Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Saturday June 20, 2020

Surviving C-19
June 20, 2020
4:00 PM
153 Days since first US infection

Global Infected                 8,555,817                             8,735,394
Increase Infected            155,497                 179,577

Global Dead                       457,105                 461,786
Increase Dead                   6,670                                     4,681

US Infected                        2,206,630                             2,241,023
Increase Infected            31,786                                   34,393

US Dead                             118,809                 119,475
Increase Dead                  752                                       666

Maine infected                 2,913                                     2,938
Increase Infected            35                                           25

Maine Dead                       102                                         102
Increase Dead                   0                                             0                                             

NOTE:  The WHO (World Health Organization) whom Trumps no longer trusts because they did not predict every aspect of a novel virus (an impossibility), was screaming yesterday about a new global bloom driven by the Americas, that is North, South, and Central.  Just yesterday 150,000 was a new daily record over which they were very concerned.  Today it is 179,557 almost 30,000 more than the previous day.  That looks exponential to me. I hope to fuck I am wrong or we are going to need a lot of caskets.

Are you proud to be an American?

“Proud to be an American?”
Gallup poll hits historic low of 45% ahead of Fourth of July holiday
Decreasing Percentage in U.S. Are Extremely Proud to Be American

“The good news is that despite a slump in overall pride, the country offers many achievements that are a source of pride for Americans — Democrats and Republicans alike.”-Gallup

Are you proud to be an American?

To me that is a very poor question on its face.  I do not now feel any ‘pride’ as an American, I never have even while serving in uniform.  My place of Birth and Residency is not an act I can be proud of. My nations acomplishments are never the nations, they are some individuals acomplishments. I do not feel pride in the actions of others, I feel respect and admiration.

Pride: 1. a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements—No personal achievements so this cannot be the source . . .

–the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated—the achievements of national figures from American history do not qualify because we are not closely associated with those figures . . .

–or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired—in order to consider this for any nationality one would have to only record the hits, and deny all the misses. 

Hence it cannot be intellectually honest.  If I am awed by, or feel respect or admiration in the actions of one American is that not countered by the actions of other Americans?  Say you’re admire of Sgt. York, is he not then offset by a Charlie Manson, and so on, tit for tat, as far as anyone can figure before becoming lost in a morass of humanity?

So when someone asks me if I am proud to ‘be’ anything, I have serious issues. One has pride in an accomplishment, and birth is not anyone’s accomplishment other than the mother, who can be proud. Is it correct to be proud of the color of your skin because you were born that way?  Did you earn that pride by accomplishing birth?  Is it sound to be proud of your ethnicity, did you earn that in any way? 

In the 70’s we had ‘Black Pride’, but if you juxtapose that with ‘White Pride’ it is instantly obvious why that is not ok.  The argument then, and to some extent still is, ‘Black Folks need to believe there is value in being Black, that it is good to be Black’. That need is a stout truism and goes far beyond just the Blacks to the Natives, the Latinos, and the Asians, the Middle Eastern and so on.  All humans have a right to exist and to feel a sense of wellness just for existing as they do, regardless of race. 

However that truism does not address the vast inequity America has dealt all people blessed with melanin.  When we read “All Men were created equal” in our founding documents, we need to be aware as all people of color already are, that the founders did not see Blacks as ‘men’.  They were 1/3 of a man, Natives were considered sub-human by the white Christians of that epoch, and it continued into the Latino, Chinese, Irish, Italians, Greeks, Asians and others felt that second class sting of being treated by Americans in America, as ‘other’.  These disparities are written into the founding documents, and unless those are over writ we will lug the baggage of that old racism forever I fear.

The White Christian Rulers of the Planet for centuries did not believe these ‘others’ were even human, or fully human. We white people need to acknowledge that fact, and help our melanin blessed brethren to develop a better, more perfect union, one which includes all as equals. E Pluribus Unam.

It’s respect, not pride we need. We need to respect all others to have the same rights and liberties you enjoiy. We need to respect them not because of their birth status, their birth location, or their birth class, but because they are here in this reality with us. We need to respect that many of our citizens have been ill treated for centuries because of thier birth circumstances, and we need to stop all such ill treatment and attempt to find some way of rectifying the disparity our nation created.

A person can have mad respect for thier culture, for their heritage and need not hold pride in that, save for their own actual actions in their culture or heritage, or out. We need to cultivate holding respect for other cultures, other traditions, other peoples of all kinds.

]Such respect cannott discount those who lose respect via actions; an inhumane practice by any society ought to be called out and addressed. If such a practice is entrenched in a tradition or religious tradition getting those of that culture to see it as those oiutside the culture will be problematic until there is but one homogenous Human culture. I do not ever expect to see such a thing.

