Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) June 1, 2020

This is where I left off before my hospital stay . . . which just ended.

Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Day Fifty Nine

Surviving C-19 Day 59
May 29, 2020 6:00 AM
129 Days since first US infection

Global Infected                 5,768,908                             5,945,737
Increase Infected            120,947                 176,829

Global Dead                       358,490                 365,368
Increase Dead                   5,479                                    6,878

US Infected                        1,719,855                             1,747,087
Increase Infected            23,069                                   27,232

US Dead                              101,562                 102,836
Increase Dead                   1,838                                    1,274

Maine infected                 2,189                                     2,226                    
Increase Infected            52                                           37

Maine Dead                       84                                           85
Increase Dead                   3                                              1

May 29, 30, all UC Chest pain.  Resulting in hospitalization for an overnight and a shit-ton of pokes and prods to determine the increased pain is not my heart, and of unknown origin, most likely another extra abdominal symptom. So for the last 4 days have been mostly prone and in pain and more than half of that was in hospital. While I was dealing with my health the TV (which I normally do not have), exploded with the communal rage over the murder of George Floyd.  The protests began peaceful, but have erupted many times into looting and violence.

POTUS, talking out both sides of his mouth with forked tounges, declared his support for peaceful protesters as his troops, police, and secret service he ordered opened fire, battered and even cavalry crushed thousands of peaceful protesters, just so that he could stand in front of a church he does not attend, hold up the Bible he neither reads nor follows, and say “I am the Bible-law and order guy.”  Literally gassing, trampling, shooting with rubber bullets, very Old Testament (I AM the Lord, an eye for an eye) and not ‘Christian’ (turn the other cheek, love thy neighbor) at all.  Even the pastor of the Church he used as a prop objected to his using her religion and faith as a prop.

So POTUS brutalizes citizens while citizens are protesting brutalization from authority figures like police. He attempts to ‘brand’ all protesters as ‘violent, extremist, domestic terrorists’, which I see as a lead in to outlawing liberal ideology as terrorism, a first shot of “Dems are the domestic terrorists’. That is not law enforcement but despotic.  Trump demands of Governors that they react to “Dominate” the streets.  He is threatening to use military against Americans on US soil.

The anxiety of having to go to the ER, amidst C-19 which would kill me almost certainly, to determine if my heart was killing me in real time was predominant.  Fortunately my local Hospital has high marks and has taken the bug seriously.  When I was there on Mar 6 for RS virus, and sent home to quarantine, no one was masked of face shielded.  Now everyone is, and anyone suspected of C-19 is isolated for 14 days of observation and tests.

 Now I get to wait a couple of weeks more in Q to see if I caught the damn bug in hospital.

Pain relief was not a real possibility, they tried many things but even Morphine did not stop the pain, rather it muted my own response to pain, dulled my senses, not the pain itself. However in the processing of the tests I became very certain it is from my UC, and I will have to use alternative pain as a treatment.  Alternative pain is literally having one pain which is worse than another, and using the one pain to blot out in your mind the other pain, like sticking a needle in a nerve of your tooth to forget your broken hand so you can keep using in while broken.

So this valid and needed protest movement about injustice in the American Criminal Justice and Poilicing system presents a very real epidemiological nightmare.  C-19 does not give a shit about social or political injustice, and despots always use critical issues like a pandemic to crush dissent.  That looks to be Trumps re-election strategy.  Again I see that straight forward basic military strategy, divide and conquer.  Trump is attempting to ‘conquer’ any American who dissents from his authoritarian rule.

Yesterday a Secret Service agent, in riot gear, shield bashed an AU reporter in the throat.  US Secret Service assaulting the press, from an allied nation.  To me this is very reminiscent of the 60’s-70s with Nixon and Kent State, like the 68 Dem convention and the Watts riots distributed all over the nation.

Global Infected                 5,945,737                             6,288,167
Increase Infected            176,829                 342,430

Global Dead                       365,368                 375,987
Increase Dead                   6,878                                    10,619

US Infected                        1,747,087                             1,811,277
Increase Infected            27,232                                  64,190

US Dead                              102,836                 105,147
Increase Dead                   1,274                                    2,311

Maine infected                 2,226                                     2,349
Increase Infected            37                                           113

Maine Dead                       85                                           89
Increase Dead                   1                                              4

I see the protests as necessary to end the pointless, racist, fear based violence against people of color, most especially black folks.  However I am not writing about this new civil rights movement, but C-19.  In the light of C-19, all of this, both the protests, and the overly violent police response to complaints about their violence, all of it is a single super spreader event.  A super spreader event that is both nationwide and international.  A better super spreader event could not have been imagined by an intelligent virus seeking to spread.

Since C-19 is both fully airborne, as science recently shows and is mostly unmentioned in the press, and since most people with C-19 are asymptomatic and have no clue they are spreading it.  Ten days from now we may have a nationwide bloom like NYC.  Nationwide.  Trumps says he is all about the economy, but the economy is driven by Americans, and Trump is not for all Americans, last night in his Photo Op Trump announced which Americans count, and which are thugs.  Evangelical Christian Americans, mostly white, are the ‘good people’ for whom he holds up a Bible as if to say, ‘I am your guy and will protect your white Christian society’.

That discounts most of America in favor of his 15% Evangelical Base.  The act enrages much of Christian society, because he neither reads from, nor prays, nor acknowledges the actual faith at all, just holds up a Bible.  So Phony, so plastic, and so anti-Christian ideologically.  Evangelicals do not see the world as sinners in need of salvation, they see it as the devils playground from which they escaped, and anyone not of their ilk, is therefore of the Devil, manipulated by the Devil, sock-puppets of the Devil, and therefore not really valid humans but instead, corrupt souls for whom no love need be lost.

To myself it is a declaration, by the POTUS, of a Theocratic Dictatorship, with Trump as the leader.  An American Taliban in Chief, and his core of radical Christian Support.

Legacy C-19 Headlines
Coronavirus: Black and Asian ethnic groups up to twice as likely to die from virus, says Public Health England
Coronavirus: More than a quarter of UK workers now furloughed
White supremacists pose as Antifa online, call for violence
Wuhan Doctor At Whistleblower’s Hospital Dies From Coronavirus
Russia’s coronavirus death toll exceeds 5,000
South Korea mandates QR codes to log customers after nightclub coronavirus outbreak
Risk of infection could double if 2-metre rule reduced, study finds
Spain reports no deaths in a 24-hour period from the new coronavirus for the first time since March
Gilead says remdesivir helped moderate COVID-19 patients improve
S.Korea’s Celltrion says COVID-19 drug shows drop in viral load in animal testing
Eli Lilly gives patients first doses in trial of new coronavirus treatment
Wuhan reports no new asymptomatic cases for 1st time
WHO confirm second Ebola outbreak after four die in DRC
Iran says virus cases jump nearly 3,000 in a day, a 2-month high
Hong Kong reports first local COVID-19 cases in 2 weeks

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