Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Forty Two

Surviving C-19 Day 42
May 12, 2020 8:45 AM
112 Days since first US infection

Global Infected           4,122,173                   4,197,142                            
Increase Infected         74,258                      74,969                                                  

Global Dead               283,055                      286,615
Increase Dead             3,350                          3,560

US Infected               1,329,799                  1,347,936
Increase Infected        20,258                      18,137

US Dead                   79,528                         80,684
Increase Dead           734                              609

Since yestermorn another 609 Americans have lost their lives to C-19.  The numbers look down pretty significantly, but this could be the plateau everyone’s on about. It could also be many things including our shutdown, however I think the good numbers from NY are masking bad numbers from other places.

Let’s check those canaries . . .

In Montana, #43 most populous, was 458 and is now 459 of 1,068,778 confirmed infected, an increase of 1 cases (0 yesterday)

In Alaska, #48 most populous, was 379 and is now 379 of 731,545 confirmed infected, an increase of 0 cases (1 yesterday)

In South Dakota, #46 most populous, was 3,517 and is now of 3614 of 884,659 confirmed infected, an increase of 97 cases (126 yesterday)

In Minnesota, #22 most populous, was 11,271 and is now 11,799 of 5,639,632 confirmed infected, an increase of 528 cases (481 yesterday)

In Oklahoma, #28 most populous, was 4,589 and is now 4613 of 3,956,971 confirmed infected, an increase of 24 cases (99 yesterday)

In Tennessee, #16 most populous, was 14,985 and is now 15,544 of 6,829,174 confirmed infected an increase of 559 cases (217 yesterday)

In Georgia, #8 most populous, was 33,836 and is now 34,002 of 10,617,423 confirmed infected, an increase of 166 cases (1,248 yesterday)

In South Carolina, #23 most populous, was 7,653 and is now 7,792 of 5,148,714 confirmed infected, an infected increase of 139 cases (122 yesterday)

In Texas, #2 most populous, was 39,258 and is now 40,590 of 28,995,881 confirmed infected, an increase of 1,332 cases (864 yesterday)

On Mississippi
in Mississippi, #34 most populous, was 9,783 and is now 9,674 of 2,976,149 confirmed infected a decrease of 109 (-109) total cases (282 yesterday)
Sorry folks, that is not possible, your total cases cannot go down, ever.  Your active cases could, not total cases. This is the number on John’s Hopkins today 9,674.

This is from May 10th on my blog and in my word notes.
In Mississippi, #34 most populous, was 9,378 and is now 9,783 of 2,976,149 confirmed infected an increase of 405 cases (1097 yesterday); This is a major fuck up from Mississippi, they are not counting total cases correctly or perhaps are only counting active cases as total cases, you cannot have a total of less cases today than two days ago without some kind of error.

I passed that bit on to CNN via e mail.

