Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Juneteenth, 2020

Surviving C-19
Juneteenth, 2020
4:00 PM
152 Days since first US infection

About my new Image Header.  I read Gen Mattis’s open letter to the citizens of America about our situation.  In that the General encourages us all to reach back into our culture and find things to unite over. 

As I contemplated that I had an Idea to modify the Stars and Bars to make it reflect unification and not division.  That image is my idea, constructed in modern software by my son Shane.  We are currently in negotiations with a flag maker to make several, one for my Governor, one for each of my Senators, one for General Mattis who inspired the idea, and one each for myself and my son.

We need a symbol we can all embrace, which is not leaning politically in any direction and which urges us to unite.  I think we have made that.

Let me explain how out of touch Donald Trump is to me personally.  I first learned of Juneteenth in the 70’s from my friend Craig, who frankly schooled me in a lot of the base ignorance we all carry about in regard to race.  Juneteenth as I was taught then, is a holiday for Black folks that should be celebrated by everyone. Juneteenth is officially celebrated June 19th nationwide celebrating the end of Slavery.  However it is also celebrated all that week by many because their own personal family history might be reflected in the acknowledgement of the holiday.

Tulsa is a seperate but related affair. The wanton slaughter of Black Americans on the ‘Black Wall Street’ they had created in Tulsa onMay 30-June 1, 1921 was a starl reminder to all Black Americans that white people would never let them become sucessful.  In Tulsa it is an acknowledgement of that horror and a determination to be successful despite what white America throws at them. 

Donald Trump says yesterday “I did something good: I made Juneteenth very famous, it’s actually an important event, an important time. But nobody had ever heard of it.”

My friend Craig taught this White Man about it in the 70’s and though my understanding may be fraught with error, I at least strove to understand these last 50 years. Donald on the other hand asked a Black Secret Service agent the meaning of Juneteenth after he faced backlash for scheduling a rally on the anniversary’s date, June 19.

Then ‘Whitesplained’ Juneteenth to the nation and world claiming the white man, Donald Trump, made Juneteenth famous, when it has been celebrated by Black Americans since 1865.

That makes him fifty years out of touch with me personally.  How about you?

Global Infected                 8,400,320                             8,555,817
Increase Infected            130,546                 155,497

Global Dead                       450,435                 457,105
Increase Dead                   4,673                                     6,670

US Infected                        2,174,844                             2,206,630
Increase Infected            23,921                                   31,786

US Dead                              118,057                 118,809
Increase Dead                   634                                         752

Maine infected                 2,878                                     2,913
Increase Infected            42                                           35

Maine Dead                       102                                         102
Increase Dead                   0                                              0

Global infection rate hits new high mark at 150,000. An increase of a standard arena added to the world’s largest stadium, in a single day. 

The POTUS is acting with careless disregard of his own base and the entire nation by holding this mass rally.  His base travels from all over the nation to these events, they are not full of locals.  Some people might be local, but most traveled hours and oft wait for days like deadheads before a show.  They are doing so now, with no masks and scant distancing in the bloom which is ongoing in Tulsa.

I fear the only way Trump realizes the danger of C-19 is by his own illness.

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Climate is still changing . . .
French convention on climate: Citizens’ assembly to unveil proposals

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