Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) June 6, 2020

Surviving C-19
June 6, 2020
4:00 PM
139 Days since first US infection

Global Infected 6,722,408 6,852,810
Increase Infected 149,122 130,402
Global Dead 393,934 398,321
Increase Dead 5,816 4,387
US Infected 1,894,502 1,917,080
Increase Infected 29,964 22,578
US Dead 109,000 109,791
Increase Dead 1,235 791
Maine infected 2,482 2,524
Increase Infected 36 42
Maine Dead 98 98
Increase Dead 3 0

No Headlines on my day off. 4,387 people lost thier fight with C-19 as 791 Americans died;
while I isolated on my day off.

The largest stadiums on Earth hold just over 100,000 people,
we add a stadium plus every day to the global tally.
Hardly an event which we have ‘got past’.

So the world is waking up to the disparioties in our entire system.
Those enamored of that system cry out for it, while those suffering under
it have had enough. All the old white folks out there seem rattled
by the upswell of pissed off people, of all walks of life, all incomes,
and most especially all races.

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