Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) July 5, 2020

Surviving C-19
July 5th, 2020
10:00 AM
167 Days since first US infection

Yesterday was, unfortunately, another record breaking day for levels of C-19.  All week long we had near exponential growth throughout most of America, and rising growth elsewhere in America.  Simultaneously we have a POTUS and his followers ratcheting down on racist ideology as the nation itself seeks to renew the civil rights movement, make that more inclusive and seek to both acknowledge and rectify the abuses of our past.

Trump represents yesterday, the ‘bad ole days’ which he sees as American Greatness.  He is out of touch with this era and seeking to hold it back by force.  Hence the divide and conquer strategy still.  A strategy to declare mail in voting as corrupt, but absentee voting is a fine thing, when they are the same thing.  He seeks to confuse and frighten his base, and use their fears to win re-election.

I fear that if he loses he won’t leave and we will require an actual revolution to remove him.

Legacy Media Headlines
Spain imposes second local coronavirus lockdown in two days
Mexico’s coronavirus death toll surpasses 30,000
In Bolivia desperate family leaves coffin in the street
Thousands flock back to pubs on Super Saturday as police chief criticizes drunken behavior
Trump claims 99% of US Covid-19 cases are ‘totally harmless’ as infections surge
World has seen record 24-hour rise in COVID-19 cases – WHO
China says G4 swine flu virus not new; does not infect humans easily
WHO halts hydroxychloroquine trials after failure to reduce death
Florida reports new single-day record with nearly 11,500 new coronavirus cases
Global Coronavirus Cases Rise To More Than 11 Million
Coronavirus: Brazil’s Bolsonaro waters down law requiring face masks
China Claims Novel Coronavirus Originated in Spain Not Wuhan
WHO says first alerted to coronavirus by its office, not China
Navarro: Beijing Sent Hundreds of Thousands of Chinese Nationals to US to ‘Seed and Spread’ COVID-19
Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend, tests positive for coronavirus
Hillary Clinton: ‘I would have done a better job’ handling coronavirus
Dog in Georgia tests positive for virus that causes COVID-19
31 MLB players positive for coronavirus after first round of tests
EU conditionally approves remdesivir as COVID-19 treatment
Major League Baseball cancels All-Star Game for first time since 1945
WHO sees first results from COVID drug trials within two weeks

Point of interest
Another U.S. dog tests positive for virus that causes COVID-19

“A dog in Georgia is believed to have been the second canine in the U.S. to test positive for the virus that causes COVID-19, health officials said.  The 6-year-old mixed breed dog was tested after its owners contracted COVID-19 and the dog began suffering from a neurological illness, the Georgia Department of Health said in a news release Wednesday. The dog was positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.  The dog was euthanized after the neurological illness progressed. Officials said the dog’s neurological illness was caused by a condition unrelated to the coronavirus.  Guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that based on the limited information available so far, the risk of pets spreading coronavirus to people “is considered to be low.””

If C-19 is in the ‘pet’ population, and most pets are not tested for C-19, then declaring the spread vector from pets to be low is talking out your ass.  To even begin to determine that you would require widespread testing of pets.  Since we have not got large scale testing down for people, having it for pets is not an option.  Hence authorities will downplay it until they have evidence for it beyond two dogs, but won’t even begin to look for such evidence until after the bloom has passed.  If I were a pet owner, I would seek testing and be unlikely to find it.  The safest thing is to avoid dogs, but lots of dog owners will never do that. 

I really hope it is not spreading fast among pets as it is with humans. That will be a big problem.

I had a hope for a new medication for my own ills, but I had an allergic reaction to it, and so I do this with my ever-present companion, pain.  I suspect that will be my long term fate until I hit that C-19 windshield.

