Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Thirty Five

Surviving C-19 Day 35
May 5, 2020 5:30 AM
105 Days since first US infection

Global Infected                 3,522,593                             3,603,217
Increase Infected            76,302                                   80,624

Global Dead                       247,744                 251,910
Increase Dead                   3,622                                   4,166

US Infected               1,158,341    1,180,634                              
Increase Infected            25,272                                  22,293

US Dead                              67,686                                  68,934
Increase Dead                   1,301                                     1,248

US Tested                           7,053,366*                          N/A
US Population                   328,200,000                        328,200,000

Increase Tested                237,019                 N/A

John Hopkins removed the testing record, replacing it by a deaths/reco0vered by state field.  Here are the top five . . .
24,999 deaths, 58,950 recovered New York

7,910 deaths, 15,642 recovered New Jersey

4,139 deaths, 15,659 recovered Michigan

4,090 deaths, 0 recovered Massachusetts

2,838 deaths, 0 recovered Pennsylvania

I do not think this is as valuable to know right now, but that might change.  I suspect the folks at John’s Hopkins think that it will be so, which is tragic.

Let’s check those canaries, even though most of our states are now canaries as well . . .

In Montana, #43 most populous, 451 of 1,068,778 confirmed infected
Not included due to small size

In Alaska, #48 most populous, 351 of 731,545 confirmed infected
Not included due to small size

In South Dakota, #46 most populous, 2,631 of 884,659 confirmed infected, an increase of 37 cases

In Minnesota, #22 most populous, 6,663 of 5,639,632 confirmed infected, an increase of 571 cases

In Oklahoma, #28 most populous, 3,972 of 3,956,971 confirmed infected, an increase of 72 cases

In Tennessee, #16 most populous, 13,177 of 6,829,174 confirmed infected an increase of 394 cases

In Mississippi, #34 most populous, 7,550 of 2,976,149 confirmed infected an increase of 327 cases

In Georgia, #8 most populous, 28,945 of 10,617,423 confirmed infected, an increase of 507 cases

In South Carolina, #23 most populous, 6,626 of 5,148,714 confirmed infected, an infected increase of 131 cases

In Texas, #2 most populous, 31,998 of 28,995,881 confirmed infected, an increase of 814

The numbers seem like a plateau, lot of wobble, some down, others up, about fifty fifty.

Morning Legacy Headlines

British economy on track for biggest contraction ‘in living memory’
Elon Musk and Grimes welcome baby ‘X Æ A-12’
Philippines Orders Leading TV Network to Halt Operations
15 Children Are Hospitalized With Mysterious Illness Possibly Tied to Covid-19
New Zealand PM: No open borders for ‘a long time’
UK COVID-19 death toll rises above 30,000, highest in Europe
Top US health official contradicts Donald Trump’s claim coronavirus was made in a Chinese lab
German high court warns ECB that bond buying could be illegal
U.S. researchers predict 135,000 coronavirus deaths by August, citing eased restrictions
US spy planes could be pulled from Britain as White House conducts major Huawei review
Coronavirus present in France in December – a month earlier than thought, test indicates
UN: 19 million children among 46 million displaced in 2019
Intel shared among US allies indicates virus outbreak more likely came from market, not a Chinese lab
Three Russian doctors fall from hospital windows, raising questions amid coronavirus pandemic
2 Americans Reportedly Arrested as Part of Venezuela Raid That Sought to Capture Maduro
German study suggests infections are 10 times the number of confirmed cases
Trump Bans COVID Task Force From Testifying To Congress
US: Russia could try to covertly advise candidates in 2020
California Hospital Receives Anonymous $1 Million Donation for Employee Bonuses
New York police officer filmed beating up bystander during social distancing arrest
Britain says 6.3 million workers furloughed as of Sunday
The last supermoon of the year, the “Flower Moon,” will rise this week
World’s coronavirus death toll hits 250,000 in grim landmark in the battle against Covid 19
Germany to reopen large shops, allow soccer matches
WHO cautions against untested COVID-19 traditional remedies
U.S. CDC reports 1,152,372 coronavirus cases, 67,456 deaths
Syrian air defences thwart missile attack in Aleppo
Andrew Lack Is Out as the Head of NBC News After a Stormy Tenure
Reuters wins Pulitzer for photography; Alaska newspaper takes public service award
Trump administration projecting 3K daily coronavirus deaths by June
Malaria ‘completely stopped’ by microbe
Secretary of Senate declines to disclose information on Tara Reade complaint against Biden
Colorado man planning armed protest against state’s coronavirus restrictions arrested for pipe bombs

Do people like this realize they paint all Trump supporters with their brush? 
“A Colorado lockdown opponent was arrested for possession of pipe bombs.”

