Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) June 26, 2020

Surviving C-19
June 26, 2020
4:00 PM
159 Days since first US infection

Global Infected                 9,506,788                             9,695,375
Increase Infected            180,365                 188,587

Global Dead                      484,406                 491,595
Increase Dead                  5,096                                     7,189

US Infected                       2,407,167                             2,453,045
Increase Infected            40,206                                   45,878

US Dead                             122,370                 124,891
Increase Dead                   624                                       2,521

Maine infected                 3,070                                     3,102
Increase Infected            53                                          32

Maine Dead                       103                                        103
Increase Dead                   0                                             0

Every single day this week was a record for new global infections, the same exact thing is true of several states, between three and seven days were record setters.  Several of these days have been as bad nationwide, as when NYC was at peak.  So three weeks from now we will see a death bloom, already we see an increase of 2000+ in a day, which is a horror.

Legacy Media Headlines

Biden says he’d use executive powers to force Americans to wear masks in public
Brazil’s Bolsonaro says he may have had coronavirus despite negative test
The Trump administration is eyeing a new testing strategy for coronavirus, Anthony Fauci says
As virus surges in US, younger people account for ‘disturbing’ number of cases
U.S. consumer spending up 8.2% in May, partly erasing record plunge
Nationwide toilet paper limits introduced as new coronavirus outbreaks spark panic-buying
Trump administration asks Supreme Court to invalidate Obamacare
Pregnant women with COVID-19 not more likely to die, but possibly more likely to get sick, studies find
Thousands of Liverpool fans defy lockdown to celebrate league title at Anfield
Microsoft to permanently close nearly all of its retail stores
Indianapolis Motor Speedway to allow spectators in at 50% of capacity for Indy 500 in August
The US sees a record number of new coronavirus cases in a single day
Fauci Pleads With Public on Virus Peril; Pence Sees Progress
Biden slams Trump on coronavirus response
In Houston, front-line workers say COVID-19 surge affecting many younger people
Former Obama Ebola czar on COVID pandemic: ‘We should all be concerned’
College students connect farmers with food banks
The Eiffel Tower reopens
Battle over wearing face masks as pandemic rages on
Coronavirus cases surge in more than half of the US
Six Flags Over Georgia and White Water reopens with new guidelines
US lockdown divide, Putin’s Russia on parade, ‘dangerous game’ in Libya, Eiffel Tower reopens
WHO warns virus resurgence in Europe has begun
Parliamentary committee investigates France’s response to pandemic
Relief for airlines as Orly reopens
Analysis: record Covid-19 cases in US result of ‘bungled mismanagement’
Pence Defends Trump’s Decision To Hold Rallies Amid Virus Spread, Cites Right To Assemble
Southern California Hospitals Record 32% Rise In Hospitalizations
Pence Says Guidance On Masks Should Be Left To States, Local Officials
As COVID-19 Surges Across South, Birx & Fauci Warn ‘Everyone Is Susceptible To Infection’
Alabama Congresswoman Sounds Alarm On Virus In Her State
What It’s Like Living In Child Care ‘Deserts’
Will The Coronavirus Pandemic Finally Make Milan Go Green?
Coronavirus Has Disproportionate Impact On Disabled, Says Advocate
US Squandered Costly Lockdown, Failed To Stem Coronavirus
Dr. Gupta: Governors Must Lead On COVID-19 Because Trump Won’t
Trump Campaigns In Wisconsin As CDC Warns Coronavirus Outbreak
Pence defends Trump rallies during pandemic
Fauci warns young people as virus cases climb
Pelosi: ‘In a mood,’ White House failed miserably
GAO: Virus relief payments sent to dead people
Florida virus cases rise at near-record rate
Thousands of COVID-19 victims in French care homes
Trump promotes jobs on Wisconsin shipyard tour
Texas reopening on ‘pause’ as virus cases soar
Kevin Costner says full coronavirus toll unimaginable
Trump touts reviving economy at Wisconsin shipyard
Satellite images show coronavirus affects Earth
Newsom praises Disney for delaying park re-openings
US sent $1.4B dollars in relief checks to deceased
Coronavirus: ‘Very significant’ resurgences in Europe alarm WHO
Coronavirus warning after “major incident” declared in Bournemouth
Dr. Fauci says young people driving “paradigm shift” as virus spreads
A famous diner fights for its life in the age of COVID-19
U.S. coronavirus deaths projected to hit 180,000 by October
South Africa’s ready-made army of coronavirus hunters
Cornavirus task force addresses spikes in Covid-19
John King shows stark difference between US coronavirus cases 1 month ago and today
Trump administration asks Supreme Court to invalidate Obamacare
Trump calls out reporter on face mask
Don Lemon: This is what American carnage looks like
Bill Gates predicted pandemic. Hear his advice now.
Burnett: Trump’s failure to lead has had deadly consequences
Texas, California and Florida see Covid-19 cases skyrocket
Coronavirus cases are surging; Who’s to blame?
Coronavirus Task Force provides updates on nationwide cases
Florida orders bars to stop selling alcohol as coronavirus cases surge
Trump Admin Asks SCOTUS To Strike Down Obamacare
Gov. Abbott’s Steps ‘Fall Short’ Of What Texas Needs Amid Rising COVID-19 Cases
Conservative Groups Release New Anti-Trump Ads
Infectious Diseases Doctor: We Need To Fight Virus At Local Level

And climate change keeps on Truckin . . .

“Three space agencies, The NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), ESA (European Space Agency), and JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) launched a collaborative website that will track COVID-19 impacts as observed by earth observation data. The COVID-19 Earth Observation Dashboard integrates satellite imagery and remotely sensed data from multiple satellite data records to map and track changes in air and water quality, climate change, economic activity, and agriculture due to the pandemic.”

Yep, the impacts of C-19 are so profound, because humans stopped living like fat pigs for a minute, that the results are visible from space.

I am in dread of the administrations lack of effort.  I am becoming enraged with a POTUS who is creating super spreader events because he sees his own freedom of assembly as of more import than the citizen’s right to life.  As the southwest Blooms, and California Blooms, and the Deep South Blooms, will his supporters realize he is leaving them out to die, literally? 

Or will they assume that the virus will kill off more black and brown people than white people, so what is the is problem? This is an image of defeat, on a man who denies the virus, and nonetheless gets 6,200 of his fans to attend an open gathering in Tulsa amid a full bloom of C-19, repleat with waivers so the cannot sue Trump if the get the bug, completly bummed out because he did not fill the stadium. He has no concern for the attendees welfare, and in the days after more and more Secret service and campaig staff had to enter quaentine because they caught or were exposed to, c-19.

How far will the Christian believers twist their own beliefs to allow him to go down that dark road? Until they lose family or have family impacted themselves or take ill with C-19?

While I isolated and did this another global record was set for infections at 188,587 cases.  C-19 exterminated with prejudice 7,189 of my fellow humans, of those 2,521 were my fellow Americans. 

All of those people died alone, without friends or family because of the nature of the virus.

How many more of us must die alone before the world realizes that a global problem requires a global co-operative solution?

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