Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) June 8, 2020

Surviving C-19
June 8, 2020
4:00 PM
141 Days since first US infection

Global Infected 6,953,808 7,085,894
Increase Infected 100,998 132,086
Global Dead 401,106 405,168
Increase Dead 2,785 4,062
US Infected 1,928,094 1,956,499
Increase Infected 11,014 28,405
US Dead 110,037 110,932
Increase Dead 246 895
Maine infected 2,570 2,588
Increase Infected 46 18
Maine Dead 99 99
Increase Dead 1 0

While I slept and worked and struggled with my own existenital crisis, 4,062 people died of C-19, and 895 of those were American. Right now the worst number, that of deaths, is down signifigantly because NYC closed and quarentined itself.

NY is opening again, and many Red states are spiking like NY did , even though they were warned by NY and the CDC and others, they did not social distance, or opened early and now their new cases are way up. 14 States are peaking right now in levels of new cases, we will watch the death rate spike 1-30 days after those new cases were detected.

Legacy Headlines
Pennsylvania county traces at least 12 coronavirus cases to Jersey Shore partygoer
Nasdaq sets record high as Wall Street doubles down on fast-tracked recovery
World reports highest number of COVID-19 cases in a single day, WHO says
Can tear gas and pepper spray increase virus spread?
U.S. economy entered recession in February: NBER
World Bank Says Coronavirus to Shrink 2020 Global Output by 5.2%
Social dis-dancing? Dutch club tries post-coronavirus layout
Satellite data suggests coronavirus may have hit China earlier: Researchers
Coronavirus: London reports no deaths of people with COVID-19 in 24 hours
Lockdowns may have averted three million deaths in Europe by curbing COVID-19 – study
Shutdowns prevented 60 million coronavirus infections in the U.S., study finds
UK coronavirus victims have lain undetected at home for two weeks
COVID-19: UK starts mandatory self-quarantine for arrivals
New Zealand declared coronavirus-free; to lift all restrictions
US COVID-19 cases on the rise as new questions surround timeline in China
Hero nurse creates homemade mask for front-line workers
Safe protesting amid coronavirus pandemic
Vacationing from a safe distance during the pandemic
New York City enters phase one of reopening
Counting cars: Satellite images suggest coronavirus may have hit China last fall
Coronavirus death toll tops 110,000 in US
Coronavirus: New York City Begins Reopening
Rattner: Stimulus Impacted May Jobs Report
‘I Did A Little Dance’: New Zealand Leader Celebrates No Active Cases Of COVID-19
Louisiana gov. evaluates Cristobal impact on state
Businesses reopen in NYC as shutdown orders eased
NYC reopening an alteration for high-end tailor
Coronavirus in Pakistan: stretched resources and conspiracy theories
Coronavirus: The tourists swapping lockdown for Sweden
Coronavirus deaths in UK at lowest level since lockdown began in March
New Zealand says it has eradicated coronavirus, at least for now
New virus cases on the rise in almost half of US states

As we respond to the protests with pepper and CS and assaults, whether by shield bash or nightstick, how much are we spreading the virus? Irritants will cause massive tearing, phlegm and mucus, which would of course be loaded with the virus. So are police incidentally using C-19 as a weapon by using irritants on citizens exercising their constitutional rights?

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