Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) July 3, 2020

Surviving C-19
July 3, 2020
1:00 PM
166 Days since first US infection

So we looked at a place today, a remote home with enough land to garden for our foods for ourselves. It’s scenic, pretty, and fully functional for our purposes.  If you listen you hear birds and crickets and that is all you hear, the benefits of a long private unpaved road.

Now I have to hope this entire system holds fast, but I am having my doubts it will.  I do not think the powers that be have grasped the Pandemic. I do not think a lot of people take this seriously, they think it won’t happen to them.  If enough do not listen the Pandemic will force paradigm changes upon us all. If the system itself holds, which I expect, then in six weeks we will relocate. 

The system in America includes both the governments at the national and state levels, and all the numerous bureaucracies involved in that.  A lot of that will last even if the government breaks from the strain and lack of response.  If it were to break it would take time, but how much is very debatable, and how fast the paradigm fell apart is not easy to foresee. If it breaks I think this location will shield my family as much as possible from those more drastic realities. 

I suspect the virus is transforming our world with us in it, unable to see what is being changed until after the fact.  Some of those things we can readily see, like how easy it is for a lot of people to work from home, and how impossible that is for others.  Farm to table is something I expect to continue to bloom, and that is the niche we seek, for our survival and the potential for business in the future of this new virus ridden reality we occupy.

Legacy Media Headlines
U.S. students throw coronavirus parties to see who gets sick first — and the ‘winner’ gets money
U.S. coronavirus cases hit new global record, rising over 55,000 in single day
Coronavirus-denying Father Sergiy expelled by Russian Church
Twitter Jokes About Adding an Edit Button – But Only ‘When Everyone Wears a Mask’
England puts United States on ‘red-list’, will quarantine arrivals
North Korea’s response to coronavirus has been a ‘shining success’, says Kim Jong-un
Study Confirms New Version Of Coronavirus Spreads Faster, But Doesn’t Make People Sicker
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott mandates face masks in most counties
Confirmed coronavirus cases are rising in 40 of 50 states
Summer travel safety
US coronavirus infections surge amid new warnings, closures
Miami-Dade County is seeing record number of new coronavirus cases
Face-masks compulsory in Texas as US sets new single-day Covid-19 cases worldwide record
The new normal: reports from Cameroon to Germany
Stimulus back on the agenda in the US
US new single-day Covid-19 cases hit new worldwide record of over 55,000
French coastal towns prepare for influx of holidaymakers
US unemployment falls to 11%, but new coronavirus shutdowns underway
‘Brink Of Survival’: Cash-Economy Workers Struggle Amid Reopening
What Can The Ruins Of Pompeii Teach Us About Life With Coronavirus?
TX Lt. Gov. ‘Does Not Care’ About Communities Struggling With COVID-19
Examining How States Reopened Amid The Spanish Flu
Malls, Museums And Indoor Dining: Can Air Filtration Prevent Coronavirus Spread?
Some States Struggle to Keep up with Coronavirus Testing Demand
Coronavirus First Responders In New Hot Spots Facing Hospitals On The Brink
President Of Houston Methodist Hospital On Mask Order: I Applaud The Decision
Sen. Klobuchar: Trump Is ‘Belittling The Science’ And People Are ‘Seeing Through It’
Coronavirus outbreak in university frat houses
Texas governor issues mask order to fight COVID-19
Prince Royce tests positive for COVID-19
Williams teases socially distanced Capitol concert
New closures as California confronts virus spike
Washington state to mandate masks for customers
Labor market struggles despite June job growth
Biden: Jobs report ‘no victory’ with virus on rise
NIH ‘optimistic’ COVID-19 vaccine by end of 2020
Cubs pitching coach emotional discussing virus
Coronavirus: Protest, rally or eating out – Where is riskier?
Trump praises jobs numbers despite surge in coronavirus cases
Biden blasts Trump over coronavirus response
Trump and Biden respond to positive jobs report as coronavirus cases rise
Doctor debunks Trump tweet on Covid-19
D.L. Hughley opens up about coronavirus battle
Texas couple dies from Covid-19 while holding hands
Texas orders most residents to wear face masks
‘He blew it’: Why this Trump voter won’t support him again
US sets alarming new coronavirus record
Cavuto, Rep. Biggs share fiery exchange over dismantling Coronavirus Task Force
Don Jr. calls out ‘hypocrisy’ of having protests during a pandemic
Sen. Schumer Laments ‘Appalling’ Lack Of Leadership With Virus
U.S. Breaks Record For New Cases For Third Straight Day
This Is Basic Science, This Is Basic Medicine
Masks Are A Means To Freedom From Coronavirus And Its Burdens
History Repeats As Trump Admin Fails To Fix PPE Shortage Crisis
U.S. Still Burdened By Trump Admin Failure To Make A Testing Plan
As Trump Fails To Curb COVID, Young Patients Stress No One Is Immune
Nurses in Riverside, Calif. are on strike alleging unsafe staffing and inadequate PPE

Point of interest
New, more infectious strain of coronavirus now dominates global cases: Study

London: Scientists have shown that a variation in the genome of the novel coronavirus has improved its ability to infect human cells, and has helped it become the dominant strain circulating around the world. According to the research, published in the journal Cell, a variant of the novel coronavirus, named ‘D614G’, is more infectious in cell cultures under laboratory conditions. “The D614G variant first came to our attention in early April, as we had observed a strikingly repetitive  pattern,” said study lead author Bette Korber from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the US. “All over the world, even when local epidemics had many cases of the original form circulating, soon after the D614G variant was introduced into a region it became the prevalent form,” Korber said. “The full peer-reviewed study published today confirms this, and also that the new D614G genome mutation variant is also more infectious under laboratory conditions, Fortunately at this stage, it does not seem that viruses with D614G cause more severe disease,” de Silva said.–Economic times

June 30, 2020
4:00 PM–Numbers time

Global Infected                 10,776,482                           10,965,759
Increase Infected            237,905                 189,277

Global Dead                       517,956                 523,250
Increase Dead                   5,267                                     5,294

US Infected                        2,721,961                             2,777,232
Increase Infected            63,637                                   55,271

US Dead                              128,956                 129,250
Increase Dead                   1,267                                    294

Maine infected                 3,328                                     3,373
Increase Infected             34                           45                                          

Maine Dead                       105                                         105
Increase Dead                   0                                              0

and Climate Change Keeps on Truckin . . .
Fires rage across Amazon rainforest, sparking fears of another disastrous summer season
Record 56 million tons e-waste dumped globally, says top UN report
‘It’s not too late’ with Ginger Zee: What you need to know about the environment

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