Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) June 25, 2020

Surviving C-19
June 25, 2020
4:00 PM
158 Days since first US infection

Global Infected                 9,326,423                             9,506,788
Increase Infected            167,511                 180,365

Global Dead                       479,310                 484,406
Increase Dead                   5,380                                     5,096

US Infected                        2,366,961                             2,407,167
Increase Infected            37,324                                   40,206

US Dead                              121,746                 122,370
Increase Dead                   819                                         624

Maine infected                 3,017                                     3,070
Increase Infected            46                                           53

Maine Dead                       103                                         103
Increase Dead                   1                                              0

The western world is privileged, especially America.  Our wealth, economy, and most especially our military might, made America a land of privilege.  Those privileges are not equally distributed and the system for upward mobility is skewed in favor of the wealthy, which is historically White, and so that system keeps down folks of color who have to try much harder against more difficult situations to ‘make it’.  Even if they do have some success, then they get pulled over for driving a high end car, which they call ‘driving while black’. 

A white cop sees a black man in an expensive car and thinks ‘he either stole that or earned it from criminality’.  Now the cop is not intentionally being racist in many cases, even though that is racist as hell.  Black folks have been trapped in a broken system forever in this nation, and because of that more of them have had to resort to crime to survive in our history, and thus the cop’s experience tells him ‘I am more likely to catch a bad guy if I stop the Black guy than if I stop the White guy’, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy for nickel and dime offenses many Americans are guilty of unwittingly.

All Americans do share some sense of privileges compared to our neighbors, and these are both incorrect and dangerous.  Americans assume our Government cannot collapse into another system of Government.  That is false, because our system has had resilience in the past does not guarantee it will in the future against trials we cannot envision, like this Pandemic.  Americans do not expect to be invaded because we have not really been invaded since 1812.  Americans who have never had to deal with our criminal justice system think it is fair and just, but anyone who has had to actually deal with that, or watched a family member deal with that, knows better.  This is exponentially worse with people of color.

Americans expect that if the pandemic forces it, the Government will find a way to feed them, find a way to get them work, housing, medical attention; that the Government will help them.  For many people the idea that our nation could just fall the fuck apart is not conceivable.  Sadly that is not so, all it takes is ineptitude in a crisis and people will resort to whatever they need to do to survive and the facade of civilization will peel back to reveal savage primates with vicious weapons.

In order to avoid such horrific outcomes we need to be able to imagine them, to realize what we have is fragile, and protect it.  Americans as a whole, rely far too much on ‘magical thinking’, which makes protecting our nation much more difficult.  All children have magical thinking, many are resplendent in it.  Most of us grow out of it for the most part, but a great many hang on to it through their unexamined religious and superstitious beliefs, beliefs in which they were raised when they had magical thinking, and beliefs which they do not expose to either reason or scrutiny.

Holding one magical thought as a reality makes it far easier for people to accept other forms of magical thinking. “Magical thinking is the belief that unrelated events are causally connected despite the absence of any plausible causal link between them, particularly as a result of supernatural effects.”  So when folks say the POTUS is chosen by God, that is magical thinking. Americans who believe in things like everlasting life, afterlives, resurrections and so on, make it far easier to think “Jesus will protect my family from coronavirus”.  It makes it easier to say to yourself ‘I won’t get the bug, or  ‘I’m young’,  or it makes people say ‘It’s safe to go drinking’, and ‘It cannot happen to me or my family’. All those things lead people to make poor choices in a pandemic, and thousands have. 

The POTUS has magical thinking, and rationalizes himself into situations because of it.  He convinced himself it would go away with the warm weather, said so, and took no major actions because he believed that despite the evidence.  He wanted to believe that, and so his bias slants what evidence he sees.  He believed Hydroxychloroquine would be a cure all and pushed its use without actual data, and then even after data came in against it, he stood by it, claiming he was taking it as a preventative, even though people do not believe he ever did. After tests proved it caused fatalities and made the virus worse, he just stopped talking about it, he never retracted or admitted his error.  If POTUS sees increased tests, then reasons that “tests are the reason for increased cases”, that is utter magical thinking, tests do not create virus, they detect it.

Our POTUS is holding mass rallies with no social distancing and almost no one masked because he painted C-19 as Democratic spin, a con job, and inflation of the danger to make him look bad.  Then he believed what he said and ignored the evidence, holding these rallies to rally his re-election and prove the virus is not as bad as the Dems claim.  Thus our POTUS is the only human on Earth to hold mass, unprotected rallies, during a Pandemic, risking creating a super spreader event not once, but twice, both in cities in a viral bloom, as if he thinks he is immune.  The problem is it is not the Dems who are making claims about C-19, it’s the science which they are listening to, and the science our POTUS ignores via his magical thinking.

