Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) June 5, 2020

Surviving C-19
June 5, 2020
4:00 PM
138 Days since first US infection

Global Infected                 6,573,286                             6,722,408
Increase Infected            127,829                 149,122

Global Dead                       388,118                 393,934
Increase Dead                   5,667                                    5,816

US Infected                        1,864,538                             1,894,502
Increase Infected            22,909                                  29,964

US Dead                              107,765                 109,000
Increase Dead                   1,069                                    1,235

Maine infected                 2,446                                     2482
Increase Infected            28                                           36

Maine Dead                       95                                          98
Increase Dead                   0                                             3

So two Oklahoma City Bombings or Almost a Titanic’s worth of my fellow Americans died from C-19 while I lived inn Q and worked on this.

Legacy C-19 Headlines
Dow soars more than 800 points as Wall Street closes in on pre-pandemic levels
Calls for local lockdowns as study finds R value above 1 in north-west England
Wear masks in public says WHO, in update of COVID-19 advice
U.S. will allow Chinese passenger carriers two flights per week
Coronavirus: Madagascar minister fired over $2m lollipop order
Coronavirus: UK is second nation to report more than 40,000 deaths
UK halts trial of coronavirus drug touted by Trump after no benefit found
America’s unemployment rate falls to 13.3% as economy posts surprise job gains
Canada unexpectedly adds 290,000 jobs on gradual reopening
Supreme Court bans Sydney Black Lives Matter protest over coronavirus risk
Covid-19 epidemic “under control” in France
Despite reopening, some jobs lost to virus are gone for good
Fewer than one in 1,000 in England had Covid-19 at the end of May
After Pakistan’s lockdown gamble, COVID-19 cases surge
China’s Wuhan City Discharges Last Three Covid-19 Patients from Hospital
Brazil cases surge past 600,000 as country’s death toll passes Italy
New coronavirus spikes in California, Arizona, Utah
Covid-19 & hydroxychloroquine: who knew medical research could be so tribal?
2020 World environment day marked by bushfires, locusts, global pandemic
EU countries wonder when to reopen external borders past Covid-19 pandemic
Internal EU free travel ‘up and running by the end of June’ as Covid-19 pandemic winds down
ECB increases bond-buying program to prop up economy following Covid-19 pandemic
U.S. added 2.5 million jobs in May
Two major COVID-19 studies retracted after data inconsistencies
CBS News poll: 67% of Americans say U.S. is on the wrong track
Cuomo to protesters: “Act as if you may have been exposed” to coronavirus
Revelers Return To Las Vegas Casinos After Coronavirus Closure Ends
Bill De Blasio: Curfew Will End After Weekend, NYC Will Start Reopening Monday
Fauci “cautiously optimistic” about progress on coronavirus vaccine

Oh by the way, we had two cyclones and a major heat wave in Siberia this week, climate change just marches along as we ignore it.
“Siberia 10°C hotter, warmest May on record”

Trump is ralling on about the great, never better, best ever in American history jobs numbers.  Of course all those claims are false, yes they improved but not historically. The Jobs report itself is highly suspect, and in my view utterly without value due to how it operates.

Bureau of Labor and Statistics; BLS says unemployment is . . .
1. When someone does not have a job and has actively looked for work in the past four weeks, and is currently available for work.

2. People who are temporarily laid off and waiting to be called back to that job.
And BLS every month releases a Jobs report, which is so inaccurate as to be laughable.  However both Dems and GOP ignore the huge flaws in the counting method, a method designed in the great Depression and never since updated, because they see a political advantage in the reports.

So, the BLS measures unemployment through monthly household surveys, called the Current Population Survey (CPS). Not every household in the country can be counted, so the survey is meant to be representative of the U.S. population. The bureau says about 60,000 households in specific geographic areas are used for this survey, which translates into approximately 110,000 individuals.

Every month, one-fourth of the households in the sample are changed, so that no household is interviewed more than four-consecutive months. The surveys have been conducted every month since 1940. They were started as part of the government’s response to the Great Depression, when millions in the U.S. and around the globe became unemployed.

To come up with an unemployment rate, the BLS takes the number of unemployed workers it has found and divides that by the total civilian labor force.

Excluded forms of unemployment (Jobs that do not count at all)
All people under 16 yrs of age
All people in Prisons, even those working full time for corporate (private) prisons
All people in nursing homes
All people in Mental Health Centers
All Active Duty Military Personnel

This system cannot differentiate between full-time and part-time jobs, so any work at all equals full time work.
This system does not consider underemployment where you have a doctor working as a cashier to survive.
The system won’t tell you how many people have become so discouraged in their job search that they have given up hope of finding a job.

Who is considered employed?

Anyone is considered employed if the person did any work at all for pay or profit.
This includes all part-time and temporary work.
This includes regular full-time, year-round employment.
People are also counted as employed even if not working, if they are . . .
On vacation
Experiencing child-care problems
Taking care of some other family or personal obligation
On maternity or paternity leave
Involved in an industrial dispute
Prevented from working by bad weather

Then there are entire demographics of people simply ignored. This is referred to as shadow unemployment. This term describes people who have no job, have stopped looking for one and are considered out of the labor force by the BLS.  That includes . . .
All Homeless people
All suffering addiction and not working
All disabled peoples unable to work
While the investor class, doing no actual work themselves as their investments earn them capital, those folks are all considered fully employed.

So no matter what the ‘Jobs Numbers’ say, they are very inaccurate, so much so they are not worth using, but make great spin right?

Three more of my fellow Mainers died while I worked on this in isolation.

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