Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) June 30, 2020

Surviving C-19
June 30, 2020
163 Days since first US infection

News runs in cycles, big stories, over and over in an roughly hour long loop, with some exceptions for big name pundits, which is not news but opinions on news.  Every morning I bounce between MSNBC, CNN, and FOX for comparison. MSNBC is all about the intelligence reports on Putin paying bounties on our troops, CNN is on about the Pandemic and failed response by the administration, and FOX, the POTUS and his base’s preferred news source?  They are talking about the Supreme Court ruling against Louisiana’s abortion restricting law and the guilty plea from the ‘Golden State Killer’.

Which stories do you see as most important?
Possible Treason or a minimum dereliction of duty on Russian bounties?
A Global Pandemic killing us off and the Administration denial of that?
The Supreme court on abortion and the guilty plea of a serial rapist and murderer?

That is how spin works.  If you’re a FOX news consumer, you don’t hear about the other issues at all, only the ones which rile that base, like abortion and crime. If you’re an MSNBC consumer you do not hear about possible treason by our POTUS, nor dereliction of duty, nor the Pandemic killing us off.

As the morning goes by, like every morning, all three networks might touch on the omitted issue, but for a minute if at all.  Depends entirely on the issue, if one side wants to avoid the topic, they just don’t discuss it. Hence we are all in bubbles, living in a filtered, pre-arranged bubble created by the news we choose to consume.  Then, from that bubble, we make decisions which affect all bubbles regardless of how they affect other bubbles as we think only about our own.

We are six months into the Pandemic today

So I am watching the Coronavirus Doctors speaking to the Senate about our response going forward.  As this is happening the News is reporting that China has found a new version of swine flu in the swine, if that jumps to humans we may have a swine flu pandemic as we have a covid 19 pandemic. In 1979 Swine flu laid me low for two weeks as a young adult.  104 temperature with goo out all ends in between muscle, bone, aches and chills and soaking sweats, hacking up a lung the whole time.  In 2009 H1N1 swine got me again, and I spent 14 days in hospital with a bacterial pneumonia which damaged my left lung permanently. If I thought I was a bug on the windshield of covid 19 yesterday, the notion of a new Swine flu at the same time is a ‘Flawless Victory’ for the bug vs me.

Legacy Media Headlines
Jacinda Ardern decries ‘dangerous’ calls to reopen New Zealand borders
UK GDP in first quarter shows biggest drop since 1979
Coronavirus: Why some countries have been hit worse by COVID-19
Leicester becomes first British city to go back into lockdown
The 2021 Geneva Motor Show has been canceled
Australia to acquire long-range missiles as PM warns of dangerous post-Covid-19 world
Fauci warns U.S. could see 100,000 new coronavirus cases per day
Fauci testifies about COVID-19 research
WHO official says ‘worst is yet to come’ on coronavirus
Reopening plans change as coronavirus cases rise
Surge in coronavirus cases forces closures
Front-line hospital workers finally reunite with children
COVID-19 surge, SCOTUS on Louisiana abortion law, Golden State killer pleads guilty
7 counties in California ordered to close bars due to uptick in coronavirus cases
Analysis: what’s new in PM Johnson ‘new deal’ virus recovery plan?
Field hospitals and evacuations: The part of France where Covid-19 continues to rage
Medical Workers Frustrated With Public’s Lack Of Face Mask Use, Social Distancing
Health Officials: Worst Is Yet To Come With COVID-19 Outbreak
New Jersey Governor Postpones Return Of Indoor Dining ‘Indefinitely’
Coronavirus: Pediatric Group Calls To Reopen Schools By Start Of Academic Year
Younger Americans Increasingly Affected By Coronavirus
CDC Adviser: ‘It’s A Lot Easier To Wear A Mask Than A Ventilator’
How Llamas Are Helping Create Antibody Treatment For Coronavirus
Key Election Official Raises Alarm Over Expanded Mail-In Voting
Buenos Aires and urban belt return to strict quarantine
Mnuchin and Powell testify in House hearing on coronavirus response
Drive-up US citizenship ceremonies ease backlog
Concern virus could fuel home fireworks injuries
Rankin celebrates NHS with new project
Arizona Governor: ‘Arm yourself with a mask’
Lives Lost: Doctor’s musical passion led to love
Arizona governor orders closures as virus surges
Tracking virus cases difficult amid new surge
More Florida beaches to close as virus cases rise
World marks 50 years of Pride – despite Covid-19
Covid-19 death toll passes 500,000 worldwide
How the Dutch are reshaping their post-pandemic economy
Fauci and health officials update Senate on returning to work and school amid COVID
Health experts testify on airline crowding and why mask wearing is so important
Dr. Anthony Fauci on when kids can go back to school safely
Dr. Fauci “hopeful” about COVID vaccine, but warns there’s “no guarantee”
Coronavirus contact tracing efforts falling short
EU excludes US citizens from visiting amid pandemic
Texas doctor: Patients are near death, coming in too late
Dr. Gupta explains new swine flu with ‘pandemic potential’ discovered in China
28 family members test positive for coronavirus
See Anderson Cooper’s reaction to Mike Pence using the ‘m-word’
Fauci issues grim warning: ‘No guarantee’ of a safe, effective vaccine
Should Trump wear a mask in public? McCarthy weighs in
Dr Fauci testifies before Senate on COVID-19 progress
This state is putting coronavirus restrictions back in place
Fauci Predicts U.S. Could See 100K New Coronavirus Cases A Day
Austin Mayor: City May Have To Reinstate Shelter In Place Order
We Need A National Approach On Virus, Says Doctor
Biden Campaign Hits Trump’s Virus Response In New Ad

June 30, 2020
4:00 PM–Numbers time

Global Infected                 10,199,798                           10,368,165
Increase Infected            144,761                 168,367

Global Dead                       502,947                 507,373
Increase Dead                   2,957                                     4,426

US Infected                        2,564,163                             2,618,480
Increase Infected            28,451                                   54,317

US Dead                               125,947                 126,628
Increase Dead                   238                                         681

Maine infected                 3,219                                     3,253
Increase Infected            28                                           34

Maine Dead                       105                                         105
Increase Dead                   1                                              0

And Climate Change Keeps on Truckin . . .
The South Pole increased its global temperature rate three times in the last 30 years: study

While I worked on this in isolation 54,317 Americans entered the Fray, 681 failed to leave it.

‘Once More into the Fray
Into the last good fight I shall ever know
Live and die on this day
Live and die on this day”—the Grey

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