Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Forty Four

Surviving C-19 Day 44
May 14, 2020 8:30 AM
114 Days since first US infection

Global Infected           4,281,838                   4,369,410                            
Increase Infected       84,696                      87,572                                                                  

Global Dead               292,376                         297,569                                                
Increase Dead           5,727                           5,193

US Infected               1,370,016                      1,390,764
Increase Infected    22,080                      20,748

US Dead                   82,389                               84,136
Increase Dead        1,705                           1,747

Since yestermorn another 1,705 Americans have lost their lives to C-19.

A Titanic a day still . . .

Let’s check those canaries . . .

In Montana, #43 most populous, was 461 and is now 462 of 1,068,778 confirmed infected, an increase of 1 cases (1 yesterday)

In Alaska, #48 most populous, was 383 and is now 383 of 731,545 confirmed infected, an increase of 0 cases (4 yesterday)

In South Dakota, #46 most populous, was 3,663 and is now 3,732 of 884,659 confirmed infected, an increase of 69 cases (49 yesterday)

In Minnesota, #22 most populous, was 12,494 and is now 12,917 of 5,639,632 confirmed infected, an increase of 423 cases (695 yesterday)

In Oklahoma, #28 most populous, was 4,732 and is now 4,853 of 3,956,971 confirmed infected, an increase of 121 cases (119 yesterday)

In Tennessee, #16 most populous, was 16,111 and is now 16,349 of 6,829,174 confirmed infected an increase of 238 cases (567 yesterday)

In Georgia, #8 most populous, was 34,848 and is now 35,427 of 10,617,423 confirmed infected, an increase of 579 cases (846 yesterday)

In South Carolina, #23 most populous, was 7,927 and is now 8,030 of 5,148,714 confirmed infected, an infected increase of 103 cases (135 yesterday)

In Texas, #2 most populous, was 41,733 and is now 43,020 of 28,995,881 confirmed infected, an increase of 1,287 cases (1,143 yesterday)

In Mississippi, #34 most populous, was 9,908 and is now 10,090 of 2,976,149 confirmed infected, an increase of 182 cases (234 yesterday)

So still wobbling, mostly up and some significantly up.

Morning Legacy Headlines
Coronavirus Deaths Hit 300,000 Worldwide—About One-Third From U.S
Congress reauthorizes USA Freedom Act without warrantless web surveillance ban
Pentagon fires its point person for Defense Production Act
Virus whistleblower tells lawmakers US lacks vaccine plan
Sen. Richard Burr steps down as Senate intel chair during coronavirus stock sale probe
WTO Director-General Roberto Azevedo plans to step down
New Zealand leaps out of coronavirus lockdown with bungee jumps, midnight haircuts
Israel to swear in new government, ending nearly 18 months of political deadlock
About 200 Goats Escape, Roam the Streets of East San Jose
France orders social media firms to delete certain content within one hour or face fines
South Sudan says records its first coronavirus death – statement
148,000 in England infected with coronavirus in last two weeks
Jeff Bezos could become world’s first trillionaire, and many people aren’t happy about it
Loud Talking Can Spread More than 1,000 Coronavirus Particles in the Air for 14 Minutes: Study
Court revives lawsuit targeting President Trump’s business dealings at D.C. hotel
Another 3 million Americans file jobless claims as layoffs continue to ravage economy
Spain records rise in daily coronavirus deaths: 217 in the past 24 hours
Still in the grip of Covid-19, US & Poland plan to practice defeating enemy on NATO’s ‘eastern flank’
Mouthwash could prevent COVID-19 transmission, scientists say
France says ‘unacceptable’ for Sanofi to give coronavirus vaccine to US first
French serial-killer expert admits serial lies, including murder of imaginary wife
European Medicines Agency: coronavirus vaccine could be ready for approval in a year
Typhoon roars towards the Philippines amid coronavirus lockdown
New US documents reveal more details on UFO encounters
New York police union calls city health commissioner ‘b***h’ over face mask row
Coronavirus spike in Buenos Aires slum complicates plans to ease restrictions
NASA mission to save the world may cause artificial meteor shower
Black light experiment shows how quickly a virus like Covid-19 can spread at a restaurant
Pet carriers: Coronavirus spreads between cats, study shows
U.N. warns of global mental health crisis due to COVID-19 pandemic
Coronavirus: Children hit by rare Kawasaki-like disease linked to COVID-19
Myanmar’s army investigating soldiers over video of abuses
Melissa Etheridge says 21-year-old son Beckett Cypher dead from opioid addiction
Trump extends executive order aimed at Huawei to guard US supply chain
Trump names ex-pharmaceutical executive, general to lead vaccine push
Judge Appoints Outsider to Take On Justice Dept. in Flynn Case
W.H.O. Official Warns That Coronavirus ‘May Never Go Away’
Trump calls Fauci’s caution on schools reopening ‘not an acceptable answer’
Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down stay at home order
Vitamin D deficiency may be linked to more severe cases of COVID-19, studies suggest
27M Americans may have lost job-based health insurance due to COVID-19 downturn
Dow drops 517 points after Fed’s Powell warns of permanent economic damage without more stimulus
US has granted refugee status to just two people since March
Tesla HR to employees: ‘Choose not to work, it may impact your unemployment benefits’

“Cats with no symptoms spread virus to other cats in lab test”
“Cats can spread the new coronavirus to other cats without any of them ever having symptoms, a lab experiment suggests.  Scientists who led the work, reported on Wednesday, say it shows the need for more research into whether the virus can spread from people to cats to people again.”