I do not see how we show such respect without tacit acknowledgement and repentance from all that has transpired here in America since before our founding, since we landed here and stole the land from the rightful inhabitants at the end of a musket.

Now were are in a New Civil Rights era, lasting decades now. First civil was when I was a boy, followed by women’s rights, followed by LGBTQ rights, followed by immigrant rights, followed again by Black Lives Matters which seems to be combining with the others in a general push for civil rights.  The waves surge and lapse, and surge and lapse, but return as the tide, ineviotable. Wearing at the racist understructure, illuminating it to the next generation, which then joins in.

My day off  so no headlines.

I went to look at a property today, and became more and more depressed as I drove.  Maine is a Purple state, with stark red and blue sections and a large indie base.  Today as I drove I saw a great many Trump/Pence signs through the rural churchy area of central Maine.  I note many less than in 16, but they are up way early.  This is the Trump ‘base’ in Maine.  As I drove I wondered if any of these people understand that what I see when I look at those signs is “Another Racist Family Lives Here” over, and over, and over again. Those signs evoke shame and fear that I feel for my State and my nation.

I am certain if I actually start stopping and asking, they would respond ‘no, they are not racist’ 80%.  They would claim Trump is not racist, and be so deep in a cultural white bubble that they would fail to see their own privilege.  Trump’s rally is today, I am hoping it does not become a super spreader event, but I do not see how it fails to be such or how the GOP avoids complicity in the mass murder of thousands from it over the next two months. 

Then there is adding all that up.  If you add it all up, it is worse.  Trump’s Charlottesville very fine people, Scheduling in Tulsa on Juneteenth, using Nazi symbols on their web pages and apps, the central park five, discrimination against blacks in housing for decades, it seems endless.  Combine that with the understanding that more Blacks suffer fatal complications than Whites from C-19, and there is suddenly a very stark and horrid possibility. 

Is Donald Trump seeking to weaponize C-19 against the population protesting police violence and civil rights by holding mass rallies which are highly likely to become super spreader events?  Is it really as childish and simple as “If the Black Guys can protest then I can rally!”? 

It’s back to that Question, ‘If you have a political Party and white nationalists, Nazis, and white supremacists come and join your party, even run as your party; then you have become a Nazi party haven’t you?’  If you are not in the Klan, but wear their robes and go to their meetings, WTF do you think you are?  If the GOP is not racist, they why are they harboring so many racists and racist sympathizers?

There is also the strange composition of those rallies now.  They are not composed of locals by and large, but by ‘Trumpets’, my new term for the political deadheads caravanning about following the trump rally express.  Many of these people see Trump as divinely chosen.  They see his tweets as a new type of ‘Bible Code’ only the awakened can see.  They scream ‘Fake News” at any media which does not praise Trump. 

They feel, by and large, divinely protected from C-19 while attending the Rally, a “God won’t let us get the virus here” mindset.  Others think the virus is ‘Fake News’, or real, but overblown, hyped out of all context and nothing to be concerned about. This is the base he warns the protesters about, the base he eggs on with violent rhetoric, stories, and promises of walls.  This is the base chanting ‘Lock Her Up’, still. 

“Any protesters, anarchists, agitators, looters or lowlifes who are going to Oklahoma please understand, you will not be treated like you have been in New York, Seattle, or Minneapolis. It will be a much different scene!”-Donald Trump 

So apparently Donald Trump does not support the first amendment, since protesting is the first amendment. Trump compares all protesters to; anarchists, agitators, looters, and lowlifes, thereby labeling all Black Marchers as anarchists, agitators, looters, and lowlifes.  That is racism revealed. 

This radicalized base of Trumpets he is riling up purposefully, knowing they are not a standard political crowd, in a bloom of the Pandemic.  To what end?  Is he encouraging violence, or hoping to instigate it, or instigate it to spread Covid 19 to the marchers?

It is certain he is not trying to unite Americans.

I know how it sounds, about as crazy as Germans making mass ovens for body disposals.  As whacked as industrialized gas chambers.  So, why else would Trump ignore all medical advice to do the opposite, and not hold a mass rally?  Why would he risk killing his own base off in a viral bloom?

The prevailing view seems to be that he fears losing the re-election and so feels a need to stoke up his base.  Is he? Or is he trying the ultimate form of voter suppression via bio-warfare with a new novel virus by intentionally holding mass super spreader events while feeling personally invulnerable both as a wealthy white man and as POTUS?  Is his ego so out of whack he would risk killing his own fan boys off to stoke his base and improve his poll numbers?  Or is it even more out of whack that he would risk an out of control nationwide bloom just to kill off enough Blacks so they won’t vote him out of office?

I hope I am wrong.  I hope this does not become a super spreader event.  I hope to hell it is not anything remotely close to my postulate above, however history will not let me discount the possibility.

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