Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Fifty Four

Surviving C-19 Day 54
May 24, 2020 12:30 PM
124 Days since first US infection

Global Infected                 5,284,830                            
Increase Infected            130,678

Global Dead                       340,805                
Increase Dead                   5,742

US Infected                        1,618,948
Increase Infected            35,387

US Dead                              96,983
Increase Dead                   1,931

We are 5% of the world’s population but are 31% of the worlds dead from C-19.  No new numbers as the site failed to load several times yesterday.

“Follow the numbers, not emotions
Follow the science, not politics”–Gov Cumo

” And I believe
These are the days of lasers in the jungle
Lasers in the jungle somewhere”–Paul Simon 1988

The US successfully tested a laser weapon that can destroy aircraft mid-flight

Legacy Headlines . . .  
makes me wonder when C-19 will become a background tale not worth logging all these damn headlines over.

CDC Warns of Aggressive, Hungry Rats Amid Pandemic
US and China on ‘Brink of New Cold War’, Chinese Foreign Minister Warns
Remdesivir alone not enough to treat COVID-19, study says
Western Australia battered by ‘once-in-a-decade’ storm
Astronauts complete rehearsal for historic launch
Iranian fuel starts arriving in Venezuelan waters despite U.S. warning
Desperate Indian girl bikes 745 miles home with disabled dad
Oxford coronavirus vaccine trial ‘only has a 50% chance of success’
Hong Kong protest kicks off against proposed security law
Wuhan lab had three live bat coronaviruses but none match Covid-19: Chinese state media
UK lockdown a ‘medieval’ weapon that may have cost lives, claims Nobel scientist
The New York Times Fills Entire Cover With Names Of Coronavirus Victims In The U.S.
Dakota Johnson says her grandmother Tippi Hedren still keeps lions and tigers
Half of Fox News viewers think Bill Gates is using pandemic to microchip them, survey suggests
North Korea’s Kim Jong-un holds talks on increasing ‘nuclear war deterrence’
Donald Trump Calls on Jeff Sessions to Drop Out of Alabama U.S. Senate Race
North Dakota governor on brink of tears as he decries ‘mask shaming’
Taliban, Ghani declare three-day cease fire for Eid holiday
Premier League: Two more positive cases after second round of coronavirus testing
Pixar debuts short film featuring the studio’s first gay main character
NY one-day coronavirus death toll falls below 100 for the first time in weeks
Mexican authorities investigate find of 12 bodies in stolen pickup
Study suggests COVID-19 immunity could last just six months
NBA, Disney discuss resuming season in late July at Florida complex as part of single-site plan
Spain to reopen to international tourism from July: PM Sanchez
China will boost defense spending by just 6.6% in 2020, the lowest rate in years as it battles an economic crisis
Egyptian forces kill 21 militants in North Sinai
US President Donald Trump heads to golf course for first time since coronavirus lockdowns
Just two survivors in Pakistan plane crash; bodies of 97 passengers and crew recovered
Dr. Anthony Fauci says staying closed for too long could cause ‘irreparable damage’
New York eases restrictions, allowing gatherings of up to 10 people
French billionaire claims he spied on ex-president for security agency
Corononavirus may still be spreading uncontrolled in 24 states study says
‘(It is) largely African Americans who are doing (essential) work’ in DC: Mayor Bowser
Biden race comments ‘obviously (influence) the vice presidential selection’
‘If you can’t social distance and you’re outside, you must wear a mask’: Birx
Latin America emerges as COVID-19 hotspot
Signs of strength during COVID-19 pandemic
Gym safety in the time of COVID-19
A Nation Divided: Food insecurity in America
Alaska becomes 1st state to fully reopen
It’s time for houses of worship to open: Trump
Four steps to keep calm when navigating back to work
African Americans in Kansas make up nearly a third of the state’s COVID-19 deaths
Severe storms damage North Texas region
Sidewalk celebration for Oklahoma graduates
Beachgoers pack Texas seafront as lockdown eased
Fire destroys San Francisco warehouse
Cuomo: NY working to train more contact tracers