Afternoon Legacy Headlines
Dr. Rick Bright testifies before Congress
Fauci ‘wants to play all sides of the equation’: President Trump
Memo reportedly shows COVID-19 spreading in America’s heartland
Manafort granted early release
Health official turned whistleblower to testify about virus
Pfizer designs manufacturing line for potential vaccine
Future of dining out in question because of COVID-19
San Francisco mayor calls on billionaires to step up
Can we socially distance on airplanes?
House reviews Dems’ new $3 trillion stimulus bill
Peter Navarro touts American innovation as hope for the future
Ingraham: COVID truths, frauds and tyrants
Judge Jeanine reacts to ‘shocking’ delay on resolving Flynn case
No Covid-19 vaccine expected ‘until 2021’, virologist says amid Sanofi row
Lebanon’s artists cheers up medical workers’ life amid Covid-19 pandemic fight
WTO Chief Azvedo to step down earlier amid ‘post-Covid reality’ as global economic crisis rages
France’s ‘massive’ 18 billion-euro aid plan ‘gives the tourism sector a bit of hope’
Covid-19 ‘virus could never go away’ unless highly effective vaccine is developed, WHO warns
France unveils ‘massive’ 18 billion-euro aid plan for tourism sector hit by Covid-19 crisis
Cannes festival cancellation worsens local economy’s situation amid Covid-19 pandemic
Face masks and gloves mark plastic comeback amid Covid-19, raising fears of pollution
Brazil becomes 6th worst-Covid-19-hit country, passing France, as court demands Bolsonaro’s test
Brazil’s Covid-19 situation worsens drastically as country becomes World’s 6th worst-hit
Beijing rejects claims of Covid-19 vaccine theft as ‘smear’, as US-China blame-game continue
Sanofi’s Covid-19 potential vaccine ‘should not’ go to US first, French government says
Wisconsin Governor: Four Judges Have Thrown Our State Into Chaos
Stay Home Or Open Up? U.S. Political Divide Hits Coronavirus Response
FBI Serves Burr A Warrant Over Stock Sales Made As Pandemic Hit
FBI: China Is Targeting U.S. Coronavirus Research Through Cyberattacks
Murphy: NJ Non-Essential Construction, Retail Store Curbside Pickup Can Start Monday
Cuomo: Frontline Workers Tested For Antibodies At Lower Rates Than General Population
Trump Announces Initiative To ‘Replenish And Modernize’ National Stockpile
Cuomo: ‘We Should Never Again As A Nation Have To Scramble’ For Medical Equipment
Asian American Celebrities Speak Out Against Coronavirus Hate
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Announces Jersey Shore Will Open For Memorial Day
The History (And Uncertain Future) Of The Handshake
Arctic Scientists Stranded By Coronavirus Travel Restrictions
Mayor Celebrates Return Of Tourism To His City With Bungee Jump
Wuhan Starts Citywide Testing Again For COVID-19
CDC Not ‘Keeping Up Its End’ In Helping States With Coronavirus
Stay Home Or Open Up? U.S. Political Divide Hits Coronavirus Response
FBI Serves Burr A Warrant Over Stock Sales Made As Pandemic Hit
Wildfires shut stretch of I-75 in SW Florida
As revenues plummet, Calif. budget cuts billions
Pandemic puts stranglehold on DC metro ridership
When COVID-19 came to rural America
Burr: Probe is a distraction to Intel Committee
Trump, Azar take on Bright as ‘angry, disgruntled’
Virus whistleblower: US lacks vaccine plan
NYC store owner ‘frustrated’ by delayed stimulus
Bars open as Wis. court rejects stay-at-home order
WH adviser: Claims data ‘better than expected’
Doctor warns of ‘darkest winter’ if virus rebounds
COVID victim’s son: NY didn’t protect vulnerable
Some school years, senior celebrations cut short
Coronavirus: New coronavirus clusters have been reported in China
Coronavirus: We will have summer tourist season, promises EU
How badly hit is Mexico by coronavirus?
Cuomo reveals phased reopening of New York state
ER doctor on the keys to the government’s coronavirus response
FBI seizes Senator Richard Burr’s phone in investigation into stock sales
More children diagnosed with illness possibly linked to the coronavirus
‘We’re in deep s***,’ whistleblower recounts unforgettable email
Trump could learn about leadership from Obama and Bush
Richard Bright: This could be the darkest winter in modern history
Another 3 million Americans file for unemployment benefits
What coronavirus could teach us about the climate crisis
Video from Apollo 11 like you’ve never seen it before
Trump says Fauci ‘wants to play all sides of the equation’
GOP senators reveal Obama officials who sought to ‘unmask’ names
Sources: Some Trump officials question Covid-19 death toll

Maine infected          1,515                            1,565
Increase Infected      38                           50

Maine Dead              66                     69
Increase Dead         1               3

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