Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) June 15, 2020

Surviving C-19
June 15, 2020
4:00 PM
148 Days since first US infection

Global Infected                 7,840,408                             7,969,003
Increase Infected            120,638                 128,595

Global Dead                       431,236                 434,669
Increase Dead                   3,438                                     3,433

US Infected                        2,084,506                             2,105,482
Increase Infected            20,089                                   20,976

US Dead                             115,586                 115,998
Increase Dead                  447                                        412

Maine infected                 2,793                                     2,810
Increase Infected            36                                           17

Maine Dead                       100                                         101
Increase Dead                   0                                              1

Opening is inevitable; but how we open will make all the difference.  I see a lot of people ignoring masks and distancing, under some illusion of bias that either the virus is not as deadly as they thought, or that they will get over it because they are young.  Some few may sport a ‘devil may care’ attitude, like my own personal motto, ‘Life unto Death’.  However failing to exercise caution with a novel virus is not enjoying your own life to the utmost because you don’t have any guarantees, but risking the lives of others so you don’t have to comply with minor inconveniences like mask wearing and social distancing.

Cases of C-19 continue to increase by many tens of thousands daily and deaths by thousands daily.  Globally we add an immense Football stadium of new infections daily.  Since the Globe did not respond in a cohesive, united fashion to the bug, it too will be pock marked, with blooms here or there, and slower infections rates here or there.  These blooms will dampen economies and lower people’s interests in travel and tourism.  No one can tell where the next bloom might be, and getting stuck in some foreign land’s lockdown in response to a bloom will be very undesirable.

I fear the biggest effect won’t be till Fall, and that result will be a famine in Africa, India, and perhaps China as well.  Sick people affect farming and husbandry, and farming and husbandry affect us all.  To a limited extent our modern farming industry will stop the gap here in the states, but the unsustainably of that will become more and more apparent. 

I fear where we will be not this Fall; but two years from now in Fall.  I fear for the third world this Fall; I worry about food issues and famine in Latin and South America, Africa, India, and much of Asia. The strain, globally, on our food resources under a persistent (what I fear C-19 to be), Extant Novel Virus, is great.

Legacy Media Headlines
Academy delays 2021 Oscars ceremony because of coronavirus
WHO says ‘hypothesis’ about cause of China’s latest virus outbreak needs further testing
FDA ends emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine
Only three out of 53 countries say US has handled coronavirus better than China
India’s Chennai city to re-impose lockdown as coronavirus surges
Thailand ends curfew, marks 21 days with no local coronavirus cases
Global stocks plunge as fears of a coronavirus surge grow in the US and China
Covid 19 coronavirus: Mexico desperate to reopen 11 million job tourism industry
China’s new virus outbreak underscores continued threat
Florida sees 2 consecutive days of 2,000-plus new COVID-19 cases as more beaches reopen
Fauci Sees ‘Normality’ at Least a Year Away
Arizona, Texas set records for COVID-19 hospitalizations
Coronavirus cases rise across the country
Coronavirus: European airlines resume flights as borders open
Covid-19: Europe starts to reopen borders but no free travel yet
China locks down Beijing neighborhoods to contain Covid-19 cluster
Covid-19: The return of tourists to Greece begins on June 15
Covid-19: Several EU states lift border restrictions
Coronavirus Pandemic Is Making America’s Food Deserts Worse
Cuomo: 25,000 Complaints To The State Of Businesses In Violation Of Reopening Plan
Parts Of Beijing Placed Under Lockdown Again After New Coronavirus Cluster
How Hotels Aim To Adapt For The Coronavirus Crisis
Hospitals adapt to post-COVID19 surge, pre-vaccine
Customers flood Michigan hair salons, barber shops
NY to allow up to 25 to gather in third phase
Kudlow: Virus spikes ‘nowhere near a 2nd wave’
US educators probe online learning absentees
Coronavirus: Beijing spike continues with 36 new cases
Coronavirus: What will clothes shopping look like?
2m distancing rule under review despite warnings from scientists
Concerns about staying safe as states see spike in COVID-19 cases
FDA Revokes Emergency Use of Hydroxychloroquine

Note:  Fox news is avoiding the C-19 issue entire, with only Kudlow proclaiming it is ‘not a second spike’.  He is correct, this is still the first spike, which reached a crest in the NY metro area, and plateaued. Nationwide we are still on the increase, just increasing at a slower rate due to our actions.

Since we lacked a cohesive, nationwide response to C-19, and Trump deferred all responsibility to the states, we now have pockets of C-19 blooming in mostly Red States which largely bought into Trumps spin on C-19, and other States, mainly Blue states which locked down and distanced. For some the first wave has already passed through them, like NYC.

If we do not realize, and damn soon, that there is no such things a ‘normal’, we are going to be endlessly shocked by reality.  Normal does not exist, what we must do to survive becomes ‘normal’ in our minds.  That ‘normal’ changes all the time in relation to what we are doing.  C-19 makes us all re-evaluate how we do everything, and will for the foreseeable future.  Those who fail to do so will become infected and infect others.

In short C-19 has listed all of humanity as their personal choice for a Darwin Award. So unless we want a Darwin Award ourselves we might want to pay attention.  We all need to keep an eye on the science as it strives to understand and inform us on the best way to cope with it sharing our planet.

It is a certainty that the new civil rights movement which has sprung up in the wake of the murder of George Floyd is justified. That killing followed promptly by nationwide protests, during which another police shooting takes place, shooting a young black man in the back twice.  These events have captured the nation and the globes mind, and they own the news cycle.  As I have said before this is long overdue.

However C-19 is alive, and well, and treating our lungs like Motley Cru on a bender.  You don’t want to be the one evicting a tweaked Motley Cru from your Hotel room.  You want to be the owner who says, ‘sorry, no room’ for the Cru.  Maybe you’ll be lucky and the Cru will just pass out, but maybe they won’t and they will tear out the walls.  The other day a successful double lung transplant was done on a 23 year old woman with no previous existing conditions.  C-19 destroyed her lungs so badly she needed new ones at 23.

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