Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) June 12, 2020

Surviving C-19
June 12, 2020
4:00 PM
145 Days since first US infection

Two day tally

Global Infected                 7,440,350             7,578,078
Increase Infected            254,777                 137,728

Global Dead                       418,392                 423,257
Increase Dead                   9,438                     4,865

US Infected                        2,012,767              2,036,429
Increase Infected            41,465                    23,662

US Dead                               113,467                 114,195
Increase Dead                   1,716                       728

Maine infected                 2,667                        2,721
Increase Infected            61                              54

Maine Dead                       100                          100
Increase Dead                   0                               0

Whilst I islolated, worked, and slept 4,865 of my fellow humans died of C-19, 728 of them my fellow Americans. We lose aboiut 5,000 a day, about 1,000 our Americans, tic, tic,tic, like a clock the thousands of dead keep on piling up. The GOP and the POTUS are in denial, still. Since this Plauge mucks with their reelaection plans, they are ignoring it.

Legacy Media Headlines
Nigeria declares emergency after rapes triple under lockdown
Ukraine president’s wife tests positive for coronavirus
100 Graves Dug At Copacabana Beach To Protest Brazil’s COVID-19 Response
Brazil passes 800,000 COVID-19 cases, reports more than 40,000 deaths
Coronavirus crisis could see number of extreme poor rise to 1.1 billion worldwide
Trump Rally Attendees Cannot Sue if They Get Covid-19, Campaign Says
Amazon’s move to help homeless families affected by the economics of the COVID crisis
Key West mayor on handling COVID-19 in tourist hot spot
Dow plunged 1,800 points over concerns of a second wave of coronavirus
New coronavirus hotspots emerge as state cases spike amid reopening
By The Numbers: How the economic downturn has impacted communities of color
Medical students head to front lines after graduation
New prediction US could hit 200K COVID deaths by fall
Statues toppled, Italy’s Covid-19 lawsuits, Spanish football returns, Olof Palme case closed
Return of European football: Spain’s La Liga restarts, Italy’s top flight to follow suit
How Did 140 People Avoid Coronavirus At Salon Where 2 Stylists Tested Positive?
Venice Residents Re-imagine Life After A Pandemic
Daycare Centers Begin To Reopen With Coronavirus Precautions Amid Pandemic
Europe Reopens For Tourist Season While Adopting New Safety Measures
Dow Drops 1800 Points Amid Concerns About Economic Recovery
New Data Suggests Americans Are Gathering At Pre-Pandemic Levels
Surprise! Raging Coronavirus Epidemic Is Bad For The Economy
Economic Shockwave Hits As Coronavirus Warnings Come To Pass
Data Shows Many Americans Moving Around Like There’s No Pandemic
Coronavirus Researchers Report Progress In Race For Vaccine
Growing Concerns As Coronavirus Cases Surge In Reopening States
NY transit expands UV pilot program to fight virus
Study on if survivor plasma could prevent COVID-19
Hurried funerals as India’s virus cases climb
YMCA youth camps in Florida work around pandemic
Arab American group hosts virus testing and more
Arizona Gov: hospitals can handle virus surge
Virus patient gets double lung transplant
NYC’s 5th Avenue shops reopen with curbside service
What we know about the risk of asymptomatic spread of coronavirus
40% of black-owned businesses not expected to survive pandemic, research suggests
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gives update on pandemic and protests
How to stay safe as states see spike in COVID-19 cases
Mumbai overtakes Wuhan peak as India Covid cases spike
Thousands of people with coronavirus cannot be contacted by new Test and Trace system
Huge fall in cancer patients seeing specialists during coronavirus pandemic
UK economy shrank 20% in April due to lockdown
Larry Kudlow: Health experts say ‘no second coronavirus spike’
Trump’s approval rating drops 10 points amid protests, coronavirus: Gallup
Unmasked: Trump Pushes COVID Waiver As Pence Deletes Controversial Tweet
Dr. Irwin Redlener: Alarming Rise In COVID-19 Cases ‘Entirely Predictable’

And climate change keeps marching along . . .
Pakistan locust plague: Locals collect insects for chicken feed

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