Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) June 11, 2020

Surviving C-19
June 11, 2020
4:00 PM
144 Days since first US infection

Two day tally

Global Infected 7,185,573 7,440,350
Increase Infected 99,679 254,777

Global Dead 408,954 418,392
Increase Dead 3,786 9,438

US Infected 1,971,302 2,012,767
Increase Infected 14,803 41,465

US Dead 111,751 113,467
Increase Dead 819 1,716

Maine infected 2,606 2,667
Increase Infected 18 61

Maine Dead 100 100
Increase Dead 1 0

So while I risked C-19 exposure by going out to the VA hospital for treatment and new meds, then passed out from my vaccination for 12 hours, we averaged one Oklahoma City Bombing every day in C-19 deaths. Another 1,716 Americans perished from a Virus the Administration is trying to downplay even as it blooms from re-opening. Politics over science is not a good idea.

Emmanuel Acho has launched a video platform titled ‘Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man’.Badass Idea Emmanuel, badass enough I will include it in this C-19 live time historical document. I do not see how we can separate the protests, which I see as a super-spreader event, no matter what precautions are taken.

‘Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man’; I had my first one of those as a boy and at that time thought ‘ok, I get it’, circa 67-8. What a load of horseshit that was. ‘It’, for white folks raised in the USA and ‘Western Civilization’, is an unending series of such moments; that is if you’re open to those hard conversations and willing to examine your own BS, no matter how inadvertent or unintended.

It is realizing that as a white person you don’t know, and cannot ever know. It is learning that you can develop empathy and lower your ignorance, and then pursuing that. That by listening, and sticking your own ass out there against racism, whenever and wherever you see it, hear it or suspect it, you can grow to be less ignorant and become a part of the solution. We can become aware of it, but we cannot just remove it; it’s entrenched. We cannot prevent it infecting our children in a myriad of ways, many of which we ourselves are blind to. It’s being willing to grasp, and then admit to ourselves and others that we have these blind spots. To truly understand that our Society itself creates these blind spots in us.

Then, with this new understanding, being willing to alter the Society itself to remove those things and create a new generation of people free of those inherent social influences. Only after we change them do we have a chance of next generations growing up free of them. Back in 2014 I was trying to share things I had learned in my life about these things with my adult son, talking about Bobby Seal and things the B.P. had done, which was never in the ‘white’ ‘main-stream’ news, nor is it included in our history books. After a few minutes of talking to my son, in the Berkeley/Oakland park where some of those things had taken place, a Black man sitting down across the way got up quickly, then walked away.

He soon came back and told me that I had “mind fucked him”, and because of that he wanted to meet me. He told me that he got up to shout ‘Preach it Brother’ and then saw me, a white man, talking to his white son. He freely admitted that he had thought, until that very moment; that no white folks knew about those things, nor did they care about them, nor would they ever teach their children about them. He had never met, as a lifelong resident of Oakland CA, aged 55, a single white man who knew any of the things I was talking about, never mind one teaching his own son about them. Until that moment, for him, it was inconceivable.

I was both honored and horrified at the same time. What a horrific thing; that my whole life had gone by, and none of the efforts for civil rights had allowed that 55 year old man any opportunity to see he had allies who were not Black. Who were in fact White, and who were also trying to raise our children with some understanding, no matter how flawed.

For that limited understanding I give thanks to all my black friends and acquaintances throughout my entire life for reducing my ignorance. For schooling me where I was blind, and I hope they continue to do so as long as I live, whether it’s an old friend or some Black person I have never met. It is difficult to see our own blind spots, instilled in us by a racist system. However it is very often glaringly visible to my fellow humans with Melanin.

To me that is a moment of personal pride, that I have evolved enough for a random Black man I had never met to see that. It is hard for white folks to admit that even after all these years, and all the effort they have made at trying to understand, that they still do not understand.

I cannot ever truly understand, but I strive to empathize and understand.
Did you ever try to explain sex to a virgin? They cannot get it, they ‘think’ they do almost uniformly, but won’t understand it until they are not a virgin. As a white person trying to understand Black issues, we will forever be virgins. We can be well educated, empathetic, and supportive, but we shall remain virgins. I can still only empathize because I am not black and the world does not treat me as if I am Black.

Katt Williams nailed it years ago by telling folks we all need to have friends outside our racial bubbles; that is how we get to know and understand each other. Once you know and understand and have empathy for your own black friends, it becomes a hell of a lot easier to see these social injustices. It is not just a thought anymore, it is our society mistreating your friends, and that makes it personal.

We need to feel it personally, because it is personal.

In this moment of time I see the entire nation having a moment similar to the Black man’s reaction in the park that day; I see a realization that it’s not the 60’s anymore, and they have a lot more white allies, like me, my son and countless others out there, than most Black folks ever suspected. Why would they? Why would anyone whose social contract has been twisted and used as a club against them all their life? For many white folks it’s a waking moment, understanding how grievous the system is to folks with melanin. For others it is a realization of the inherent bias in favor of their white skin; which is something they never considered, but are now. Now we need to act as Americans to correct the system itself to reflect true equality rather than the pseudo equality it has given some of us for centuries.

Black Lives Matter Motherfuckers, and if you do not think so, you are part of the problem.

Here is a mental exercise. Think of all the white shooters you can who were peacefully arrested. Who were captured ‘without incident’, and ask yourself how is it that police can capture well-armed, violent White shooters ‘without incident’, but not a 14 year old boy who is unarmed? How can they capture Eric Roberts, after an assassination, ‘without incident’, but gun down a Black man in a Wal-Mart who had the audacity to have a BB gun in his cart for purchase? Ponder the reality that you can do that over and over.

If you line them up side by side you will see a white, violent, armed felon; alive and well in prison.
Beside Blacks, suspected of a misdemeanors, unarmed, and then slaughtered.

Black Lives Matter, and it is high time White lives stood up for that basic human reality.

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