More than ever we need to work together as adults facing a global challenge.  We need to admit to ourselves that we failed, as a globe, to react to a global threat.  That critical failure to act as a unified globe has cost almost a ½ million lives already, and it has just begun.  Globally we are playing whack a mole, each nation trying to do its best for itself, and my own nation is playing its own whack a mole game inside the global one, instead of acting as a unified nation.

Now I am seeing a bloom I predicted in this record of events, where I predicted it.  I am not at all happy about that.  When this all started Neil DeGrasse Tyson said, “The pandemic is a grand experiment about whether or not humans will listen to science or not.”  I say it is a global Darwin Award event and those who listen might survive, if too many do not society itself might not survive.

Before reopening, rates of positivity in testing of should remain at 5% or lower for at least 14 days.  (i.e., out of all tests conducted, how many came back positive for COVID-19?) If a positivity rate is too high, that may indicate that the state is only testing the sickest patients who seek medical attention, and is not casting a wide enough net to know how much of the virus is spreading within its communities. A low rate of positivity in testing data can be seen as a sign that a state has sufficient testing capacity for the size of their outbreak and is testing enough of its population to make informed decisions about reopening.

States that meet positivity recommendations:
Vermont              0.51%
Alaska                  0.61%  Canary 1
New York            1.00%
Hawaii                 1.09%
Montana             1.25%  Canary 2
Connecticut        1.29%
West Virginia     1.40%
New Jersey        1.52%
D. of Columbia  1.71%
Maine                  1.87%
Rhode Island      1.99%
Michigan             2.07%
New Hampshire 2.13%
North Dakota     2.20%
Massachusetts  2.43%
Illinois                  2.52%
New Mexico      2.82%
Minnesota          2.85% Canary 7
Wisconsin           3.23%
Indiana                3.33%
Kentucky             3.72%
Louisiana            3.77%
Oregon                3.77%
Delaware            3.87%
Ohio                     4.02%
Colorado             4.05%
Washington        4.16%
Pennsylvania     4.23%
Virginia               4.42%
Maryland            4.78%

States above recommended positivity:
Puerto Rico         100.00%
Arizona                 22.14%
South Carolina   15.93% Canary 5
Florida                  12.96%
Utah                      12.65%
Mississippi          11.86% Canary 6
Texas                    10.92% Canary 10
Nevada                 8.98%
Georgia                  8.93% Canary 9
Alabama              8.61%
Idaho                    7.53%
Oklahoma           7.17% Canary 4
North Carolina   7.03%
Tennessee          6.73% Canary 8
Iowa                      6.44%
Arkansas              5.92%
Kansas                  5.79%
Nebraska             5.78%
South Dakota     5.70% Canary 3
Missouri               5.31%
California             5.28%

As one can easily see the majority of the Canaries are in the new bloom, and a lot more states as well, this is the NY bloom in rural America, just what I feared.  First it will hit the cities and then the rural areas.  These are ‘rural’ cities by and large, the city is big but in 15 minutes you’re in ranchland driving.  Cities of the plains and the west are like that.

Why is no one talking about Puerto Rico?

This is a list of medical conditions and factors that can place a person diagnosed with the novel coronavirus at a higher risk of developing severe symptoms and side effects, of COVID-19.

Blood Disorders – For example: Sickle cell disease or on blood thinners.

Chronic Kidney Disease – For example: Patient has been told to avoid or reduce the dose of medications because kidney disease, or is under treatment for kidney disease, including receiving dialysis.

Chronic Liver Disease – As defined by your doctor. (e.g., cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis) For example: Patient told to avoid or reduce dose of medications due to liver disease or under treatment for liver disease.

Endocrine Disorders – For example: diabetes mellitus

Immunosuppression (Compromised Immune System) – For example: Seeing a doctor for cancer, treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation, received an organ or bone marrow transplant, taking high doses of corticosteroids or other immunosuppressant medications, HIV or AIDS.

Lung Disease – Asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis, emphysema or other chronic conditions associated with impaired lung function or respiratory disorders that require oxygen.

Metabolic Disorders – For example: inherited metabolic disorders and mitochondrial disorders.

Neurological, Neurologic, Neurodevelopment Conditions – For example: disorders of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerve, and muscle such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy, seizure disorders, stroke, intellectual disability, moderate to severe developmental delay, muscular dystrophy, or spinal cord injury (SCI).

Recent Pregnancy – Current or recent pregnancy in the last two weeks.


Want to guess how many Americans will fall into those groups?  How about how many are in those groups and do not know it?  I have no clue and whatever the number is, it is way too high, and we knew that before C-19.