Legacy Media Headlines
Brothers work together to help neighbors in need
RV rentals at record highs
Meet the combat medics who came to treat COVID-19 in New York City
On the frontline in Texas, the Mayor of Plano talks about the virus surge
Ft. Lauderdale mayor: Virus ‘running fast and loose’ in Florida
A Fourth of July unlike any other as COVID-19 cases keep rising
NY honors virus victims with moment of silence
More pro athletes test positive for COVID-19
Audience sits close at Trump’s Mt Rushmore event
Calif. beachgoers seek surf, sun before closures
Arizona sees record demand for hospital beds
Some travelers face quarantine in Chicago
Why Texas is seeing a coronavirus surge
Many holiday destinations get green light after days of confusion
“Enjoy summer safely” says PM as pubs and restaurants open in England
Fines and “class bubbles”: new plans to get children back to school
Care home residents still unable to see family and friends
Trump to attend Mount Rushmore Independence Day celebrations despite warnings
Coronavirus cases surge in some parts of U.S. as country starts holiday weekend
Trump’s visit to Mount Rushmore sparks controversy
How to protect yourself from coronavirus over Fourth of July weekend
How have South Dakota’s leaders reacted to Trump’s coronavirus response?
See how Canada crushed the curve while the US struggles
Man posts regret to Facebook. He died the next day.
Trump disregards public health warnings for speech at Mt. Rushmore
GOP governor: The numbers are glaring warning signs
US setting records as Covid-19 cases soar
Social distancing not required at Mount Rushmore event
COVID-19 Spikes Linked To GOP Leadership By Arizona Congressman
On Fourth of July Weekend, Biden Projects Optimism Against Trump’s ‘Dystopia of Fascism’
Epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch on the Risks Americans Face with Reopening
Hotez: There Is ‘No Recognition’ From The WH That COVID-19 Is A ‘Serious’ Problem
Up To 1-In-4 Testing Positive For Coronavirus In Houston
Resort Communities Feel Devastating Financial Effect Of The Coronavirus Pandemic
Many Coronavirus Patients Face Months Of Recovery After Leaving The Hospital
Cheer And Caution As England Reopens Pubs Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Florida Breaks Daily Coronavirus Case Record As Concerns Grow Over July Fourth Gatherings
Yemen Battles COVID-19 During Ongoing Civil War
Traveling During The Pandemic: How Safe Is It?
Trump Claims To Have ‘Very Good’ Relationship With Governors On Coronavirus Response

Point of Interest
The Trump campaign is creating an alternate reality online about coronavirus

This is perhaps the most dangerous aspect of Trump’s re-election campaign, using misinformation on your base to win re-election when such misinformation might well kill them, their families and their neighbors.  Blame China, Blame Dems, refuse to accept any responsibility. How many thousands will be infected by his super spreader rallies?

Based on the rate of infection, 1 asymptomatic person can infect 400 in a month; that is 160,000 in two months unchecked.  Trump does not believe this can happen as we watch it happening. His supporters either trust him more than the Doctors, trust God about his presidential choice, or are in denial themselves.  I do not see how we get out of this mess without Trump catching the virus and becoming very ill, if he has a mild case that will re-inforce his belief.  If he, or perhaps one of his children become very ill or die, then it actually touches him and he might care.

Now he does not.  Rather he declares the left as fascist, when fascist is right as hell.
noun 1. An authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
Oxford English Dictionary, as if Trump cares. 

He wants to stoke fear in his undereducated base, stoke xenophobia, stoke racism, stoke misogyny, anything to rile his base and strike fear into the old folks as he rips their insurance away in a Pandemic.

To quote Daffy Duck “You’re despicable”.

July 5th, 2020
4:00 PM–Numbers time

Global Infected                 11,152,515                           11,317,637
Increase Infected            186,756                 165,122

Global Dead                       527,704                 531,729
Increase Dead                   4,454                                     4,025

US Infected                        2,825,756                             2,852,807
Increase Infected            48,524                                   27,000

US Dead                               129,601                 129,718
Increase Dead                   351                                         117

Maine infected                 3,397                                     3,415
Increase Infected            24                                           18                                          

Maine Dead                       105                                         105
Increase Dead                   0                                              0

and Climate Change Keeps on Truckin . . .
Japan floods leave up to 34 dead, many at nursing homes
Locusts threaten Kenya’s food supply chain

While I worked on this in isolation 4,025 more humans died of C-19, of those 117 were my fellow Americans.

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