Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) June 14, 2020

Surviving C-19
June 14, 2020
4:00 PM
147 Days since first US infection

Global Infected                 7,719,770                             7,840,408
Increase Infected            141,692                 120,638

Global Dead                       427,798                 431,236
Increase Dead                   4,541                                   3,438

US Infected                        2,064,417                             2,084,506
Increase Infected            27,988                                   20,089

US Dead                               115,139                 115,586
Increase Dead                   944                                       447

Maine infected                 2,757                                     2,793
Increase Infected            36                                           36

Maine Dead                       100                                         100
Increase Dead                   0                                              0

SO while I slept, and Isolated and did this, 3,438 of my fellow humans died, of those 447 were my fellow Americans.

I want to make a point about the numbers I do not think is well communicated.  Below is a week to week tally of the numbers since I began on Apr 1. 

April 2 US Infected          189,633                 4,081   Dead

April 8 US Infected          399,929                 12,811 Dead
Weekly Increase              210,296                 8,730

April 15 US Infected        609,685                 26,059 Dead
Weekly Increase              210,056                 13,248

April 21 US Infected        787,960                 42,364 Dead
Weekly Increase              178,275                 16,305

April 29 US Infected        1,012,583             58,355 Dead
Weekly Increase              224,623                 15,991

May 6    US Infected        1,204,475             71,078 Dead
Weekly Increase              191,892                 12,723

May 13   US Infected      1,370,016             82,389 Dead
Weekly Increase              165,541                 11,311

May 19   US Infected      1,508,957             90,369 Dead
Weekly Increase              138,941                 7,980

May 25   US Infected      1,651,254             97,940 Dead
Weekly Increase              142,297                 7,571

June 2   US Infected        1,831,435             106,180 Dead
Weekly Increase              180,181                 8,240

June 8   US Infected        1,956,499             110,932 Dead                                  
Weekly Increase              125,064                 4,752

You can easily see the bloom of NYC at the outset, 200 thousand cases a day. As we pass that hump you see a leveling, with a little wobble and slight decline in the rate of increase.  Not a decline, a lesser rate of increase.  This is all due to social distancing and the rural nature of many American locations. There is no significant slowing since the NYC crest, it is a slower increase nationwide.  That means some places are flat and others are nearly vertical.  I expect this to continue for years.

You can see following the infection rates how the numbers decline and then plateau.  Death numbers follow after by about 3-4 weeks which is reflected in the infections lessening but deaths increasing.  This too will continue for years until we reach herd immunity, 70% survived infection or vaccinated against the Pox.  So I expect to see infections rise, then deaths rise as infections fall, and repeat.  If both are rising it is a huge red flag, and exactly that is happening now in many states.

This is not representative of a slowing, but of a Global and National plateau.

To user– ‘newworldorderconspiracieschristianitysatanism’

Quite a non de plume there. 

This is the second time you have posted for a response, so I assume you’re one of a handful of people reading this in real time.  I will not be saving or posting remarks on this blog, as it is not so much a blog as a simple record for history. A record of what the tsunami of headlines we are all drowning under looks like; what the numbers say, and what, if any thoughts they bring out in me. I do not think my thoughts of great import but rather simply representative of things others might think in this pivotal historical moment.

I am not going to enter into a thread to discuss what I think about your comment, I am not taking time for that as I am not treating this as a blog, but a historical record, with little editing, in stream of thought (S.O.T.), as it impresses upon me. 

Your query is addressed in my prologue in depth. Please do not bother with further comments, I do not have time or inclination to respond. I am too busy trying to sweep up these fragments of history before they blow away in the winds of time.

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