Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) June 27, 2020

Surviving C-19
June 27, 2020
2:38 PM
160 Days since first US infection

April 26, 2020
Global Increase Infected              99,864
Global Increase Dead                    6,215
US Increase Infected                     33,916
US Increase Dead                           1,985

NY peak April 10                            10,765
April 10
US Increase Infected                      18,789
US Increase Dead                            1,569

June 26, 2020
Global Increase Infected              188,587
Global Increase Dead                     7,189
US Increase Infected                      45,878    
US Increase Dead                            2,521

No Headlines today, it is my day off from Headlines.

As I pen this Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, California, Arizona, and Florida all look as bad as or worse than NY at its peak on April 10th adjusting for population and density.   Florida yesterday had 8,942, Texas had 5,707, Georgia had 1,900, Oklahoma had 438, Arizona had 3,591, and California had 6,524, that’s 27,102 total, just for those states, just short of our nationwide total Apr 26, two months ago.

The virus has a 2 week cycle.  If you get it, the virus will grow inside you, replicating itself until there is enough for you to be overcome by symptoms.  During that time you are infectious. We are trying to determine how infectious, but all signs say very infectious.  You may not have any symptoms at all during that time.  That is cycle one.

Cycle two has the patient sick with the virus, or asymptomatic.  Patient’s sick with the virus are extremely infectious, shedding lots of virus all the time, in sweat, feces, mucous and saliva. We are not sure how infectious asymptomatic people are, but again the evidence trends toward very infectious. 

We assume, and are researching to verify, that the cycle repeats itself, and that after a month or so, asymptomatic people will be over their infection in the same manner that symptomatic people get over their infection. Biological antibodies reproduce enough to chase it out.  That is how it usually works. 

The nightmare scenario is that it is not standard and asymptomatic people can carry and spread the virus forever, never knowing, like ole Typhoid Mary.  Such carriers are rarities in medicine, but they exist.  Determining if there are any with C-19 is problematic and requires massive testing of our population. Determining if the virus favors such an adaptation already will take a lot of time and effort.

June 27, 2020
8 pm
Global Infected                 9,695,375             9,939,813
Increase Infected            188,587                 244,438

Global Dead                       491,595                497,442
Increase Dead                   7,189                    5,847                    

US Infected                        2,453,045             2,505,593
Increase Infected            45,878                    52,548                  

US Dead                             124,891                 125,480
Increase Dead                   2,521                      589                                        

Maine infected                 3,102                      3,154
Increase Infected            32                           52

Maine Dead                       103                        104
Increase Dead                   0                             1                                             

As a result of all of this, the safest course of action for all of us to take is to use social distancing, isolate as much as possible, and when not able to isolate, for work and so on, to dutifully wear masks, wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face.  This virus is airborne, we breathe it out without knowing we have it, and breath it in unknowing as well.  A simple cloth mask reduces viral spread by more than 50%, combined with social distancing and hand sanitation, they reduce transmission levels 75%-85%.

Trump refuses to wear a mask because he does not like the way it looks, making his own vanity of more import to him than the lives of the Americans he is supposed to represent.

We have about 20 states with blooms this severe right now. Cumulatively we are much worse off than before Trump told everyone not to wear masks by example, and encouraged everyone to open up.  Several states are closing back down, my own re-paused and our numbers are low, we just want to keep it that way.

Global increase rate has doubled, deaths are increasing and a lagging indicator.  The US increase rate is up by over 50%, and deaths are up significantly as well.  Many states reopened and the protests began just about a month ago.  This is the result predicted by science and ignored by the GOP.  Donald Trump and the GOP have literally slain tens of thousands of Americans by ineptitude and the consideration of politics over public health.  The Trump administration is continuing and accelerating these efforts by suing itself (that is correct, the administration is suing its own governmental policy (Obamacare) to remove 20+ million Americans off their existing health insurance with no plan at all as to help them in the Pandemic.

Is he that ignorant of such a result, that blinded by his own political desires?  The POTUS and the whole GOP?  Or is he actually a Dr. No type character in real life, with sycophants in line behind him?  How can we tell the difference if both result in the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans? 

In light of the personal threat to all Americans, does that even matter?  The Trump administration in full collaboration with the GOP is killing us via ineptitude, and callous to that reality as they simultaneously seek to strip existing insurance from 20 million Americans with no replacement strategy at all during an accelerating Pandemic they are in denial of.

That seems a clear and present danger to me.

We, the United States of America, are the global hotspot, the leading epicenter and fastest growing section of the pandemic. Our leadership is in denial along partisan lines Trump and the GOP formetted. Only the minority party, not in power, is taking the Pandemic seriously. Doing anything requires the majority parties assent, and they are in denial.

2,488,037 US

1,274,974 Brazil

626,779 Russia

508,953 India

311,727 United Kingdom

272,364 Peru

267,766 Chile

248,469 Spain

240,136 Italy

220,180 Iran

208,392 Mexico

199,473 France

While I isolated and did this 244,438 people were diagnosed with C-19, of those 52,548 were my fellow Americans. 589 lost their battle with C-19, 1 of whom was a fellow Mainer.

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