Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) June 24, 2020

Surviving C-19
June 24, 2020
4:00 PM
157 Days since first US infection

Global Infected                 9,158,912                             9,326,423
Increase Infected            172,164 167,511

Global Dead                       473,930                 479,310
Increase Dead                   3,552 5,380

US Infected                        2,329,637                             2,366,961
Increase Infected            29,233 37,324

US Dead                               120,927                 121,746
Increase Dead                   785 819

Maine infected                 2,971                                     3,017
Increase Infected            981                                         46

Maine Dead                       102                                         103
Increase Dead                   0                                              1

I got little or no response today.  Last night after hours of effort I got a single reporter to pay attention. When I was young news stories were found often from tip lines to a newsroom, now they seem uninterested in actual stories, but are keen on lots of opinions on stories. Media, Politicians, and much of the status quo lumbers on, oblivious to the death of real news, to its replacement with opinions, and to the general disinterest of what was once journalism.

Tried the CDC again, and they say, again, they will call back.

Well, that was finally satisfying, at least in part.  I managed to get ahold of my local Rep, Meghan Gardner, running for State Congress and explained to her the uptick and my hope that its adding antibody and molecular testing, or a typo, or a web page error (but todays update shows it is not an error), everything else seems pretty nefarious. Nice woman on the phone.

Today as I watched the hearing on Barr, I watched as both sides again did the same thing, pitch blame, accuse the other, and no thought of seeking justice or truth was evident.  Rather we have the Dems idea of justice VS the GOP Ideas of justice, and the rule of law becomes a plaything to be interpreted as any party sees fit to.

Well the CDC called back and it is some weird HTML error on their page which works with edge but not with Chrome. So, that is a damn relief. The reason the number is kicked up is an inclusion of antibody testing, which is poor in accuracy, and not used as a determinate for overall infection; until we get better tests.

Legacy News Headlines
Dow Plunges 700 Points As Investors Worry About A Resurgence Of Coronavirus
US coronavirus cases at highest level since April
New York, New Jersey, Connecticut to quarantine visitors from states with high coronavirus infections
The New York City Marathon, the world’s largest, has been canceled due to the pandemic
IMF slashes its forecasts for the global economy and warns of soaring debt levels
Pakistan plane crashed because pilots were not ‘focused’ due to coronavirus, says minister
Coronavirus: Thailand sterilizes 500 monkeys to protect locals because there are no tourists to feed them
Australia reports first COVID-19 death in more than a month
Russia holds WW2 victory parade in virus shadow
Honduras president needed oxygen to battle coronavirus, doctor says
Health experts warn UK must prepare for second wave as lockdown eases
Major League Baseball implements 60-game 2020 season as players agree on safety protocols
UN chief criticizes lack of global cooperation on COVID-19
Dr. Fauci testifies about ‘disturbing surge’ of infections
Young people majority of COVID-19 cases in some states
Protests, COVID-19 upend the 2020 race
By the Numbers: The state of COVID-19 testing
Trump speaks in Arizona as state faces risk of becoming coronavirus hotspot
COVID-19 and the future of work
Top health officials commit to more testing
How mercy flights help families get medical help
Analysis: Muscovites put coronavirus fears aside for Victory Day parade
Mexico latest disease hotspot in Latin America as cases explode
German resurgence puts slaughterhouses in spotlight
Germany re-imposes local lockdowns after regional coronavirus outbreak
Health expert: disease resurgence in Germany might not indicate backwards step
Savannah Mayor Johnson To Mandate Face Coverings In Public
Mayor Bill De Blasio Announces NYC Beaches To Open For Swimming On July 1
Politics, Protests, And Pandemic: The Striking Similarities Between 1968 And 2020
Florida Sets New Record As COVID-19 Cases Continue To Spike
Trump Makes Himself Lone Exception With COVID-19 Risking Crowds
Trump Coronavirus Failure Makes Americans International Pariahs
Rising Hospitalizations Expose Fallacy Of Testing-Driven Surge in COVID-19
Blind To Borders, Coronavirus Lays Siege To Southwestern U.S.
Doc: Close Conditions At Trump’s AZ Rally Are ‘Terrifying’
Trump Defies His Own Coronavirus Task Force With Indoor Phoenix Rally
Nearly 100 Workers Test Positive For Coronavirus At Minnesota Amazon Warehouse
MF downgrades global economic outlook amid virus
Medical oxygen a luxury in much of the world
Travelers to NY, New Jersey, Conn. told to isolate
Virus deaths in Latin America race past 100,000
Russia holds Victory Day parade in shadow of virus
Coronavirus: How to fly during a pandemic
Trump dismisses virus concerns after several staffers test positive for COVID-19
What we know about where $2 trillion in CARES Act funding is being spent
Coronavirus threatens war-torn Yemen amid humanitarian catastrophe
Amazon uses artificial intelligence to enforce social distancing
18 states report a two-week increase in coronavirus hospitalizations
Dr. Anthony Fauci and other top health officials testify on COVID-19 response
New York, New Jersey, Connecticut to quarantine visitors from states with high COVID rates
Trump praises his response to coronavirus despite recent spikes in cases
New York holds primary election amid coronavirus pandemic
Trump is pretending Covid-19 is gone
80% of community has Covid-19, including the nurse in charge in Peru
Fauci testifies on Trump admin’s response to COVID-19 pandemic
Trump Holds Event In Phoenix Amid Spike In Virus Cases
Trump Again Repeats Derogatory Phrase For Coronavirus
Growing alarm in Houston over covid-19 resurgence

And climate Change keeps on Truckin . . .
Scientists find micro-plastic has contaminated remote Antarctic food chain

I hate to even think this, but I see it as a reality at this juncture.  I think perhaps the best thing that could happen to America is for our own POTUS or members of his family actually catch the bug and get ill, then he might take it seriously.  He is in denial, believing he cannot get it, the wealthy cannot get it, the young cannot get it, and none of that is reality at all. He might deny that if asked, but actions speak louder than words.

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