Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) June 16, 2020

Surviving C-19
June 16, 2020
4:00 PM
149 Days since first US infection

Global Infected                 7,969,003                             8,092,109
Increase Infected            128,595                 123,106

Global Dead                       434,669                 438,806
Increase Dead                   3,433                                    4,107

US Infected                        2,105,482                             2,127,745
Increase Infected            20,976                                   22,263

US Dead                              115,998                 116,700
Increase Dead                   412                                         702

Maine infected                 2,810                                     2,819
Increase Infected            17                                           9

Maine Dead                       101                                         101
Increase Dead                   1                                              0

Another football stadium of new infections with 4,107 new deaths, 702 of those Americans, and the POTUS ignores masks and the disease to schedule his political rally, replete with waivers for C-19. Trump won’t be responsible if you get sick at his event, but please come and support me while risking your own life and your family’s lives.

All this while I isolate.

Legacy Media Headlines
Dr. Fauci Explains Why Public Wasn’t Told to Wear Masks When COVID-19 Pandemic Began
Clashes at health worker protest in Paris; police blame anarchists
Flushing Toilets Create Clouds of Virus-Containing Particles
Austria: man fined for farting ‘with full intent’ at police
Saudi Faces Perilous Hajj Call As Virus Spikes
Canada-U.S. border to remain closed to non-essential travel for another month
U.S. CDC reports 2,104,346 coronavirus cases, 116,140 deaths
Powell warns of ‘significant uncertainty’ about the recovery and says small businesses are at risk
Under 20s around half as susceptible to COVID-19, study finds
Trial shows drug reduces coronavirus deaths by one-third among severely ill patients
US retail sales up 17.7% in a partial rebound from plunge
Miami pauses reopening as Florida’s new coronavirus cases rise
Rep. Ilhan Omar’s father dies due to coronavirus
Ukraine president’s wife hospitalized with virus
Coronavirus: Beijing tightens controls amid spike in local cases
Trump, Pence Say Coronavirus Increase Due to Broad Testing
Russia’s coronavirus cases near 550,000
COVID-19 cases registered in Russia up by 8,248 in past 24 hours
New Zealand records two new COVID-19 cases after virus-free streak
U.S. airlines threaten to ban passengers who refuse to wear masks
Coronavirus death rate is higher for those with chronic ills
21 states reporting rise in COVID-19 cases
What you need to know: Coronavirus and protective eyewear
San Antonio mayor on possible second wave in Texas
Virginia librarian uses drones to deliver books
Coronavirus deaths in U.S. could reach 200,000 by October
Cuomo reports lowest number of coronavirus hospitalizations since March 20
U.S.-China rivalry in Africa escalated by coronavirus pandemic
NYC tells COVID contact tracers not to ask people if they’ve been to protests
Covid-19: French healthcare staff rally over pay and conditions
Beijing puts fresh curbs to stop spread of Covid-19
Beijing reports more new Covid-19 cases as WHO warns of cause for “concern”
Enough applause: French health workers rally anew for post-coronavirus reforms
Cuomo: U.S. Open Tennis Tournament Will Be Held Without Fans
Dr. Osterholm: We Are Still In This Thing For Months
Sports Fans Contend With Coronavirus Regulations, Hot Political Climates
NJ Coastal Businesses Make Up For Lost Time As State Enters Phase Two Reopening Plans
China Reports COVID-19 Outbreak At Wholesale Market In Beijing
Former CDC Official Says Public Health Data Crucial For Communities To Beat COVID-19
Health Experts: Trump’s Indoor Rally Is Dangerous Due To COVID-19
Fired Scientist Launches Portal Showing More Coronavirus Deaths & Cases Than Florida Reports
Nashville Mayor Delays Phase Three Reopening As Coronavirus Cases Rise
Florida Coronavirus Cases Surge As State Prepares To Host Sports, Political Events
Trump Set To Hold Tulsa Rally Amid Concerns Of Coronavirus Spread
Governor: Enough beds for Texas virus patients
Cooper: Trump believes if you close your eyes, Covid goes away

I fear Trumps politization of a Pandemic, as he gathers tens of thousands for a close quarters, no mask, no social distancing event, he creates a super spreader event for which his base must sign a waiver. It is criminal negligence to willfully expose thousands to an unknown viral risk for persoanl gain.

It is both criminal and un-American in its attitude and approach, wherein spin is of more import than facts. A virus does not care about spin.

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