Morning Legacy Headlines

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman tests positive for coronavirus
UK extends COVID job retention scheme by four months
Suicide bomber kills, wounds scores in Afghanistan at funeral for policeman
Climate change: Study pours cold water on oil company net zero claims
More than 100 coronavirus cases now linked to growing South Korea nightclub cluster
UK coronavirus death toll ‘passes 40,000’ – by far the worst in Europe
Australian man arrested more than 30 years after homophobic murder
China says it is not yet the time to relax coronavirus measures
Bryan Adams attacks China as ‘bat eating, virus making’ source of coronavirus
Bitcoin goes through much-hyped third ‘halving’
Gun control group starts faith-driven push ahead of election – 680 NEWS
Opinion: What is ‘Obamagate’ and why is Trump so worked up about it?
Overloaded ventilator fire kills five coronavirus patients in Russia
Hong Kong to prioritize passing of contentious anthem bill
Coronavirus: Prisoners filmed deliberately trying to catch COVID-19 to try to get early release
Round Three: Mike Tyson hints at new bout with old rival Evander Holyfield
Uber Fires 3,500 Employees Via Zoom Call Due to COVID-19 Pandemic
New Zealand sticks with support for Taiwan at WHO despite Chinese rebuke
Mexico’s president orders military on streets to curb rising violence
Japan to approve its first antigen coronavirus test kits on Weds
Mexico: coronavirus kills 111 medical staff, infects 8,544
Face masks found in trash being re-sold in Mexico
Trump campaign, RNC raise $61.7 million in April, have $255 million on hand
‘You should ask China’: Trump terminates press conference after clash with reporters
Trump ‘not interested’ in reopening U.S.-China trade deal after report of Beijing discontent
Sebastian Vettel to leave Ferrari at end of season
Elon Musk Defies Rules To Restart Production: ‘If Anyone Is Arrested, I Ask That It Only Be Me’
US coronavirus death toll passes 80,000 as states move to phased reopening
Nurse dies two weeks after rushing without N95 mask to save coronavirus patient
China’s Wuhan plans city-wide testing for coronavirus over period of 10 days
Corey La Barrie death: Youtube star dies in car crash on his 25th birthday
Guaidó advisers quit following bungled Venezuela raid
White House directs West Wing staff to wear masks at all times -administration official
Nearly 2000 former DOJ officials call for AG Barr to resign over Flynn case
Twitter launches labels, warnings on misleading COVID-19 information
Sanders says another presidential run is ‘very, very unlikely’
France investigating ex-president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing over sex assault claims
Our species might have reached Europe earlier than thought
Coronavirus vaccine may never be found, Boris Johnson says
Study: Virus death toll in NYC worse than official tally
Tawakkol Karman ‘bullied’ by Saudi media with Facebook nomination
Canada now has more than 5,000 deaths from COVID-19
U.S. Justice Department weighs hate crime charges in death of Ahmaud Arbery
Interpol issues red notice for US diplomat’s wife charged with killing Harry Dunn
WHO says ‘extreme vigilance’ needed in exit from lockdowns
Car sales in China mark first gain in almost two years as coronavirus curbs ease
For Malaysian schoolgirl, homework is sewing PPE gowns to help beat coronavirus
‘Coronavirus hairstyle’ spikes in popularity in East Africa
Biden: Trump testing promise a ‘baldfaced’ lie
Warning to leave parcels for 72 hours before opening to reduce coronavirus risk
People in the UK have been told to wear face masks on public transport and in shops

So I am listening to the Senate Coronavirus briefing live, and distressed that I can see political positions in the science community dealing with the issue.  Those who are political have a spin to their rhetoric; that spin is ‘Look at all we have done!’, vs what we need to do now, and what to do next.  Hence it sounds a lot like Trump, having a bragging nature about it while Americans are dying.  It reminds me of the daily Body Counts from the Nam, when every night the Government would tout the dead as a symbol they were winning; this admin seems to follow a similar tact, pushing up everything they have done while ignoring any and all failures and denying any and all responsibility.

Listening to this I recalled what I was on about yesterday, it was Mr. Barr, the AG.  He reci8nded the prosecution of General Flynn, who plead guilty twice, because he determined after the fact, that the measures used to launch the case were insufficient.  This is unprecedented and changes the nature of law.  As I understand it Barr is saying, because of one old e-mail, that the investigators were improper.  Now they how of that boggles my mind.  Apparently the investigators (FBI) had discussed ‘how to get the suspect’, for example if we ask him where was he on a certain day, and we know he was at location A, he can either admit he was at location A (a crime) or lie about it to us (a crime).  This is straight up SOP in all police investigations, in questioning suspects.  Barr is alleging that makes the case without merit from the outset.

Worse, there is little under the law the presiding judge can do, all they can do under the law is ask why.  That might prove uncomfortable, but that is all it is.  The judge might admonish the AG, but he is a political appointee, not another Judge or lawyer.  Trump got his Roy Cohen all right, Barr is all that and worse.

OK, wtf is ‘Obamagate’?  I will have to go deep diving to see now.  I suspect it originated on 4-chan or some similar place.  Trump and his supporters trying to blame Obama for corona, when it did not exist? Or is it Trump and his supporters trying to smear Dems in general by smearing Obama over this Flynn debacle Barr is overseeing?  Let’s find out.

