Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) June 29, 2020

Surviving C-19
June 29, 2020
3:21 PM
162 Days since first US infection

June 29, 2020
4:00 PM–Numbers time

Global Infected                 10,055,037           10,199,798
Increase Infected            115,224                 144,761

Global Dead                       499,990                 502,947
Increase Dead                   2,548                      2,957

US Infected                        2,535,712               2,564,163
Increase Infected            30,119                     28,451

US Dead                               125,709                 125,947
Increase Dead                   229                          238

Maine infected                 3,191                       3,219
Increase Infected            37                             28

Maine Dead                       104                         105
Increase Dead                   0                              1

It’s surreal, these numbers.  It is surreal to me that the majority cannot see the threat and so they easily dismiss it.  It is surreal that some would find a simple surgical mask an imposition, a restriction of their freedom, when it is a method to preserve their life. Without life you cannot have freedom, asking people to comply for everyone’s good is insufficient, as we so readily see. 

I saw a man in Florida, screaming at his city council saying ‘I am a Patriot!  You see that flag there, I would die for that flag!”  He is willing to die, yet unwilling to suffer a minor inconvenience for the nation? Whom exactly does he think he is to wear a mask for but his fellow Americans?  Willing to charge the machine gun nest, but not willing to clean the latrine?  I doubt such willingness when espoused with such venom and coupled with an unwillingness to undertake a simple effort for that same nation.

Legacy Media Headlines
Florida residents reject face masks: ‘They want to throw God’s wonderful breathing system out’
Britain is ‘on a knife edge’ in Covid-19 crisis, top scientist warns
Boris Johnson to pledge £1.5bn for post-lockdown school building blitz
Coronavirus: Texas governor warns pandemic has taken ‘very swift and very dangerous turn’
HHS secretary: ‘The window is closing’ to stop coronavirus spread
Global Covid-19 death toll passes 500,000 in grim milestone
California Gov. Newsom orders bars closed in counties including Los Angeles, citing coronavirus
US sanctions, coronavirus make for Iran’s toughest year: Rouhani
WHO warns coronavirus pandemic is speeding up as countries ease lockdown rules
Broadway suspends performances through 2020 amid coronavirus, extends ticket refunds to 2021
CanSino’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate approved for military use in China
Gilead prices COVID-19 drug candidate remdesivir at $2,340 per patient
More than 30 states report increases in coronavirus cases
Crowded concert backlash
‘We need to look at a greater use of Defense Production Act’ for testing: Hutchinson
Analysis: German EU presidency brings ‘sigh of relief’ to coronavirus-ravaged Europe
As deaths reach half-million, some countries accused of hiding pandemic’s true cost
Coronavirus in US acting unlike previous disease outbreaks
Gov. Andrew Cuomo Identifies ‘Complications’ As NYC Heads Toward Phase 3
She Has Low Immunity. See How She’s Living During The Pandemic
Florida Reports More The 8,500 New Coronavirus Cases; US Cases Exceed 2.5 Million
How China Combats Coronavirus Clusters: Mass Testing And Tracking
DeSantis says ‘young people’ threw caution ‘to the wind’ amid coronavirus outbreak
The FDA eased its ban on blood donations from gay men amid covid-19. Some say it’s still not enough.
Pool testing: What it is and how it could affect the coronavirus pandemic
Band’s pandemic diversion leads to daily park gig
Protests did not lead to spike in COVID-19 cases, study finds
See inside a Houston hospital on the front line against coronavirus
Fauci: Vaccine might not get US sufficient level of immunity
Rep Biggs speaks out against mask mandates despite AZ’s record cases
Did some states re-open too quickly? Dr. Tom Frieden weighs in
Media targets Trump on pandemic after nationwide protests slow down
Sen. Cotton: China is using pandemic to take advantage of neighbors
Arkansas Gov. Calls On Trump To Invoke Defense Production Act
U.S. Breaks Record For New Daily Coronavirus Cases

Daddy Trump says ‘Do as I say, not as I do’
Trump has ‘no problem’ with wearing masks over coronavirus fears
‘It’s the personal choice of any individual as to whether to wear a mask,’ press secretary claims

Point of Interest
Coronavirus antibodies may fade in two months
“The latest study about the coronavirus suggests that antibodies (the proteins produced by the immune body’s system that give protection against reinfection) may weaken in two months after infection in some specific people who recovered from the pandemic. Scientists conducted a study about the antibodies of the virus in China and published it in Nature Medicine.

The authors of the study found that people with coronavirus who never develop its symptoms may see their antibodies fade more rapidly than those who came down with its symptoms and tested positive for the virus. However, the study based on little research with limitations, but it provides greater awareness into a topic that confuses scientists examining this COVID-19.”–Reuters

And Climate Change Keeps on Truckin . . .
The South Pole increased its global temperature rate three times in the last 30 years: study
12 killed as rainstorms batter southern China
Monster cloud of dust darkens southern skies

While I worked on this in isolation, 238 more Americans were exterminated by C-19, one of them was a fellow Mainer.

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