Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Fifty Five

Surviving C-19 Day 55
May 25, 2020 12:30 PM
125 Days since first US infection

Global Infected           5,284,830                   5,453,784                            
Increase Infected       130,678                    168,954

Global Dead               340,805                        345,886                                                
Increase Dead           5,742                            5,081

US Infected               1,618,948                      1,651,254                            
Increase Infected         35,387                      32,306

US Dead                   96,983                            97,940
Increase Dead         1,931                            957

Don’t know whether to trust the numbers even as much as I was with  a new news story that some GOP Governors might be fudging the numbers to shore up election hopes.  Anyway, it is a holiday and I expect some under reporting due to that, like Sundays.

Let’s check those canaries . . .

In Alaska, #48 most populous, was 407 and is now 407 of 731,545 confirmed infected, an increase of 0 cases (6 yesterday)

In Montana, #43 most populous, was 479 and is now 479 of 1,068,778 confirmed infected, an increase of 0 cases (0 yesterday)

In South Dakota, #46 most populous, was 4,464 and is now 4,586 of 884,659 confirmed infected, an increase of 122 cases (287 yesterday)

In Oklahoma, #28 most populous, was 5,960 and is now 6,092 of 3,956,971 confirmed infected, an increase of 132 cases (290 yesterday)

In South Carolina, #23 most populous, was 9,895 and is now 10,096 of 5,148,714 confirmed infected, an infected increase of 201 cases (514 yesterday)

In Mississippi, #34 most populous, was 13,005 and is now 13,252 of 2,976,149 confirmed infected, an increase of 247 cases (783 yesterday)

In Minnesota, #22 most populous, was 19,785 and is now 21,057 of 5,639,632 confirmed infected, an increase of 1,272 cases (1,645 yesterday)

In Tennessee, #16 most populous, was 19,845 and is now 20,011 of 6,829,174 confirmed infected an increase of 166 cases (884 yesterday)

In Georgia, #8 most populous, was 42,132 and is now 43,359 of 10,617,423 confirmed infected, an increase of 1,227 cases (986 yesterday)

In Texas, #2 most populous, was 54,000 and is now 55,897 of 28,995,881 confirmed infected, an increase of 1,897 cases (939 yesterday)

Legacy C-19 Headlines
WHO suspends clinical trial of drug touted by Trump as ‘coronavirus cure’ over safety fears
Boris Johnson aide Dominic Cummings defends lockdown trip amid UK scandal
Dancing with disinfectant: China’s nightclubs back in the groove
Coronavirus causes Germany’s GDP to drop 2.2% in the first quarter and achieve worse result since 2009
Trump threatens to move GOP convention out of North Carolina over COVID-19 restrictions
Austrian president apologizes after breaking coronavirus curfew
White House Limits Travel to U.S. From Brazil Due to Coronavirus
Crowds pack venues in Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks, ignoring social distancing
Birx says ‘it’s difficult to tell’ if country will close again
Most Covid-19 patients not infectious after 11 days: StudyAngloGold confirms 53 coronavirus cases at Mponeng mine
Opponents of the restrictions protested across Germany
COVID-19 cases climb in Mexico
Trump suspends non-citizen travel to US from Brazil
Approaching 100,000 US deaths due to COVID-19
White House Announces Travel Ban For Brazil, New Coronavirus Hot Spot
Velshi: Remember The 100,000 Americans Lost To Coronaviru
Is Humanity Showing Through Everywhere Except In Trump?
Efforts underway to get food from farms to needy
Indonesian dancers take digital stage amid virus
UK PM’s aide says he ‘behaved reasonably’ in lockdown
Coronavirus: Dominic Cummings to make statement on lockdown allegations
Boris Johnson accused of “treating public with contempt” after backing Dominic Cummings
Coronavirus: South Africa’s alcohol and cigarette lockdown
Cuomo says state frontline workers who died from coronavirus will get death benefits
Mayor to Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro: ‘Please shut up and stay home
Trump spends weekend golfing amid coronavirus pandemic
How will history remember this moment?
Senator Says His State Hit Hard By Virus And Flooding
Trump Tamps Down Virus Fears, Says Schools Should Reopen
Trump Golfs And Attacks Opponents As Death Toll Nears 100,000
Some GOP Governors Accused Of Manipulating COVID-19 Statistics
China Says US Is Pushing It To ‘Brink Of A New Cold War’ Over Coronavirus

WOW, that’s all folks; when I do not include the majority but screen for only C-19 cases anyway.  There was no need to screen for those stories at all a month or so back, that was all there was in the news. Maybe this won’t eat up so many hours now.

Meanwhile the Trump admin is firing IG’s, you know that pesky oversight we all demanded to have both after Nixon and in 2018?  If you can fire the guys investigating you and replace them with loyalists, you twist law into a political tool and turn the US into a banana republic.

Maine infected                                 2,013                     2,074                    
Increase Infected                            65                           61

Maine Dead                                       77                           78
Increase Dead                                   2                              1

Whilst I isolated and worked on this, 2 more of my fellow Mainers died from C-19.

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