“Federal agents executed search warrants Friday morning at the Loveland home of Bradley Bunn, where investigators said they found four pipe bombs and potential pipe bomb components, reported ABC News.  The 53-year-old Bunn had been helping to organize an armed protest demanding the state government end its coronavirus restrictions.  Authorities began investigating Bunn after they were alerted to angry and aggressive social media posts encouraging others to bring military-style weapons to a May 1 demonstration at Colorado’s capitol building.”–Raw Story

“Malaria ‘completely stopped’ by microbe”

“What is this microbe?  The malaria-blocking bug, Microsporidia MB, was discovered by studying mosquitoes on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya. It lives in the gut and genitals of the insects. The researchers could not find a single mosquito carrying the Microsporidia that was harboring the malaria parasite. And lab experiments, published in Nature Communications, confirmed the microbe gave the mosquitoes protection. More than 400,000 people are killed by malaria each year, most of them children under the age of five.  While huge progress has been made through the use of bed nets and spraying homes with insecticide, this has stalled in recent years. It is widely agreed new tools are needed to tackle malaria.”—BBC

Afternoon Legacy Headlines

Trump downplays model showing deaths doubling
Daily deaths could double by June 1 as states ease restrictions
Staying focused on mental health
Italy begins to reopen
Lessons learned from quarantine
Stark warning about relaxing social distancing rules
Principal goes extra mile to celebrate graduating seniors
Life returning to something like normal in Italy
US accuses China of covering up severity of COVID-19
Moving toward reopening, Trump blames China over COVID-19, Italy begins reopening
Panera Bread starts initiative to provide meals to those in need during pandemic
Some industries ramp up hiring, increasing job openings during pandemic
Race to find COVID-19 vaccine intensifying
Trump delivers remarks at Honeywell mask production facility
Fox News obtains former vaccine director’s whistleblower complaint
Huckabee lays out dangers of Fauci testifying before Congress
Trump blasts COVID-19 oversight committee: ‘A bunch of Trump haters’
NY Gov Cuomo holds coronavirus press conferece
Trump says Dr Fauci will testify before Senate
White House rejects coronavirus spike forecast as states reopen
Man ordered to remove ‘Trump Flag’ from his boat speaks out
New White House proposal may include Taiwan in the WHO
Are state leaders on shaky legal ground with stay-at-home orders?
Could we see a coronavirus vaccine by the end of 2020?
It’s time for Christopher Wray to get the FBI in order
Why isn’t the ACLU fighting for our liberties?
Trump vs. the media during the COVID-19 pandemic
Hypocrisy and deceit inside the Democratic Party
Education experts fear prolonged lockdown could heighten student inequality
Britain begins post-Brexit trade talks with United States
Covid-19 in Madagascar: The president’s controversial ‘miracle cure’
We won’t fly the same way again’
Restarting production could avert further economic impact of lockdown
Buyers’ club model could ensure equitable distribution of vaccine
European professional football red-carded by Covid-19 pandemic
‘Speculative’ lab origin theory further exacerbates US-China tensions
French study suggests children are not large spreaders
Court rules on ECB bond-buying, while airline and motoring turmoil revealed
French mayors urge delay to school return, but government unmoved
Nigeria reopens some business, but finds customers lacking
“New gold standard”: Ann Pettifor denounces private capital dictating rules of Covid-19 response
Who pays for it? Europe’s response to Covid-19 crisis
Airlines need to reset”
“Take the train, not the plane”
Trump Visits Mask Production Facility in Phoenix
Chicago Faces Two Deadly Battles At The Same Time: Gun Violence And Coronavirus
France Faces Worst Financial Crisis Since World War II
Harvard Expert: The President Should Follow His Own Reopen Plan
‘Very Reckless Path’: Atlanta Mayor warns Residents Of Covid Risk Despite Governor Reopening Econom
Smoking Gun Evidence Reveals Trump Was Warned About Pandemic
States Begin Reopening As Tempers Flare Over Coronavirus Safety Restrictions
Coronavirus: U.S. Saw Its Deadliest 24 Hours Last Week
Heroes Of COVID-19: How Watts Community Activists Banded Together To Feed Their Neighbors
Trump Claims New Estimate Predicting More Coronavirus Deaths ‘Assumes No Mitigation’
De Blasio Rips Trump Over Coronavirus Bailouts: ‘Stabbing His Hometown In The Back’
Play Ball! South Korea’s Season Gets Underway Behind Closed Doors
Women Look To Hospital Birth Alternatives During COVID-19 Pandemic
How Coronavirus Could Change Schools In The Fall
Growth In Coronavirus Cases Shifts To Outbreaks Across U.S
Schumer: Trump Admin Prolonging Nation’s Agony, Avoiding Science
Trump Pushes States To Reopen As Data Predicts Spike In COVID-19 Deaths
Reality Of The Coronavirus Is Much Worse Than Trump White House Will Admit
Trump Blames China As New Forecast Puts U.S. Deaths At 135,000 By August
