Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) July 8, 2020

Surviving C-19
July 8th, 2020
1:00 PM
170 Days since first US infection

If your politics lean left, you likely didn’t hear that President Trump supports bigger direct Coronavirus relief payments to all Americans. And if your politics bend to the right, you probably didn’t hear that Republicans have been skipping Intelligence Committee meetings for the last four months.

Blindspot for the Left: Trump Supports Bigger Direct Coronavirus Relief Payments to Americans

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he supports another round of direct payments to Americans — and that he would support bigger payments than the Democrats. Trump also said he wants payments larger than the $1,200 the government sent to most individuals earlier this year. He did not say how big he’d like the payments to be.

Blindspot for the Right: Republicans Have Been Skipping Intel Briefings

“Democrats see a boycott motivated by partisan politics. Republicans argue they have legitimate security concerns,” Politico reports. “Either way, GOP members of the House Intelligence Committee have skipped all but one of the panel’s proceedings, public and private, since before Congress went into its coronavirus-lockdown in early March.

Blindspot for the Left: The Vatican summons US, Israeli envoys over annexation moves

The Vatican, in a highly unusual move, summoned both the US and Israeli ambassadors to express the Holy See’s concern about Israel’s moves to extend its sovereignty to Jewish settlements and the Jordan Valley in the West Bank. The Holy See appealed to Israelis and Palestinians to do everything possible to reopen the process of direct negotiations.

Blindspot for the Right: More advertisers fleeing Facebook as boycott grows

Facebook’s powerful ad targeting abilities have made it a seeming must-buy for many marketers. But a growing list of companies are pausing their advertising with Facebook for July or longer, responding to civil-rights groups’ call for a boycott.

Blindspot for the Left: With Beijing’s military nearby, U.S. sends two aircraft carriers to South China Sea

The Navy described the move as a freedom-of-navigation operation, with China conducting military exercises nearby

Split Reporting: Highlighting discrepancies between the reporting on stories across different news outlets. This week’s story: Trump shares video of couple pointing guns at protesters in St. Louis

Associated Press: Couple draw guns at crowd heading to St. Louis mayor’s home

New York Magazine: Trump Retweets Video of White Couple Pointing Guns at Protesters

Daily KOS: Rich white St. Louis couple threaten peaceful protesters marching through their gated community

Gateway Pundit: Leftist Lunatics Dox and Threaten Armed St. Louis Couple Who Protected Their Home From Black Lives Matter Mob During Protest

Advance Local: St. Louis gun couple: Protester feared ‘bloodbath,’ armed lawyers feared ‘bad actors’

Statement released by the couple’s Attorney: Both Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey acted lawfully… Their actions were born solely of fear and apprehension, the genesis of which is not race related.