“Apparently it’s the biggest political scandal in American history, but I can’t seem to figure out what Obama supposedly even did. Is this the first tautological scandal? It exists because someone decided a scandal needed to exist?”—steronz  boards@straightdope
What is ‘Obamagate’? 3 things to know about Trump’s latest fixation-The Independent
“Donald Trump went on a 126-tweet and retweet Mother’s Day storm on Sunday, the second-most prolific day on the app during his presidency. Amid the chaos, the president coined the term “OBAMAGATE,” which appears to be a repackaging of his belief that his predecessor, Barack Obama, was privy to — or directed — a grand conspiracy among US intelligence officials to kneecap the Trump presidency in its nascence by using the FBI to entrap certain incoming Trump advisers such as erstwhile national security adviser Micahel Flynn.  Even many of Mr Trump’s harshest critics agree he is a marketing wiz, so it’s no wonder he grabbed onto the tidy phrase “Obamagate” as a catch-all for the web of beliefs in right-wing circles that Mr Obama was part of a vast network of conspirators who sought to undermine his 2016 campaign and intentionally beset the first two years of his presidency with a sham Russia investigation.”

“The ‘Obamagate’ theory has been around for a while — just not by that name
Not even Trump appears to know what exactly Obamagate is
Republicans in Congress are lining up in support of Mr Trump’s theory”—The Independent

So I was wrong, Trump is trying to repackage and remarket the Impeachment as an injustice to him and which justifies his re-election because obviously the ‘Deep State” was out to get him.  Sorry Charlie, the only thing on anyone’s mind this year is surviving the fucking Pandemic you are botching the response to in real time.