Rep. Schiff: Trump’s Removal Of Inspectors General Is ‘Deadly Dangerous’
People take hair into own hands during outbreak
Meat shortage caused by virus could hurt supply
US ramps up rhetoric over China virus response
Wisconsin justices question COVID-19 order
NYC crematoriums booked until June
Anonymous donor gives $1M to hospital employees
Cuomo: Restarting economy could have human cost
Michigan holding largely mail-based elections
Small wearable device monitors virus symptoms
Mexico receives 211 artificial respirators from the United States
Spain’s rural villages hit hard by virus deaths
Georgia Gov. tours medical facility amid outbreak
Intel chief nominee vows intelligence free of bias
Coronavirus: Thanking healthcare workers worldwide
Coronavirus lockdown: different routes back to normal life
Coronavirus: Can wearing masks stop the spread of viruses?
VE Day – the unknown British colonel who drafted the terms of German surrender
Coronavirus: Italy lifts restrictions after world’s longest shutdown
Coronavirus: sweeping changes to work and commuting when lockdown relaxed
Dealing with curly hair during lockdown
Child welfare workers document the struggles of their day-to-day amid pandemic
Pence says White House to wind down coronavirus task force
Doctors in Paris believe coronavirus may have been in Europe in late December
High school principal makes sure all 220 graduating seniors get parade
Edelman Trust Barometer reveals impact of the coronavirus response
Legendary NFL head coach Don Shula has died at 90
Pandemic underscores Africa’s digital divide as schools move online
Cuomo: Coronavirus is not just a “blue state” issue
Supreme Court to hear oral arguments in dispute over HIV/AIDS funding
How criminals are adapting to COVID-19 realities
Daily coronavirus deaths may double by June, report says
Ousted vaccine director says pandemic warnings were ignored
White House coronavirus task forces to be ‘phased down’ around Memorial Day
Greek PM: I empowered experts to fight Covid-19
How coronavirus masks became political
President Donald Trump downplays models projecting Covid-19 death increases
How climate change impacted the world in 2019
Dr. Fauci to Chris Cuomo: I don’t think people realized how you were sucking it up
Pelosi responds to Trump’s demand for payroll tax cut: No way
‘Egregious lie,’ CNN reporter fact-checks Trump’s Fox News town hall
Trump compares himself to Lincoln. Historian says he’s wrong
Dr. Bright: I Was Pressured To Let Politics, Cronyism Drive Decisions Over Science
De Blasio: Chris Christie Comments On Reopening Economy ‘Unconscionable’
New Jersey Beach Towns Prepare For Summer In A Pandemic
MI Nurse On Toll Of Pandemic: ‘We Are Not Immune’
Trump’s DNI Pick Rep. Ratcliffe Appears Headed For Senate Confirmation
Cuomo Criticizes Trump For Calling New York’s Request For Federal Help A ‘Bailout’
NYT: Trump Administration Projects Coronavirus Death Rate Will Soon Nearly Double
Senate Dems Call For Greater Action On Testing
Covid Death Toll Model Projections Increased As States Reopen
How Trump’s Lincoln Memorial Town Hall Came To Be
From NFL To NASCAR, Sports Plan Their Return
High School Proms Go Digital As Schools Remain Closed For Coronavirus
A Historical Precedent For White House’s Handling Of Virus?
California Set To Reopen Portions Of Economy
NYC ER Doctor Discusses Bout With Virus And Returning To Work
New Ad From Conservative Group Angers Trump
Models Predict Rise In Cases, Deaths In Coming Weeks
GOP Candidates Up For Re-Election Opt For Distance From Virus Response
Beaches are reopening across the U.S. Here’s what experts say you need to know before returning.

By the end of this mo0nth we will know how little or how deeply C-19 has infected us all.  If deeply we won’t have the immense bloom I fear, it also means the bug is more infectious and able to go undetected in the population for a long while.  If we do have the bloom, as I fear, those who go out to work will become infected and they will infect the vulnerable, and we will have to dig a lot of graves.

“There is mourning in America. Today more than 60,000 Americans have died from a deadly virus Donald Trump ignored.  With the economy in shambles more than 24 million Americans are out of work.  The worst economy in decades.  Trump bailed out Wall Street, but not Main Street. This afternoon millions of Americans will file for unemployment with their savings run out; many are giving up hope.  Many worry that a loved one won’t survive covid-19. There is mourning in America and under the leadership of Donald Trump our country is weaker, and sicker, and poorer; and now Americans are asking, “If we have another four years like this, will there even be an America?”
The Lincoln Project Ad against Trump (Conservative Group)

Maine infected                 1,205                                     1,226
Increase Infected            20                                           21

Maine Dead                       57                                           61
Increase Dead                   1                                             4

While I spent my day in isolation, 22 more Mainers entered the battle and 4 more lost that battle.

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