Legacy Headlines
Starbucks barista receives more than $20k in tips after refusing service to customer not wearing a mask
Coronavirus may have infected 10 times more Americans than reported, CDC says
Texas pauses reopening plan as coronavirus cases and hospitalizations rise
Coronavirus: ‘Very significant’ resurgences in Europe alarm WHO
Treasury sent more than 1 million coronavirus stimulus payments to dead people, congressional watchdog finds
Remdesivir becomes first COVID-19 drug put forward for use in the EU
Bulgaria’s PM fined after breaking his own government’s COVID-19 rules
U.S. GDP fell at a 5% rate in the first quarter, and the worse is likely on the way
Countries are ‘highly unlikely’ to impose full lockdowns again if there’s a second wave, analysts say
World’s second-worst Ebola outbreak formally ends
Iraq hit with record-high COVID-19 deaths
U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Worse Than Forecast for Second Week
Marathon vote on extending Putin’s rule begins amid coronavirus epidemic
Dozens of Secret Service agents will be quarantined after Trump’s Tulsa rally
Australia posts biggest one-day rise in coronavirus cases in two months
Disney is postponing the reopening of Disneyland
University of Washington forecasts 180,000 U.S. deaths from COVID-19 by October
Democrats will scale back in-person convention in Milwaukee
UK schools to abolish social distancing in September
EU reviews possible ban of American visitors upon reopening
Tristate area imposes 14-day quarantine for travelers from infected states
Where did the federal coronavirus aid to small businesses go? Tracking the money
US sees 3rd highest day in new COVID-19 cases
Florida hits 1-day record for new COVID-19 cases
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis holds news conference
Eiffel Tower reopens to visitors with strict coronavirus restrictions
Lufthansa shareholders to vote on €9 billion bailout
US records highest one-day total of new cases since April
Northeastern US states to quarantine visitors from Covid hotspot states as cases soar
Soaring Covid-19 cases in southern US states spur quarantine orders for travel to northeast
Pakistan unwilling to lock down anew despite fast-surging coronavirus outbreak
Qantas to axe 6,000 jobs as part of €9 billion pandemic cost-cutting plan
Dr. Vin Gupta Calls For Mandating Masks Across The Country
Contact Tracing Apps Were Supposed To Save Us. What Happened?
‘Nobody Has A Bed Anywhere’: Doctors Address Spike In Cases Across Nation
Houston Bar Owner Slams City, State And ‘Selfish’ Establishments Over COVID-19 Spike
Trump’s Government Is MIA As Coronavirus Pandemic Worsens
A Bad Poll For Trump And Worst Day For COVID-19 Cases Yet In U.S.
Counties Struggle With Consequences Of Rash Texas Reopening
Trump Admin Failure On Coronavirus Threatens Unity Of The States
Beto O’Rourke: Texas COVID-19 Surge Is Due To ‘Defiance Of Science, Facts, Truth’
Texas bar owner frustrated by “rushed” reopening
Trump aide: ‘We will not shut the economy down’
NYC marathon canceled because of coronavirus fears
Man runs 7 ultramarathons to reach his grandma
Texas sees virus resurgence as states reopen
‘Coronavirus hit our business like a hidden tsunami’
Infection rates continue to rise in India and Latin America
Coronavirus: What is a second wave? And when will we see it?
Coronavirus: the impact of Covid-19 on women
Trial of revolutionary new vaccine for coronavirus begins in London
Coronavirus: Looking for viruses in Thai bats
Massive Saharan dust cloud makes its way to Southern states still battling coronavirus
Doctor says states should consider going into lockdown again as COVID cases rise
Airlines losing billions of dollars as coronavirus curtails travel
Nursing homes grapple with risks as coronavirus pandemic continues
Biologist says young people are fueling Covid-19 pandemic
Dr. Gupta: I can’t believe we’re in the position we’re in
Azar dismisses possibility of second shutdown despite record COVID-19 cases
Joe Biden: Coronavirus Could Be ‘New Pre-Existing Condition’ If Trump Dismantles Obamacare
Dr. Gottlieb: Time, Aggressive Steps Needed To Bring Down Cases
Coronavirus Patients With Confusing, Long-Lasting Symptoms
Houston Hospitals Running Out Of ICU Beds Amid Coronavirus Spike
Why disinfectant is still hard to find months into the pandemic
As coronavirus cases soar in Florida, Miami struggles to respond

And Climate Change keeps on Truckin along . . .

Lightning strikes kill 83 in eastern Indian state
Preventing a plague: Fighting Kenya’s locusts
and the Artic is having a major heat wave, Siberia was 100.4 the other day, and it is very high everywhere around the Arctic circle.

Today the CDC announced a fear I put into this log of events sometime in the past, that 10 times as many people may harbor this virus as asymptomatic patients. That would be about 20 million Americans infected unknowing, unwittingly spreading the bug about.   

While I worked on this in isolation 5,096 of my fellow humans died, of those 624 were my fellow Americans.

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