Blindspot is a Ground News creation

Legacy Media Headlines
Confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. hit 3 million, with many millions more probably infected
United Airlines sending furlough warnings to 36,000 workers
2020 Ryder Cup postponed until 2021 because of impact of coronavirus
NYC mayor: Schools will reopen in fall with hybrid learning
Harvard, MIT Sue Feds Over Rules Barring International Students
UK unveils back-to-work bonus scheme and restaurant discounts for all citizens
Cinemas miss out on upgrades as Russia diverts funds in COVID-19 battle
Coronavirus: Latest data on new COVID-19 infections and deaths
Brazil’s Bolsonaro taking hydroxychloroquine to ‘help virus recovery’
Chinese theft from US among ‘largest transfers of wealth in human history,’ says FBI
Demonstrators storm Serbian parliament in protest over lockdown
Suspected bubonic plague in China ‘being well managed’, says World Health Organization
IHME, widening projection horizon, sees 208,000 U.S. COVID-19 deaths by November 1
Trump says White House will pressure governors to open schools
Israel public health chief quits amid rise in coronavirus cases
People refusing coronavirus treatment may face jail in Italy’s Veneto
U.S. EPA approves use of Lysol Disinfectant Spray against COVID-19
Customers’ anti-mask tantrums in Costco, Target go viral
Small businesses in Texas face re-closure as New York shops navigate reopening
WNBA Commissioner: Using season as a ‘call to action’
WHO acknowledges virus spread through smaller particles
Mom survives COVID, gives birth to triplets
Mass gatherings in June reshaped fight with coronavirus
UK finance minister announces employment bonus and tax cuts
Fresh lockdown looming, Serbians express anger at handling of crisis
Last drinks for Melburnians as city returns to lockdown
Mike Pompeo: World Health Organization Has ‘Historically Been Incompetent’
Spectacular Drone Displays Reminds South Koreans Of COVID-19 Precautions
Oklahoma Coronavirus Doctor: ‘We Want To Prevent One Infection At A Time’
Planned Parenthood, Kushner Family, Kanye West Receive PPP Loans For Small Businesses
Healthcare Workers Encourage Colleagues Treating COVID-19
COVID-19 Survivors Explain What It’s Like To Recover From Being On A Ventilator
State’s Mistake Turns San Quentin Into Major Coronavirus Hot Spot
Public Health Expert: Texas May have A New York-Level COVID-19 Crisis
U.S. Hits 3,000,000 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases As Trump Applauds Response
Major Corporations, Companies Linked To Trump Associates Got Business Loans
New Facts About Coronavirus As New Cases Surge In U.S.
Desperation science slows hunt for virus drugs
Schools, US virus surge are focus of WH Task Force
NYC schools to reopen in fall with hybrid learning
COVID-ravaged NY church reopens
Window into Texas virus surge: A widow’s death
Outbreak delays return of California Assembly
NEA president slams Trump’s idea to reopen schools
Animation ‘thrives and survives’ during lockdown
Two million masks to be sent to Wisconsin schools
San Francisco delays return of bars, indoor dining
NYC subway rolls out mask vending machines
Coronavirus: Belgrade protesters storm Serb parliament over curfew
Brazil’s Bolsonaro feels “very well” after Covid-19 diagnosis
Coronavirus in Australia: Melbourne returns to lockdown as cases surge
Coronavirus: Brazil’s President Bolsonaro tests positive
Coronavirus: Melbourne tower block lockdown ‘like being in prison’
Trump downplays severity of coronavirus as cases spike across the U.S.
Trump claims great progress in fight against the coronavirus despite cases skyrocketing
Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on kids’ and teens’ mental health
Former CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden on coronavirus surge, U.S. response, and pulling out of W.H.O.
Trump pushes for schools to reopen in fall amid coronavirus pandemic
Vice President Pence and Coronavirus Task Force hold briefing
“Explosively large” coronavirus surge in states like Florida, Texas, Arizona
Companies tied to Trump associates received millions in PPP funds
Fauci warns of complacency, not to “take comfort” in declining coronavirus death rate
Trump and top administration officials discuss reopening schools this fall
Fired Florida data scientist speaks out as COVID-19 cases spike
Trump urges states to reopen schools this fall amid pandemic
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirus
‘In Crisis:’ Arizona Continues To See Record Spike In COVID-19 Cases And Deaths
Dr. Inglesby: ‘Need More Visibility’ Into PPE Supply Chain
Arizona ‘Ramping Up Surge Plans’ As Number Of COVID-19 Cases Exceed 100,000
Dr. Vin Gupta: Need To ‘Avoid Indoor Congregation If We Can Avoid It’
Doctor recovering from Covid-19 chokes up describing patients lost to virus
Trump says US in a good place. His experts say otherwise
Educator rips Trump’s push to reopen schools amid pandemic
Trump rebukes Fauci: We are in a good place on Covid-19
Model projects 200k US Covid-19 deaths unless masks are worn
Trump says he will pressure governors to reopen schools as virus surges
Bolsonaro tests positive for Covid-19 after downplaying virus
Pence holds Coronavirus Task Force briefing
Florida ‘Breaking All The Wrong Records,’ Says Congresswoman
In New Jersey, Masks Now Required In Outdoor Public Areas
Atlanta Mayor Discusses Coronavirus Symptoms
Arizona ICE Detention Center Employees Test Positive For Virus
Infectious Diseases Experts Cautions U.S. Could See Death Rate Rise
U.S. Now Has More Than Three Million Virus Cases
Trump said 99% of coronavirus cases are harmless, which is wrong. Here are the actual numbers.
Why your local bar might be a coronavirus hotspot
As Arizona becomes the coronavirus epicenter, a dire warning from health-care workers
Russian firm gets approval for drug said to block coronavirus replication
Pence says CDC changing school reopening guidelines after Trump called them ‘tough and expensive’
Churches Were Eager to Reopen. Now They Are a Major Source of Coronavirus Cases.
Canada handled the coronavirus outbreak better than United States: PM Trudeau
As COVID cases top 3 million, its past time to end the catastrophic Trump presidency

Point of interest: Scientists warn of potential wave of COVID-linked brain damage

LONDON (Reuters) – Scientists warned on Wednesday of a potential wave of coronavirus-related brain damage as new evidence suggested COVID-19 can lead to severe neurological complications, including inflammation, psychosis and delirium. A study by researchers at University College London (UCL) described 43 cases of patients with COVID-19 who suffered either temporary brain dysfunction, strokes, nerve damage or other serious brain effects. The research adds to recent studies which also found the disease can damage the brain.

“Whether we will see an epidemic on a large scale of brain damage linked to the pandemic – perhaps similar to the encephalitis lethargica outbreak in the 1920s and 1930s after the 1918 influenza pandemic – remains to be seen,” said Michael Zandi, from UCL’s Institute of Neurology, who co-led the study.

July 7th, 2020
4:00 PM–Numbers time

Global Infected11,694,766    11,910,220
Increase Infected 174,305 215,454
Global Dead540,157545,980
Increase Dead4,6585,823
US Infected2,996,4093,029,647
US increase Infected84,52133,238
US C-19 deaths130,902131,960
US C-19 deaths increase8011,058
Infected in ME3,4403,460
Increase in ME1720
Maine deaths110110
Increase Maine deaths10
Trump’s Coronavirus Body Count–131,960

So it looks to me as if Trumps staunch base still believes that C-19 is ‘totally harmless’ as we discover long term neurological damage among some youthful patients.  C-19 is causing brain, liver, kidney, heart, and lung damage; all permanent debilitating or even disabling conditions.

To me it looks like a giant global casting call for “The Darwin Awards”.  A new form of reality TV with actual death and disabilities.  Come on down and be the next victim of your own hubris!

and Climate Change Keeps on Truckin . . .
Japan’s devastating rains move north as millions told to evacuate

While I isolated and did this C-19 exterminated another 5,823 of my fellow humans, of those 1,058 were my fellow Americans allowed to die through Trump’s inaction.

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