Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) June 17, 2020

Surviving C-19
June 17, 2020
4:00 PM
150 Days since first US infection

Global Infected                 8,092,109                             8,269,774
Increase Infected            123,106                 177,665

Global Dead                       438,806                 445,762
Increase Dead                   4,107                                    6,956

US Infected                        2,127,745                             2,150,923
Increase Infected            22,263                                  23,178

US Dead                             116,700                 117,423
Increase Dead                  702                                       723

Maine infected                 2,819                                     2,836
Increase Infected            9                                              17

Maine Dead                       101                                         102
|Increase Dead                 0                                              1

Significant Global upticks in infections (up by 50,000) and deaths (up by just under 3,000).  Tulsa sets a record day for new cases as POTUS plans mass political rally there, regardless.  It is attend at your own risk, with the GOP and POTUS creating the risk itself. Does he believe that it is better his base die off or lose their livelihoods’ due to C-19, than fail to support him?  How do his supporters rationalize this?  By blaming the media for hyping it up as more than it is.  Yes there is media hype, I am documenting it every day.  However the hype is not about the virus; that is an attempt to warn the public.  This Administration is still in denial about the virus, believing their own rhetoric and denying the numbers which dispute that.

I think I should talk about the new civil rights movement blossoming in the pandemic.  I think this is long overdue.  If you were raised in poverty the chances are your idea or opinion about the police is radically different than people raised in wealth.  Race exacerbates this because races other than white have long been drenched in poverty and labored against policies which favor those with wealth over those without, allowing the wealthy to remain wealthy and gain more wealth, and those without wealth struggle to obtain any wealth.

Thus, all across the nation, White, Black, Latino, Natives and Asians have struggled against blatant classist polices which have never been removed.  These policies combine with the outright racist policies from the past and create structural race and class bigotry favoring the wealth whites over all others.  These issues are so entwined that trying to deal with the ‘Black” problem will of necessity turn into the Latino and Asian, and Native issues and thereby illuminate the class problems are part and parcel of the race problems.  They are entwined, systemic and endemic.  To attempt to remove any aspect of these issues is to unravel the ball of racist/classist twine they are composed of.

On policing itself changes must be made and are long overdue.  Police have become a catch all system used for everything in society, and because of the war on drugs and Cartel concerns, that system has also become militaristic.  The Police needs to evolve, badly.

I suggest that the idea of policing itself needs to be revamped, nationwide.  That the idea of police itself needs to be expanded, not reduced into a militant response force.  Police, as a term, needs to be used less and in a much more specific fashion.  Instead we need first responders, of all types, under one cohesive budget.  These first responders would include SWAT, (for needed uses only), and standard ‘peace keepers’ (think police in the 40’s and 50’s for white people), polite, situational diplomats/social workers, addiction specialists, traffic, EMT’s, Firemen, Ambulance drivers and on and on, as needed place by place. 

In such a revamped system, which is already half built via 911 cohesiveness, police would not be sent to an overdose; rather it would be a peacekeeper, and an EMT, and an addiction specialist.  Race, language, ethnicity and even religion ought to be represented by the peacekeeper force of police.  Then we would have Detectives and investigators, and patrol police, both of which need to have their S.O.P completely overhauled.  No American should fear the Police or our Government, and far too many do.

As I have said, this is all long overdue, but ill-timed and I expect blooms in the black community which is more at risk due to the very systemic issues they seek to address.  I really wish we had done this decades ago, but now that there is energy behind it we have to push for justice, but it is a horror that it will have a high cost in blood.

Legacy Headlines–First a note about these.  I expect that in the future a historian will be able to search for these headlines in the same manner anyone now could.  Copy the headline, drop it into a search engine and wala, the article or video ought to appear.  Hence they are not just to illustrate the volume or even spin network by network even though that is the reality; but to provide a platform from which a future historian could go digging on the net.  A starting point for some future Homer.

Leagacy Headlines
Trump golf club in Florida requests rent relief, citing coronavirus impact
Record spike in new coronavirus cases reported in six U.S. states as reopening accelerates
WHO sees ‘great news’in steroid’s trial results in COVID-19
Honduras president, wife and aides test positive for coronavirus
CureVac may test possible corona vaccine
India Sees Record Jump Of 2,000 Dead, Germany Advises Citizens To Leave
‘Disinfection tunnel’ set up to protect Vladimir Putin from coronavirus
New Zealand puts Covid-19 quarantine in hands of military after border fiasco
Brazil sees record daily coronavirus cases; official says outbreak under control
Fauci says he hasn’t talked with Trump in two weeks
Live Love Lash on their reopening plans
Social bubbling’ is the new way to safely socialize amid pandemic
Andrew Cuomo talks concerns of 2nd wave of coronavirus
States see record spike in coronavirus cases
China takes ‘wartime emergency’ measures to head off 2nd COVID-19 wave
European countries debut their own versions of contact tracing apps
COVID-19 drug breakthrough?
New warnings as COVID infections rise in the US
Study shows possible new lifesaving coronavirus drug in UK
Nurse who contracted COVID-19 while working recovers and returns to work
Common steroid reduces Covid-19 fatalities by one-third, UK researchers say
Cuomo: New York City ‘On Track’ To Enter Phase 2 Of Reopening On Monday, June 22
Biden: Trump Has ‘Lost Interest’ In Coronavirus And Is ‘Ignoring The Facts’
Black Alabama communities See COVID-19 Surge From Lack Of Resources
Coronavirus: New Technology Helps Keep Employees, Consumers Safe
Researchers Say Common Steroid Can Reduce Deaths In Sickest COVID-19 Patients
How These Nurses Connect With Patients Silenced By COVID-19
Dr. Zeke Emanuel Says Virus Deaths Could ‘Reliably’ Double By Year’s End
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Holds Coronavirus Briefing
Biden: Trump ‘surrendering the fight’ on virus
‘Insecure’ star Yvonne Orji: Public health master’s gives her understanding of coronavirus strategy
MTV’s ‘True Life’ documents COVID-19 first responders
Voices of Protest – A Frontline COVID-19 Nurse
How our brains are processing the pandemic
Texas governor says young people are driving coronavirus surge
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds daily coronavirus briefing
Federal government is “making a mistake” in advising states to reopen
How therapy startup Real is revamping mental health care
How “super” antibodies could help create a coronavirus vaccine
President Trump downplays rise in coronavirus cases
Common steroid drug reduces death risk in severe coronavirus cases, study finds
Joe Biden blasts Trump’s Covid response
Pence tries to declare coronavirus over
16 friends got Covid after night out. Hear their warning
Trump and Pence are lying. The Covid data proves it
Infection Rates, Hospitalizations Rise As States Begin Reopening

This is the danger of having an ignorant president who does not understand science and who is egotistical enough to think he knows better than scientific professionals.

‘Trump uses ‘AIDS vaccine’ as proof scientists can develop COVID-19 vaccine’–AP

“Seizing on a medical milestone that doesn’t exist, President Donald Trump said Tuesday he thinks the same scientific expertise that produced a vaccine for AIDS can deliver one soon for COVID-19, too. There is no vaccine for AIDS.”

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