Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) June 3, 2020

Surviving C-19
June 3, 2020
4:00 PM
136 Days since first US infection

Global Infected  6,376,822 6,445,457                                            
Increase Infected            88,655               68,635

Global Dead                     380,180             382,451                
Increase Dead                 4,193                  2,271

US Infected                      1,831,435          1,841,629
Increase Infected           20,158               10,194

US Dead                           106,180               106,696
Increase Dead                1,033                    516

Maine infected               2,377                    2,418
Increase Infected           28                         41

Maine Dead                     94                         95
Increase Dead                 5                           1

I am going to do a few things differently from here on out.  Headlines as related to C-19 and numbers, after another fashion.  I do not feel that the way I am presenting the numbers in a fashion which others relate to adequately. 

Imagine you’re on a roller coaster, at the very start, slowly clicking up that hill.  That is the numbers, and has been the numbers globally since the outset. The rate of confirmed infections has been a steadily increasing 45 degree incline since I began this. 

Epidemics are localized; Pandemics can really only be well studied globally as they are a Global event.  If we all react separately, that would be so piecemeal as to be totally ineffective, we must work together globally to combat a global threat, Donald Trump does not seem capable of that.

Generally throughout this process of documentation I have worked mornings.  This can be problematic personally, but many times it is also reflected in the numbers, slow reporting, shitty day at work delays, normal life issues, but always will raise the specter of ‘are we being given the correct data?’, because people who do not understand the science fully, may well see and attempt to utilize the pandemic as a political advantage, which will be to everyone’s detriment. 

As an attempt to reduce such anomalies, whatever their cause, I am going to do the numbers on the dot, every day at 4 PM, giving reporters all day to get it done.  Headlines I will also do after that, also allowing them to pool for a full day, this ought to reduce the wavy format, one day a gazillion next day two, type of thing.  I will still utilize the string of legacy network headlines, so all the old broadcast and the modern cable equivalents, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, AP, Reuters, BBC and the ground news comparative news application.

Currently we have more infected than the population of Wyoming, or Vermont, or D.o.C., or Alaska, or North Dakota, or South Dakota, or Delaware, or Rhode Island, or Montana, or Maine, or New Hampshire, or Hawaii, or Idaho, or West Virginia; and that number is still increasing by thousands daily. projects 135,109 deaths in the USA from C-19 by Aug 4, 2020. These forecasts are always a range, which news reports as a hard number, it never is, it is a range estimate. These ranges assume a lot of things, but not oft nationwide protests.  We are already at 106,708, they projected for this day to be between 106, 204 and 107,215 and we more or less landed right in the middle.  However going forward those models do not consider nationwide protest marches.

This Week’s Blindspots
Blindspot for the Right: Israeli soldier killed by rock thrown during West Bank raid
An Israeli soldier died after being struck in the head by a rock thrown from a rooftop during an arrest raid in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday, the military said.

Blindspot for the Left: Rouhani Warns of ‘Crushing Response’ if Arms Embargo against Iran Extended
Earlier, Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said that Iran will oppose any efforts by the UN Security Council to extend an arms embargo on the country.

Blindspot for the Right: UN chief says pandemic is unleashing a ‘tsunami of hate’
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says the coronavirus pandemic keeps unleashing “a tsunami of hate and xenophobia, scapegoating and scare-mongering”.

Blindspot for the Left: Cuomo Refers To Wuhan Coronavirus As The ‘European Virus’
Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo referred to the coronavirus as the “European virus” Monday, despite the disease having originated in Wuhan.

Blindspot for the Right: Biden leads Trump in national poll as voters are split on Tara Reade’s sexual assault claim
In the Monmouth poll, more Democrats said the sexual assault claim against Biden was probably not true, while more Republicans said it probably was.

Split Reporting: “Trump disagrees after nurse reports ‘sporadic’ supply of protective gear”

What do the different news outlets focus on when reporting on this story?
Huffington Post: “Trump Rebukes Nurse On National Nurses Day And Critics Are Livid: ‘How Dare He!’”
Political Flare: “On National Nurses Day Trump Embarrasses Nurse in Oval Office and Tells Her She’s Wrong”
The Hill: “Trump disagrees after nurse reports ‘sporadic’ supply of protective gear”
Breitbart: “Donald Trump Honors Nurses at the White House”
NewsWars: “As Trump Honors Nurses at White House, Media Accuses Them Of Breaking Social Distancing Rules”

Legacy C-19 Headlines
Hydroxychloroquine, a drug promoted by Trump, failed to prevent healthy people from getting covid-19 in trial
WHO to resume suspended hydroxychloroquine trials for Covid-19 treatment
US should have 100 million doses of vaccine by end of year, Fauci says
Brazil tops 30,000 coronavirus deaths: official
USA: 2.76 million private jobs cut in May, according to ADP
Wuhan tests 10 million people, finds few infections
Heart-warming moment medic mum surprises daughters after nine weeks apart
Ibuprofen tested as a coronavirus treatment
Australia enters first recession in 29 years after blow from bushfires and coronavirus
Study shows coronavirus antibodies in 5.5% of Dutch blood donors
Lancet says concerned about validity of widely-cited hydroxychloroquine study
U.S. Army says reasonable to expect some sort of coronavirus vaccine by year-end
Paris cafes, restaurants partially reopen post-lockdown
Coronavirus: Black and Asian ethnic groups up to twice as likely to die from virus, says Public Health England
American Cruise Lines 1st to resume operations after coronavirus outbreak
How to maintain personal resilience during crisis
Protesting during a pandemic
What precautions the MTA will take to keep subways safe during phase 1 of reopening
Getting your kids vaccinated during the pandemic
Monuments and tourist sites start to reopen across Europe
Fancy a Roman holiday? Italy lifts quarantine for European, British visitors
Is India’s Covid-19 tracing app an instrument for mass surveillance?
Will lockdown have a lasting impact on EU principle of free movement?
Rio rolls back lockdown, even as country’s Covid-19 death toll continues to rise
Churches closed, DR Congo worshippers find creative ways to practice faith
Restaurant owners in Paris weigh financial risk of an early return
Italy reopens borders amid hopes tourists can kickstart economy devastated by lockdown
Italy reopens to tourists from Europe after economically crippling lockdown
Experts Warn Protests Could Accelerate Second Wave Of Coronavirus
Coronavirus: The fears of India’s tea workers in lockdown
Is Moscow’s Covid reopening political?
Cuomo urges New Yorkers to “protest intelligently” during COVID-19 pandemic
US issues new travel alert on Tanzania over Covid-19
Coronavirus in South Africa: Eight lessons for the rest of the continent
Coronavirus: The doctor risking his health to combat Covid-19
Daily record toll puts Brazil deaths past 31,000
Coronavirus: How lockdown affected Argentina’s livelihoods
Coronavirus: Mexico deaths pass 10,000 as restrictions eased
How Venezuela’s fuel crisis is hitting coronavirus victims
In pictures: Indigenous nurse on frontline in virus fight
‘My only possession is a blanket’
When Covid-19 hit, zookeeper Caitlin Henderson ended up in lockdown with 70 spiders

While I worked on this and restricted my diet utterly, 516 of my fellow Americans died of C-19 and 1 of my fellow Mainers.

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