Biden too ‘cavalier’ about black Trump backers
Calif. beaches brace for Memorial Day weekend
Bowling alleys among expanded Texas reopenings
A tale of 2 coasts: Comparing California and New York’s response to coronavirus
Brian Stelter: How will history remember this moment?
Fareed Zakaria: Why Trump changed his tune on China
John King: The reopening is now a full 50 state experiment
Hear Trump criticize Obama for playing golf during crisis
Smerconish: Is Tesla the latest victim of the political divide?
Data goes against Trump’s fear of mail-in voting
Biden apologizes for saying voters ‘ain’t black’ if they support Trump
Journalist details heated exchange with McEnany on reopening places of worship
The true story behind Pac-Man and his ghosts
Trump makes unenforceable threat to governors over churches
Briefing gets heated after press secretary’s remark
Dr. Birx shares promising coronavirus statistics
Tucker: America takes a step closer to the truth
Head of National Center for Assisted Living on protecting the elderly from COVID-19
Dr. Deborah Birx on the timeline for a COVID-19 vaccine, efforts to reopen America
Rep Nunes reacts to California protestors denouncing Newsom’s orders
Mike Huckabee: When Biden goes off the script, it’s disastrous
Gutfeld: Liberal hypocrisy machine erupts over Trump taking hydroxychloroquine
Cuomo deflects blame for nursing home coronavirus crisis on Trump admin
Schumer trying to ‘divert attention’ on hydroxycholorquine: VA secretary
Are churches ‘essential?’ Ohio Gov. DeWine weighs in
NY Dem slams de Blasio as ‘pitiful’: City will be better off without him
Michigan Sec. Of State: Trump’s Tweets Were Attempt To Cause Doubt In Election Process
North Dakota Gov. Burgum Makes Emotional Plea On Wearing Face Masks
Absent Federal Help, Americans Muster Public Health Strategies
Workplace Coronavirus Outbreaks Not Limited To Meat Plants
Contact Tracings Show Risk Of Coronavirus Spread Through Churches
OSHA Oddly Reticent Despite Worker Peril In Coronavirus Era
‘Flooding The Zone With Excrement’: Schiff Explains Trump’s Flynn Strategy
Midwest States Loosen COVID-19 Restrictions Ahead Of Memorial Day
Public Health Expert: Keep Wearing A Face Mask
Pandemic Expert On The Dangers Of Rushing A COVID-19 Vaccine
Jon Meacham: Trump Makes Richard Nixon Look Like Mr. Rogers
Trump Wants Churches Reopened As U.S. Deaths Near 100,000
Former White House Butler Wilson Roosevelt Jerman Dies At 91 Of Coronavirus
President Trump And Jeff Sessions Engage In A Twitter War
Remembering The Sacrifice Of The Fallen On Memorial Day: A Harry Smith Essay
More Companies Might Allow Employees To Work From Home Even After The Pandemic
President Trump Returns To Golf Course For The First Time In 11 Weeks
Images Of Large Gatherings Raise Concerns About New Spike In Coronavirus Cases
Universal Orlando To be Florida’s First Major Theme Park To Reopen
SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Rocket Set To Launch On Wednesday
Brazil Becomes New Coronavirus Hot Spot As Death Toll Spikes
Some fear covid-19’s emotional trauma will have lasting effects for health-care workers
Reopening during coronavirus: Lessons from the second wave of the 1918 flu pandemic
This nurse lived for work and family. When covid-19 came, she died alone.
A new coronavirus crisis: Cities and towns face financial peril as pandemic drags on

On headlines:  There has been a decided shift over the last couple of weeks on headlines.  I began to chart them because it was mind boggling, literally hundreds of headlines all about C-19; and occasionally something else would break through.  Now, largely due to Trump, almost half the headlines are actually the politics of C-19.  I am not going to record all the headlines anymore.  Instead, because they cycle seems to be finally shifting with re-opening, I will only include C-19 effects, and aftereffects like the economic woes created by it.

Maine infected                 2,013                     2,074                    
Increase Infected            65                           61

Maine Dead                       77                           78
Increase Dead                   2                              1

Whilst I isolated and worked on this, 1 more of my fellow Mainers died from C-19.

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