markle Gives Job-Seeking Woman A Surprise Pep Talk Before Interview
Did coronavirus accidentally escape from a Wuhan lab? It’s doubtful.
The novel coronavirus is a master of disguise: Here’s how it works
New York’s covid-19 crisis through the eyes of a paramedic
What Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi get wrong about coronavirus
Shock, outrage after bodies found in U-Haul trucks at NYC funeral home

Maine infected           1,095                           1,123
Increase Infected       39                                 28

Maine Dead                53                                   55
Increase Dead            1                                     2

While I isolated in my minor aches and pains, 28 more Mainers were diagnosed and another 2 lost their fight against C-19.

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