Afternoon Legacy Headlines

Pandemic hits minorities at disproportional and alarming rate
Virtual variety show lends helping hands and some laughs
Many states begin to lift lockdowns
Romney asks Fauci if Trump or Obama are to blame for lack of vaccinations
COVID-19 testing coordinator testifies on COVID-19 response
FDA commissioner testifies on COVID-19 response
CDC director testifies on COVID-19 response
Murray delivers opening statement in COVID-19 Senate hearing
Warren asks Fauci if COVID-19 is contained
President Trump and Vice President Pence will now stay apart
Signs of strength during COVID-19 pandemic
China retests Wuhan residents in bid to restart economy
Virus spread: What is the R number and why is it important?
Lebanon announces 4-day ‘full closure’ from Wednesday
Could France afford to have locked down for longer?
Virus may push more asylum-seekers to EU
China’s Wuhan province to test entire population after new cluster
Supreme Court to rule on release of Trump tax returns
South Korea braces for second wave after nightclub outbreak
Tourist operators on Mont Saint-Michel left high and dry by coronavirus fallout
Confined no more, Parisians return to nature for a breath of fresh air
India’s garment factories at standstill as workers stuck home and int’l brands cancel orders
French economic activity plunges in April, but shows improvement on March
How contagious? Conspiracies, lies and the Covid-19 ‘infodemic’
Italy, a super-spreader of Chinese propaganda?
Is France ready? Covid-19 lockdown loosened
Obama Calls Trump Administration’s Virus Response ‘Chaotic Disaster’
Trump Still Insists ‘Anyone’ Can Get Tested For Coronavirus; It’s Not True.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi On Three ‘Pillars’ Of Next COVID-19 Rescue Bill
Trump: U.S. Has ‘Prevailed’ At Coronavirus Testing
Georgia Attorney General Appoints New Prosecutor To Ahmaud Arbery Case
White House Staffers Required To Wear Masks In West Wing
3 Top Health Officials Self-Isolate After Coronavirus Cases Inside White House
Watergate Prosecutor: Barr Dropping Flynn Case ‘A Clear Coverup’
Dr. Fauci Set To Warn That Reopening US Too Quickly Could Bring ‘Suffering And Death’
Dr. Fauci Delivers Opening Statement At Senate Coronavirus Hearing
Dr. Fauci Hopes Relief Efforts Will Help ‘Effectively’ Handle Coronavirus In The Future
Dr. Fauci Warns Of ‘Serious’ Consequences If States Reopen Too Quickly
Dr. Fauci: ‘A Bridge Too Far’ To Expect Coronavirus Vaccine In Time For Next School Year
Dashcam shows chaos as shots fired in Texas park
Pelosi unveils $3T bill, warns inaction costs more
Senate split over new 3T House coronavirus bill
NY Gov: More children with illness linked to COVID
McEnany defends not wearing a mask during briefing
Nebraska, Wisconsin voting despite pandemic
Girl dead after Utah canyon flood, sister missing
Dems blast officials for vague reopening guidance
Supreme Court hearing clash over Trump finances
52 NYC children have syndrome linked to virus
Inside look at morgue coping with virus deaths
Coronavirus: The lost six weeks when US failed to contain outbreak
Coronavirus: primary schools in England may re-open in June
Coronavirus: questions over work safety as lockdown relaxed
Coronavirus: Boris Johnson defends his plans to relax lockdown
Coronavirus: Dutch care home reunites families in a glass pod
Coronavirus: Sex workers meet clients despite lockdown
Coronavirus: How lockdown is being lifted across Europe
Coronavirus: PM encourages some people to return to work
Coronavirus: Boris Johnson announces gradual easing of lockdown
Cuomo calls for legislation with “no handouts to greedy corporations”
Dr. Anthony Fauci testifies on progress towards a coronavirus vaccine or treatment
Dr. Anthony Fauci on the risks of reopening too fast
N.Y. doctor on coronavirus testing and what’s needed to reopen U.S. economy
$115 million raised during “Rise Up New York!” telethon hosted by Tina Fey
Trump claims progress on testing; tells reporter to “ask China” about coronavirus deaths
States to receive nearly 13 million swabs, other testing supplies in coming months
Mom and newborn baby leave hospital after battling coronavirus
Senator Tammy Baldwin: Trump has testing strategy for the White House, but not the rest of the country
Coronavirus pandemic impacts U.S. meat industry
New Orleans sees deadly racial disparities of COVID-19
U.S. dealing with biggest ‘existential threat’ it’s ever faced: Rep. Mike Waltz
Huckabee: I got more confidence in the rock band ‘The Who’ than WHO
Munchin on toll coronavirus pandemic is taking on US economy
Mother’s Day messages to military on frontlines
Hilton: Stop dangerous divisive misinformation
NY Gov Cuomo speaks to press ahead of state’s reopening
Dr. Fauci testifies before Senate on coronavirus response
Fauci to warn Senate of ‘needless suffering’ if US opens too quickly
Jim Jordan blasts handling of Flynn case: Time to hold people accountable
‘Don’t Ask Me, Ask China’: Trump Abruptly Ends Briefing When Asked About China Hostility
Supreme Court Hears Arguments In Trump Taxes Cases
Romney: US Coronavirus Testing Record ‘Nothing To Celebrate’
Fauci Urges Caution About Reopening Schools In The Fall
Tim O’Brien: I’ve Seen Trump’s Taxes, And You Should, Too
‘Trump Can’t Handle Women, Particularly Strong Women’
Is ‘Obamagate’ A Phrase With Any Meaning?
72 Die From Coronavirus At Home For Veterans
Trump Makes False Claims On Per Capita Virus Death Rates: WaPo
Immigrants Stalled At Border Await Court Date Amid COVID-19 Outbreak
Biden Ad Says Trump’s Failure To Lead ‘Destroyed’ The Economy
Trump Abruptly Ends News Briefing After Clash With Reporters
COVID-19 Hits Close To Home As Top White House Aides Test Positive – Day That Was
Celebrating Ramadan Under Quarantine
Caged, Tasered And Teargassed: COVID Lockdown Punishments Across The World
New York DOH Investigating 100 Cases Of Possible COVID-Related Children’s Illness
Tina Fey Talks About ‘SNL,’ ‘Kimmy Schmidt’ And ‘Rise Up New York!’ Telethon
Princeton Names Its First Black Valedictorian
Paris Comes Back To Life As France Eases Its Coronavirus Lockdown
Elon Musk Reopens Tesla Facility, Defying Local County Orders
Justice Department Weighs Hate Crime Charges In Shooting Of Ahmaud Arbery
Boeing CEO: It Could Take 3-5 Years For Airline Industry To Return From ‘Apocalyptic’ State
Young patients at D.C. children’s hospital experience rare syndrome linked to coronavirus
Coronavirus killed his only son. Four days after the funeral, he was back at work.

Maine infected                 1,462                     1,477
Increase Infected            26                           15

Maine Dead                       65                          65
Increase Dead                   1             0

Whilst I suffered the slings and arrows of age in isolation, 15 more Mainers entered the fray.

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